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Found 659 results

  1. Guest

    tax and contracts

    Hi My husband is an officer in the merchant navy and is on a ship in Australian waters at the moment. The management of the vessel has just been given to an Australian company and he has been offered a contract with them because he is a senior officer. They are willing to offer him one of 2 types of contract: Permanent and casual. Many of the Australians are on the casual as it pays 12% more. The only difference is that when they have used up their leave at home (they work 5 weeks and have 5 weeks off) then the casuals are not paid until they rejoin a ship but the others do. As the officers work back to back with their countrparts this does not happen. My query is about us going to live in Australia. Can we do that on both contracts or just the permanent one? MY next query is about tax. We aren't sure if he will be paid into a British bank account net and then pay UK tax or if they will pay inot and Australian account and he would be liable for Australian tax. If the latter can he claim the tax back and pay UK tax while still living here? We will not move for about 6 to 9 months. I have 2 further questions: 1 I have a son who is about to go to uni in Sept. Can he transfer to an Australian uni to be with us? Or beca\use of his age would he have to come out as an adult with us sponsoring him later? 2 My final question is about me! I am a primary school teacher and would like to teach in Australia. IS this possible if I come to Australia becuase my husband works there? Is it easy to get a job and will my qualifications be accepted? Any help would be great, so thanks in advance to everyone. :huh:
  2. Guest

    income tax

    Can anyone explain the tax system, I understand that everyone wether self employed or not claims back tax etc at the end of the year, unlike here you claim tax back only for self employed, confused:mask:
  3. Guest

    Tax File Number

    Hi, Do you know if it is possible to apply for a TFN before we leave? We have our visas and a permanent address in Australia for it to be sent to, however we will not be there until mid-feb. Thanks
  4. Guest

    tax allowances

    Hi everyone, I would be grateful for one final bit of information before setting off for sunny oz. I've read the Australian tax web site ( riviting stuff !! ) I'm 65 and my wife is 63, now my understanding is that because of our age we as a couple would be entitled to a tax free allowance of around $ 60,000 pa. total combined income before we have to pay tax. Can anyone confirm this as corrrect or otherwise. Sounds much more generous than here in the UK so have I got this right ? Thanks and cheers Alan
  5. Can i expect anything else I can expect to come out of wages except income tax? We are not eligible for medicare (as on a temp 4 yr visa). Is there any equivalent to National insurance? Help please!

    Tax File Number

    Hi we fly out to brissie on the 8 th Dec and will be applying for my tfn does anyone know how long it takes to come .Looking at sterting work staight away already had a month of work and its killling me Many Thanks:arghh:
  7. mandy b

    Tax Numbers

    Morning Everyone Well had a good w/end, Told you it was OH Birthday. Went out with friends to a lovely Italian. Had music there, so had a good old sing song, and looooooooooots to drink. Bad head day sunday. I have read here somewhere about tax numbers, can anyone help me, how to obtain them, read you can get them before we go, but that might be pushing it as we go in about 3 weeks. Sent off the passports yesterday to get them validated. Could have done that when we got there, but I felt happier to do it here, and its one less thing to-do when we get there. So on the 3rd November we are going to friends house for Christmas dinner, gang of us will be there, as it will be our last one in the UK. Went out and got a waterproof mascara yesterday, as Im fed up looking like someone from Halloween, everytime I have a cry. Speak to you all later. Lots of Love to you all. Mandy B XXX
  8. Guest

    Tax File Number

    Hi Just wondered whether anyone had an answer to this one... When me and my OH went backpacking on Working Holiday Visas in 97-98 we obtained Tax File Numbers - does anyone know whether these TFN's will still be valid when we arrive as Permanent Residents? I can't seem to find any info on the Australian Tax Office website and keep meaning to phone them, but keep missing the opening hours! (I'm not very organised in the morning!) So, it'd be great if anyone out there knew the answer!:nah: Thanks, bye for now Jo
  9. Guest

    Short tax courses

    Hi I am a qualified accountant and need to upate my knowledge of Australian tax before our departure to Coffs Harbour in the spring. Does anyone have any knowledge of short distance learning courses at Oz unis or colleges??? Thanks Ken
  10. Guest

    tax file number ?

