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Found 654 results

  1. Hi All, Just trying to work out some budget figures for what we can spend per month on things like car's, rent etc and I'm still not sure how much tax I will be paying which will obviously have a big impact on my calculations. I will be on a 457 visa and the various rates I have heard quoted on various different web sites and blogs start at 12% and goes up to 49%!!! Can anybody help to put me right on this. Cheers Stu
  2. Cal2

    Paying tax on MA fees

    I'm in the UK with a MA in Oz, should I be paying tax on his bill, quite happy to, but I just wondered thanks Cal
  3. Hi I hope someone can help me on this --- some years ago I inherited a house in qld which i rent out. As I am not in oz i assumed that i did not have to pay income tax on the rental income however on my UK yearly tax return I have been declaring the income and paying the tax as income earned overseas. In the last few days I have found out that I should have been declearing the income to the oz tax authorities and then on my uk tax form declaring the oz tax and then deducting it as a expense. The amounts are not really high as the house is not the best and the rental is low but this goes back some 10 years and so the compounded amounts will mount up. As I have paid the tax in the UK on the rental will the australian tax auth come after me for the full amount or will they deduct the UK tax I have already paid? I know there is a reciprocal tax agreement but I think it is only for the last few years. I have not informed the Tax authorities in Oz yet as I need to get some advice before I start to open the can of worms. Anyone have experiance of this? Thanks Pete
  4. Guest

    Tax rebate from uk

    Hey there, hope you are hearing some news from the Tax office by now! I left the UK on the 1st August 2011 meaning i had only worked 4 months of the 2011/2012 tax year, however i have paid a huge amount of tax in that four months, does anyone know if I would get it all back ? Very confused......:confused:
  5. brucewayne

    Tax Returns

    Just filling out my tax return for the first time. Do I have to declare income from my home in the UK which I'm renting out? What about interest/savings/ISAs etc that are still in the UK? I have filed my NRL forms in the UK and I know that there will be a certain tax liability in the UK for my UK money, but if that is the case do I have to declare it here in Australia on my tax return? Are there any do's or do not's that I need to know about. I'm putting in a mobile phone claim as my company out here don't supply one with the job, but is it just the cost of the phone or can I claim the top up vouchers (it's a pre-paid phone for the moment!). just wondering if anyone else out there is in the same boat as me and filling this all out for the first time?
  6. albag

    Tax Help

    Hi there My husband has just been offered a job in NSW and they have asked him to start asap. We are now planning to move out there at the beginning of December which obviously means its all systems go! My question is a quick one - we have a house in the UK which we are renting out which we will continue to do for at least 1 or two years. Can anyone tell me how we stand regarding capital gains and income tax when we move? We are getting confused by conflicting information! Many thanks!
  7. Guest

    457 & tax payments????

    Hi, Can anyone help please....? My husband is about to receive his first wage packet by the UK company sponsoring him on a temporary 457 visa. He is being paid in UK Sterling pounds into his UK bank account and paying UK tax where and when applicable. Does anyone know how he avoids paying tax again in Australia? Really confused:wacko: HELP PLEASE??? LOL!
  8. Dorsetgirl1

    Tax on Uk rented property

    We have a property that is rented out in the UK - do we still have a tax free allowance in the UK if we are on a 457 visa? I will be working in Australia. Anyone have experience of what to do? Thanks
  9. Eclipse

    Tax on Uk Income

    Hi We have been in Australia since June 2011, we have a flat that we rent out back in the UK. We only got a tenant for the flat and started receiving money when we arrived in Australia. For tax purposes, who should we contact to declare that we have money coming from the UK (I think it is worlwide income?). We have a UK bank account that the money from the flat goes into. thanks x
  10. Popsicle

    Savings and tax return?

