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Found 291 results

  1. hello, im new here so not sur eif this is the right place to post this but im looking for any one that is or has been in the same boat as me... my childs father walked out on us 3 yrs ago and since then my parents have moved to oz, i have a new partner now and we are all very happy together appart from one thing, were in the wrong country! we desperatly want to move over to australia, the father of my child has him a couple of days a month and doesnt pay a penny but he has said that he would never let me take our child away. i have looked into what i need to do to be able to leave the country, and so far i am aware i either have to get him to sign a form or take it to court. i am at the top of a very big ice berg as i havent really looked into getting a visa or anything like that yet, i am at the momment looking for the peace of mind that i can take my child with me, i dont know weather i have a good chance or not. has any one taken their child with them to oz where the father has been un happy about it or in the procces of doing so, or of course have any info? advice/help would be brilliant! Thanks Poppy x
  3. Hi All, Been a while since last post as had to put things on hold for a while. Now ready to re-start the process but we have since got two dogs and need to add them to the costs but have no idea where to start? Can anyone give me a rough idea of how much it will cost in total and a breakdown of those costs. I am clear on what jabs need to be done here....I am confused when it comes to things like flights / import permit / quarantine side and anything else I have missed? Thank you in advance Danielle and MJ (oh and the two pooches in question Errol and Tallulah!)
  4. We are aiming to be living in Newcastle NSW by mid April I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice my little girl will be just a year old then and was wondering if there is any milk similar to Aptimail follow on milk in Newcastle Has anyone taken a couple of boxes in their suitecase and was it allowed in did you try to take a box full in your container and did it delay the shipment? Any info really appreciated. Thank you Maria
  5. Hello there, Does anyone know the official way of me taking our daughter home to the UK permanently? My hubby is an Aussie, our daughter born in the UK is dual. We have sent away for her British passport and await it's return. My hubby agrees to me taking our daughter to the UK and we actually had an affidavit witnessed and signed by a JP, but I have read other websites and I am wondering about something I read about a letter being notarised? Does this mean a letter witnessed and signed by a solicitor? Is there an official form that needs to be completed? Am I likely to be asked for such a letter? If so at which end? Thanks in advance Victoria
  6. Just a thought for us on the Family sponsored route Our visa was submitted in feb 2009, so now things appear to be moving abit, just wondered if anyone had any idea on time scales for us, at the bottom of the pile that are not on CSL, but on the old MODL and being sponsored by a relative?
  7. Last summer i was lucky (although my wallet wasn't) to live in a fully ducted apartment, but now i'm in an old house with no aircon, just ceiling fans. Had some pretty hot days and nights the last couple of weeks and its been fine really, bit sweaty but nothing shocking. What about everyone else, anyone else not got air?
  8. OK, here it goes. I have everything ready to apply for the 175 CSL visa. ACS skills and IELTS results ready, online application all filled and saved etc etc. All I need is to sent it and pay. The thing is that I need to pay my personal loan and save some money to support myself and family for a few months. According to my plan, this will take me around a year and a half from now. As things are at the moment and as far as I know, 1. Visa will take an average of 6/8 months to finalize 2. Once you get the visa, one has to go within 1 year So, if I apply now, taking the 2 assumptions above, I'll have to go roughly by June 2011. The ideal time would be Oct 2011 for me to go (Haha, I wish I can go summer 2010 though!!!). So, the big question would be...would I be risking if I dont apply now and wait a few more months, lets say till May 2010? I know no one knows what is going to be changed (soon I guess!!) so I am just scared that if I don't apply now I might get screwed! Thanks for you views! :cute: Cheers B1k3R
  9. Briggy

    taking pets ashes with you:)

    Would just like to know how many peeps have taken their pets ashes to Oz, and if you had any problems taking them:O):wubclub: Brig x:O)tak
  10. Guest

    taking my cats

    Hi, Can anyone reccommend a good pet removalist for my 2 cats. Have had a few quotes but would like personal experiences please. Thanks x lisa:biggrin:
  11. hi there ,can anyone tell me how much customs charge you for taking new fridge freezer and washing machine etc to auz in container , i take it it's a percentage of the value of the goods , anyone know what the percentage is , and would it be cheeper to buy in auz , any info most appreciated ,best regards jim:huh:
  12. Hey Guys, Just out of interest how long on average is it taking from state sponsorship approval to getting a case officer? I know they say 10 days! But what is it realistically? :wacko:
  13. Guest

    Is it worth taking furniture?

    Hi I am hoping to me to Perth in 8 weeks time. Just had an offer on house which we have accepted thought it would be next summer so its all systems go. Can anyone help not sure whether to sell all household stuff or sell it? How much does it cost to send over? Any help would be great cheers joe:jiggy:
  14. embydoops

    taking cat back to uk

    Hello,taking my cat back to the uk,she has her blood test then rabies check done next week and apparentley takes 6 mths for the results but we are going in jan time,does that mean she has to do quarentine for 3 mths? also how much is the flight for her? shes microchipped and registerd any info appreciated x
  15. dawnmc

    Whys it taking so long???!

