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Found 357 results

  1. Guest

    Partner visa subclass 820

    Hi everyone, I came to Australia on a working holiday visa.(i'm Dutch) Which runs out on the 20th of January 2012. My boyfriend and I have decided to get married in October. Is 3 months time enough to get everything ready for my partner visa? I'm stressing out and wonder if we should get married earlier. Can you stay in Australia while you have lodged your visa application? 100's of people have probably asked this question before, but I would be very happy with some answers. Thank you very much in advance
  2. Hello, I am a registered nurse currently looking for sponsorship in Australia on a subclass 457 visa. I see that it says you have to work for a minimum 12 months. Does anyone know if you can leave a sponsored job before your initial 12 months is done? and if yes, are there any charges/rules etc. Thanks! Helen :biggrin:
  3. Hi folks, I'm currently waiting for an offshore spousal temporary visa. I have the oppurtunity to work in the mining industry. However, my wife is worried that the Immigration Dept may not grant us the Subclass 100 permanent visa after 2yrs as I would be working in rural Australia for 2 weeks on and flying back for one week. Are her concerns unfounded or would there be an issue here? I would love to work for 2yrs just to get a head start on our mortgage. All replies greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello, Finally received confirmation of my subclass 309 provisional spouse visa. The visa was approved on August 3rd and have to enter by January 4th. Flights booked for December 31st at 10pm. Woohoo! Bookedwormuk
  5. Guest

    Subclass 176

    Hi, Under 176 visa what are the benefits we can obtain from the government? Thanks! kathy
  6. Hello everyone :wubclub: I must first express to you a big compliment for their successful and informative website. How I personally think it is difficult to understand the Australian immigration laws exactly.they often make for confusion in my head :goofy: but this is perhaps also of English tend to think not perfect or it is written in an official language. I have the book, or better said the brochure bought "Life in Australia" and signed up in various forums in order to find out how we have to proceed so that our partners subclass 820 visa is approved successfully. :idea: Our story is one of many unique and yet, we do not want to bore you so long, but we would like to ask you an honest council. :yes: because we do not know how to go further. :cry: I am a German and citizen with a visitor visa (ETA only, then 676) here, which expires on December 4th. Because then I'm 12 months now. We met in February this year and learned to love. :biggrin: Since that day, we live together in his house and spend every free minute together. Vacation, camping, fishing, family gatherings and friends and so on. We are getting married next month and then I have to leave Australia because we have the clause for 12 months do not meet the visa. :wubclub: I will fly to New Zealand to the rest of his family to know and spend a week to spend holidays. To then return with a new visitor visa to Australia. These allow us then to three months, it can submit the application deadline. My question is this is the right way? and where do I apply for the new visitor visa for Australia? in New Zealand or do I apply it here with my travel booking? Help us please, we want to jeopardize the applicant for the partner visa by anything. All other Documents, evidence, and their translation by a NAATI and the health - and we have police check completed successfully. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have taken many thanks in advance for your advice. :smile: thank you, thank you your CoOzzy
  7. Hi, This week I was granted my permanent residence visa for Australia along with my girlfriend. We're both still bouncing off the walls, can't believe it finally came through. So I thought I'd post some of the timing details, I remember checking my application status daily and searching online for any clues of how long it might take, hopefully this will help others who are still waiting. Application lodged on 29/09/2010 Additional information requested 26/05/2011 - police checks, medicals and additional proof of my de facto relationship. Additional information sent 24/06/2011 (police check took around 2 weeks to be completed - UK) Visa granted 21/09/2011 Any questions let me know Andy
  8. Guest

    Subclass 103 Parent Visa

    Hi, If anyone can help with the below question, that would be great. : Once you have applied for a Subclass 103 visa, do you need to wait the 10-15 years before being able to go into Australia and start your new life (living/working etc), i.e. do you have to wait until the visa is fully processed/granted?
  9. Hi to all, I have a single question. Am i eligible to get sponsorship from my wife's cousin (son of her mother's sister) for the Subclass 176? Thanking in advance to all. Zakir Chowdhury. Bangladesh
  10. pintsik

