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Found 100 results

  1. The teachers unions have voted for strike action over their pensions being savaged by this couldn't care less about the working man Tory government and the first of many strikes is planned for the 30th of june. A union spokesman said money has been wasted by this government and making the workers pay for it, is wrong. He also said he expects other public sector unions to join in and there could be a summer of discontent.
  2. Ben and Pea

    Calling PE Teachers

    Hi all, My wife is a PE teacher in Scotland just now (secondary). I was wondering if anyone had tips and advice about making the bridge from UK schooling to Oz schooling? Family members of ours may be moving close to Perth so that would be the best area but anywhere would do us for a start! Any advice much appreciated Thanks, Ben
  3. Guest

    Jobs for Teachers

    Hi I hope someone can help me. I want to move to Oz about this time next year and i intend to start my visa application now. I have done a skilled immigrants visa test online and it came back to say that I have enough points for a 176 visa or a 475. I'm a business education teacher (secondary) and my husband is a Purchasing Manager. We would ideally like to get jobs before we go, how easy is it to do this? Our preference would be to go to Perth, are there plenty of teaching jobs there? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Rinnesbird

    Teachers on SS?

    Hi All, I'm fairly new to this so please bear with me. I'm a Special Needs teacher and really looking to heading out to Australia but would prefer to have a job to go to as opposed to getting visa and then looking for a job. IAfter recieving some excellent advice from some peeps on here I looked on to state websites and ACT do sponsor teachers if they are on the list but I wondered if anyone else had / was going down this route. Any info or encouragement would be gratefully recieved. Many Thanks Rinnesbird :unsure:
  5. We are in the process of filling out the 175 visa, however we are unsure what actually classifies as nominated occupation work experience. We understand it means work experience in the teaching occupation however we are unclear if my PGCE year counts as a years experience. It will make a huge difference to our application and are hoping it does allow for that year!!! Any help is welcome!!! Thanks Carlie, Dan and Helena
  6. I apologise for this ranting post, but I just need to get it off my chest. So, my wife is a Primary School teacher and 4 months ago she had applied with Queensland College of Teachers to register as a teacher. On their website, it says that it might take UP to 10 weeks. 4 months have passed and nothing happened so, she felt that its time to contact them. OK, so the website suggests to contact them through an online form first, since they are 'busy'! She did that and.....nothing. There is no address, so one cannot go there personally. Then she found a number, and after trying 100 times, finally, she managed to get through! And....after that she nicely explained the situation, the 'nice' lady told her...."Oh, we were going to contact you, because since you are not coming from an English speaking country, then we cannot accept your teaching degree as yet. You need to do the IELTS test!!!!". Well, wife was a bit shocked. Her degree course was always led in English, the transcripts clearly state this...and....she also has a specific letter from Uni specifying that it was done in English! Apart from that, wife has perfect English since she lived most of her childhood in Canada. She also has English A Level certificate from University of London!!!!!!!! Anyway, so wife explained all this nicely to the 'nice' lady (and I assume she heard her perfect English too!)....but....all she got back...."Sorry Miss, those are the rules, you'd need to do the IELTS test for us to continue with your degree registration". Wife even asked her why it took them so long to come back with the requirement and all she had to say was that they needed to check her qualifications first just in case they were not up to standard. Now, more waiting, frustration cause she cannot teach yet, more money since its around $317... After all, I think there aren't many teaching jobs unless you end up in the middle of nowhere or doing relief teaching and most probably she'll be better off doing something else....oh wait....you cant do anything else in Australia unless you have a piece of paper proving you can do it... Phew, I feel better now. And the adventure goes on. :laugh: Cheers B!K3R
  7. dthomp123

    teachers can't spell?

