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Found 659 results

  1. Guest

    Council Tax In Oz?

    Hi all, What expenses do you have once you either Rent of Buy a property apart from the obvious ie Mortgage payments or rent. Do they have a type of council tax and if so how much ?? Also I gather you are charged on a meter for water and I assume gas of electic. Any other expenses???? Many thanks Yvonne
  2. I am filling some in forms for opening a oz bank account here is one question on the form: ''IF NON RESIDENT, DEDUCT WITHHOLDING TAX? (TICK NO IF NO EXEMPTION CERTIFCATE HELD) can anyone explain what this is and how it applies we are on a skilled 136 visa.
  3. hedgehog

    Help needed for tax, work etc.

    So we are leaving Uk in a month and things like national insurance numbers here we take for granted, but in oz what do we need in order to pay taxes and registering for work? I have also been lead to believe we may be entitled to child benefit in oz. Does anybody have a list of important things to do such as those above? We have done some work,but you know how something else all ways seems to crop up ? I am sure many heads will work better than one.
  4. Guest

    Tax & Uk Money!

    Hi there, Basically, because the exchange rate has gone so c**p recently, we are intending to put the proceeds from our house sale in a high interest account such as National Savings (6.05% !) until which time the exchange rate improves, then transfer it into Aus dollars...bet were not the only ones doing this, as we are kicking ourselves we didn't "Forward contract" in Feb..hindsight! * Is it true that we would be taxed on the interest made on this fund as "World wide income" after 6 or 12 months, if we don't transfer straight away, as we are emergrating at the end of July? * Also, at what rate, is it the standard 20% ? If somebody could pl clarify this for me, I would be very grateful, as the A.T.O were no help! Finally, it does seem a bit of a cheek to me that the A.T.O/Aus Government can tax UK MONEY IN A UK ACCOUNT, but there you go.... Cheers, Jamie.
  5. Guest

    Cont Parent Vusa - Tax on Bond?

    Hi All I have been asked a question the answer to which I don't know. We didn't bother to enquire closely when finalising my mother's CP 143 vsa last year. The query is this: The CP 143 applicant couple intend that a friend of theirs will provide the AOS because their only child, albeit the Sponsor and an Australian Citizen by birth, is an impecunious student. The plan is that the Parents will send the $14,000 for the Bond to the friend. The friend wants to know whether the $14,000 will attract either Austrslian CGT or Income Tax in his hands? I am clueless about Tax (Alan Collett is very forgiving of my abject ignorance of this subject! ) When I vaguely tried to investigate this question last year on my sister's behalf, since Mum was sending her the money for the Bond, I vaguely think that I found a provision on the ATO website that seemed to be relevant. It seemed to me to say that if Bloggs sends money to Smith in Australia, and Smith then uses the whole of that money to benefit Bloggs, it is a totally tax-neutral event. I think I almost certainly found this somewhere in the stuff about Australian CGT, since it seemed to me (not that I have a reliable cliue) that a bung of $10K or $14K is more likely to be a potentially chargeable capital gain than a receipt in the general nature of "income." But that notion iis itself really no more than a wild guess on my part....! I've no idea what the concepts of Tax are - all I know is that they fleece me the whole time. Also, the ATO provision was not sufficiently idiot-proof for me. To be so, it needed to say, "Bloggs offshore can bung the money to Smith in Australia to cover the AoS Bond without Smith incurring any sort of tax-liability for the receipt of the dosh." It was not that specific. And I could well be dreaming... There is no meeting of minds between the Taxman & I. I don't understand a word of what he says. Does anybody happen to know the answer to this, please? Many thanks Gill:confused: :jimlad:
  6. Guest

    Tax Back

    I have been told that before i move to Australia my wife and i can claim backtax from this country does anybody know how true this is and how much we can claim thanks Scott
  7. Guest

    Tax File Number

    Maybe one for ABC Diamond? I have a Tax File Number from when I was working in Aus 1999/2000. Will this still be valid or will I have to reapply when I arrive this time? Thanks in anticipation of responses. Regards SCoop x
  8. hoorayhenry

    Income Tax / Nat Ins.

