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Found 660 results

  1. Hi all brain boxes, Hubby was on a working holiday visa in 1990 and was given a tax file number in Western Oz. We will be going there once we hopefully get our visa's. Will this number still be in his name or do you think we will have to re register.:unsure: Any ideas will be of great help. Oh by the way he didn't do any work while he was there just holidayed for a year (all right for some). Thanks Harrisons
  2. Hello Sun Seekers We are just about to apply for my temporary migrant visa, I am in a defacto relationship with my partner who is an Aussie Citizen and hopefully off to Aus at the end of this year or the beginning of next. I was there 14 years ago on a working holiday visa and got temporary work quite soon after arriving, I remember going into Sydney to get my tax file number. Is that what happens these days too, i.e do you have to apply for your tax file number when you get to Aus or can you get it before? I am hoping to look for opportunities on the Internet before we go over. And maybe apply for something before hand if the job and the timing is right. I have mainly worked with 'vulnerable' people in the UK for the past 10 years which has meant getting a police check done and sometime this can take up to 6 weeks to come through. As the police check is part of the visa application can you use the one that is sent to you via the UK police if it is still quite 'current ', I can imagine that a prospective employer will ask for another one to be done when you apply or start a job. Does anyone have any experience of this? Also can anyone tell me how long you can you use your UK driving licence for until you have to take the aussie test? Many thanks for your help Best wishes Pandy
  3. Guest

    tax on money moved here

    Hi, Does anyone know if money that is moved over here from the Uk now will be taxed here, as the australian tax year ends in June. I'm obviously watching the exchange rates with interest at the moment and trying to work out when is the best time to move money, as I'm sure thousands of you out there are. I've never read so many business sections of the newspaper before! Thanks to any replies and hope your all enjoying the move/moves. Dan
  4. Guest

    tax file number

    hell there, quick question about the above. does anynoe know if i will need a new tax file number as i have had one before. i was in australia in 1999 for a year and needed a t.f.n. to work and dont know if it lapses or if you have it for life? thanks in advance. cheers. nyper
  5. Guest

    Tax File Number

    Hi Does anyone know if it is possible to get your TFN before you land in Oz ? is it possible to submit online ? Thanks Lion
  6. Hi We are moving at the begining of August and don't want to exchange all of our money as the exchange rate is so bad:cry: We are considering taking only some of it and bringing the rest out when the exchange rate improves. I have heard that there is a timescale of 6 months to bring money out after you leave otherwise the tax man will take some if you make a profit. Is this true and if so what are the details of how much the tax man has and based on what?:unsure: Hope someone can help Angie
  7. Hi. Any help or hints appreciated! I am the director of an small agency in the UK. The company has no PAYE employees (other than myself), but uses contractors in the UK and around the world. Can anyone give me any hints as to the best way to deal with my finances? Before I go to an accountant I want to do as much groundwork as possible and try and get a better understanding of the way things work. These are the questions that I have... 1. Has anyone experience of running a UK company from Australia and/or in tandem with running an Australian company doing the same business in Australia? 2. I am anticipating receiving income from dividends from the UK company – I assume that tax will have been paid in England - how is this taxation treated in Australia? 3. What to do about salary that would have been paid PAYE in the UK? 4. I also have a personal pension that is paid into by my company? Is there anything I should think about in connection with this? Any other hints, tips and guidelines would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hi All, Can someone clarify if an UK estate agents valuation is sufficient for the ATO to calculate the cost base. Raj
  9. oldgit

    Money & Tax

    HELLO ALL We still have one house to sell here in the UK and have decided if this house has not sold by September we were going to still go to OZ then as planned and leave someone in charge of the sale of the house (we would not be renting it out). If the house was to sell six months after moving to OZ and we then transferred the money from the sale of the house to our OZ bank account would there be any tax implications for us to consider? :skeptical: I look forward to any replies Cheers the oldgit
  10. Guest

    Tax advice - who to use?

    Hi I am sure this has been covered somewhere before but I am struggling to get some decent tax advice before we leave the UK next month. We have some savings and hopefully if we ever sell the house some equity that we need to shift to Oz. We don't need all of it straight away. The banks want to talk to us about offshore but can't tell us if we will be taxed when we eventually move money into Oz - so much for an international service. Contacted Prism Expat today but they only really seem interested in the Pension and want to charge £95 for a meeting to discuss Pension in more detail. Which I know we need to sort as well. Feel as though I am going in never-ending circles. We are going on a 457 visa if that makes any difference. Has anyone else found an agency that can do both UK and Oz Tax advice before I go completely bonkers! :chatterbox:
  11. Hi again everyone, another really puzzling question of ours. Can we get a TFN from the UK rather than wait until we enter Australia, like the department of immigration application form states. The reason we want to do this is we will be transferring funds beforehand (providing the rate changes!) to our aussie bank account and do not want to get charged the high tax rate that you do if you have not got one. If not, can we claim back this tax from the bank once we get there? Several agencies approach you at expos we have gone to saying they can get you several things sorted from the UK, this being one of them, so there must be a way of doing this. Thanks in advance as any info would be appreciated. Shirley & Glen
  12. Iya can any1 help me im flying out 2 perth on a year working holiday in 2 weeks and i need 2 know if i need a tax number before i can start work as a bricklayer and if so how do i go about getting 1 and how long does it take?
  13. melbourners hopefully

    tax question on renting uk property

    Hi, If we rent out our property in the UK,do we only pay tax on the eventual profits in the uk. Also if we rent a property in Australia , and when we eventually sell our House in the UK do we have to pay capital gains tax in australia. Thanks Sean
  14. Guest

