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Found 659 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew the costs involved in shipping a brand new moto x bike from America to Australia ? We are Australian residents and i know there is a tax payable when you havent owned the bike for 12 mths or more, but im wondering if anyone knows a rough figure as it is a while since ive had any dealings with customs. For the shipping itself we have been quoted around $2000, when this is added to the price we can get the bike for it is STILL working out cheaper than buying new here. (thank you exchange rate,lol) Will there be any other costs involved? As its a moto x will the spec have to be changed or anything like a road bike would ? Thanks in advance for any help Cal x
  2. Hi all, can anyone recommend an accountant in Canberra for Income tax and Superannuation advise please? :biggrin: Many thanks.
  3. We have been in Melbourne 6 weeks nearly! I met a pom yesterday who to is on a 457 visa and she told me we should get our tax back for this year something to do with not working a full tax year. Can anyone shed some light on this and if this is correct what do we need to do! cheers (I hate Tax!! LOL):arghh:
  4. i ve just started to look at the cost of liveing in oz (perth) and on first glance its not looking too good a crate of imported beer is 55 aud thats 35 quid sterling and income tax not looking good either been put forward for a job 70k ausd works out 45k sterling for 4 weeks on 1 week off on fifo(2year contract) all accom and food paid for while away for four weeks in the mines. sounds good but as i said at first glance not look so good i think i should find a better contract like 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off realy, what everyone elses views etc?
  5. RegDwight

    Salaries & Tax

    Hello PIOers, I am looking to get started with something small so I was wading through IT support/admin jobs and found out the median is $55,000 per annum. Is this rate after or before tax and if it is before being taxed, how much do you think I'll be able to take home? Thx for any help you may offer.
  6. Hi everyone, I may have the opportunity to work for an Australian company if I move back to the UK however I'm confused on how and who I'll pay tax to. The company is Australian and doesnt have an entity in the UK, I will be working from a home office and the Australian company will be paying me into my UK account. Has anyone been in this situation or have any knowledge of how the system works and where I will pay tax? Thanks for your help!
  7. Conniebygaslight

    Tax rebate from Oz for uk returnees

    Wondered if anyone who returned before the end of June had completed a tax return for the last Oz tax year and expected a rebate. My Husband worked for Australian Gov March 2010-August 2010. He did a tax return whilst in Australia last July and recieved a good rebate (he as in a high tax bracket as high earner and having only worked 4 months of the tax year his rebate was substansial). We were expecting about half of the same for the remaining 2 months he worked for them.....however his Australian accountant has informed him that because we returned to the UK and are no longer Australian residents (hubby is Australian) he will be on an exorbitant tax code and can only expect a couple hundred dollars in rebate. Does anyone else have any exoerience of this....it seems very strange...surely it matters where you live when you are earning the money, not where you live afterwards...!!!
  8. Hi am new to this site! I am aware that if you are a permanent resident you have to wait 2 years to claim benefits. Does anyone know if this includes Tax credits and child benefit (does Oz even have this?!). Thanks!
  9. Hi My husband is self employed and I only work part time so am on a very minimum salary. Do you know if we can complete a tax return before we leave? I spoke to my old accountant who said we have to wait until it's time to file so by the end of Jan 2012 even though we are leaving in September. I assumed we would be able to do it before then but she disagrees and I guess I am really trying to see if there is a better way round digging out all his receipts and invoices etc 4 months after we've left (and that's providing our shipping has arrived!). Can anyone shed any light on what to do or what they have done? I'm guessing I won't get any refunds being paid so little either? Cheers Sally
  10. Guest

    Family Trust - 15% tax?

    Hi guys Just wanted to know if any one operates via a family trust. I will be self employed generating a percentage of income as a GP. I have been advised to go down the route of a family trust to make my matters tax efficient ( legally ). Income more than 250K per year and spouse is a home maker. Any ideas on this? A specialist accountant is asking for 2000$ to set this all up. Any other quotes any one. Does any one know how much tax can be saved in this structure and is this legal ? Any issues with ATO ( i guess there will be ) thanks
  11. Hi all, can anyone tell me if money paid to o.h. from UK whilst he is living in australia, (it will be within the uk tax allowance) so no tax in UK, will be taxable in australia? Thanks Sam :wideeyed:
  12. MazPaul

    Claiming tax back

    Does anyone know how much you claim back for an internet connection for your child to use for school work.We are looking at different packages and i was wondering how much of the internet cost is claimable.
  13. foy465

    Tax Credits &%&**^!!

