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Found 357 results

  1. Hello everyone. This is my first post/thread on this forum. My wife is an Aussie citizen and we applied to relocate to Oz in October 31 2010. We married in October 14 2006. The application is now in its very final stage. My medical results and police certificate were sent to my case worker 2 weeks ago. He (CW) sent me an email that he wanted me to write a statement explaining the charges in my records in the UK. I had 3 offences against me. 2 of them were driving offences. (1) driving without a licence and (2) driving without insurance. Charges were brought against me and in court I was fined 125pounds by the Judge in 2005. Paid and disposed. The third offence is what I'm very worried about. I was very silly. I admitted 100% to the caseworker in my statement though. Offence (3) using a false instrument other than prescription for scheduled drug. In legal terms that means, using a fake ID when required to produce ID. That's what happened. This happened in 2006. I'm very ashamed and remorseful. I need help on this forum on how this may affect my visa application. Am I at risk of being declined? I was not charged for the offence for a reason. A 'caution' was recorded against me. Please help. Any help will do. Thanks
  2. Hi The company I'm working with are letting me use them in going through the Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856). I'm going to have to get a Skills Assessment which I understand takes 6 to 8 weeks. I'm just waiting on my college results transcript before putting it in. I should meet all the necessary criteria with my degree and work experience. I've asked my employer to organise their "Employer nominates a person" part. One of my questions relates to the timing of when everything is submitted. I've heard I'm supposed to get my skills assessed before applying for PR. Does it go against me if I apply for both at the same time? Obviously I'd be applying for PR without having had my skills assessed. I was just thinking that it would probably be a month or two before my PR application had got anywhere in the list. At that stage I should have had the skills assessed so I can submit it separately afterwards. If it's advised not to do this, I'll hold off. What about the "Employer nominates a person" part. I've asked my boss to get it together. Is there a delay in getting these processed or is it pretty straightforward? They'll be using their own migration agent. Is there anything I need to be aware of from a timing point of view? Just need to know if I need to chase anything here down. Another thing - I can't see an option of applying for the Subclass 121/856 online. Am I missing something? Cheers Bobby
  3. Hi My husband recently was granted his PR visa. He has to arrive in Australia by June 30 this year. We are not ready to relocate by then so it looks like he is going to pop in on his own to activate it. Is there any rules regarding how long he needs to stay in Australia for that visit? Could he arrive and about 2 days later depart again back for the uk? Is it ok if he makes that first entry on his own, or do I (the sponsor) need to be with him? Thanks for reading/ replying
  4. Hello, I'm new to PomsinOz, I am currently awaiting a response for my application for an employer sponsored visa and wondered if anyone might be able to give me some friendly advice?. So far In the process - which started at the beginning of Nov 2010. The following has happened. 1. My prospective employer applied to the region and received notification that the application was valid, at which point I was able to submit my application. 2. Shortly after I received an email to say my application has been received. At this stage (Jan 17th 2011) neither my employer or myself have heard anything else. Can anyone say how long it took for them to get a case worker?. I realize I am still only mid way through the process. I had thought of trying to contact the DIAC centre in Melbourne, but I seem to get the impression that without a case worker this would not be a wise move (am I correct in thinking this way.) Any thoughts on this process would be much appreciated. Regards Paul
  5. Hi We are currently living in Brisbane on a Visa 496 and will be able to apply for PR visa 887 in October 09. Has anyone applied for visa 887 yet? If so how long does this stage take? Thanks :cute:
  6. Hi, This may seem an odd question, but can I send my completed off-shore (subclass 309 and 100) visa to Australia House in London, from Australia in order to lodge it? The reason I am asking is because we will be in a position to lodge the application in mid March of this year, but my flight home is booked for the first week in May, when my current tourist visa expires. Initially I was going to pay to change my flights to an earlier date, but then my OH pointed out that if I am going to send the application by courier when home anyway, why not send it from here and include a covering letter detailing my movements and the date on which I arrive in the UK. This would save me paying out more flight money and is better than the other option of lodging it in May, as with up to 5-6 months processing times, the sooner it is lodged the better. I need and want to work again!! I am applying off-shore because a) I can hopefully work in the UK whilst the visa is being processed and b) I know if I lodge here I cannot leave until a decision is made and two of my best friends are getting married in June c) Supposedly the processing time is shorter than in Sydney, but not so sure on that now. Thanks very much for any advice given!!
  7. I am making ot to Australia just a few days before the crucial 2 year period requirement for PR on a visa subclass 475 starts. I will therefore meet the 2 year living and 1 year working requirement. The intenmtion is to apply for the PR visa 887 as soon as the 2 year & 1 year requirements are met. But my original 475 visa will then expire. What will my status be when I have applied and awaiting the PR visa 887? This is all very confusing!!! :confused:
  8. Hi What is the most appropriate route to PR when on visa subclass 475? There are visa subclass 887 which is “is specifically designed for holders of a provisional skilled visa who wish to apply for permanent residency”, or visa subclass 857 which “has reduced eligibility requirements for holders of a Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclasses 475)”. Now this might seem like a daft question, but besides the reduced eligibility requirements for visa subclass 857, what are the differences between 887 and 857? Do they both award PR and the ability to work all over Australia when obtained? Many thanks Etienne
  9. Guest

