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Found 357 results

  1. Dear all Fitter occupation people were are you now. Main App: 02 Oct 2008, subclass 175, Co- not yet , med- not yet, pcc-not yet, visa grant -not yet..
  2. Can anyone please help me what the visa level on my passport means.. what's Nill means ..does that measn i dont have any condition and free to work any where now..i recently got my residency but im still confused abt the condition mig.regs.sched.8 NILl means.. any one have the same visa label on their passport ..please post some information.. cowboy:eek:
  3. Hello all, I have a few questions that I'd like to share with you all regarding my online visa application (Skilled Independent, 175) & am hoping someone may be able to help! Any advice, no matter how minor it may seem is appreciated... The Situation My girlfriend & I are currently in Australia on a 1 year working holiday visa, I obtained a positive skills assessment at the start of May & am therefore now ready to apply for the Visa itself, with a points score of 125. The Questions (Help please! :biggrin:) Is it possible to apply for a Skilled – Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175) whilst in Australia? If so, which postal address should we use? My partner & I lived together in a rented property back in the UK, so we can't put that address, so all we can really now use are either the addresses of our parents, or our address whilst we're here in Australia. I'm concerned that if we put different addresses down (i.e. our parents' addresses), it will go against us in terms of relationship proof. On the 175 checklist (for paper applications) it states "A separate checklist is available when you commence the online application", yet I've been to the end of the online application (to the screen that you enter payment details) and there isn't another checklist anywhere? Many thanks in advance, Ged
  4. Hi My wife's applied for the Subclass 175 (Skilled Independent) Visa. We've been here on a 457 for 3 years. We got all the health checks done today. We should have a case officer assigned in the next 2 to 3 weeks. All our paperwork is in order. I realise that if the whole thing is successful we have to go offshore at some stage. How exactly does this work? For example - Is it the case that in 2 months time we're told that we're successful with our application and that it kicks in the next time we return to Oz and they give us a specific time period for us to get this organised. In the meantime we organise a week away in the likes of NZ or Fiji. For work reasons and kids reasons I'd like to be as prepared as possible for how it works out. Cheers
  5. well we literally have all of our documentation now, we have begun trying to put it all in correct order and will go and photocopy everything this afternoon. Just wondering about our supporting documentation for our proof of our relationship... Should we go through with a highlighter and highlight our names on all the documents where we are both on it? And highlight things like, phone calls to each other on our phone bills? Does this help the CO to save time on looking through the documents to try and figure out what they are for...? This is our last question i think, then tomorrow i am going into london to see a registered migrant agent to certify our copies then lodge it on friday.... Also I think i asked the question before, but, can we just walk into Australia House in London and lodge it in person, do we have to book or do we send it off to them....??? Thanks
  6. Evening all, just getting the ball rolling for a Skilled - Sponsored Visa (subclass 176), and also taking my girlfriend with me, I know the visa will take approx 12-18 month to finally all complete, i know one of the requirements are that i have lived with my girlfriend for the past year to be accepted. Me and my girlfriend have only lived with eachother officially for the past 3 month as we where living in my parents house previous to that, do i need proof of the last year or can it be handed over at the end, considering once the application is complete we will have been living together for the past year, one last thing, what proof of evidence is acceptable for this? Any help would be much appreciated. Kind Regards, Rob Redpath.
  7. thanks to all the help we had off here, we were able to complete our defacto visa and lodge it ourselves without the help of an expensive migrant agent! I feel the pressure lifting slowly off the shoulders now that its all paid for and out of our hands... We front loaded the lot, police checks, medical and form 80 and lodged it this morning!, so hopefully we should get the visa approved by the 27th Oct if the DIAC do their job and get it done within the 5 months! Wish us luck and we will let know our progress! :jiggy:
  8. holypantsbatman

    ENS Visa (subclass 121/856)

