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Found 659 results

  1. Guest

    Family Tax benefit

    As Poms on a kiwi passport, would we be eligible to apply for family tax benefit?
  2. hi, do we hv to give the TFN when we sign a contract with an employer? what if we make our first landing and come back to singapore and hvnt applied for one and there's a job offer? can we just apply and give it later to the employer after we start working with them? thanks.
  3. Good afternoon all from a very wet Heywood For those about to leave us ( jammy sods ) and everyone else thats left for the time being then i think the following should be read. I think i posted this last April as a reminder but as it's near April again read on...... Well it's getting close to that time of year for us in the UK to enter a New Financial year. Yes April is fast approaching and i thought now was as good a time as ever to remind you about checking your P60. Last year 2007 / 2008 friend of mine reclaimed tax he had paid in the 2002/2003 period. I asked him how and i was amazed at the simplicity of it all. Here's how........ Everyone who pays tax gets a P60 at the end of the financial tax year outlining their income and tax paid for that year. I for some reason seem to have every P60 since i started work ( sad i know ) and thus began my search. I came across the following website of which i have no connection with but find it a very useful tool to use, CLICK HERE. On the left hand side you will see three boxes for you to enter the details directly from your P60. When you click the calculate button, making sure it's the correct year you will be informed as to whether you are entitled to a refund. Here's the bit you need to be careful with though, it will then ask you to fill in your details as they will claim on your behalf but they don't do it for nothing, they take a cut of your repayment so do the following. How do i claim it back then ? Easy, simply print off the details and ring the following phone number 08459 000 444 this number is to the Inland Revenue and they will be able to confirm if the refund details are correct. Ask them for your Tax Office where you can send them a brief letter explaining you are reclaiming a refund and also enclose your original P60, you will get this back. Last year i claimed a Grand total of £1250.50 for 2003/04 and £369.53 for 2006/07 as i was on the wrong codes. I contacted the Tax Office and they confirmed that the figures were correct and 4 weeks later i received a lovely cheque back from the treasury. On another note you can claim back a laundry allowance for your work wear provided the company logo is emblazoned somewhere upon the garment. I successfully managed to claim this back after sending a letter confirming the company details of where i was employed to my local tax office. At the time of writing the allowance is currently at £45 per year but you can claim for the last 6 years worth, please check with your company that the allowance has not already been applied to your tax code. For a " Beginners Guide to Tax " visit the Governments website Here http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/Taxes/BeginnersGuideToTax/index.htm?cids=Google_PPC&cre=Money Come on guys check your P60's if it's only 1 pence due back claim it.
  4. Hiya Has anyone claimed their tax back? My accountant has never heard of a rebate if you emigrate, but my Agent mentioned it. Confused You will be ....lol Coz I am, but that is nothing new... The accountant is going to check it out for me though! So i'll keep you posted. April:arghh:
  5. hi my hubby is being relocated to sydney and we are trying to work out aproblem we have.. how do we work out his take home pay after tax when we know the amount of $ it will be????eg what and how tax is applied to salary and how we end up at take home amount.. we havent a clue about taxes applied to wages and how to work this out!!! any ideas thankyou michelle x:notworthy:
  6. Guest

    Mortgage and Tax????

    Hi Guys, Questions.... 1) How soon could we get a mortgage when we get there? (independent skilled worker visa) 2) How much is stamp duty, or aussie equivilant? 3) How much is income tax? Thanks so much for any help you could offer or point us towards... Meg + Jon xx
  7. I'm a NZ citizen on a Special Category Visa. My partner is British on a 5 year spouse visa. Does anyone know the tax status for my partner? Is she taxed the same as an Australian citizen like me?
  8. Hi all, New to this forum but thought I'd make a start by doing some research into the taxes and the benefits before I get to Sydney. I'm hoping to get there on a 457 visa (although no definite word yet and am getting a little nervous!) to start work in mid-June. I have read numerous posts about LAFHA and realise that that is something that will either be offered or not but I wondered other than that is there any other benefits that might be available to me? Once the tax has been deducted from my pay is there anything I can claim back? I'm having to fund the move myself so anything would go a long way! Many thanks for your help, Giles
  9. Guest

