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Found 134 results

  1. emma&vas

    Does Tasmania need funds for SS

    Hi all I was just wondering if when you apply for tasmania do you have to show proof of funds? Has anybody out there applied? Thanks Emma
  2. kellyjamie

    Tasmania questions please

    Hi all, im hoping someone can give us some advice i have a couple of questions regarding the Tas SMP, 1. Our occupation says Ielts 7.5 req but on the application form it tells you you only need to send a copy of Ielts if you are from a non english speaking country? 2. Would 3-4 emails confirming different employers who would be interested once we arrive in tassie be adequate for the "interest form local employers" ? 3. our occ for the 475 says ielts, plus 5yrs tassie exp OR membership of the relevant body but our occupation doesnt have a "body" so what would be the outcome? thanks everyone Kel:wubclub:
  3. The news from Tasmania official website is "Tasmania’s State Migration Plan was approved by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on 3 December 2010. The eligible occupations list and sponsorship requirements will be placed on the unit’s website this week. For more information visit our website www.migration.tas.gov.au" http://www.development.tas.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/30195/Moving_South_-_Summer_2010.pdf According to a reliable source, Australian Minister approves the total number of SS under the annual plan, but he has nothing to do with the detailed list. WA's SS was approved a long ago, but the state government is working at detailing the occupation which will be released by Christmas. As off today, only WA and NSW, who have not released the list, are due.... Don't expect occupations from IT or other communication engineering, because WA is focusing on Energy, mining, infrastructure, construction and social service. :hug:
  4. Next week we want to apply for a Tasmanian sponsorship :jiggy:, but they ask for: "interest from a local employer" We have employers who are interested in my husband and are willing to interview him when he arrives. But they want to know what the state demands of them if we name them in the application for the sponsorship. Anyone knows?? Agents?? :wubclub:
  5. Hi there just had a question about tasmania ss - In its demand occupation list there is condition which says " Strong Personal Link" for civil engineers - what does it mean exactly ? thanks:eek:
  6. Guest

    Cost of living in Tasmania?

    Hi All There are always threads going on about the cost of living on "the mainland" and it seems to be quite a hotly debated subject, with alot of comparing to UK prices etc. Thats fine, but what Im looking for is the average cost of food, clothes, electricity, heating, gas for cooking etc etc (I believe that i might need to factor in cost of water too?) in Aus Dollars.. no point me comparing to UK prices anyway cos I live in Ireland (Euros) and I want to work out how much of my pay packet in Tassie will go onthe cost of living. Even stuff like eating out (which we love) .. meal for 2, cinema tickets etc.. whats the average costs for a night out, few beers and taxi home etc. Can you help me out guys? :wink:
  7. is this true--people say its a lot like the uk (weather wise)--ive never been to tassie,but from what i believe its a wunderfull place to live--is this true:wubclub:
  8. crispysince70

    A bit of SMP information from Tasmania

    This is a question and response that I recieved from Tasmania government. So now I know that at least I've got a chance. Hi **** Would you be able to give me any indication as to wether Tasmania is near to releasing information on it's State Migration Plan. As my occupation ( hairdresser ) is on schedule 4 on the new SOL, I feel as though we are now being overlooked by DIAC. If we do remain in catergory 4 we feel our dream of relocating to Tasmania would remain just that. If you are able to give me any information whatsoever in relation to our situation, I would be most grateful. Hi ******* It is our understanding that the Tasmanian SMP is getting closer to gaining approval. I understand this is a very frustrating process, but it is a process that is out of our hands; it rests at national level, not state level. It is our understanding that the SMP has been viewed and passed on by DIAC officers, to now be signed by the Federal Minister for Immigration, Chris Bowen. When he does this is out of our control. You are correct in your statement that hairdresser in on the new SOL schedule 4, but I can tell you that Hairdresser is on the Tasmanian SMP, but until the SMP has been approved it is only in principle. You have been sponsored by the Tasmanian State Government and this sponsorship will remain in place. I hope this information is useful to you. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.
  9. tasormelb