    subclass 485

    Hi, I need help with my subclass 485 application. According to the forms used for the application, it seems that details of visa of previous visit to australia are required to be provided. However, i had forgotten some of the visa numbers of the visas granted to me previously when i made my visit to australia ages ago. Will this affect my application if i submit my application without these visa numbers? i can provide the passport numbers of the passport that i used during that period of time when i made those visits as well as the date of arrival and departure.
  10. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone could provide me an answer to my question. I do intend to take advice from a migration agent soon, but still wondering if anyone has come across this situation. I finished my studies in Feb 2009 from Oz as an ICT Recent Grad and Applied for the 885 visa in April 2009. I managed to find employment as an IT business analyst in June 2009. Its been more than 1.5 years since then. I recently got married and want to bring my spouse in Oz from overseas. However I cannot, as I'm presently on a Bridging Visa. My employer is willing to sponsor me for a 457 visa and that would enable me to bring my spouse to Australia. 1) If I go ahead with a 457 application, will my existing 885 visa application be withdrawn/cancelled by DIAC? Can I have 2 simultaneous applications in process? 2) Since my spouse lives overseas and I live in Oz, do i need to apply for her visa after I get my 457 visa? Or can I add her as a secondary applicant with my 457 application?
  11. Hey everybody, At the DIAC web site there's some news I can't quite understand. 1. The wording is very contraversial. As 1st paragraph says about terms. the 2nd says that changes take effect after the terms are closed. What did they wanted to state by this? :wacko: 2. The terms described were in effect only for half a year. As it says "who applied... and whose visa was granted in this same period", I am curious if there are any people who were able to get their 475 visa as fast? :shocked: Does anybody know what this is all about? What did they want to say?
  12. Is booking one way flights when on provisional visa (subclass 475) okay? A visa subclass 475 has a pathway to PR but it is an inital 3 year visa with restriction to live in designated state for 2 years and work there for 1 year. I do not think it is normally acceptable to enter a country when you are only in the country on a temporary basis, but considering visas 475 is on a PR pathway, would entering Australia with only a one way airline ticket acceptable? Thanks
  13. Guest

