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Found 291 results

  1. Does anyone no if there is a legal reason that i can't take my 15 year old daughter to oz with me and my 18 year old daughter. I have been devorced 10 years, my daughter sees her dad every now and then on a sunday for 5 or 6 hours. Do you no if it will have to go through courts and solicitors. Any advice would be appreciated. :unsure:
  2. Hi everyone. I am the lucky holder of a 176 visa, (sponsored by SA) that I went and validated in Sydney in April this year. I am currently back in the UK finishing off a work contract and will return to Adelaide in August. After having my visa granted I started a relationship with a girl and she wishes to join me in Oz but she does not hold any type of visa. Is there any type of visa that she can apply for that will allow her to remain in Oz for at least a year without having to leave the country and reapply for another visa. We are both 45 so I guess a working visa is out of the question. If she cannot work that would not be the end of the world as I will be working. We are only looking at a year long visa at the moment as I am not sure if Oz is for me as we both have kids in the UK that we will be leaving behind. Also would she be able to attend adult education courses during her stay. Many thanks. Chidge.....
  3. due to fly soon but dont know anything about getting tools over has anybody got advice about it. no electrical tools just hand roofing tools thanks tonyl
  4. mrsindecision

    taking A levels in Australia

    Hopefully someone out there know the answer to this. My son has completed Grade 12 here and passed his Maths part of the course but just with sound achievement- his OP score (9) is just below what he needs for his preferred uni course in the UK ( for 2010). As he has some time on his hands before going I thought he could sit a Maths A level which could boost his grade and improve chance of getting in. First of all do you think its worth the hassle and secondly is there anywhere here where you can just sit the exam rather than have to do the whole course as he has studied most of it already in grade 12 he just needs to brush up doing some past papers before the exam. Thanks
  5. perthgooner

    Taking money over to the UK

    After a long stay we are returning to the UK Two questions - I assume I can transfer my money to the UK from the sale of the house without tax penalties. I have no property in the UK and the house in Perth was my only property. I wont have any assets remaining in Oz after I go - Has anyone got experience of shifting large amounts of cash to UK - don't want to do it with bank - have come across Customs House Currency Exchange and they seem OK but am nervous giving someone ALL my money!! Thanks
  6. By this i mean. How does the shipping thing work. Is it weight or space or both? We've not much to take by means of furniture but would like to take the usual photo's maybe sofa, washing machine, dryer, hoover, daughters new single bed, bedding, towels, dinner set, pots pans etc but other than dvd's we wont be bringing much else..... Has anyone got an idea of what it would cost us for this amount.
  7. Hi We are moving in a couple of weeks from Adelaide to Melbourne, taking our cars which are registered in South Australia. Does anyone know what we have to do to register then in VIC, do they have to do a roadworthy test, is there a time limit? There current regos expire in May for one and July for the other. Also any idea of the costs? We also need to transfer our SA licence. I looked on the website and it said to call and make an appontment but is it in the city or are there offices further out?- we are going to be living in Mooroolbark. Thank you.
  8. Guest

    Taking so long

    Hi I was wondering if any one knows how long it normaly takes to get an answer from the medical officer.I spoke to our case officer beging of last week she said it was with them at the moment and we will hear soon we are still waiting.This is the third time we have had to send more information to them.Thank Rowena
  9. Hello everyone We applied for 175 visa back in March 09 with my partner being the main applicant. He is an accountant and sat the IELTS in December 09 to gain CSL status, which he achieved. On 11th January 2010 we receive letter from case officer asking for further information which we subsequently provided and medicals were finalised on the 23rd February 2010. After 3 weeks past the date our meds were finalised, I voiced my concern to our agent who queried with the case officer, the response from DIAC was that all documents requested were confirmed as received and that the file had been noted for further processing. Its now been 4 weeks since the meds were finalised and the other documents requested were sent way before the 28 day deadline. We still have had no decision. Does anybody know how this stage of the process works and how long it usually takes DIAC to inform you of their decision? Surely it can't take 4 weeks to finalise, especially when they have confirmed that all docs requested have been received. As alot of you are too well aware, its very tough to build yourself up every night, to be let down the following morning with yet no response. Many Thanks, and best wishes to everyone.
  10. Is it true that you can make your own Statutary Declaration and if so is it also true that this doesnt have to be witnessed by a solicitor but can be witnessed by your GP Trace
  11. We are off on a 457 next month anyone tell me 1, How many months supply of tablets have they had from their GP 2, Have they had problems through customs with a large amount of prescription tablets 3. Re-ordering the tablets from a Aussie doctor any problems? All comments much appreciated
  12. calNgary

