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Found 291 results

  1. Hi everyone, We are hoping to move over next year so I wanted to get the rabies vaccinations out the way incase other half gets a job offer. But how do I go about starting? I have been on the daff website and found the information package 4 and understand the process that needs to be done...but are there forms somewhere I need to fill out before I take kitty to get jabbed and the blood tested? I don't want to take her to the vets and get it started if i'm doing it wrong? Are there no documents to take with me to the vets to get it recorded that its been completed? The only form I have been sent is the export permit.
  2. Hi all, a little advice please... After deliberation we have decided not to take any of our furniture or household goods with us when we move as none of it is irreplaceable and it would be more hassle than it's worth as none of it was particularly expensive and we are not attached to it. So all we want to take is the children's toys and books, our clothes, two laptops, photographs and keepsakes like the children's first birthday cards/baby blankets/first outfit etc. all those sentimental things, a box of old books which I have collected over the years and my Christmas tree decorations as I have acquired them over many years, love them and couldn't leave them! My questions are, can we take the laptops in our cabin baggage to save transporting them? As there is nowhere near enough stuff to require even a proportion of a container, are there any companies that transport small quantities like this (hubby asked whether someone like DHL would do it?) Anyone have any experience of only taking a small amount like this and the names of any companies I should look out for? Thanks in anticipation of your excellent, as always, advice.
  3. Hi, We are moving to Australia in April next year. This forum has been great and a lot of the questions that I had re items that I could take into Australia have already been answered. I was wondering if anyone knows how it works with wool products? I have read that your not allowed to take wool into Australia, does this mean I have to leave all my shop bought jumpers and cardigans behind? When we went on holiday to Melbourne 5 years ago, we had a sheepskin liner in the buggy which wasn't picked up on. I'm really panicking now as I have some lovely jumpers and cardigans and also Ugg boots, that I would hate to have to leave behind. I also have another quick question regarding jewelery. I have an antique pearl necklace and also an old coral necklace. Do I have to declare these to customs, and if I do will I be allowed to keep them? Thanks :smile: hopefully someone can help me!
  4. Guest

    WHV taking an age!!

    Has anyone who applied for a WHV experienced huge delays waiting for it to be granted? I applied for mine on 23rd September and I still haven’t received it. I had to go for a chest x-ray because I spent 3 months in South Africa, which is on a list of high risk countries for TB. The reality is that TB in SA only tends to affect people in the very poor areas and those unfortunate people who contracted AIDS. Anyway, I had it done a week later. The results were fine and sent off to Aus. Having checked the online status of my app it says they received the medical info on 5th October. I’m still waiting for it to be granted. I have a British passport so there should be no problems with my credentials. Its starting to really frustrate me because I don’t want to carry on looking for jobs in the UK in case the visa comes through while I’m at the interview stage for a job but the longer it takes the more risk I will be looking for work in Aus in the run up to the Christmas period. Anyone else have a nightmare with getting the WHV? I read that it usually takes around 48 hours to be granted. My application is approaching 3 weeks and counting.
  5. Guest

    Taking Car on 457!

    Is this allowed? I'm sure I read in one place it was, then in another it wasnt... Help please.
  6. watford

    taking pets in 2012 please look

    just found this not sure if its up here yet Rabies work required for pets travelling to Australia The Australians have now classed UK as rabies well controlled rather than rabies free. which means that pets travelling from UK to Australia after Jan 01st 2012 now have to have pre travel rabies work. Pets have to have a rabies vaccination within 12 months of the flight date and at least 60 days before the flight, but ideally 6-12 months before the flight date. They then need a rabies blood sample ideally at least 5 months before the flight date. it can be less than 5 months before their flight date, but they will have to spend longer in Australian quarantine if that is the case. the pets are allowed out of quarantine 180 days after the date of the rabies blood sample or 30 days after they land whichever is the greater. Basically - if you ar thinking of going to Australia with your pet, start planning early. If you are planning to go in January or February 2012 - either try to send your pet before January 01st 2012 or be prepared for your pets' flight to be delayed or the quarantine stay extended. Check out the following link: http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/cat-dogs/countries/cat4
  7. is it a great load of trouble to take your car with you when you emigrate, and what is the overall cost if the car is only worth £2.000 thanks for any help you can give me samsav:goofy:
  8. Hello all Just wanted to know how long people have been waiting for london to process their visa application? Just to put you in the picture we have submitted and done police checks and passed the medical. A relative has bought us flights to get back on the 13th December, wg=hat are our chances......................................Help please stressing out big time:arghh:
  9. Hi all, Im traveling to Australia via Kuala lumpa on the 6th of march 2012 to begin my working holiday visa:smile: However my contraceptive pill cerezette is not avaliable in Aus I can get a 12 moth supply from my doctor but will I be allowed to take this much with me when I travel there??? I read I can only take a three month supply of any pescribed medication. Any help will be greatly appreciated emmie xxx
  10. The Pom Queen