    How much savings can you have before you need to declare it on a tax return? is there a threshold? Also, do offshore savings have to be declared? again is there a threshold? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I am going to Australia with a working holiday visa. Can anyone tell me what ID / references I may need to get a Tax File Number? Is just a passport ok or do I need employer references etc? Thank you
  12. Hi PIOers I've been self employed since April 6th 2011, and am moving to Aus in a couple of weeks time. I have completed and been paid for all my self emp work for this year, and wanted to settle up with the tax office before I go but I just rung them and the girl I spoke to said I had to wait until next tax year before I could file this years return. Does anyone know if this is correct? Or if there is a special form I can complete so I can wrap up my accounts here? Thanks StS
  13. My work colleagues pay between $100 - 175 for their oz tax return to be prepared. Do you need to see a specialist [ i think the term is cross border!] when you have financial interests in Uk and OZ. Anyone know a good Melbourne accountant
  14. After driving around mainland Europe for 2 weeks and seeing the efforts our neighbors on the continent have made with Solar water heating, Photo-voltaic panels and wind power I have realised how pathetic the UK's attempts have been, purely lip service:cry:. So it is great to see that Australia's controversial Carbon Tax seems to have already begun to pay dividends. (Maybe the UK can learn from OZ) Australia Gets Ten Times Bigger Solar farm Following Carbon Tax In its first solar investment in Australia, GE Energy and Financial Services has partnered with US thin-film producer First Solar and local state-owned energy firm Verve Energy to build a solar farm ten times larger than any yet built in the country. It will supply electricity for a desalination plant in Western Australia, which has a mandate to use renewable power for all new desalination projects. Australia – resource-cursed by plentiful coal – has seen a sharp uptick in international interest from renewable energy firms following this summer’s passage of carbon legislation by the Gillard government, which now puts a price ($23 per tonne) on CO2 emissions. State legislation helps too. Now, all new desalination plants in Western Australia must use power generated from renewable sources. The Southern Seawater Desalination Plant has contracted to buy 100% of the power from the Greenough River Solar Farm, which will produce energy when it is most needed during the day, and eliminating 25,000 tonnes per year of greenhouse gas emissions. Source: Clean Technicahttp://cleantechnica.com/2011/09/01/australia-gets-ten-times-bigger-solar-farm-following-carbon-tax/
  15. For those of you who have migrated with kids, when did you notify the tax credit office and child benefit. Was there any issues with regards to finalizing tax credits before year end? Any advice appreciated :chatterbox:
  16. Guest

    reclaiming UK Income Tax

    Hi there, I am due to move to Sydney in just under 4 weeks. I am due to finish at my current job in the UK in 2 weeks where I will receive my P45 which I can submit with another form P80!?! to get my tax refund. Does anyone know how long this takes? From discussions its seems like they can pay this into your account within 4 weeks (provided they have all the details). Thanks
  17. Hi to all of you that are on your way here. This is just a little useful note for you to know, everyone in Australia is required to lodge a tax return by law. So if you work for a company and you are on a salary they will issue you at the end of the year a Group Certificate of which you handover to your accountant who in turn looks at all your receipts that you will have saved , and then will forward it onto the Tax Man. So please make sure from the moment you arrive in Australia you save ALL your receipts, you will be pleasantly surprised at the Tax rebate you get back. This will also help you when you claim for family assistance and rent assistance. We have been here now for just over two and a half years , and trust me it is good to get a Rebate at the end of the year. To all those that go Self-Employed make sure that you put your tax money aside for the end of year aswell. Regards Mark (marknhelen) :wink::yes:
  18. Cal2

    Paying tax on MA fees

    Hi, we're in the UK and paying a migration agent in NSW, we pay via our bank account in Australia, hoping to emigrate later this year. Can we claim our tax on the MA's bill back from anywhere, we pay our tax in the UK at present thanks Cal
  19. Hi We have returned to UK but realised we did not complete our tax returns. Can anyone give us some advice on how we can do them while being in the UK. We dont want to be in trouble in Australia.:no::no: Thanks
  20. I was wondering if anyone knew the costs involved in shipping a brand new moto x bike from America to Australia ? We are Australian residents and i know there is a tax payable when you havent owned the bike for 12 mths or more, but im wondering if anyone knows a rough figure as it is a while since ive had any dealings with customs. For the shipping itself we have been quoted around $2000, when this is added to the price we can get the bike for it is STILL working out cheaper than buying new here. (thank you exchange rate,lol) Will there be any other costs involved? As its a moto x will the spec have to be changed or anything like a road bike would ? Thanks in advance for any help Cal x
  21. Hi all, can anyone recommend an accountant in Canberra for Income tax and Superannuation advise please? :biggrin: Many thanks.
  22. We have been in Melbourne 6 weeks nearly! I met a pom yesterday who to is on a 457 visa and she told me we should get our tax back for this year something to do with not working a full tax year. Can anyone shed some light on this and if this is correct what do we need to do! cheers (I hate Tax!! LOL):arghh:
  23. i ve just started to look at the cost of liveing in oz (perth) and on first glance its not looking too good a crate of imported beer is 55 aud thats 35 quid sterling and income tax not looking good either been put forward for a job 70k ausd works out 45k sterling for 4 weeks on 1 week off on fifo(2year contract) all accom and food paid for while away for four weeks in the mines. sounds good but as i said at first glance not look so good i think i should find a better contract like 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off realy, what everyone elses views etc?
  24. RegDwight

    Salaries & Tax

    Hello PIOers, I am looking to get started with something small so I was wading through IT support/admin jobs and found out the median is $55,000 per annum. Is this rate after or before tax and if it is before being taxed, how much do you think I'll be able to take home? Thx for any help you may offer.