    Hi What deductions are taken from an employee's salary? Is it just PAYG or do you have National Insurance Contributions as well? Thanks a lot Hoorayhenry
  9. Hiya All Could someone tell me what the cost is to insure & tax cars. Is the tax higher on sports & 4x4. I have Mazda MX5 would like to bring with me or am I mad. I think second hand ones would be more expensive over there. Right or Wrong. Has anyone taken their car over and how much. Ta Viv
  10. Guest

    Bringing funds and tax

    Please can you advise or point me in the right direction. When we move to Aus do we have to pay tax on funds that we bring with us?I know if we bring more than $10000 cash we have to declare it (is it xcash or funds?) I was intending that the proceeds from the house sale will be exchanged and transferred to an Aus bank account (I think) will we have to pay tax in Aus on that ? Any advice welcome.
  11. parsonsbigfamilyadventure

    Tax and National Insuance

    Here in the Uk we pay tax and national insurance, how does it work in Oz, I know we will still pay tax on husbands wages but what about Medicare do they take a percentage, any help wuld be appreciated. Johanne
  12. We are going over to Cairns in April and I need help....What do we actually need to apply for when we arrive.....I have seen that we need to get a Tax File Number, register for Medicare....Where do we do this and when...Also what other important things do we need to do.....
  13. I bought my life insurance some years back. Most people are aware that this is cheaper when you are young because you are less likely to die. Now we are moving to Australia, will I need to buy new life insurance over there? My current provider says as long as the premiums are drawn on a UK bank account that's OK, but in the case of an untimely death and payout, will the payout be subject to Australian capital gains tax? Obviously that would defeat the object of having it! Does anyone know? Thanks, Spock.
  14. Hi guys, Have any of you applied for a tax refund? if so, do you have a web link to explain how to do this and perhaps download the form. Having a mare as I cannot locate this anywhere! Leaving on the 4th Aug OH MY GOD!! Claire :shock:
  15. Guest

    tax on my money

    hi after looking at all the tax questions iam worried about what is going to happen to my pot of money when , if i come to queensland is they any tax to pay when i get to aus all help welcome cheers dean:unsure:
  16. and how does it work, compared to the uk
  17. Hey I was wondering if there were extra things to pay for on top of a standard mortgage (like council tax here, insurance ....). It would be good to know so that I can do my sums. Thanks
  18. Hopefully some of you can give me a few pointers, we plan to go tot perth 17/04, my current employer has offered to continue to employ me for a 1yr fixed contract - renewable yr by yr keeping my current uk salary The question is - do I continue to be paid from the UK, or i have the option of setting up a small office in perth. What are the tax (aus) and super implications of both options, and how does being paid by a uk company effec mortage etc. any help appreciated surfersi
  19. i dont know what the implications might be but on selling shares in a business, part of the deal is to pay the money into an overseas account question is can i open an aussie account that would give good interest without having to physically go there and also would i be taxed such as income or capital gains upon this investment into oz. if i get this money paid into a uk account i get nabbed for £200k tax ive already got a bill coming for £100k for 2006 payable by april 2007 ill have to swallow that one as i dont think ill be able to swing it into oz before next sept. can the uk gov seize assets and finance from an oz bank account as they are part of the commonwealth are any questions asked by anybody as to where the money has originated i hope this doesnt sound dodgy but ive got some property dotted around Europe that im looking to sell before or just after moving to oz just dont want to get stung on a lifetimes sweat blood and tears many thanks jeff
  20. Guest

    UK Tax Question

    Is there anyone out there who is good on tax in the UK? We moved out last January and it just occurred to me that we may be due some money back on tax for the time we worked in the UK as sometimed employers guess what your tax bracket is going to be rather than getting hit with 40% every month at the end of the tax year if you hit the higher threshold. Might not be due anything but something back from the tax man is better than nothing. Thanks Pj xxx
  21. Does anyone know how much tax and national insurance comes off your wages in oz?? or what is the equivelant and how that compares to the uk? Thanks Louise x :?
  22. Bladder

    tax file number?

    Hi all, We have put a deposit down for our money transfer, the house sale should go through in around 5 weeks, we move in 6 weeks. We want to open a bank account in Australia before we leave here, so we can get the funds sent across, so its there when we arrive. We have looked into it, but it seems that we need to provide a tax file number, (along with bits of I.D), but when we looked into it, it says that you can only obtain a TFN once you are actually IN Australia. Any advise regarding setting up a bank account from here would be appreciated. Rik
  23. Guest

    tax on lump sums

    hi everyone, just about to leave for down under ( :shock: or :lol: !!) and will have the proceeds of my house sale in the bank by then approx 80k gbp. I know I wouldn't be taxed on this if I take it on the day I arrive - but if I leave a sum behind and then decided to bring it at a later date would I be taxed on it? I'm not talking about the interest I know that is taxable - but the actual lump sum? Thanks Paul
  24. Guest

    Tax Affairs in U.K.

    Getting a bit twitchy because my accountant says it is unlikely that all my accounts and stuff relating to sale of business will be finalised before I go to Oz.. Is this going to seriously hamper my progress or will it just get done when it gets done??? I'm only worrying about it because I've got nothing else to do whilst waiting for house sale to go through!!
  25. Guest

    Renting house in UK - tax

    Does anyone know the tax implications of renting our house while we settle in Aus? Tried looking on customs site but totally confused - are we exempt from tax or do we get taxed in Aus?