    Tax returns in Oz

    Hi all Just a question about the tax returns system in Australia.Does evryone fill one in whether they are working or not? How do you get one? Also what reciepts should we be keeping? Many Thanks Mandy x
  15. Hi could someone help us we are packing our furniture and things and the packers are coming next week, but they say on the customs that if your furniture is under a year you get charged but what if your furniture is over a year but in bloody good nick, do you have to argue with them or do they decide themselves i dont keep receipts for anything has anyone been charged. Please help.:wubclub:
  16. Since 6 April 2006 recipients of UK occupational pensions have been given the opportunity to receive up to 25% of their pension's value as a tax free lump sum in exchange for taking a smaller monthly pension. Does anyone know if Australia would tax such lump sums (given the recipient had resided in Australia for more than six months)?
  17. woodpud

    Medicare & Tax

    Hi all Was just wondering if you apply for Medicare and your tax number when you hit Australia or you can do it before you leave the Uk once obtaining your visa? Also the wife and kids are Australian do they apply now or when we get there? Can any one help? Does anyone know where to get the forms? Nic Jase Emma and Owen Hopefully Perth by Christmas!
  18. Hi I would be grateful if anyone can advice me on the tax you have to pay when taking prestige cars to Oz. Thanks
  19. Hi I have just had a long, long conversation with Hifx about how and when to go about getting our money changed and wheather it would be best for us to leave our money in the UK until we are ready to buy and by then hopefully the exchange rate will of improved in our favour. They have explained that there are tax implications and so advised us to speak with a company called Prisim to get some accountant/tax advice on how to go about things. Has anyone used Prisim? The do charge for their advice - anyone know how much we should expect to pay? Or, has anyone used other companies to get advice and who were they and what were their fees? Thanks Michelle & Martin
  20. Hi all, I am hoping some of you who have already escaped from UK can help me. I am trying to find out how Capital Gains Tax works and how much we may have to pay when we sell our house here in UK. May we not have to pay CGT if we are to buy another house even if it is in Australia? Thanks Monica
  21. Can any clever peeps on here tell me how to obtain a tax file number (thats if i need one on a whm) and do i need a bank account in Oz to work there? I have a Halifax account but not sure whether its useable over there. Also I have a friend of 34 who is interested in coming with me to oz but is told old for whm is there an alternative visa available for her? she is a beauty therapist. Thanks guys/gals x :jiggy:
  22. Hello. Wondered whether anyone can advise on following ... We are moving to Aus later his year and I am currently negotiating an employee share option that have been approved by UK revenue so that when exercised tax will only be payabe at the issue rate. e.g. if shares are issued at the nominal rate of £20 and if exercised at a value of £100 I will only be liable to pay tax at the £20 per share rate. Does anyone know would this situation "travel" to Aus or not as I am not intending to return to UK ...and would like to be aware what tax liability I may be walking into .. Also interested to know what the capital gains tax is in Aus. Thanks kieran
  23. PommyPaul

    Tax rebabte when leaving

    Just wondered if anyones in the know on this? I leave halfway through the tax year and after doing a few sums should be due for a nice little tax rebate! :cute: Question is do i have to wait till the end of that tax year april 2009 or can i get the rebate straight away before i leave?
  24. Hi to all, just joined Pomsinoz, this is first posting. We have PR status and will be looking to emigrate to Australia within next 12 months or so (unless UK house market really does implode). I wondered if anyone might know how the Australian Tax Office would treat UK based tax-free savings accounts e.g. ISAs and the older PEPS as they were known? Anyone know if any interest received and/or capital gains made become taxable if these accounts are left open whilst residing in OZ, or even if they can legally be left open after emigrating? thanks, StevieM
  25. Hi I'd always decided that we would rent out our house in the UK when we emigrate (I absolutely love the house, I've been here 18 years and will miss it desperately), also to give us a safety net, a get-out-of-jail-free card, should we need it. However, I'm not sure that, financially, we would be able to make the move if we dont sell up, so I have a few questions: 1) What are the tax implications for leaving property in the UK? How much is it? 2) What happens when you sell up? Is there more tax to pay? 3) If you sell up, do you have any tax to pay or can you run off into the sunset with whatever profit you have? Like I said, I'm REALLY thick when it comes to these things :err: so please explain in VERY basic language!!! If it helps, Ive been told our house is worth approx £170k, £100k mortgage, hoped to get £600pm rental income Thanks for your help.