    I've e mailed a primary school and a couple of secondaries in Brisbane with some general enquiries. Got prompt replies back, which is great. But I'm a little concerned, as the responses were littered with spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors. One was from an admin assistant, so I can forgive that. But the other was from the deputy head. I am a bit of a pedant about these things, but nonetheless. Should I be worried? Especially as these are schools we'd already researched as having excellent reputations Really hope I havn't made any spelling mistakes on this post.
  8. Hi there, I am planning to come to Australia next year on a WHV to be a casual teacher - I teach secondary science here in the UK. Ideally I would LOVE to come to Cairns as it sounds just what I am looking for but I am worried that I will not get enough work. I know I have to register with Queensland ed but after that I am at a loss. Please could you let me know what the work prospects are for casual secondary teachers? Also, how would I go about finding work upon arrival? Lastly, I am pretty aware that I will need to buy a car and any help anyone can offer in that respect (how, cost?) would be well appreciated! Thanks, Emily xx
  9. Guest

    Is anyone else going?????

    Hello! Very new to all this and just wondered if anyone else is going to 'Wanted down under' in London this weekend? My family and I (Partner's a Marketing Director and we have 2 boys who are 3 and 7) are about to start the process of applying for a visa - probably it'll have to be a skilled sponsored 176 as I am a teacher and we thought that the seminar in London might be a good place to start. Has anyone else attended these and are they of any use? Thanks Wendy :unsure:
  10. Guest

    Primary School Teachers- NQT

    Hi there, I'm quite new to all this & just wondered if there any primary teachers out there that can offer any advice. I'm due to start my pgce primary course in September & wondered if I'm likely to get a visa once I've finished or if better to then do year as NQT and get more experience teaching first? Thanks:confused:
  11. Hiya, I was wondering if any teachers knew if Oz and NZ have reciprocal agreements for teacher qualification assessment, as I have had my BA & PGCE & QTS/Induction etc stuff all assessed by NZ Teachers Council a few years ago, so wondered if there was any chance of this either helping/being useful my skills assessment or possibly (although I doubt it) being judged as already assessed for Visa purposes? I am also aware of the need to register with the specific state's teaching council that we are (hopefully) going to settle in, this is just for the bit for the 175/176 visa application (don't know which type we would go on yet, as we are just starting our journey). Sorry if that doesn't make much sense - still knackered here lol - generally I am seeing if I have to go through all the assessment of skills again and paperwork, or if my NZ assessment is any good in Oz (yes, I know its a totally different country etc, but there does seem to be a bit of inter-country back scratching that goes on, so you never know - and if you don't ask, you don't get, so here I am asking Many thanks if anyone can shed any light, PP x
  12. Lauren82

    Teachers Pension

    Wonder if anybody can give me any advice? I know nothing about pensions and was just told ‘you don’t get much better than a teacher pension so you should definitely pay in’ from all angles when I began my teaching career. :SLEEP: Now this is only my 3rd year of teaching and I’m a ripe old age of 28 – so even though I don’t intend drawing my pension anytime soon I really should be thinking about it. Now I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that 2011 will be the year the visa will come through and we can move to Australia. So my question is What should I do with my pension!? I (think I) understand that I can transfer and draw it from there. However I can only have paid 3-4k into it in my short career so is it worth continuing to pay into? or would future contributions be better invested in my 'here and now?' :wacko: General consensus from those I have spoken to so far is that yes I should continue paying in until I leave, and that I should just leave the money there (as get tax deducted if I withdraw it,) but just wanted to widen my information sources and make sure I am doing the right thing. :wideeyed: xx
  13. Guest

    calling any school teachers

    Hi all I have just finished shaking from an incident in the classroom yesterday when a pupil yr 9 (3rd year old school) was in my face calling me all the names under the sun just because I was re-sistting him and the rest of the class. Are the kids more relaxed over there and better behaved? Or is it time for me to get out of teaching? Thanks Michelle
  14. Guest

    Any teachers here?

