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Found 134 results

  1. Hi Does anybody know if there is a bus/train that will take you from Spotswood Quarantine Melbourne to the Ferry port in Melbourne? Also how far is the airport to the quarantine station and is there a bus/train for that too? Only six weeks to go now!!!! :biggrin:
  2. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-08-10/20110810-frail-96-year-old-faces-deportation/2833542 Frail 96yo British woman faces deportation A 96-year-old British woman has been refused a visa to live out her days in northern Tasmania with her only surviving family. The Immigration Department says Gladys Jefferson was refused a visa because she would be a burden on the welfare system. But it has frustrated her Australian family who say she has the means to pay her own way. The great-grandmother was living on the Isle of Wight when she called her daughter, Bridget Grigg, in Tasmania to tell her that her health and memory had started to fail. "My mother has always, always been incredibly independent," she said. "Then about 18 months ago she was talking to me on the phone one evening and she specifically asked if she could come and live with me. "The previous phone call she said, 'I don't know how to tell you this, but I think there is something wrong with my mind'." Having outlived family and friends in the UK, Mrs Jefferson's only other option was a nursing home where she knew no-one. Her family brought her to White Hills in northern Tasmania on a 12-month tourist visa and immediately applied for a contributory parent visa, which allows parents to join their children in Australia provided they can support themselves. PHOTO: Gladys Jefferson is cared for by her daughter and son-in-law. (ABC TV) Ms Grigg says that was refused last week and now her bed-ridden mother faces deportation to the UK. "The bottom line is she doesn't fit the health requirements and she would be a drain on the Australian pocket," she said. But the family argues Mrs Jefferson can support herself financially with her significant savings and British pension. Things have not been assessed properly. I've really got quite frustrated, quite angry almost that it's got to this stage," said her son-in-law, Paul Grigg. And Mr Grigg says he is concerned other families could be facing the same battle. "The Australian public should know how difficult it is, because we would certainly not be the only people in this situation," he said. "There are obviously many migrants that come over here and will eventually get to that stage where they've got elderly parents and parents that don't have anybody else." The family has applied for a 12-month medical treatment visa as a stop-gap and have written to the Immigration Minister and the Prime Minister, pleading for them to intervene. A spokeswoman for Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says it has been long-standing policy that medical conditions are considered as part of visa applications. She says the department is working with the family on pathways for Mrs Jefferson to remain in Australia. The spokeswoman says Mr Bowen is unable to intervene in this case, as ministerial intervention can only be requested following a negative merits review outcome. The family can seek an independent merits review of the department’s decision through the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT), the spokeswoman said. First posted August 10, 2011 16:28:37
  3. Guest

    Renting in Tasmania & dogs

    Hello Looking at renting for the first year as doesn't look like our house is going to sell before we go, how much of a problem is it going to be with a dog? Looking for a 3 bed property around Launceston.....:hug:
  4. Guest

    Melbourne to Tasmania

    Hiya After finally getting our visa's, we are now planning the big trip accross. Can't wait to get out of the UK...:rolleyes: Do we fly into sydney then fly onto hobart or fly into Melbourne take the ferry accross to Launceston. We are going to spend a night or two on the mainland to visit dog and then will have to go back and get him. :confused: Anyone got any ideas which would be the best option
  5. Chimera

    Just arrived in Tasmania

    After just over 2 years in WA, I've made the move to Tassie. First impressions are really good, the place itself is beautiful and all the people I've met so far have been really nice. Bloody cold though !!
  6. Welcome to Tasmania Crispysince70 & Family. One long journey for you guys considering the volcanic ash siutation! Hope the Spirit of Tasmania got you here safe and sound, now your journey begins. A huge welcome people. Susie x:wubclub:
  7. cass73

    internet in tasmania

    hi to all you helpfull poms in tas i was just wondering what the internet is like there and on line shopping such as amazon? also do you have skype and how good is it as its something i would hope to use alot to talk to my family back home and in botswana. we have heard that shopping is awfull in tas but we are not to bothered it didnt seem that bad to us when we were there as where we live in leatherhead you have hairdressers, charity shops or estate agents thanks Cass and the family
  8. Guest

    Tasmania Sponsorship??!!

