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Found 133 results

  1. Horse riding amongst the orchards in Evandale North Tasmania.... The Apple Isle they call us! Flinders Island Tasmania Longford Tasmania Kevin (itcouldbeworse) has some beautiful photography on Tasmania, I sincerely hope he can download some of his piccies here.
  2. nikdavis

    Banks in Tasmania

    Hi, My wife and I are heading to the Hobart area around July time, just trying to get everything sorted at the moment. Anyone got any advice on which bank to choose? I have read that a lot of banks charge for using ATM machines. We will not be moving a large amount of cash as we will rent out our UK home for now. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. We started planning for a move to Aus when I was pregnant with child 2 in 1996. We went to college, uni, retrained to be teachers etc etc and finally got here in 2007. Eleven years from beginning of journey to the end of it (we'd planned for 10yrs but 11 wasn't bad). However, the dream is turning into a nightmare. I had eczema as a child and periodically until I was 20 but haven't had any issues since then. Now I am going out of my mind...I am sore, having to wear cardigans and long sleeved shirts in temps of 33+ in order to cover it up. Sometimes it is hard to walk and sometimes I end up having to wear slippers to work because I need bandages on my legs/ feet. Too much info I know - sorry. I started seeing the derm clinic at the hospital and was bumped up to consultant only appointments who I am seeing fortnightly now. They have said that I need autoimmune suppressant drugs and it is that which is the final straw.:eek: We need for all of us to be living the dream, not just 2 or 3. We thought that Adelaide as the driest state would be the best one to go to but apparently it is the allergy capital of Australia. She has recommended Darwin, Tasmania or QLD as other options in that order. Please can you offer your insight into life in these areas? I am not sure if I can do 3rd move should the 2nd one not work either so this one had better be good!!! We are both teachers; OH is a primary teacher and I teach high school RE/ SOSE/ Hist/ Philosophy etc with some English (I want a job, can you tell? :biglaugh:) I would honestly appreciate your insight, thoughts and comments. We have been to Brisbane once for 2 weeks and I am not sure that counts. Many thanks Libby:wubclub:
  4. BearRules

    Tasmania State Sponsorship

    Hi, We recently applied for state sponsorship in Tasmania via email and have not received any confirmation of whether its been received or not. I don't mind waiting as long as I know its in there inbox! With the email being quite large due to having to attach lots of scanned images, I'm just concerned that it got stuck somewhere, though I haven't had it bounce back so I guess that might be good news. Can anyone tell me if its normal to get no acknowledgement?
  5. BearRules

    Tasmania State Sponsorship

    Hi, First post here though have been an avid follower for quite a while. We recently applied for state sponsorship in Tasmania via email and have not received any confirmation of whether its been received or not. I don't mind waiting as long as I know its in there inbox! With the email being quite large due to having to attach lots of scanned images, I'm just concerned that it got stuck somewhere, though I haven't had it bounce back so I guess that might be good news. Can anyone tell me if its normal to get no acknowledgement?
  6. Guest

    PIO in Tasmania

    Hi I'd love some advice on a few things regarding Tasmania if anyone can help. I'm Irish and currently living in Sydney, its ok but I don't think I'll want to end my days here so I've been doing a bit of research and all things point towards Tassie. I'm just falling in love with it, I'm not working at the moment and spend all my time gathering information. Besides the obvious natural beauty and cooler climate - the friendliness of Tasmanians is a huge pull for me. I think it would be a wonderful place for us to start a family. My wife (Aussie) works for the RSPCA so I'm sure she could get transferred to one of the Tasmanian shelters but I'm a graphic Designer and I don't see any job listings on the web in all of TAS which worries me. How easy is it to get a rental? I'm doing my best to plan a trip to do a reccie soon, probably try and squeeze in Launceston and Hobart. Is there a PIO network in TAS?
  7. Hi, My name is Chris and I moved from Sheffield in 2000.Anyone interested in a meet up? I am happy to help new Tasmanians as well.look forward to hearing from anybody!!!
  8. Guest