    Tax advice

    Hi, we are currently in Australia on a 572 student visa – hopefully turning to bridging visa – hopefully turning to permanent. I would like to speak with someone well versed in UK and Oz tax in relation to CGT (US stock), continued UK property investment, and ISA’s – and all of this in relation to timing for best effect on the changing visa status. Any one have a good contact please?
  10. Hy Quickie here but i have just reclaimed over 1200 pounds from the inland revenue for over paid tax, and heres the best bit it was for the tax period of ........2003/04 I have wrote the details of how to do this in my blog and i am sure you will agree it is better off in your pocket out in Australia than sat in Gordon Browns pocket waiting to fund some East European immigrant who has no intention of paying into the UK pot. I am currently reclaiming over 300 pounds for 2006/07 and i am claiming for an offset to be applied to my tax code for washing ( laundering ) the overalls i use at work, this is approx 45 pounds per tax year. If you have any success then let others know through the thread. Good Luck HERE IS THE LINK P.S Still the Seal Bounce Champion after all this time.........are there no worthy contenders.....only kidding lol
  11. Guest

    quick tax question...

    This is probably going to stir the hornets nest but.... My tax return will be due end of Jan next year and we will hopefully be in perth by then so should I..... Ignore it and just go to Oz and let the taxman try and find me......or ring the inland revenue and fess up, fill my return in and pay my tax :arghh: I'm expecting the similar sort of answers that are normally in the 'debt' threads but was just wondering on peoples opinions and experiences of my dilema
  12. stacybird123

    tax enquiry and moving to oz

    hi at the moment i have a aspect tax enquiry with the inland revenue which could lead to a full investigation taking many months i've been told. Will this affect my skilled visa application?, my agent thinks not as federal goverment checks only ask for tax returns and proof of last four years net profits to prove you have been working no less than 20 hours a week. Anyway just wanted to ask if you had to have some kind of clearence from the tax man before you go to australia?...........i know you have to fill in a p85 form to let them know your leaving the country but what happens when you are in the middle of a tax investigation, does this affect anything or can i just go? please help. jason
  13. jimbobandrachel

    Claim Your Tax Back

    Hi everyone Back in June 2006 I went backpacking around the world for 8 months with my girlfriend. It wasn't until the other week I thought I might be able to claim some tax back as I'd only worked for 2 months during the 2006/07 tax year. Being a little naive i thought the Inland Revenue would automatically reimburse me for being over taxed, WRONG. So I filled a couple of forms in and hey presto, a cheque for £1035 arrived yesterday in the post, Bonzer! You can also claim tax back when you emigrate, so once we've arrived in Melbourne in June We'll be filling more forms in. So, all you folks that are about to make the move shortly, make sure you claim your tax back, it's yours and it's better in your pocket than that of an illegal immigrant! Hope this is of help to you all Cheers Jim
  14. patsmec

    Paying Tax In Oz

    Hi , I wonder if anybody can offer any advice on the tax/expenses system in Oz?? Do most people in the trades (i.e. Mechanics) run on a type of sub contract basis…where they are responsible for paying their own taxes through an accountant and claiming for their own tools and transport etc. Any advice would be appreciated.. Thanks……Pat
  15. Guest

    family tax credit

    Customer Services Online - About Payments - Families - Payments Information hi any info regarding tax credits ,i know the link is long but im only just learning how to do it
  16. Guest

    Tax dilemmas

    Hi all Right oh & I are self employed but have not issued any invoices since dec 31st when we paid up our Vat to date as we knew were leaving theUK. Also both have just paid our tax bills on 31st Jan. Now our accountant says we need to finalise our accounts and deregister for the vat (which we can do ourselves) I am temtped to just ignore the advice and leave (apart from the deregister part) Does anyone know the implications of this? I doubt we owe any tax as ceased trading on dec 31st anyway. Its just going to cost a fortune to keep our accountant on and then we will have hassle over in Oz too. Don't know what to do really, its just such a pain and we are going in a weeks time! I naievely thought that once we'd paid tax and vat up to date that would be it! Any advice greatly appreciated Mandy x
  17. Guest