    We moved out to Queensland the beginning of March. I have written 2 letters and made a phone call informing them of the change of circumstances and yet Tax Credits are STILL paying me! Anyone else had this problem? I am now thinking of just shutting my bank account to stop them paying me. How ridiculous are they?
  14. This thread is to find out whether you think you'll be better off with the carbon tax. We've all seen the advertisements that it's the big polluters that will suffer, and just in case they simply pass the costs onto the public (as if they wouldn't), the government is giving needy families tax back to cover the increase in prices. Apparently the average family will be better off. So, a lot of people ask on this forum whether they will be able to manage with X dollars income with Y kids in Z city. I get $70k to support a wife and 2 young kids in Melbourne and although we manage and have some cash in the UK, I can't imagine buying a house unless they halve in price! A lot of people would say $70k is not enough to support a family. So am I better off with carbon tax? ....yes, by $35 a year!! My gas and electric company reacted to the carbon tax 2 days after it was announced, not by telling me how they were going to cut their pollution, but how they were going to pass on the tax to me, by increasing my bills. So you can imagine the $35 was eaten up pretty quick. So why am I not better off when on a borderline sufficient family income? Because they based the average family income on the 2006 Census, when it was $54800. So you will only break even/be better off if your family income is $54800 or less. Good job they didn't wait a few weeks for the 2011 census results. Anyway, back to the original question, will you be better off? 50% of families should be according to the government. Calculator is below; https://www.cleanenergyfuture.gov.au/helping-households/household-assistance-estimator/
  15. Hi all, I've been in Oz since November 2011 and worked two jobs since i have been here. I have just filled out the majoirty of my online tax return assesment but before i lodge I have just wanted to make sure that the D.I.Y way of doing it (on the gov website through etax) is the most efficient? I looked into getting an agent doing it and they quoted me a larger return figure than the online goverment did. However i'm assuming that this will decrease once they start taking fee's etc. If anyone else has experience in completing the tax return and can advise me on the best way to do it i'd appreciate it. Many thanks, Ben.
  16. This is my 3rd tax return since being here. I am on a 457, I have a TFN, earn around $80k/yr, but also get a bonus between $20-40k a year (which happens just before end of the financial yr). - All three I have done through H&R block through the online site. - Last year I tried using tax calculator but wanted H&R block to double check my figures. - First tax return 2008 - got around 2k back - I imagine because I only worked for 1/3 of the year. 2009 - owed around 4k back to ATO. 2010 - apparently owe 7k back to ATO. Im a bit confused, so I will likely head down to HR Block for a better assesment but does anyone have any ideas why I haev to pay ATO? PHI looks to be too expensive for someone on a 457 (compared to the savings made with medicare levvy) Reason I ask, is I sit next to a colleague on similar pay, who is also on 457, and is getting money back from ATO. I was not expecting a 7k bill this month... Would really appreciate any advice, let me know if you need more specifics.
  17. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good tax accountant in Sydney who has knowledge of the tax laws between Australia and the UK? There are loads of tax offers about but I would like to know I am paying someone who knows a fair whack about owning property in the UK etc, not just a standard tax return I could do myself. I am boggled - not sure if I have to declare my rent and mortgage (and a few dividends) in the UK as I am still a temporary resident here (waiting for decision on perm res application at the mo). Would like to know I am doing my tax right from the start (this is my first aus tax return, emigrated in Aug 2010) and not end up having to pay heaps back for not declaring things I have to. Any advice/recommendations? :eek:
  18. Okay Julia has finally announced her plans. What do you think about the Carbon Tax package announced today ?
  19. HI, i'm going to be in oz for 12 months on a WHV and wondered what happened on the tax/NI front. I will have overpaid on both would i be eligible for a refund? also does anyone know how to go about this? thanks shaun
  20. cartertucker

    Renting ~ Council tax?

    When you rent a property in WA ~ For long term Do you have to pay 'council tax'? :unsure: (or whats the equivalent?)
  21. I'm hoping someone out there can help as after searching the internet and both uk and aus tax office websites i cant find any answers! I am a british citizen and my partner is australian. We live in australia and have done for the past 5years . After becoming pregnant with my second child we have decided to move back to the uk and i have a job opportunity working for an australian company however i will be based from home in the uk. The australian company does not have an entity in the uk, they will be transferring wages into my uk account so my question is, how do i pay tax and who do i pay it to? Thanks for your help! uk. My other
  22. Guest

    What's this Carbon Tax

    Does anyone please explain me....
  23. Just did mine and got a refund of $2640 !!!!!! wooohooo is an understatement haha :jiggy::jiggy: the joys of only working 8 months a year max but working silly hours and paying lots of tax! How did everyone else do? and the best question what are you going to spend it on? think i'm going to go as crew for a two week sail round the whitsundays with mine hehe :jiggy:
  24. Hi all Question for any budding tax advisors out there... We are moving to Brisbane next month on a 457 visa. My girlfriend will be renting her property out and I will be renting mine back in the UK and was wondering if anyone knew what the deal with what tax on the rental income will be? We'll be ploughing what we can straight back in to the respective mortgages but dont want to have a nasty letter from HMRC on the doorstep! All other income will be Aussy based. I'd imagine the answer for my girlfriend should be fairly straight forward - she is from the UK. However I am from Jersey in the Channel Islands and technically non-domicile in the UK... does this make things more complex?! Any help appreciated. Cheers, Brett
  25. I have been back in uk since sept 09 and did fill in an aussie tax return last year (only to my horror be told i owed a small fortune). Anyway i did an etax again this year to be told once again i owe a small fortune. I have not earned over the tax threshold in the uk so by uk rules do not owe any tax here. I know that you pay tax from first dollar earned but i dont think i plan on returning to Oz in the near future anyway. I am still getting family tax minimum payments that i am entitled to for 3 years or til i return to Oz. That is why i thought i should do a tax return. I am going to tell them to cancel as i will be staying in Uk for forseeable future. Do i have to do a tax return or not. i classed myself as non resident for tax purposes. Really i am no longer a resident at all even though i have a bank account and fam tax payments (to be stopped). Anyone got any clues as to what i need to do as i cant get through to yax office on telephone Thanks Please ask clarifying questions as i am not the best at explaining things :err: