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Found 291 results

  1. Guest

    457 - taking forever!

    Hi guys - new to the forum, so im sorry if all this has been mentioned and discussed before. Currently waiting on my 457 to (hopefully) be granted. Sponsorship and nomination visa's all ticking along nicely. But my part of the visa seems to be at a standstill. Submitted begining of June - but i havent heard anything. I have submitted all paperwork that i am aware that needs to be submitted. But stil just appears at the processing stage. Its killing me, im itching to get out there! Without a date its hard to completely prepare by selling car, packing things etc. Nightmare! Anyone else in the process? Or heading to Melbourne way?? Thanks in advance Lani :biggrin:
  2. hi everyone just wondered what current processing time of victoria ss is? Anyone had any recent experience, be great to hear from you x
  3. soapyjo

    taking the car back?

    we moved back to the uk almost 5 years ago and brought our 4 wheeled drive back with us .We are now moving back to Brisbane at the end of the year and would like to take our 4 wheel drive back with us again ,anyone done this before or does any one have any idea on the costs .I believe its slightly different cos the car was purchased in aus.Thanks
  4. Just heard that more and more people are taking to the street to take back their streets from the thugs. Sikhs are out in force protecting their masques in London and people in London are protecting their shops in force radio 5 are saying. Looks like the public have lost faith in the police and are taking on these scum looters themselves.
  5. Hi all, Hoping to move to Perth soon, i'm a self employed Plumber and wondered wheather l should import my van over there, its a Vauxhall Vivaro and worth around £3,500, immaculate and very reliable . Had alook at car sales in perth and Vauxhall seem's to be quite rare, would it be cost effective to import or buy once over there, can you get Vauxhall parts over there? I appreciate your time in answering this question. Many thanks.
  6. mcmillsa

    DIY taking dogs back to UK

    Has anyone had any success in taking their dog/s home without using a pet carrier? Its a minefield trying to find out quite happy to do the work but could do with some guidance where to start with an airline. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I am new to all this and have come on here to try and help out my friend who is in the process of returning to the UK. However, her partner and her don't see eye to eye .. and he doesn't want to come back. They have 4 children ( all minors ) and there has been verbal abuse from him to her and the kids ( and she has Dr's letters etc to prove ). To cut a long story short can he stop her coming back here with the kids? Help help help ....
  8. We are just thinking about taking a few things with us, for example....The baby cot, our Little Boys large lego collection etc... How is the best way to do this? :confused: And how quickly would it arrive in WA? :unsure:
  9. Hi There, me and my family (2 adults 2 children - 3 and 5 years) are hopefully moving to Brisbane end of December this year. I have a job $85k and there is a chance my wife will also have a part-time one at the same company. We're not really taking much cash with us at all. We will have paid for flights, removals and shipping and we will have the cash for 4 weeks short-term rental and to cover the bond and rental advance for our long-term rental. We will also have $2500-$3000 for a car to runaround in for the first few months. Apart from about $1000 to get us through the first 2 weeks until I get my first pay cheque, that's about it. Is there anything else I'm not thinking about as I can't see this amount of cash being a prob. I read about people taking £15k with them to get started! All opinions welcome. Cheers
  10. Hi all I'm 5 and a half months pregnant with my first baby (due in November) and I'm hoping to take him back to the UK for a holiday in Feb-March time to see family and friends etc. Therefore he would be about 3 months old when I'm thinking about flying all that way...! My Aussie husband will be with me on the flight out to the UK but I may be flying back on my own as he will probably need to come home before me (I'll be there for a month, he'll be there for as long as possible - at least 2 weeks, but may have to come back sooner due to work and his kids from his previous relationship). Has anyone got any words of advice with regards to travelling with a young baby!? I know plenty of people have done or do it regularly and would appreciate any tips that could help! I don't need to worry about taking a travel cot, car seat etc as my best friend (a paediatric nurse) is supplying all the baby bits in the UK. (A HUGE relief as it's less things to carry!) I've been told it's easier to do longhaul before the baby is crawling/walking etc. That makes sense. It's a long time to keep a baby still for if they are mobile! I'll be leaving the Aussie summer to fly into the lovely British winter weather(!) so I've already made the most of the winter baby clothes out here and got things in the right age group so he isn't freezing when we land. Thank you in advance for any tips you can give me! x
  11. Hi all, just wanted to know if anyone has had experience with Rabies vaccinations for the UK. We are wanting to take our dog with us back to the UK . As I understand it once she has the rabies vaccination, then 6 months later she needs a blood test to confirm the vaccination has worked - otherwise she would need to spend the 6 months in quarantine and we are not wanting to do this. My question is how long after we receive the blood test results do we have to enter the UK with her? Is the vaccination and results indefinite or do we have to enter with say 12 months? I have checked the UK website but nothing on how long the results are valid for. Thanks in advance. :spinny:
  12. Guest