    Hi all, its a pleasure for me to writs in your forum about my situation I am going to apply for 176 visa before 1st of july so to get the Tasmanian SS, I made a research about the companies in Tas, I get emails from them that there are work chances here but you need to be in Tasmania to get a job, so is this come below Strong Interest?? they will not offer me any job unless they see me and make an interview with me. how long it going to take TAS SS to reply for me if I applied under this condition. by the way I am an engineering technologist which is below Tasmania Demand list occupations hope to hear from you as soon as you can
  9. Hi Everyone, How are you? I hope all is well! I'm Anna, I have been looking around the forums for a while, but thought I would get in contact with you all. Well, I would basically love to move out to Australia. Last year, I spent 4 months Backpacking around Australia, and i fell in love with the place! Ever since the plane landed back at Heathrow, all I can think about is moving out there!! i think about it all day every day. I am hoping to be heading out in a few years. The plan at the moment is, to go to University, (I start in September.) I am going to study Podiatry. That will take 4 years, and then I hope to work for a couple of years, pay back any student loan, and then get a bit of money behind me. I will be 28 by then, and so hope to go out on a WHV and then try and get Sponsorship. (Although I use a wheelchair, so we shall see what happens!) hopefully in Tasmania!!! That was my favorite part of the whole of Oz! I was up in Yorktown, near Launceston. I've never been to such a lovely place! Anyway, that's a fair rant, so I better leave it there. Just a huge hello to you all, and good luck with everything you all do. i'll see you in Oz one day! Anna. X :biggrin:
  10. Hi Everyone, I am just wondering if someone have received strong interest from Tasmanian employer and have applied for state sponsorship for 176 visa. I got a feedback from one of Tasmanian employers that they can't offer me job I being offshore but once I would be in Tassie they would be happy to talk to me. I am not sure whether this falls under strong interest. Thanks for sharing and help!
  11. Hi we are looking into moving to Tasmania (Hobart, we think) and would like more information regarding job prospects and cost of living etc. My partner is a motor mechanic for diesel and unleaded motors. (self employed for over 6 year) . he has also worked on plant machinery. i work as a home help care assistant but do not hold any qualifications only manual handling cirtificates. We will be moving with our two daughters, age 1 and 5. we are looking at houses within a 20 min drive of hobart and beach. but not sure of best location to bring family up. My partner would like to consider setting his own business (garage or mobile). looking at state sponsorship on 176 visa. Any advise welcomed. (we are from Barnsley, south yorkshire, uk)
  12. Guest

    Whats on in Tasmania!

    15th May 2011 Ross Town Centre Church Street Ross, Tasmania, 7209 A gathering and display of Tasmanian and interstate classic and special vehicles, exhibited in the street and village green of the heritage town of Ross. Hosted by the Post Vintage Car Club of Tasmania over 500 classic vehicles and 1,500 people are expected at the 2011 event. The striking appearance of Ross in the autumn when golden leaves are falling combined with a collection of unique classic vehicles will delight the eye and make an everlasting impression for the visitor. Situated in Tasmania's midlands, Ross was founded as a garrison in 1812 and is a picturesque Georgian village with a wealth of convict associations and a rich pastoral and military history. A must see is the beautiful convict Ross bridge and there are numerous other places of significant historic interest. Picnic at Ross is a very special Tasmanian motoring event. Ross is one of our favourite places in Tasmania, and not too far for you Hobartians to travel to either! Susie x
  13. Tasmania is an awesome place to live. We moved here a little over a year ago and LOVE it! To dispel a few myths, here is some stuff that you would love too: 1. THE WEATHER - contrary to popular myth, Tasmania has beautiful weather. It is on the same latitude south as Madrid is north. We have more sunshine than Melbourne and Hobart is the second driest state capital in Australia. Yes, it would feel cold if you came from Darwin, but coming from the UK it is heavenly. We have four seasons same as the UK, but much more sunshine and we are protected (by the sea) from the temperature extremes you see either in the UK or on the Oz mainland. Winter is where you REALLY notice the difference. Max daytime temperatures in the winter are actually WARMER than Madrid. In the middle of winter 2010 I was sat outside a restaurant by the Derwent with my daughter having lunch in a t-shirt and watching a school of dolphins swim past. Unbelievable! 2. THE LIFESTYLE - we live in open country, but I work in Hobart CBD. The journey takes 20 minutes, 25 if there's 'traffic' (i.e. 30 other cars). I struggle to think where else this would be possible. Certainly not Sydney or Melbourne. Hobartians don't know how lucky they are. Having spent much of my time commuting into either London or Oxford, we don't have real traffic in Hobart! 3. THE PLACE - is epic! Lonely Planet put the east coast of Tassie as its No. 1 place in the world to visit in 2009, and with good reason. White talc sandy beaches and clean blue water. And only 1-2h drive from Hobart. But the beaches are everywhere and empty. We went down to Dodges Ferry about a week ago with friends from the mainland. Their comment (on walking onto a beautiful white beach with clear blue sea that had about 5 people on it) was 'we love Tasmania!'. And don't get me started on Cradle Mountain national park! 4. THE PEOPLE - are fab. We have made some really good friends since moving here, and the sense of community is something that I remember from growing up in the UK 40 years ago. When we arrived there was a neighbourhood barbie organised to welcome us and so that everyone could introduce themselves. 5. THE COFFEE - if you love coffee you'll love Hobart. Tasmanians are infamous for not allowing large franchises to take hold (except McDonald's and KFC) and Starbuck's lasted about 3 months. Instead we have Oomph (which is Tasmanian and far better) and lots of small cafes with really good local coffee. This should get you started. We love it here, it is a perfect place to raise a child, or to simply enjoy life in a beautiful place that is not polluted and overcrowded. Hope to see you all here soon, Lindsay.
  14. Guest