    Its been over 3 months since meds & pcs requested & 2 months since our Meds were finalized........ Has anyone else going on a 176 Vic ss waited so long?? We are pulling our hair out waiting, chased it up twice but all they will say is "under active consideration". Dawn :arghh::arghh:
  16. Has anyone had problems with anything that has CFC in it, ie the fridge, a car with aircon etc, which is classed as precharged equipment and apparently needs a licence to be imported into Australia.
  17. Could anyone tell me what (approximately) are the costs and considerations of taking my 15.2hh horse from Uk to Sunshine Coast?! :wacko: The dogs are costing us a bomb to take over ....daren't ask how much a horse is?! Thanks in advance Jenny :twitcy:
  18. Does anyone know, or anyone taken or not taken, aerosols to Australia with their household effects, I have quite a few, all car related, what experience has anyone had?
  19. Hi We are hoping to move to Australia next year and are taking our 2 dogs Hector and Archie with us. It is time for their booster injections and I want to make sure they get the correct injections. I tried ringing Defra and to be honest I did not trust the info given. I was told they can have the normal injections - it will not cause a problem with going to Australia, but I am sure I have read some where Australia does not allow the same injections we have in the uk. Also can anyone recommend a pet transporter - we live in North Wales. We have contacted Pet Air they seem good, but are based in the South so it will mean we have to take the dogs to Heathrow. Can pets go from Manchester? We will be flying to Melbourne. thanks in advance Sarah :unsure:
  20. eggcatcher

    Taking power tools to oz.

    Hi all, hopefully moving out to WA in the new year, and was wondering the best way to take carpenters power tools to oz. Is the best way to get rid of them here and buy new or to transpot them over there. I've heard they need to be spotless if you import them or you get charged for cleeanig them by steam cleaning, which wont do the electrics any good at all. All hints and tips would be welcome.
  21. tracy123

    Taking a car to Australia

    I'm thinking of buying a classic car and taking it to Australia with me. The question I have is, how long do i need to own a car in the UK before taking it over to Australia with me? Cheers in advance Geoffrey
  22. Guest

    Worried after taking medicals

    hia! I've just got home from taking my medical in melbourne and am really worried about it. Everything went fine with the medical till the meeting with the doctor when he went through my form. I ticked the box to say that I had received benefit from the government due to a medical condition ~ depression ~ which i received in 2005. The doctor was quite concerned about this and gave me quite an extensive grilling about my whole depressive history. I've had several bouts of depression over the years starting from my early teens and sadly i have the nice self inflicted scars to show for it on my arms (it was fun showing the medical examiner those ~ he was even more thrilled with me! ~ but I did those when i was a kid, i'm now 29! they're over 10 years old!) and i've been on meds several times too, but i've never been referred to a psychiatrist or been admitted to hospital. But the examining doctor said that the chief medical examiner would probably want me to go for a referral to see a specialist (or something like that) because of my past medical history. The stupid thing is ~ i'm absolutely fine now, am completely depression drug free and have been for a few years ~ and since being with my partner of 2 years i'm happy all the time, its wonderful! I know they don't want to let people into the country who could be a drain on the system, and i knew that my depressive history could be a problem, but the way the doctor was talking it made me think i didn't have a chance of getting the visa to stay here with my aussie born partner. We're now worried.... even close to terrified... that our dreams are going to be shattered because of a stupid illness that no-one really understands ~ and our naivety in thinking that being honest is the right thing to do (why did we tick that box!?!). Has anyone been in this situation? or know of anyone who has? or just have any advise about the whole thing? And ~ something i'm now worried about because i know i was a mess whenever i saw my GP in the uk ~ do they request your uk medical records? thanks to anyone who can help with our drama, all comments are greatly appreciated! hugs, liz and tim xxx :wacko:
  23. Hi !! I'm hoping for some help and give advice as the court have set a cafcass officer !!! And we are not sure she has handled it right, let's start at the start lol. My ex husband has a disability, and can be aggressive and inappropriate in what he say to my Samantha. she has also told them that she wants to go !! But the lady from cafcass has said some things that sound a bit odd. as O BUT HE IS SO DISABALED !!! And some very clear pic of him was given to her showing that he was clearly drunk ( but he don't drink )and not as disabled as he makes out o and a note that he was at quiz nights ( but he has a head injury and cant think for himself) and yet she say that pic could be of anyone, she told me this when i was trying to do the family shop, I didn't feel this was the right time. however the cafass lady feels that she cannot support our application to oz !!!! can anyone give me some advice as i have court in about a week ????? Many thanks jane:sad:
  24. can any 1 please inform me if they are going to take of hairdressers of the skilled wanted list as i am 2 years into my course and am worried about this,any 1 help me please.i am so worried,,,thank you.:nah:
  25. Wishful

    Taking Aussie kids back to UK

    Have people moved their Australian children back home ( uk) and how did that go , how old were they what happened ??? :arghh::nah: Has anyone done it whilst leaving the childrens other parent behind in oz ???? PLEASE PLEASE would love any help ta