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Found 659 results

  1. Guest

    claiming tax back on 457

    Hi all, question from my OH: What exactly can he claim for tax wise on a 457 visa? Can he claim for flying tools out or anything for renting? Thanks guys
  2. Hi, Like many others on here we are finding it difficult to sell our houses. We have 2 houses 2 sell as my OH has one from before we met. Instead of paying the mortage on his whilst waiting for it to sell, as we both have lived in mine now for a long time, we were thinking of renting it out instead but does anyone know what the tax implications woudl be when we get to Oz? Has anyone moved out there and done the same? Any help much apprieciated.
  3. onecrankypom

    Re: Oz tax

    Does any one know if i need to do a tax return because i didnt work in the last year here as i only arrived near the end of it. Do you have to pay tax on any money you brought in to OZ?
  4. We're currently in the same boat as a lot (or maybe most!?) of you, in that we can't sell our house - it's been on the market for over 3 months and we've not had 1 viewing - and we've reduced the price 3 x and changed eas. Grrrrrr... Aaanyway, we're now about to start making plans to rent it out until things recover - which means putting off buying in Oz, but that's life, I guess. My question is this - if we sell our UK house in say 3-4 years, would we get taxed on the proceeds (if that is the only house we own in the world) when we transfer the money across? Also, I believe that Australia taxes on world-wide assets, which means we'd have to declare rental income out there - or do we pay tax on it in the UK? Any help or advice is welcome!
  5. Hello folks Can anyone recommend a good Tax Advisor/Accountant that they have used? Still living here in Scotland at the moment but have a rental property in Australia and the tax will be due soon so need to get organised. Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated! Is there anybody that is/has been in a similar position? Cheers Nom & Nat
  6. My MD at the company I currently work for has offered for me to stay working for the company when we go to Oz, which i am really pleased about. However I am not sure how this would work tax wise. The company has no offices outside the UK, so i can't get my head around how I would pay tax. I think I would be better paying the tax in Oz. Any one got any ideas how this could work? Thanks Mx
  7. gparkes

    Tax consultants/accountants

    Hi All, This is our first year in oz and we have had the tax forms to fill in we are here on a 457 visa and have been working since December my husband is in the IT/management category and i wonder if anyone could advise us on someone who would do the taxes for us?? Someone that does a lot of 457 visa people or IT in particular?? I hear it is about $100-$150 to get someone to do them for you but its worth it as they will know what we can claim for ect
  8. I am confused :wacko: which form I need to fill in to get my UK interest without tax taken off is it a R85 or R105. We have moved over to Aus on a permenant residence visa in Feb 2008, hoping to get our interest paid without tax and leave it in the UK - do I need to declare this on a tax return in Aus?
  9. blondie

    Tax Avoidance

    Hi We have a bit of a dilemma here. OH has a Royal Navy Pension which is paid into UK account and taxed at 20%. Oz taxman also wants his piece of pie, an additional 20%. I feel that it's just not right that a pension should be so heavily taxed. Do any of you clever people know of a loophole/avoidance that is legal. Thanks in advance Blondie
  10. Guest

    457 UK Tax

    Does anybody know if the double taxation arrangement apply for 457 residents or does it kick in only when permanent residency is awarded. ie does the Aussie tax authority want to tax your UK taxable income whilst you are on 457 temporary residence ? Any thoughts would be welcome.
  11. Guest

    New road tax

    The figures intensified the pressure on Chancellor Alistair ParTing to rethink the plans after warnings that the Government was heading for another damaging tax debacle. They come after Gordon(DICK) Brown faced embarrassment(I.E THE TRUTH) on Thursday as it emerged he had been wrong to say the majority of motorists would be better off as a result of the changes. In fact, 9.4 million face higher bills, there will be no change for 8.4 million and 1.4 million will pay less, the Treasury revealed. Justine Greening, the shadow economic secretary, has now calculated that 400,000 of the poorest families will pay up to £245 a year more. On average, they will be £80 a year worse off under the changes which are due to come into effect from next April. Ms Greening said: "This government is bleeding low-income families dry, just as they are most under pressure from rises in the cost of living." Labour(NO BALLS) backbenchers have already warned they are ready to start "flexing (their) muscles" over the reforms, which are designed to punish drivers of the most polluting vehicles. They are pressing ministers to abandon plans to apply the new rates to vehicles already on the road, arguing that millions of families have bought cars in recent years with no knowledge of the plans announced in the March Budget.
  12. I have lodged mine in Manchester today only to be told that they take 8 weeks to get processed, so don't count on using your refund for a shopping stopover!
  13. Guest