    moving to Tasmania

    Hi, we are thinking of moving to oz (Tasmania) and wondered if anyone has made that move and what’s it like, ps first time on here so not quite sure what I am doing! lol
  15. Guest

    Sunshine Welcome to Tasmania

    Welcome to Tasmania Sunshine Smile ! I hope you will be very happy on our lovely island. :hug: Susie x
  16. Is there anyone out there but me? lol
  17. Guest

    Nice places to live in Tasmania

    Hi Can anyone tell me where (price-depending of course) the nicest places are to live in Tasmania. Are there any to avoid without being unkind to anyone who lives nearby to them. Just want to know where to begin our search when we arrive. Or now as we are looking for rentals. many thanks Jasp
  18. I am planning to apply for Tasmanian SS and just wondering if there are any Canadians on this forum currently living in Tasmania. I would appreciate if someone can share if there is any Canadian Club or forum in Tasmania. Cheers!
  19. Hi All, My partner is just about to send in a registration application to AHPRA and as it’s now the national registration scheme (theoretically) it shouldn’t matter where we apply right? We were thinking of sending it to the Tasmania office because it should be much quieter than the mainland state offices so it might be quicker. Whether this is true or not I don’t know but does anyone have any experience with the Tassie office for processing overseas applications? Also if for some reason we have to actually go to AHPRA to show ID originals etc, can this be done at any office or only the one where you are applying? Any and all thoughts gratefully received, Simon.
  20. Would love to get to know any other poms living in the area. :hug:
  21. Hey Is there anyone in Launceston Tasmania who is free Tuesday? desperately need someone as a model for my trial run at a hairdressers, to have a cut and foils (any colour) for free! I have recently moved here with my fiance and 2 year old daughter and I don't know anyone to use as a model, if anyone is available please could you let me know before Friday. Thanks Jaime-Leigh :biggrin:
  22. Hey Is there anyone in Launceston Tasmania who is free Tuesday? desperately need someone as a model for my trial run at a hairdressers, to have a cut and foils (any colour) for free! I have recently moved here with my fiance and 2 year old daughter and I don't know anyone to use as a model, if anyone is available please could you let me know before Friday. Thanks Jaime-Leigh :biggrin:
  23. A few pictures of Cradle Mountain which is close to Launceston. Kelly & Jamie this area reminds me so much of Scotland! Cradle Mountain is 1545metres above sea level and is surrounded by by National Park. An amazing place both during the winter and summer.. We ski here a lot during the winter and its an excellent place to have Christmas in July with loads of snow and candlelight. Cradle Mountain is 324 klm from Hobart (4hrs 30 mins ) , 146 klm from Launceston (2 hrs) (lhr) from Devonport.
  24. Guest

    Tasmania and Hobart

    I am really interested in knowing more about life in Tasmania and in particular the Hobart area. Can anyone tell me how they find living there and if they like it? What's the housing like and what are the job prospects like for young adults? I myself am looking at a possible job with Tasmania Hydro based in Hobart. Steve
  25. http://www.development.tas.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/30195/Moving_South_-_Summer_2010.pdf