    7 Year Olds Taking Knives to School

    Just read an article where it says children as young as 7 are taking knives to school in the UK. What's the world coming to, it looks like having your head pushed down the loo or being rolled down the banking is no more. I can remember before we left for OZ my son had a knife held to his throat on the bus home from school, it was a joke (not in my eyes) but what would have happened if the bus had slammed on. There use to be a time where a fight was fists and maybe heads, now it's guns and knives:no:
  11. Guest

    Taking the risky route!

    Hi pp's Well i have booked that flights and am due to depart for Oz in 3 weeks for 3 weeks in the hope of finding an employer that is willing to sponsor (in any line of work). i'am a Qualified plumber have done some readiing on the subject emigrating via sponorship route. But not many that have made it work suppose there could be a good reason for that i dont know What i would like to know is there, or has anybody heard of any success storys along these lines ?? thx's:wideeyed:
  12. Morning all, we are off to oz in a few weeks and i was wondering what the situation is with taking cash in and whether you have to declare it and how much you can take in for spending money. Thanks for any thoughts on this :yes:
  13. Guest

    457 taking a long time

    Just wondering what the typical process times are for an employer sponsored 457? The company has an agent doing the work on the visa but it was submitted 25/07/11 changed to further processing 29/07/11 We were advised there would be decision this week but still nothing and the agent just says 'i've emailed your case officer and will let you know when i hear something'. This seems like too long and I'm starting to think we have a problem. The role is a sales manager role and i have submitted 6 years of experience verified in such a role by employers references. Starting to panic a bit
  14. Hi all, We are breaking our lease and looking for a new tennants to take it over till May 2012. On offer: 2 bed ground floor appartment in Glen Iris in a quiet and good area in a 'no through road' Edgar street. Private courtyard for a barbie (where you can keep a car also) and garage for one car. Trains and trams are just 5 mins to walk to, Coles 10 min across Monash freeway, plenty of other shops in near by Malvern and Camberweel. City can be reached by train in 15 min, St Kilda beach by tram in 20mins. Rent is $350 per week.
  15. Guest

    457 - taking forever!

    Hi guys - new to the forum, so im sorry if all this has been mentioned and discussed before. Currently waiting on my 457 to (hopefully) be granted. Sponsorship and nomination visa's all ticking along nicely. But my part of the visa seems to be at a standstill. Submitted begining of June - but i havent heard anything. I have submitted all paperwork that i am aware that needs to be submitted. But stil just appears at the processing stage. Its killing me, im itching to get out there! Without a date its hard to completely prepare by selling car, packing things etc. Nightmare! Anyone else in the process? Or heading to Melbourne way?? Thanks in advance Lani :biggrin:
  16. hi everyone just wondered what current processing time of victoria ss is? Anyone had any recent experience, be great to hear from you x
  17. We fly out on 6th December to Brisbane but hope to be living in Sydney by late December/early January but our main concerns are; 1) Whats the cheapest way of getting our two cats to Aus? and 2) How easy is it to rent accommodation (flats) in the main cities (Sydney/Brisbane) with pets. We have two cats and will seek unfurnished properties but uncertain whether or not people rent flats out to people with cats?:rolleyes:
  18. PIO as you all know is very addictive and i have spent, days, weeks and probably months on here and ............... i feel i need a break from it. I started writing a book at the beginning of the year and i am 55,000 words in and i would like to finish it HOFF. So i am going to concentrate on that, plus spend the last 12 days of my summer holidays, doing as much as possible with my family, thats what life is mostly about, living the best life possible, experiencing great things with family and friends, so ............... Best of luck everyone who's dreams are wanting to get to Australia and remember this is what it is all about.:wink: Where to find nirvana ... The top 25 countries to live in for quality of life, according to International Living magazine. Source: The Daily Telegraph Also the very best of luck to all those who are coming back to the uk, there is still alot on offer here and we are all lucky that we have the choice of living in two such great countries.
  19. Just heard that more and more people are taking to the street to take back their streets from the thugs. Sikhs are out in force protecting their masques in London and people in London are protecting their shops in force radio 5 are saying. Looks like the public have lost faith in the police and are taking on these scum looters themselves.
  20. soapyjo

    taking the car back?