    Hi everyone, Just wondered how many of you here are teaching while in Australia? I apologise if there's been a thread about this already, I did a search but my computer is being so slow! If this should be merged with another thread then please do so I hope to start teaching at the start of the school year as casual relief or perhaps short term contract if I get lucky, and I'll probably be in Melbourne at that point. Got all my forms being processed at the mo So, any teachers? How do you find it? How different is it to teaching in the UK? Anything else teaching related you want to talk about would be cool too! I'm going to be teaching science at high school and can't wait to get back in the classroom and get out of the utterly tedious job I'm in at the moment!! (call centre).
  15. Hi, Im struggling to find the new list, does anyone have a link pls? Want to know if primary teachers are on, thanks.
  16. Guest

    Hi From 2 Teachers!

    Hi All, My wife and I are both school teacher's with US teaching certifications (although I am a Brit originally). I was wondering if there are any US certified teachers out there who could give us any tips before we start the process of having our qualifications assessed etc? My certifications are Special Education (K-12), and Business and German at the secondary level. My wife is acertified Special Education teacher and school counselor. Cheers! Steve
  17. A good friend desperately wants to move over- degree educated, teacher qualified, under 40, single, 5 years + teaching experience BUT after having checked, general primary teachers are no longer on the SOL. Sponsorship seems a bit thin on the ground too, but she is passionate about rural Australia- just wondered if there are any UK primary teachers who have recent experience of gaining visas or sponsorship and if so, how?
  18. whopperdaisy

    Tasers for Teachers

    Queensland's state opposition is proposing tasers for teachers to deal with discipline issues. How do you feel about that? Would you be happy to send your child somewhere with tasers? I have known some terrific teachers but also some pretty unhinged ones, really not keen on the idea.
  19. I'm starting this thread for all the Primary School Teachers waiting for the new SS lists. Not sure if Primary Teachers are going to be on any state lists but if anyone does come across any information please do post on this thread. We are currently at the bottom of the pile (Cat 6/7) even TA's have made it on to the Western Australia priority occupation list but no sign of Teachers. Thanks 175 submitted May 2009 waiting :arghh:
  20. Guest

    Secondary Teachers _ Queensland

    Hi There any secondary school teachers out there from the Brisbane area? just looking for a bit of advice m
  21. Hi, Does anyone have any advice of which is the best medical insurance, i have looked at teachers health fund and it looks ok but does it compare well to others?? Please let me know what medical insurance you think is the best, we are a couple, both 29 and looking to start a family within 12 months??? thanks for your help
  22. Hi, Don't know if anyone can help - but I am a uk primary teacher teaching in melb. Planning on teaching here for another 18 mths or so, but want to know if anyone knows whether my experiences here will contribute to my payscale back in uk? I.e - by the time I go back I will have been teaching for 5 years - so will I go back onto a 5 year payscale or is it not considered 'experience' - in which case I would have to go back into a 3 year payscale? Hope this makes sense!!! Thanks Zoe
  23. dave and ange

    Good news for teachers??

    I was at the Emigrate show in Glasgow a few weeks ago and was told that come next April there are going to be more jobs for teachers Australia wide as they are going to be a lot of changes to education with class sizes being cut etc. Is this true or was the guy just trying to humor me?
  24. Guest

    Teachers in Peel region

    Hi, we've just been granted permanent residency and are planning on moving over next summer. We are coming this summer to do a reccie but I think we have decided on moving to Secret Harbour or Waikiki. I am an English teacher so was hoping there might be some teachers out there who could give me some advice. How easy is it to get teaching jobs in WA? Can you apply whilst still in the UK? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  25. Hi, Just fancied a little moan really. I am a Primary School Teacher and have been in Melbourne since April last year. I have been actively job hunting but finding it really difficult and extremely competitive over here. I have had a grand total of one interview!! When I finally got registered with the VIT last year I managed to pick up some CRT work through a couple of agencies, however we then moved area so I have now registered with new agencies but not getting any work! I know the kids have only just gone back to school and I need to get established in this area blah blah blah......Just wondered if there was anyone else out there having similar experiences. It is just a shock as I have never had any trouble getting work in the UK and its a different ball game over here!! Anyone want to share? :biggrin: Laura x