    Help from those in Tasmania please

    Hi All, I hope you are all well! We are deciding if we should put our house on the market now (market is very flat) or let our son do his GCSE's. He is doing the usual maths, english, sciences, ICT etc but is also taking part in a young apprentice programe in engineering where he will spend several weeks working at some of the bigger companies in the area and will lead to City Guilds qualifications. Also motor mechanics and construction again at City Guilds level. Now I know GCSE's don't count in Oz but do City Guilds, I think the skills and confidence he will gain in the vocational areas are transferable and would help him gain employment, what do you think? If son does GCSE's we will arrive May 2012, he will be 16yrs April 2012, what year will this put him into at school? I will also want him to do his high school certificate so that he can go to Uni if he wants but will staying in the UK until then make this harder for him? Also can you tell we what the house market is doing there, are prices dropping at all and is the market slowing any? Vanessa
  10. Good to see in the paper today that Gunns (a big forestry company) have decided to withdraw from native (non-renewable hardwood) logging and pulping, and only focus on renewable plantations. I'm sure there'll be some whining aussies saying it'll cost thousands of jobs but for once in Australia, it seems common sense has won.
  11. [ATTACH]2046[/ATTACH] Beautiful day today lst September lst day of spring, our backyard on the River Tamar! Susie
  12. Guest


    Hi Received our Tasmanian state sponsorship last week and have lodged our visa appplication. Any recommendations of areas and information of where to settle. Ie. schools, jobs, houses. Children are 13 & 11, jobs would be electrical and accountancy, we prefer rural and coastal areas. Lauceston is one of the areas we were thinking about? Anyone live there? Or around the north east of Tas? Thanks
  13. Hi We have got quotes coming in at the moment for between £4000 - £4500 for sole use of a 20ft container. Was really surprised as we have a small 2 bed place and are not shipping everything. The reason we think ours are so high is that we are goiing from Devon to Tasmania, it we were only going to Melbourne, it would be so much cheaper. We dont know now if we should get it shipped to Melbourne and then move ourselves to Tasmania? Has anyone else done this? Thanks
  14. Ok, here's a random for you. Does anyone know if there exists a Bassett Hound breeder in Tas? We lost ours (wellington) to cancer a couple of years ago and we would like to get another one. Said it was random!!!!:biggrin: Jasp XX
  15. Guest

    Tasmania in the Winter

    Cradle Mountain Winter Wonderful cosy accomodation to be found up in the mountains
  16. Hi all Just wanted to ask: What made you choose Tasmania to live and why. I appreciate that there will be different reasons but I'm interested to know. Is it a good place to live? :notworthy: Cheers Jasp
  17. Tasman Ltd Passenger Train Tasmania Australia I love listening to my husband talking about when he used to take the train to boarding school in Bernie Tasmanian Railway Preservation - Burnie Rail The West Coast abt Railway Queenstown Tasmania ..The West Coast Abt Wilderness Railways, Queenstown - Strahan Tasmania has to be one of the most amazing trips I have done by train for a long time and I would thoroughly recommend it. At present we only have the freight trains here apart from the above, but up grading on the lines are taking place and new staff being taken on... who knows what the future holds but I would love to see the "come back" of trams and trains here in Tasmania :wubclub:Susie
  18. Guest

    Public Hopsitals in Tasmania

    Hi Appreciating that everyone will have differeing opinions about the question I'm about to ask but.....nevertheless I would like to hear them. My wife is looking for employment in a public hospital - are there any to definately avoid and equally are there any that are excellent in terms of how they care for their patients AND staff. I worked in SA, and at my appraisal, my line manager said that if she had run into me in the street, and I'd have told her where I intended to work, she would have most definately told me not to work there as it was an awful place. needless to say I didn't stay there long and.......the only thing wrong with it......................:laugh:was her!! My ward Manager was lovely. So taking subjectivity into account, I would still be interested in your views especially if you're a nurse. Cheers Jasp Jasp
  19. BuddysMum

    Tasmania in January

    HI I thought of sending a PM to SiamSusie, but then thought I'd start a thread so anyone else interested would have the info too. Our son is off to a 10 day camp in Devonport/Ulverstone in January. The journey from here in Central Queensland is a complicated one with lots of different legs. Therefore the baggage allowance is quite small. I am just wondering if we can safely assume that it will be hot/warm at that time of year down there? Or should we treat it like the UK and send clothes for all weathers? I am also thinking of only sending a very light sleeping bag which would be fine up here, would it be ok for down there? I may have loads of other questions later, but I'll start with that one for now. I don't know who is more excited about it - our 13 yr old or us!:biggrin:
  20. Guest

    Tasmania SMP: Delayed

    Just checked their website, the page regarding state sponsorship was last updated 30 June. Now the original plan (which was on their website for the last 3 mths) was for the SMP or the State Sponsorship applications back up and running after 3rd or 4th of July.... not anymore as it appears.
  21. Guest

    Letter boxes in tasmania

    On my travels around Tasmania I have seen some amazing works of art. Have you got a favourite letter box in your area?
  22. Guest

    Shipping belongings to Tasmania

    Hello again PIO’ers, It’s bluesky (Gus) here again. I’m the one who started the thread titled ‘Sell Tassie to me’ a few weeks ago. Many of you regular Tassie PIO people kindly responded with your thoughts, and it was much appreciated. I’ve started this new thread to ask about your experiences of shipping your belongings from the UK to Tasmania. I’m especially interested to hear about the costs, the companies you used and the time frames involved. In relation to many people I think I have much less belongings. I currently live in a furnished (tiny) studio flat. As such I don’t own any large items of furniture (bed, sofa, chairs, tables, large white goods). The largest items I own are probably a couple of pushbikes, a drum kit (although I may sell this) and a small TV. Of course I’ll have more stuff than I realise, however it would definitely fit into a shared container. I had even thought of saving the shipping costs and starting out again when in Hobart. However, I do have some decent kitchen/cooking stuff and a load of books and clothes and I've heard such things can be fairly costly to replace. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks very much, Gus
  23. Guest

    Sell Tassie to me

    Hi, This is my first ever post on PIO and I hope you all can help me. I’ve recently had a couple of successful telephone interviews for nursing jobs in Australia. One of these was in Perth; the other....you’ve guessed it.....is in Tasmania. The Royal Hobart Hospital to be exact. Now I need to decide where to move. Both employers are willing to sponsor me for permanent residency and so I consider myself very lucky. I’ve spent the first couple of weeks of my PIO membership by reading many of the posts on moving to and living in Tasmania. These have been really interesting and helpful. However I wondered whether some of the regulars could help out by simply selling Tassie to me. I have visited once before, but that was all the way back in 1990! I was on the island for about 4 weeks and did some apple picking down in the Huon Valley. I was really impressed by what I saw then. About me. I’m a single bloke who loves cycle touring, playing the drums and the occasional session of windsurfing. At 43 years old I’m also a little more mature than the average migrant (if that makes any difference). Thanks very much.
  24. The Tasmanian Government will be suspending the assessment of applications for offshore Skilled Sponsored (SS) subclass 119 visas and Skilled Regional Sponsored (SRS) subclass 475 visas between Monday 31 May 2010 and Friday 3 July 2010. This suspension will take place whilst the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) undertake a review of their Skilled Occupations List (SOL). During this period the assessment of all other visa applications will remain unchanged.
  25. Suddenly One Sunday - Crime Library on truTV.com Although much of the blame for Port Arthur was centered on the availability of guns used in violent crimes, Australia's homicide statistics prove otherwise. Tasmania, Martin Bryant's home state, has the lowest murder rate in the country with just 0.85 murders per 100,000 population, a rate far lower than Japan which has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, fists, knives and blunt instruments are the most frequently used weapons in homicides, with guns accounting for just 25%. Martin Bryant is now housed in Hobart's Risdon prison under protective custody. His mother who, apart from his defense counsel, was Martin's only visitor during the trial, later told interviewers that she wished her son had died along with his victims. When asked how Martin was adapting to life in prison, she answered, "He's his usual self, he's smiling and laughing.