    :arghh:Trying to find out what the work prospects are for painting and decorating in Tas. My partner is a trade lecturer in yorkshire UK but is willing to go back on the tools.Any advice Jane
  9. Hi All, Tasmania has today reopened it's sponsorship program following the changes to the CSL in March. The new lists are available at : Migrating to Tasmania : Migrating to Tasmania
  10. The Tasmanian government has temporarily closed SS/SRS sponsorship operations from 17 March to 19 April 2009 due to a policy review. New applications will not be processed during this period. The unit will resume the programs with an updated policy on 20 April 2009. Existing applications as of 17 March 2009 will be assessed against the updated policy guidelines after 20 April 2009. Only applications with a job offer or strong existing link to Tasmania (i.e. relative/family living in the state and/or studied in Tasmania for more than two years) may be approved before 20 April 2009. Kind regards Cheryl
  11. Hey there, Im new here so sorry as this will sound very amateur-ish!!! :err: I am a 22 y/o male who has recently completed a NVQ level 2 in Motor Mechanics at college.. From past experiences in my teens, being in Tasmania was the best place for me in the world, I would love to migrate basically, I have my heart set! I have family friends currently living in Hobart but im just unsure as to what I should maybe do here on into the future as far as experience I should build up or any advice really on further qualifications I may need to gain, even visas that would be particularly ideal for my situation! Like I say, im going at it a bit blind atm, Im only 22 and just need some positive guidance really, much appreciated! :notworthy: Thank you in advance for any responses, regards!
  12. Guest

    PR in Canberra and Tasmania

    Hi all, My wife and two daughters are just starting the process of VISA application to move down to Australia and we've been told our only option is likely to be a state sponsored visa to ACT or Tasmania. To be honest we hadn't really considered either, but I love what I am hearing about Canberra and so it might be a nice option. However I work in PR and have done for over 15 years, so I am a little concerned about career prospects in the city. I know it is largely Govt dominated in Canberra for careers so I wondered if anyone had any knowledge of what the opportunities were like for PR in the City? Thanks, Dom
  13. Guest

    How do i get to Tasmania

    I want to move toTasmania and my trade is in the skills shortage list are there any sponsors to move there.I am single living in Swaziland and i am a Fitter.:radar:
  14. tasormelb

    Anyone going to Tasmania?

    Hello to you all. I am new to this site. I have just applied for a 175 visa and have found information from this site really interesting. I am a nurse and already have a fab job offer in Melbourne. When we visited Melbourne in January, although we were impressed with life style, friendly people etc we felt a certain something was missing. After researching at home we think the magic ingredient we are seeking is in Tasmania. However I an worried about work prospects in Tas for my husband, he has worked as a supervisor in a small warehouse for the last 20yrs. Does anyone reading who lives, works or have visited Tasmania know how easy it would be for hubby to get work around Hobart? Also we have 2 children 12 and 9 years. What are schools like in Tas? From looking on the internet I quite like the sound of the primary and high schools in Taroona, does anyone have any information about these? Any information given will be appreciated no matter how small of trivial you might think it is! :cute:
  15. Guest

    Living costs in Tasmania

    Hi all, I've been offered a Job and tempory visa in Devonport Tasmania. My salary would be in around 70K AUD. What type of standard of living would i expect to have with this salary. There is myself, My Partner and our 2 year old son. Anyone know what devonport is like?, Is it a nice place to live, bring up a family? Is there much to do there? Are the schools/childcare any good? Thanks, Derek:wink:
  16. Guest