    Hi all ! Hoping someone in the know can clear something up for me. We will soon be ready to courier all of our documentation with only a couple of loose ends to tie up (finally !) One of the loose ends is payment. It's not the cost that's the problem, it's knowing exactly how much we need to pay !?! I am wondering if anyone can clarify for me exactly how much is it we need to pay. According to here http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/990i/employer-sponsored-permanent.htm , as far as I can make out, we are required to pay both the ENS payment, and the 1st installment (partner has demonstrable english abilities so no need for subsequent installments). Can anyone verify this, as opinions seem to vary in as much as some say we need to pay the 1st installment plus ENS, some say only the ENS payment is needed ? It's not entirely clear from the immi website, so if someone with experience or knowledge of this process can clear the issue up for up it would be appreciated, as we need to fill in this section of the form before it can be sent. Many thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.
  9. Hey, sorry if this info is already on here but i'm new to the forums. My partner is Australian and i'm from the UK we've been together 2 years. I used my working holiday visa when we first met. We have just had our offshore partner visa refused due to lacking of joint evidence like lease and utility bills. we have lived together both in Aus an UK however due to our circumstance were unable to get joint rental lease etc :-( My boyfriend is unable to come over to live in the UK at the moment due to personal reasons and we were thinking so we could get the evidence of living together that I should apply for a 676 and go over for 6 months so we can be together. Does anyone know whether we would be able to re apply for the partner visa onshore after 3months? we have loads of other evidence to show we are a genuine couple as the case officer told us if we just had bills etc for 3months then we would of been approved. Would be really grateful for some advice! Thanks guys! :-) seriously stressing out over all this! Hannah :-)
  10. Almost done guys, the mrs is goin for her medical tomorrow so we can front load our app. police check done aswell.... just need documents certified now... Which ones should be certified? Obviously we dont want to send anything original unless they request it because if it gets lost in the post we are back to square one. So Can we just send a photo copy of everything? And which ones should be certified? Cheers
  11. just wondering about migration agents.. Im really stressed about all this application now, so is my partner and i think we need help. We dont want to spend £1200 to get the whole thing done because we think we have just about everything ready but we need peace of mind from a professional. So i came across a company that does "Pre-File Checking", Thames Migration Aparently they can either do the whole thing for you for around £1200 or they can just check over the paperwork and certify everything... it only costs £250 I dont mind paying that, but is it worth it.... What will they check? will they tell me if i need anything else? or do they just look at what you have and make sure its all correct? Also, the same goes with our CO and the DIAC, Do they tell you what you are missing or do they just refuse you? we are really really stressed now as we want to be home by xmas and i am on a working holiday visa which expires in august and i have to jump the country to come back as a tourist, which isnt really ideal but we dont want to be apart through the process... Do we really need help or should we just send what we have? thank you all
  12. just wondering how many bank statements we have to send. ive seen people have had to send upto 18 months worth ??? i was just thinking of sending the first and last one of our joint account and a few from both our personal accounts to show we have spent money in the same places... is that ok? cheers
  13. Joob joobs

    Subclass 856 visa...

    Is there any route to getting a subclass 856 visa if your occupation is not listed on the ENSOL list?
  14. Hi All Not sure if anyone can help with this one? I have been offered a sponsored visa ‘Employer Nomination Scheme subclass 121/856’ now, my children 19 & 16 want to complete there education here in the UK. We should be travelling before there education is complete, so if the kids come over and have their visa’s activated, how long do they have to stay in Australia, before travelling back to the UK, and how long can they stay in the UK before returning to us and staying with us in Australia? Any info will be gratefully received!!! Cheers Fiona & Mark
  15. Hi, Me and my australian boyfriend are looking into applying for the defacto visa. We have been looking into it for the last 2 years and now we are finally at that stage. We have been together for 2 years this March. I am a british citizen and went over to Australia on a working holiday visa where i met my boyfriend, when my visa ran out i had to move back to England and my boyfriend stayed in australia for 10 months saving money and applying for the british version of the working holiday visa. The whole 10 months that we were apart we stayed in contact with eachother everyday and was stilll in a relationship but long distance. In March 2010 my boyfriend came over to England where we both now live together. We both live in my parents house but we do not pay any rent as my parents have kindly said we can stay in their house for free as they live over in America, in order to help us save our money. Therefore, we do not have a rental agreement. We do have a joint bank account and all of our paychecks, bank statements, any type of mail all get sent to the same address where we both live. Can anyone please help us with any useful information. For example; What forms do we have to submit? What evidence do we need? Is it okay if we do not have a rental agreement but we can get a written statement from my parents confirming we do live together plus all of our mail go to the same address. If anyone could help us we would greatly appreciate it Thanks! :smile:
  16. Guest

    Another subclass 300! Ha!