    Hi guys Can someone help me out here? I've just searched PIO site for last half hour and still can't find the answer i'm looking for. Can someone tell me if i'm right or wrong - tax file number - I am under the impression that once i have my visa in my hand that i can apply for a tax file number from here in the UK. Is this right or wrong? Secondly i think you need an address in oz to do this, right or wrong? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks very much. eddie,tina:arghh::arghh:
  11. Guest

    Non Residents Tax

    Hi, We’ve transferred some money to our Australian bank account, taking advantage of the recently good exchange rates. Unfortunately 46.5% of the interest is being deducted in tax as we’re non residents. They are legally obliged to deduct the tax as we are unable to provide them with a tax file number. We’re going out in Jan and hoping to get PR granted before then. Perhaps we could talk with an Australian Financial Consultant or transfer the money back to the UK. Has anyone else been / or is anyone else in a similar situation? Thanks,
  12. Hi, We’ve transferred some money to our Australian bank account, taking advantage of the recently good exchange rates. Unfortunately 46.5% of the interest is being deducted in tax as we’re non residents. The bank is legally obliged to deduct the tax as we are unable to provide them with a tax file number. We’re going out in Jan and hoping to get PR granted before then. Perhaps we could talk with an Australian Financial Consultant or transfer the money back to the UK. Any advice appreciated! Thanks,
  13. Guest

    New Tax Rules on Pensions

    Hi there – I wonder if anyone already in Oz can find something out for me. My husband and I are moving to Australia on a Class 410 Temporary Residence visa (Retirement Visa) early September. There has been some press in the UK about the rules for tax on pensions/superannuation being changed in Australia (from July 1st) and that tax is no longer charged on pension income for the over 60’s. I have spoken to a couple of agents who want to charge 3% of my pension pot to arrange transfer. However, I am still not clear if this benefit would be applicable with our visa class as we are not going to be permanent residents. So, if there is anyone who knows how I can find the answer or who I could contact to find out, it would be much appreciated. Thanks – Cheryl (The Picketts)
  14. Guest

    Tax Off Wages.

  15. Don't know if anyone is in the same situation as me and can maybe help with a tax question I have. I have a flat in the UK which is rented out through a lettings agency. Of course I have an income tax liability, but they are saying that they will withhold tax of 22% from the rental income from me until I have completed and filled out a NRL1 form from the inland revenue. I have printed this off today and it relates to non UK residents, not UK residents. Although I am in Australia on a residency visa, I will be returning home for good in December and therefore have not informed the UK Inland Revenue that I am currently residing in Australia (I have gone travelling for 6 months in the last couple of years and had no issue with this). Can anyone tell me what will happen if I do fill out this non resident form ? Are the lettings agency within their rights to withhold this money from me? I know I will have to file a tax return in the UK in January when I return home and will declare the rental income. Thanks for your help with this!
  16. Don't know if anyone could advise on this but here goes!!!! Once I am resident in oz, am I still subject to capital gains tax in the U.K.?? We have 2 rental properties, both with a mortgage, and a piece of land.Our accountant is pretty much useless and first chance we get he's going!!:arghh: We dont't need to sell before we go, but dont like the idea of giving the damn taxman any more than we have to.
  17. Kent

    Family Tax Benefits

    Hi, We are Kent and Julia. Can anyone give us advice regarding Family Tax Benefits in Australia please? We hope to be coming over to Adelaide later this year on a 457 temporary visa. We are being sponsored but the wages seem far less than in the UK. So we are looking into everything to see how we will cope financially. We have two children 13 and 2. Does anyone know how soon you are able to get help - do we have to wait until we have permanent residency? Thanks for your help. Kent and Julia
  18. Hi I have a letter from the Aussie Tax Office giving the rullings regarding pension paid when you emigrate. If anyone wants me to email it to them, please PM me and I'll respond ASAP It's too big to post on here as I had to scan it in! Angie
  19. Guest

    Tax on shipping

    Hi, Sorry me again!! How do customs prove items are under a year old, and what are the tax implications. Thank you. Marina:mask:
  20. ali

    Tax Return

    Just completed my first tax return (online) here in Aus - feel it's a bit of a mile stone and one of those moments when you realise you're actually living here and it's not all a dream. Now hoping that I've done it right (never had to do one before) - and if I have I should get some dosh back, but knowing my luck I'll probably owe them some $ Ali
  21. Guest

    tax rebate ?

    hi tonyl ere does anyone self employed know if there tax system for subbies works the same as ere as we get rebate once a year and at what % do subbies pay thanks tonyl
  22. Guest

    car tax!!

    hi,do you have to pay car tax in oz?:unsure:
  23. Hiya i have been chatting to a pommy family today who rented oppsite us and they havnt submitted any p85 as they didnt know you could claim tax back,they have been in Oz just under 12mth.Does anyone know if they be able to claim now or is it too late ? any help for them is appreciated , thanks Cal x
  24. Hi,Help please:unsure: What sort of deductions would you expect to pay in tax and Insurance say for argument sake if you earned in the region of $41000 or $800 a week,just supposing. Any help in this would be gratefully received.
  25. We want to rent out our house for 6-12 months when we go, but are unsure of the tax implications of this to the UK and Australia, do you pay tax in both countries? Has anyone done this? Tried to post this on the money forum, but it won't give me access!