    Taking the plunge on my own

    Hey all, Im coming over to melbourne in august on a 1yr working holiday visa, thing is i was supposed to be learning the ropes from my cousin who's been living in oz (mainly melbourne) for the last 18 months, however she's got herself a well paid job in the middle of nowhere which she's not gonna leave until her visa runs out in december and she buggers off to thailand. Sooo i'm a bit stuck and a finding the prospect a bit daunting now, i have no idea what i need to do, am i best off booking a hotel for a week while i look for somewhere to live? i was at the embassy in london last week for a skilled emigration seminar (qualified plumber) and i got some phone numbers for employment agencies but am i likely to get into some work quickly? I'm a 24 yr old lad by the way. thanks in advance for any help
  13. Guest

    Taking my partner

    Just wondering, If I am applying for a 175 or 176 visa do I just put my partner on my application so they can come with me at the time I get mine granted or do they have to apply seperately?
  14. hi, I´ve been searching the NSW websites and I´m still non the wiser. What´s involved in buying a car in Adelaide (SA) and reregistering it in Sydney? I´m in Adelaide now and moving to NSW next week, I´ve got loads of stuff to take with me and I´ve been offered a really nice car here and..... etc.... thanks
  15. All, We submitted a skills assessment for System Analyst in February 2011 via an agent and we still have not recieved an answer. Upon poking our agent he only comes back with that the ACS is very busy, they have huge volumes right now - bla bla... Has/Is anyone else been waiting for this long? I realise that the 12 weeks they give on their homepage is an average but this has almost taken double that time now. Anyone else with the same "problem"?
  16. Hoping any Mums out there can answer this one for my OH. Basically we have a 9 year old and a baby who is 1. As we have heard from friends and people on here how expensive the clothes are over there my wife was thinking especially for the little one to buy a good deal of clothes in some of the cheaper shops over here and take them over with us, basically for the baby up until the age of 3 or 4. Now I know there will be certain items we will buy over there but the sort of everyday clothes if ya know what I mean. has anyone else done this? We were also thinking the same about the likes of toiletries like perfume, shampoo etc etc
  17. Guest

    Taking the plunge

    Hello All, Glad to be here. I'm from Bangalore, India. I'm looking at moving to Australia, haven't decide state / city yet. I hoping to get great advice from all you wonderful people and make some good friends. Appreciate your help. Thanks. -Arif
  18. PW1

    Taking your car with you.

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody here has ever taken their car over with them when migrating? Was it a hassle, and more importantly was it worth it? I'd like to here from people that have a normal family car or compact, like a mini (new type) or a 4 door saloon of some type (Ford, BMW, Vauxhall). Look forward to the responses. Regards, Paul.
  19. Guest

    Taking medical records

    I will be moving to Melbourne in a couple of weeks. Do I ask my GP and dentist for my medical records before I go or do I just start again when I get there?
  20. Hello all, My wife and I have decided to join the forum as we are considering moving to Australia. I've spent a few days reading the forum and the amount of information is overwhelming but I have to say, what a great community this is! Not much else to tell yet as we have not applied for anything and the whole idea is in its infancy. I was hoping someone would be able to give me a few pointers on the process and actually living in Australia but I think I'll save that for another thread. Happy to be here and..hello! Martin
  21. Hmachanick

    Finally taking the steps

    Hi all, Its great to be able to post on this forum after a few years of reading it and a few years trying to decide whether to take the plunge or not. So now the decision has been made - yay So myself and my husband (in IT) have decided to apply for the skilled visa based on his work experience. We are currently getting all the documents together for the ACS approval - has anyone done this before? How many years of experience do you have to prove? Currently we are thinking of Perth (as my brother lives there) but are a bit fearful of feeling cut off? We love nature and getting into the car and driving into it, so we still need to do research as to where we can do this best. Well thats my story, hope to be chatting with you all soon.:laugh:
  22. Guest

    Taking monie to melbourne

  23. Not sure if this has been posted before ?!:wink: Monthly review of occupations June 2011 25 May 2011 SMWA has conducted its monthly review of occupations on the Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List. Applicants with the occupation of Cook (351411) and Accountant (221111) will be able to lodge applications for State sponsorship from 12.00pm WST on the 1 June 2011. *Please note that SMWA reviews availability of occupations on a monthly basis. If an occupation becomes available this will take place on the first working day of each month, at which time you will be able to apply for sponsorship.
  24. Guest

    how long is it taking you?

    Hi we are secondary school teacher and electrician and are curious as to how long its taking people from starting the process i.e IELTS test to getting the visa rubber stamped? it all seams like its so different for different occupations, we are applying for a 175 visa.
  25. friedparsley

    Taking a Car back to UK

    Has anyone taken their car back to the UK? I was just saying to my wife yesterday that I like our car so much, that if there is room in the container I could just put it in. Selling the car here will get us next to nothing for it, and we will have to buy another when we get home. The only difference I can see is that the speedo is in kilometres per hour and no mph.