    Subclass 461

    Hi Everyone! I am living in Australia for more than 3 years now with a Kiwi partner. We have some evidences such as lease and electricity bill on both names, photos, joint bank account to prove our relationship. Can you suggest other documents we need to provide? Also, I am married in my country and no document to prove that we are divorced or separated apart from physically away from each other. Will my marriage affect the approval of my application for subclass 461? All your replies are highly appreciated. Thank you in advance...
  11. Guest

    subclass 857 visa

    hi, me and my partner and two children have been granted a bridging visa until our subclass 857 visa is granted, am i right in saying that we a intitle to medicare and state benifit for the children, also does anyone know if we can learn to drive now even tho we have not had a final decision, thankyou for any help
  12. Guest

    RSMS Subclass 857 - ACT

    Hi all, Just wanting to find out if there are any other Canberrans out there who've applied for the 857 or in the process of applying? Our employer is a current registered sponsor with DIAC (for our 457 as well as several other ENS nominations around the country). Do they need to submit another nomination application for the 857 or will their current sponsorship status be used? If this is the case and they are pre-approved sponsors, what paperwork would they then need to submit to the Chief Minister's Dept? How long did the certification take? Their website says 15 working days? Is this accurate? We're planning on lodging the nomination and visa app at the same time. Any indication on time frames for these to be approved a) with a decision ready checklist (DRC) via an agent and without a DRC submitted without an agent? Really would appreciate any input here. Thanks! Mrs Mupersan
  13. Hi I applied for my PR on 14 Sep 2009 ( Subclass 886) under State sponsorship Western Australia as a hairdresser, DIAC has not yet allocate a case officer for me and there is no progress on my case. I'm so confused , i don't know what category I'm in and how long will it take for my case to be processed. Is there anyone with the same situation ? can anyone tell what i can do regarding this issue ? I'm really sick of waiting :mad:, sometimes i think with myself, i forget about the PR and Australia and get back to my home country. Regards
  14. Hi all, We are just trying to decide on whether to apply for the above visa now or whether we go out to Oz on a WHV and apply once out there..how long (roughly) are these visas taking to be granted at present? Thanks in advance peeps :-)
  15. Please help ! I have applied for Australian Migration as Skilled – Independent (Migrant) subclass 175 on 18th January 2009. Since I was not contacted even though the cut off date for assigning a Case Officer for the visa subclass 175 application crossed my date of lodgement, I posted online queries and I was replied that I was placed in Priority 5 instead of Priority 4. I immediately called DIAC and found out that the ASCO code during the time of application lodgement was 2231-79 instead of 2231-19. I was advised to email an attachment of the Australian Computer Society assessment sheet to GSM.documents@immi.gov.au which proved that I was granted the ASCO code 2231-19 by ACS along with other case details . The correction was made on 26th July 2011. Later, a Case Officer was assigned to my application on 23rd August. On 29th August, the Case Officer refused my visa application stating the following in the attachment titled 'Decision Record': Reasons for decision The visa class that you applied for includes 2 subclasses of visa. These are: Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) ● Skilled Independent (subclass 175) ● Skilled Sponsored (subclass 176) I have considered your application against the criteria for all subclasses in the VE visa class. Under migration law a visa cannot be granted unless the applicant meets the legal requirements that are specified in the Act and the Regulations. After careful consideration of all the information you have provided, I am not satisfied that you satisfy the criteria for the grant of VE subclass 175 (Skilled - Independent) as set out in Australian migration law. Therefore, your application for this visa has been refused. Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations 1994 sets out the criteria to be met for the grant of Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) subclass 175 (Skilled - Independent) visa. 175.212 is one of the mandatory requirements for the grant of the visa and it states: 175.212 (1) The skills of the applicant have been assessed by the relevant assessing authority as suitable for the applicant’s nominated skilled occupation. (2) If the assessment mentioned in subclause (1) is made on the basis of a qualification obtained in Australia while the applicant was the holder of a student visa, the qualification was obtained as a result of studying a registered course. Skills assessment does not match nominated occupation You lodged an application with a nominated skilled occupation of Computing Professionals nec ASCO 2231-79 but your skilled assessment from the Australian Computer Society (ACS) lists your skilled application as Systems Programmer ASCO 2231-19. I find that your skills assessment and nominated occupation do not match and it is a legislative requirement that you must nominate the same occupation as your skills assessment at time of application. You therefore do not satisfy 175.212(1) as your skills assessment and and nominated occupation do not match at time of application. Assessment for alternate visa subclass I have also assessed your application against the criteria for the grant of a subclass 176 of the Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) visa. Schedule 2 to the Regulations sets out the criteria to be met for the grant of a 176.212 is one of the mandatory requirements for the grant of the visa and it states: 176.212 (1) The skills of the applicant have been assessed by the relevant assessing authority as suitable for the applicant’s nominated skilled occupation. (2) If the assessment mentioned in subclause (1) is made on the basis of a qualification obtained in Australia while the applicant was the holder of a student visa, the qualification was obtained as a result of studying a registered course. As stated above I find that your skills assessment and nominated occupation do not match and it is a legislative requirement that you must nominate the same occupation as your skills assessment at time of application. You therefore do not satisfy 176.212(1) as your skills assessment and and nominated occupation do not match at time of application. I do not think that this is fair as I had made the required correction a month before it was taken up by the Case Officer. The Case Officer seems to have handled this very casually and did not give me the benefit of doubt in this situation. This decision will definitely change the course of my future as I have made many plans in hopes of being granted the visa and I do not know what to do now. Please advise as I am unable to concentrate on anything. I am mentally very disturbed because of this outcome.
  16. Hi Guys! How are you all doing? It was hailing here yesterday but I still love this country!:biggrin: However, I do have a question or two and hope that you guys are able to enlighten me. I came over here with a Student Visa. I was confirmed a place in Jan 2010 and as per IMMI, I can only apply for the student visa 3 months before the course starts. Therefore, as at 18 Feb 2010, I was still waiting to apply for a student visa. So, that means I won't be able to apply for the Skilled – Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 485) after I completed my 2 year of studies, right? Some people are telling me to apply for the 485 in Dec 2010. So, I am confused. What other options can I go for? Currently I one year of paid working experience in the arena of my study ( 20 hours per week). That means, by the time I graduate, I will have 2 years of work experience. Thanks so much! Cheers, JP
  17. Guest