    Visa Subclass 845

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if I would be able to get a bit of advice from anyone who's got or tried to get this visa or anyone who generally knows about it. I am going out to Australia in May 2010 on a WHV and am considering looking for and purchasing a business when I get there. I would be able to get the funds to purchase something around $250,000, however, does anyone know if they would be prepared to offer finance if say I wanted to buy a business for $500,000 and had $300,000 to put towards it? I know in the UK I would obviously have a credit rating, but I guess I wouldn't in Australia. Any advice would be great, as I am seriously considering going down this avenue, Thanks for all your help.
  14. Can anyone that has applied from uk for a defacto subclass 309 and 100 offshore tell me their timeline? We are about to apply but his visa for the uk is expiring end of april, thats 5 months away!! Thank you
  15. Hello All i have lodged my skill assessment with Engineers Australia a month ago , and i know that i must wait up to 4 month before hearing the results . One of my friends advised me to go ahead and lodge a subcase 175 application now , and tell DIAC that i will send them the assessment results upon receiving them from Engineers Australia is it possible to send an application of subcase 175 without the skills assessment results included ?
  16. Hi everyone, I am in the process of applying for my partner visa subclass 100. I am having some worries about the financial evidence I need to provide. I have evidence of the 'social' aspect of our relationship coming out of my ears! Photos, airline tickets, cards etc etc so this isn't a problem. However, my partner and I have lived together for 3 and a half years but do not have a joint bank account and neither of us have wills. The financial evidence I do have is as follows: Joint utility bills for the last 18 months. 3 tenancy agreements going back to June 2007 signed by both of us. A print out of all transactions going between our 2 bank accounts from June 2007. Letter from my bank confirming my previous addresses and stating that this is where my statements have been sent. 3 mobile phone bills in my name going to our first address. 3 energy bills in my partners name addressed to our first address. The issue I have is that I have no bills in joint names from June 2007- April 2009. Even though I do have evidence of money being transferred between our accounts during this time, a tenancy agreement and separate bills coming to the same address I am unsure whether this will suffice as evidence of our joint financial responsibility during this period. I would hate for my permanent visa not to be granted because of this! Any advice or ideas about what else to include would be very very helpful! Nicola x P.S The reason we do not have joint accounts is because we were students and had separate student accounts which couldn't be held in joint names.
  17. Guest

    Subclass 176 Applicants

    Hello, This is a new thread for those who applied Visa Subclass 176 family/state sponsored to check the progress and allotment of CO. All those who wish to provide their details are welcome. The format would be : +Skills Assessment : June 2010, IELTS 7 Band : June 2010, Family Sponsored 176: September 2010, No CO, STATUS : Waiting
  18. Guest

    VISA GRANTED!!! (Subclass 820)