    road tax

    Motoring and taxpayer groups have reacted with anger as it became known just how much extra many drivers will have to find to pay for road tax changes. The Government has admitted that some 43% of road users will see their bills rise by up to £245 by April 2010, compared with fewer than a fifth who will be better off in real terms. Treasury Minister Angela Eagle said that overall in 2009/10, "a third of cars will be better off in real terms and, in total, approximately 55% of cars will be no worse off". Just over 44% will pay more. By 2010/11, 9.4 million face higher bills - 43% of the predicted number of vehicles on the road. Some 8.4 million will fork out around the same, while 1.4 million are set to benefit financially. Experts calculate that the Exchequer will have received more than £1 billion in extra vehicle excise duty (VED) revenue by 2011. The AA said the figures "confirm our worst fears", while shadow chancellor George Osborne accused Prime Minister Gordon Brown of misleading Parliament over the car tax information. The Liberal Democrats said the Government must have "a death wish", while RAC Foundation said it was "shocking" that the Treasury had taken so long to acknowledge the full impact of the changes, which were first announced in the last Budget. The TaxPayers' Alliance said the VED rates were "a cynical tax grab" but Friends of the Earth said the Government should "stand firm" over its car tax plans. Ms Eagle insisted there had been no effort to hide the reforms. She said: "It is a pretty bad stealth tax, I would say, given all the publicity that is about."
  14. Given the present housing market in the UK, I'm sure this will be of interest to a few migrants: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  15. Guest

    Tax return time in oz

    Can any one let me know if a stay at home mother has to do a tax return even if they have not worked in oz (easy life) . We are a little unsure if my other haft needs to fill one in . Any stay at home mothers out there that have been here for a while would love to know if you have or have not filled one in. Thanks eddie,tina
  16. Guest

    tax implements

    Hi, We are moving to oz in December. We are planning to live off the interest we earn from our offshore savings account? we are looking to import funds as and when we need them ie $100,000 aud per anum. Can anyone give me advice on oversea investments importing funds to oz. Is there tax implications? if so how much? thanks Brian
  17. Guest

    JOB's & TAX

    Hello, I hope you all are well, it’s getting real now, with the flights booked for 15th Sept!! Argh, still done nothing, but buy a suitcase and nearly fill it with new dresses! (whoops!) I was just wondering (for people not going on a work visa who already have jobs) how easy or hard people found it to get jobs, I do sales/administration, have been for 3 years, and really need a job ASAP when in Australia. I don’t know if to apply for any before I go or not bother, as they won’t be able to interview me and I don’t know the area. Also did they struggle if not in perm accommodation (we are having first two weeks in a studio appt)! We will hopefully go straight into long term rental once the first two weeks are up … one more thing, do you get taxed more in Australia? Have a great day :wubclub: Thank you. Helena Adams
  18. Hiya I've already done a search for this and it throws up tons of threads that I need to trawl thru to find it!! Is there a monthly council tax payment in Victoria?? I'm hoping to move to Melbourne in February and this'll affect my budget a fair bit. Thanks :err:
  19. Guest

    Applying for Tax File Number

    Can you apply from the UK or do you have to be in Aus to apply. I have looked at this: https://iar.ato.gov.au/iarweb/default.aspx?pid=4&sid=1&outcome=1 But not carried out the process. If you apply online do you have to provide any additional info. I envisage ID being a problem as we will only have passport and no Aus ID. Initially we will be in short term rental property ie weeks not months. In a nutshell how does it all work.
  20. Guest

    Help with Tax

    Firstly, thank you to all those who offered advice on locations - much appreciated.:notworthy: I'm trying to calculate my tax but cant seen to work out the correct amount, been on the ATO web page but again can't figure out my true figure. Can any one help please!!. here is the package, $85,000 (salary) LAFHA - $600 WEEK RENT WITH FAMILY (TWO ADULTS 2 CHILDREN) Medicare levey??? Use of a company car (I think the company pick up the cost - (is it like the uk with emmisions tax :arghh:). So my question is - what will be my monthly take home figure!!! over to you Tax boffins.

    claiming tax back when leaving oz

    hi i read somewhere you can claim tax back when you leave oz if on a holiday anybody know anything on this ?????? will this apply if you are activating visa for a 2 week trip ???????
  22. Guest


    do british expats in queensland state pay higher rate of tax than aussies?
  23. Oh joy, As everyone else on PIO, i've been under a bit of stress with the whole visa process, selling the house and stubborn teenager syndrome. But it's all okay now, because the lovely mister taxman has sent me a letter 'enquiring' about last years return.:policeman: Perhaps they are just looking out for my welfare. Can i have my visa now please? Quickly! Darren.
  24. :arghh:hi evryone,just wanted to ask a quick question.If i was on for arguments sake $1000 a week what kind of tax etc would i pay
  25. Hi all brain boxes, Hubby was on a working holiday visa in 1990 and was given a tax file number in Western Oz. We will be going there once we hopefully get our visa's. Will this number still be in his name or do you think we will have to re register.:unsure: Any ideas will be of great help. Oh by the way he didn't do any work while he was there just holidayed for a year (all right for some). Thanks Harrisons