    Kids taking tablets

    Having just had a huge Tick removed from my 11yr olds scalp, the Dr has put him on a course of antibiotics but has insisted he has tablets now he his a big boy not medicine. Poor lad was so brave yesterday and is really struggling with taking the tablets, has anyone got any ideas or tricks to make it easier for him? Oh and a word of warning, if you or your kids do get a Tick don't let someone try and remove it ,put some Meths on it and take them straight to the Dr. Cal x
  13. Some advice on the following would be greatly appreciated. My 18 year old daughter is to be included on our application for a 176 visa on the strength of her still being in full time education. When I make my application is approximately six weeks time she will still be an A-level student and so eligible to be included on the application. This evening she has decided that she may decide to take a gap year instead of going to uni straight away. My dilemma is whether she will be eligible to be included in the application if she decides to do this. Like I say, my application will be made in April and she is not planning to make a decision until August ish. Which date would be relevant for inclusion? Cheers Si
  14. Hi Trying to go through our stuff at the moment to cull / sell / donate before the big move! What sort of stuff did you regret not taking to oz with you? thanks LauLau:smile:
  15. hi all just like tio know how long spouse/partner visas are taking to be processed at the moment. im in perth but would like to know all timelines in all states to try and guess and \estimate hehe
  16. Hi i am in the process of applying to go to Perth with my two children , The eldest girls father is not on her births certificate and my youngest child has her father on her birth cert, i would like to know if any one knows what the law is on taking them. I could get in touch with one of them but i havent got a clue where my youngest daughters father is . None of the fathers see or pay towards the upbringing of my children , does this make a difference?? would be grateful for any advice , thanks Karen Xx:arghh:
  17. RoseBrown1972

    Visa processing taking its time

    Has anyone had their visas granted for 175 CSL - category 4? We got appointed a C/O end of oct, medicals were received and recorded as finalised on 5/1/10 and the nothing! Seems to be taking ages! I was told that when they ask you to the medicals you are nearly there!
  18. Guest

    Taking our cat to the UK

    We are planning to move to the uk later this year (Sept?) and are now in the process of trying to decide whether to take our cat with us. Our initial reaction was of course we would, but I've been thinkng it over and I'm wondering more and more whether it would be the best thing for the cat. I'm worried that the journey will be traumatic for her (she's a jumpy cat anyway!) and if we could find her a home here (I'm thinking of asking our neighbours since she spend alot of time there and their kids love her) that would be the kinder option. Cat are very different from dogs and are alot more attached to a place than anything, and I'm worried that the long (noisy, scary, lonely) journey will have a bad effect on her and also acclimatising to the colder climate over there whether that will be difficult for her. When we arrive we'd be staying at my husband's family then would get our own place after a few months so I'm worried that it would be too much upheaval for her (I know it's a huge undertaking for me!!!). I'm just not sure what to do and whether we are doing the most humane thing to leave her or to take her!! I'd also be interested to know from anyone who has done this before what the costs are involved and what companies they used. I know we'd need to get a pet passport and get her rabies shot 6 months before we leave which is why we feeling pressured to make the decision now!
  19. Hi All We have made the decision not to take any furniture as havnt got anything of value and what we do have is all getting a bit tatty. Anyway can anyone recomend a company to use just to ship some boxes over? Thanks Ness
  20. Has anyone taken an MX bike with them when emigrating to Australia? I think I've found the forms that I need to fill in here http://Http://www.infrastructure.gov.au/roads/vehicle_regulation/bulletin/importing_vehicles/general/Application.aspx, but was just wondering if anyone had actually taken one in, and if so was it straigtforward or are there pitfalls? Cheers Mike
  21. hi, hoping someone can help - I will be flying two cats over to Sydney from London, and they will spend a month in quarantine at Eastern Creek. After they are released, I'd like to fly them on to Brisbane or Maroochydoore. Anyone flown cats / dogs on internal flights? Is it easy enough to arrange? Do I need special permits, etc to do it? any insight much appreciated, cheers sg
  22. Guest

    Taking our dog to uk help needed

    Hello everyone, I have been looking at this site for a long time now and think this is a great forum for all making this big move to Oz. I have read so many people's stories and think it is really helpful. This is my dilemma. I am moving back to the UK with my family in Jan/Feb after being here for 11 months and am taking our 7 month old english staffy pup with us. We said that when we brought him we would not leave him behind as we had to re-home two dogs because of the expense coming over here. That broke our hearts. So if anyone can recommend a kennel they used, nearby Bedfordshire which is where we will be returning, I could really do with the help. We are also selling some other electrical applicances, so if anyone is interested in a good deal, please let me know, I will post the items for sale as I haven't done the list yet!! For all you dog lovers out there I hope someone can help. Thanks.
  23. Just been into kia at bundoora looked at a 1.4 rio they want $13500 for it, said to sales man got a trade in (its quite a rough magna 94 plate about 8 months rego and rwc) and whats his best price he comes back and says 500 off for trade in I said is that the best price he mutters about finance I say no I'm paying cash he offers another $250 off. queue me looking a bit miffed and leaving and him loosing a sale. am I right to feel he's taking the p**s. Back home a car would be worth at least £500 trade in if it had an mot let alone tax. Any recomendations for places where they've been treated with more than contempt by the sales staff. I'm after cheap and reliable so kia / hyundai that sort of thing. I don't do haggling and ask for a best price which is to me the best price they can do.
  24. Hi Guys We are hopefully moving to QLD in early 2011 and wanting to take some of our electrical goods eg. washing machine, lamps etc. Is it best to get the plugs changed over from UK to OZ before we leave (anyone know any companies in the UK that can do this? If we waited until we were in Australia, would it just be a case of going to the local DIY store for new plugs (anyone know if the wiring is similar?) or trying to get an electrician to come and sort for us. Cheers Juls x