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I have just been granted my visa! Sooooo happy! Timeline: Submitted application to Sydney office on 16th September CO Assigned on 20th September (with request for additional police check from Singapore) Police Check submitted on 2nd November Visa granted 5th November! So just about 7 weeks since application to grant. Just wanted to thank everyone for the great advice, and though I would post below the evidence that I had included in my application: 1. Cover Letter (Detailing what I included in application) 2. Form 47SP 3. Form 40 SP 4. Form 80 5. Certified Copy of Applicant’s Passport 6. Certified Copy of Applicant’s Birth Certificate 7. Certified Copy of Applicant’s National Identity Card 8. Certified Copy of Partner’s Australian Passport 9. 2 Passport Size Photographs of Applicant 10. 2 Passport Size Photographs of Partner 11. Receipts for Applicant’s Visa Medicals 12. Australian Federal Police Clearance Check for Applicant 13. Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae 14. Applicant’s Personal Statement 15. Partner/Sponsor’s Personal Statement 16. Statement by Partner/Sponsor on Employment & Financial Support 17. Partner’s Tax Returns from last 2 years 18. Certified Copy of Certificate of Relationship Registration (NSW Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriages) 19. Financial Aspects of Relationship - Written statement about our finances & list of evidence in the section - Itemized Joint Bank Account Statements - Sponsor’s Itemized Personal Bank Account Statements - Joint Savings Account Statements - Joint Ownership of Car - Joint Car Insurance - Joint Home contents Insurance 20. Nature of Household - Written statement about household & list of evidence in the section - Written statement regarding household work - Stat dec from Flatmate at first share house - E-mail Convo with Flatmate about moving in - Written Contract with Flatmate - Rental Lease for second address - Rental Receipts - Tenant Trust Ledger Report - Mail to both Applicant and Sponsor at the address - Joint Utilities Bill - Applicant’s Monthly MasterCard Statements - Monthly Joint Bank Account Statements (one for each month for 1 year) 21. Evidence pertaining to the Social Context of the Relationship - Written Statement about our social life and list of evidence - Statutory Declarations from 5 Australian Citizens (Form 888) - Statements from 4 Non-Australian Citizens - Photographic Evidence - Evidence of trips to Thailand, Melbourne and Perth - Receipts for Purchase of Christmas Present - Itemized Joint Bank Statements showing expenditure on social outings - Birthday Cards to Stephanie from Clinton’s Family - Birthday Card to Stephanie from Clinton’s Brother and De Facto Partner - Joint Invitation Cards - Joint Wedding Invitation - Joint Christmas Cards 22. Evidence pertaining to Nature of Commitment despite Separation - Written Statement and List of Evidence - Applicant’s Itemized Phone Bills for Singapore Mobile Number - Sponsor’s Itemized Phone Bills - E-mail Conversations - Evidence of Sponsor’s visits to Singapore (to visit me when we were in a LDR) - Evidence of Applicant’s visits to Perth - We also provided evidence about our future plans, including moving to a new city and providing evidence of our new lease etc. I hope the list makes sense, please let me know if anyone needs some help or advice with their application!
  19. Hi, I'd be very grateful if anyone had some idea of what amount of savings the sponsor of the partner visa is expected to show. I am an Australian citizen and my partner is a UK citizen. We lodged our application for Partner visa on 2nd November. Our CO has come back to us requesting proof we have enough savings/assets to support the applicant for the first 2 years in Aus. We have some savings but I cant see anywhere what amount would be considered acceptable. As we've been married for 3 years and have a 2 yr old child we may be eligible for the permenent visa (100) without having to first be on the temp visa (309) but I need to show I can support him for 2 yrs. If anyone else has gone through this or has any info it would be really helpful!
  20. Hi everybody, I'd like to apply for Work Holiday Visa in Australia, but my nationality is Lithuanian and Lithuania is not listed in Participating in Working Holiday Program, but Ireland is and I'm 6 years resident in Ireland. Can I apply as Ireland resident or I have to be Irish citizen? :err: thanks for answers, Dovydas
  21. If anybody is on the same visa app and has applied could they let me know their progress - I'm at the point where buying a house and starting again here may be the best option than wait and wait. I believe these visa types are right at the very bottom of a pile somewhere.... Thanks PJ:wacko:
  22. I lodged subclass 886 (family sponsor) last February 2009 . My degree is Graphic Design. At that time I lodge my application I was under - the SOL in existence prior to 1 July 2010 in ANZSCO code (schedule 2) – applies to GSM applicants who are eligible for transitional arrangements and who lodge their application before 1 January 2013. based from: Skilled Occupation Lists (Formerly Known as Form 1121i) However, I just don't get it, from the current priority processing list, which group I falls under? Is it group 3 or 4 ? Has anyone has similiar situation? I have searched in this forum but seems like I m still not clear yet. Thanks in advance
  23. I received my skilled 175 visa recently. my question is 1. Am i in a position to sponsor a relative for a "Skilled – Sponsored (subclass 175)" although i don't have a job yet.
  24. Hi, I am a newbee, so please excuse (and redirect) if i am repeating an already discussed topic here.. I have submitted for ACS in August 2010, and am awaiting results. In the mean time, i have been preparing for application to Visa. I am a network programmer, working on embedded systems for last 6 years, and with C language being the programming skill. As anybody else, my main objective is to land up in a state where there are more oppurtunities matching my skills. I have been observing Job websites such as Seek for some time now, and understand that Melbourne might be the best place for my profile. Now, here is my dilema: I have been told by my migration agent that- 1. Getting a Sponsorship from Victoria state is not easy. Even after they open up (assuming they will have my skill in their new SMP plan), there is a good chance that it will be rejected. 2. The other choice i have is, to opt for Independent Visa category. However, thanks to the latest priority arrangement, this category might take a long time (may be upto 2 years) to get Visa grant. So, dilema is - Do i choose a different state (such as Queensland) for sponsorship, and look for jobs there (which might not be as abundant as Victoria)? Or Do i choose Independent category (175 sub class) and hope for the best.. I also have another query - does a Job website like Seek really reflect the right Job market picture? I have heard that only a small percentage of jobs are advertised in such Websites - is this true? Would really appreciate any inputs..Thanks in advance!
  25. Hello All, I am interested in getting sponsership from my sister-in-law. I fulfill required DIAC points to apply PR through sponsership visa as a main applicant. Can I take sponsership from my sister-in-law (thru my husband) even if she has just moved in Australia, and in search of job?? I read several threads, some points to sponserer should be living in OZ atleast for 2 years and should eligible to support his/her relative finacially. Other says that, If I meet all required conditions (occupation in SOL,age etc) then I will not be dependent on her. I can get my PR through her sponsership even if she just shifted and in search of job. Anybody out there to solve my confusion??