    we moved back to the uk almost 5 years ago and brought our 4 wheeled drive back with us .We are now moving back to Brisbane at the end of the year and would like to take our 4 wheel drive back with us again ,anyone done this before or does any one have any idea on the costs .I believe its slightly different cos the car was purchased in aus.Thanks
  21. Hi all, Hoping to move to Perth soon, i'm a self employed Plumber and wondered wheather l should import my van over there, its a Vauxhall Vivaro and worth around £3,500, immaculate and very reliable . Had alook at car sales in perth and Vauxhall seem's to be quite rare, would it be cost effective to import or buy once over there, can you get Vauxhall parts over there? I appreciate your time in answering this question. Many thanks.
  22. We are due to move down to Kalgoorlie at the end of September, both have jobs sorted out, now just waiting for visas etc. My partner Andy has spent the last 10 months working FIFO to Karratha and is currently on his last trip home before we go down together. Anyway his sponsoring company is paying full relocation costs, which we think can include a car. Not sure who will be responsible for customs etc at the other end but we shall start to make some enquiries. Whilst in Perth this morning he was pretty horrified at the price of even crappy second hand vehicles, rarely seeing anything half decent for less than about $10k. As we're going to Kalgoorlie (and having lived there before) we know the situation is even worse there. Last time we bought virtually the cheapest car in town, and that was a god-awful 1990 Ford Falcon whose radiator blew up the first time we drove it! Full of red sludge.... Anyway, we have two cars at the moment, a Citroen C4 hatchback 1.4l Petrol and a Peugeot 307 SW 2.0l turbo diesel. The Citroen doesn't have air-con so we're going to try and sell that in the next few weeks. But with the Pug, it's only worth about £3k here, and from a tiny bit of research I think the equivalent would cost about $10k, but there aren't many the same model in Aus. So we're not talking huge tax costs on arrival. So, since transport costs will be paid for, is it worth thinking about have it shipped down? It's my car, I've owned it for over 12 months and have driven it virtually every day over that period. So I think I would be fine getting the VIA. We would just have to wait until we get our visas to apply for that. We know that its comfy for long distances, and know its quirks! We are already taking my OH's motorbike, a year-old Suzuki GSXR which is his pride and joy (not that I imagine its going to be fun to ride around Kal!). So it would make sense to have the two vehicles shipped together, and possibly with the rest of our stuff if the visas come through sharpish. Any thoughts?
  23. Hi There, me and my family (2 adults 2 children - 3 and 5 years) are hopefully moving to Brisbane end of December this year. I have a job $85k and there is a chance my wife will also have a part-time one at the same company. We're not really taking much cash with us at all. We will have paid for flights, removals and shipping and we will have the cash for 4 weeks short-term rental and to cover the bond and rental advance for our long-term rental. We will also have $2500-$3000 for a car to runaround in for the first few months. Apart from about $1000 to get us through the first 2 weeks until I get my first pay cheque, that's about it. Is there anything else I'm not thinking about as I can't see this amount of cash being a prob. I read about people taking £15k with them to get started! All opinions welcome. Cheers
  24. Hello... Any advice/comments/suggestions on whether it is actually worth taking all my household goods would be greatly appreciated! I have had a few quotes from removal companies ranging from £3,000 to £4,000 with varied cubic foot space too! I am wondering if it is worth selling most of my things in the UK, saving the shipping fee and then buying once I arrive in Perth... has anyone done this and what would you advise? My concern is the price of items in Perth, I am led to believe it is very, very expensive? Also, if you have any websites of stores in Perth I can look at please let me know! I have seen JBHi-Fi and there electrical goods are reasonably priced, I need to figure out prices of sofas and bedroom furniture really. Many thanks peeps.... Laura :wub:
  25. mcmillsa

    DIY taking dogs back to UK

    Has anyone had any success in taking their dog/s home without using a pet carrier? Its a minefield trying to find out quite happy to do the work but could do with some guidance where to start with an airline. Thanks.