    newbee moving to tasmania

    Hi all we will be hoping to move to tasmania and are at the first stages of the visa process, we have just lodged our 175 e-visa application hubby is an engineer here but will be classed as a fitter...and cant wait would love any advice and helpfull hints about the process and about taz itself, its just us and the dog, no house to sell, no kids and whatever we can save !!!! we will be going with nothing, starting from scratch....crazy or genius! i dont know....but i love this site and its lovely to hear everyone elses stories, i havent seen many threads regarding tasmania and what its like to live there Thanks:chatterbox:
  17. Hello, My Family and I are waiting for our Visa following our TRA and sending off the police checks and medicals on the strength of my wifes occupation as a hair dresser. we have applied for a skilled sub class 136 visa but are in a big dilemma as to where to live. We originally thought Mandurah in WA but I'm concerned that its very expensive, not green enough (trees & hills) and may be to hot during the summer months. we enjoy the outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking, water sports and skiing. We have looked at Tasmania (Hobart, Kingston) as the prices for housing are a lot lower and it seems very green, but whats the weather like I've heard lots of mixed reports, also whats the job situation like? I have now thought about New Zealand (Christchurch) but can you go there on an Australian visa as NZ seems to fit the bill, but again whats the weather like (we want to be able to swim in the sea without a wet suite) and the job situation. I'm an audio visual technician, will there be work for me? Even though it would cost a lot of money does anyone recommend we visit for a holiday, we thought about hiring a camper van and going from Perth down to Albany then along to Adelaide and finally to Tasmania but the cost of this would pay for they whole move A final word, we like the UK purely as a country not the way it is ie.. booze Britain, crime, fuel prices, the government, and afew other things as well. England doesn't have a summer or any seasons just grey cloud. Any info would be appreciated Cheers Steven Clark:arghh:
  18. Guest

    Pets to Tasmania from the UK

    Anyone done this? Who did you use? And how much did it cost?
  19. Land Rover Mechanic required for independent workshop in Hobart, Tasmania. This is a self employed position on a sub contract basis. For further details please contact me. regards Alan Howard
  20. Land Rover Mechanic required for a smalll independent Land Rover workshop in Hobart, Tasmania. If you are interested please contact me for further details. Alan Howard
  21. Guest

    Study in tafe tasmania

    Hi, I wanted to know if I get an offer from Tafe tasmania,Do I have to pay the whole course fee to accept the offer or just the first semester Parag
  22. Hi Everyone I have been a member for a while but have never posted so here goes! My husband and I migrated from Preston, Lancs 6 1/2 yrs ago and have lived in various parts of Melbourne until now. Due to various issues with Melbourne, that have deteriorated over the last few years and with no sign of improvement, we decided we were ready for a change of slower paced scenery. We are sick of the traffic, terrible train service and the huge increase in people over the last 3 years! :wacko:And we are off to Hobart in two months or so! :jiggy:My husband has been offered a good management job with Aurora Energy and starts in 8 weeks, however we need to sell our house in Parkdale Melbourne first, and I need to work 8 weeks notice at work, so I may follow on with our pooch Sparky a couple of weeks later. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good dog kennels near Hobart? I have had a quick look online and did not have much luck. We are staying in temporary non dog friendly accommodation for our first month or so, and I would like to be able to put him up somewhere nearby so we can visit and walk him every day! In fact, a dog carer would be perfect, but I think that would be even harder to find. I am sure I will have more questions down the line, such as hints on housing, employment (me), shops, climate etc. We have done lots of research already and been to Tassie 3 times now, but you can never tell till you live somewhere, so we are gonna give it a go! Thanks in advance! Mandy, Dave n Sparky!
  23. Guest

    Moving to Tasmania

    Hi my name is julliet and me and my husband along with or two children, ages 5 and 19, are thinking of moving from Cheshire in England to Tasmania. My husband has been offerred a job in BMS and energy efficiency sales out their. I am a college lecturer and we know nothing about Tas. Could anybody let us know what we are getting into, we have seen pics on the internet and it looks beautiful, but is it good to live their, what are the schools, shops and social life like. Is business their good, and how hard would it be for me to find a job in lecturing (I teach history, geog, sociology and classical civilisations). Thanks in advance, Julliet
  24. Guest

    help mechanics in tasmania

    hi all, can any one help! my hubby is a mechanic and we are looking at moveing to tasmania .does any one know wot the jobs are like and wot the pay is like.we are at the 1st stage of doing the vetassess.and is it really as nice as it looks??
  25. Hi All, I would like you all to put your thinking caps on........:idea: What are your news and views on Tasmania? Let me know:yes: S x