    Hi! I'm Joely! I'm an oz resident from london and my fiance is from london. We've put in allllllll the bits for the prospective marriage visa! When we first put it in they said we shoudl ehre form them in 10 days, and it only took 2! All we need was my fiances medical and police as we decided to put that in after, now everythings in and our case officer has emailed saying 'nothing further is required, you will be emailed when your visa in granted'....It's now been 2 months nearly, are we just over excited cos the first bit was soooo quick, or has the case officer let slip hes pretty much got it, and its a case of waiting for it to me 'stamped' in his passport. Sorry for the informal typing haha. Ive come back to oz to do wedding bits now its all in, and my fiance is still in london waiting, its just getting sad now, as I bloody miss him! Do you reckon we have much longer? Thankkkss!!!
  17. Leyteris77

    Subclass 176 Visa validation process

    Hallo there, Sorry if it is a common question but I found both opposite answers and i am quite confused. We are hoping during the summer to be granted our visa and trying to make some future plans at the moment. Does anybody know if the secondary applicant can move to Australia first and then the main applicant with the kid, instead of entering the country all applicants at the same time or the main applicant first? As my wife is the main applicant and me and my daughter the secondary, i am thinking of moving first to find a job and then my wife with the kid. thanks a lot!
  18. Guest

    visa subclass 457

    Hi there i am a diesel fitter and i am over on a working visa with my wife. i have found an employer who is prepared to sponser me for visa 457 tempory as i do not believe i qualify for a permanant 457 visa.My question is how do i get from 457 temp visa to a permanant resident?
  19. CD3

    Subclass 442 visa?

    Anyone know anything about these visas? Im interested in coming over to NSW and doing a trade( mechanic or plumbing), this looks like the best option for me would you say? Do I have to get an employer before applying for it? How would I go about that!? Oh by the way, hello :biggrin: I'm Chris, 26 years old and fed up with here, Ive got some family a bit south of sydney, hoping maybe they'd let me stay a while!
  20. Hi All Not sure if anyone can help with this one? I have been offered a sponsored visa ‘Employer Nomination Scheme subclass 121/856’ now, my children 19 & 16 want to complete there education here in the UK. We should be travelling before there education is complete, so if the kids come over and have their visa’s activated, how long do they have to stay in Australia, before travelling back to the UK, and how long can they stay in the UK before returning to us and staying with us in Australia? Any info will be gratefully received!!! Cheers Fiona & Mark
  21. Guest

    Subclass 801 Visa Charges?

    Hey, I'm trying to arrange my wedding to my Australian Fiancé but I'm struggling to understand all the visa charges because obviously there are some pretty huge extremes! I'm currently on the 417 working visa and I'm looking at going straight to the Subclass 801 as we intend to get married before my visa runs out. I'm looking for the cheapest option as I'm trying to take her to Hawaii to tie the knot but that's not going to be too easy if I have to pay the highest charge of $2575? Is it cheaper if I go for the Fiance visa first then pay for the 801? Or does my visa entitle me to pay $300 for the 801? Thank you
  22. Guest

    Temporary Visa (subclass 461)

    Has anyone entered Australia on this visa before they received the visa document? By this I mean - has anyone entered as soon as they were notified by phone that their application was approved? I've been here since mid December and my partner has submitted his 461 application yesterday (would've applied sooner but the Irish passport agency have taken 5 months to renew his passport!). He will find out next week as to whether it's been approved but it will take another 2-3 weeks before it's fully processed. Ideally though he'd like to get on a plane as soon as he gets the call rather than wait another 3 weeks. For anyone about to say - what's another 3 weeks....we have a daughter who was 5 months old when we left the UK and everyday he misses counts. Plus I'm pregnant again and would love for him to to be there for the 20 week scan at the end of the month.
  23. Hi all, I am Tunisian citizen. I am planning to apply for GSM visa-Subclass 175. However, I am confused with regard to the method to pay the visa charge fees (2575 AUD). I went through the DIAC website and I didn’t get the exact information about how to pay the Visa charge fees. I can’t have international credit card here in Tunisia as well as there are no local banks affiliated with Australian banks and no Australian banks in Tunisia. I am wondering if it’s possible for me to pay these fees via International Money Order from France and apply for visa by courier from Tunisia. Any clarification or answer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  24. Anyone successfully applied for a 2nd Tourist subclass 676 Visa for returning to Australia by going offshore to New Zealand instead of having to travel back to the UK?
  25. Does anyone have any recent experience (or knowledge) of the processing time for a subclass 101 (child visa)? Also does the visa have to be validated within 12 months of issue? We're not planning to move until 2012 but don't know how far in advance to apply for my son's visa (he wasn't born until after our PR was granted).