    relocation tax

    hi all shot in the dark here but has anyone heard of a tax break for ppl immigrating to oz through company transfer (working for same company as uk in oz 457 sponser), i read somewhere that some ppl can claim back up to £8000 of relocation costs ,,eg container shipping and flights. any ideas or was i seeing what i want to see and reading wrong LOL I DONT KNOW this forum is the best thing for stopping the worry or prepairing for what will happen. feel sorry for the £10 poms not having a clue some not even seeing a picture of where they were going to be, but those who didnt work and came back prob never worked here either.....(wife told me to add that bit(nowt to do with my original question)) LOL
  18. Australian tax residents are liable to tax on their world-wide income. It is therefore important to confirm your correct residency status. While the UK-Australia Double Tax Treaty aims to eliminate double tax, there are a wide range of situations that will cause increased tax should you be considered dual resident of the UK and Australia. For example, dividends earned in the UK would be taxable in Australia if you qualify as an Australian tax resident. You may not have paid tax on these dividends in the UK (i.e. if you are under the Higher Rate tax threshold), so there will be only a 10% tax credit to claim on your Australian Tax Return against tax on these dividends. A balance of up to 38.5% more tax may be due on these dividends, after they are converted to dollars! To review Australian Tax Office Rules on UK Dividends Click here Any negative gearing losses in Australia may also be eroded by UK salary income, so residency may affect the tax-efficiency of your Australian investment property. Residency is defined in section 6(1) of ITAA 1936 and the rules are summarised: So far as an individual is concerned, these terms are defined to mean: "(a) a person, other than a company, who resides in Australia and includes a person- (i) whose domicile is in Australia, unless the Commissioner is satisfied that his permanent place of abode is outside Australia; (ii) who has actually been in Australia, continuously or intermittently, during more than one-half of the year of income, unless the Commissioner is satisfied that his usual place of abode is outside Australia and that he does not intend to take up residence in Australia; or (iii) who is an eligible employee for the purposes of the Superannuation Act 1976 or is the spouse or a child under 16 years of age of such a person; " 3. The above definition, in effect, provides four tests to ascertain whether an individual is a resident: . residence according to ordinary concepts; . the domicile and permanent place of abode test; . the 183 day test; or . the Commonwealth superannuation fund test. If you have not completed the Residency section of your Australian Tax Return correctly, or taken the appropriate steps to finalise your affairs back home, you may still owe tax in Australia on UK income. Hope this is of help Liam
  19. Guest

    Tax on UK income

    Can anyone tell me if: a) I will have to pay tax in oz on income from letting my house in the uk? I will be paying income directly to pay mortgage payment in the Uk b) I will be taxed on maintenance paid for my children by their Father Thanks:wub:
  20. jimbobandrachel

    Council Tax in Melbourne

    HiCan anyone give me a rough idea of the cost of council tax in Melbourne for a typical 3 bedroom house.Also, when renting, who is responsible for paying the council tax? Is it the landlord or tenant?Thanks in advanceJim
  21. Guest

    council tax

    Do thay have council tax or poll tax in melboune, if not what else do we not have to pay in melbourne that is due in uk. Regards TRAcey
  22. Hey Guys (app subclass 175) just completed app. Heard you have to get a tax no as soon as you get to aus for when you start a job is this true? Where do you get this from? Which banks do you recommend heard its best to set up account in the uk. Do you know of any people buying property before they go? do you save money this way? or would you advise to rent? Is it easy to get on with the ozzies, have been to oz for a holiday, but is it harder to make friends when you live in aus? :jiggy: If you have any answers to my questions, I would be really grateful!!!
  23. Guest

    Tax Implications

    Can anyone assit on Tax implications in the Uk with regard to renting out our UK property when we move to Oz. been told letting agent will take a further 22% to pay tax liabilities rental income £525 a month less agent 10%. :wacko:
  24. Guest

    Council tax ?

    hi everyone Can anyone tell us whether there is council tax or its equivalent to pay in queensland on rented properties? If so, how do they work out how much to pay? Thanks Karen
  25. Hi, this is the first time I have used this site. Have had my permanent visa for 2 yrs now, am finally moving out with my family this year to Brisbane. Just wondering if any one can tell me of how they sought advice re finance, tax etc before coming out? Thanks, The Warrens