    Subclass 309 Partner Visa

    Hello, I've applied for partner visa subclass 309 to AUS, from India. My case has been forwarded to a senior case officer for the final decision now. How much time should it take now? It's been 3 months already. Please help me with your answers. Thanks.
  18. hi guys anyone know what the timeline for this visa is currently at? i'm halfway through my two years on my temp visa and was advised when this was granted to apply for the permenant partner visa 3 months prior to the 2 years being up. cheers thanks in advance
  19. Guest

    ENS Subclass 121 Time Line

    Job offer in Perth February 2011, APHRA registration June 2011, took 6 weeks to come through, Medicals completed May 2011, Visa Nomination for perminant residency approved July 2011 and main visa ENS Subclass 121 submitted August 01st 2011, Subclass Granted September 01st 2011:biggrin: Perth here we come!!!!!!
  20. Hello, I've applied for partner visa subclass 309 to AUS. While waiting for the same, I'd visited AUS to spend time with my husband who is an AUS PR. I'd searched for jobs while my visit to AUS and have also received an offer from one of the companies. But, I can not start working until I receive my partner visa, which is under process. The company has given me the offer letter with the joining date as pending. Is it fine if I tell my case officer that I've been offered a job in AUS, which can start only after I receive my partner visa. Will this help in speeding up my case? My case is now pending for the final decision only. All documents' assessment, medical checkup, police check, etc. has been completed and the case is now with a higher case officer for the final decision. How much time should it take now? It's been 3 months already. Please help me with your answers. Thanks.
  21. Hi Guys, Just a quick question re. "upgrading" my defacto visa from temp to perm. I have been in Melbourne for just over a year and am absolutely loving it! Took a while to get over missing friends and family in the UK, but now I feel completly settled. Anyway I was speaking a friend of a friend recently who told me that she knew people who hadnt spoken to immigration soon enough regarding changing their defacto from an 801 to 820 and as such the visa had expired and they have had to leave the country! Now I dont know how true this is, but it has made me wonder how do you go about changing your visa to permenant? Do immigration contact you or should you contact them? Obviously I dont want to get deported back home to the UK if I can help it and Im sure this is the usual scare mongering, but obviously wouldnt hurt to know the process so we can be organised. Also I cant seem to find any info about it on the immigration website, so any advice / experience on this would be great. As always, anyone whos going through the defacto process should feel free to PM me with any questions, I know how stressful that bit is! D
  22. Hi guys, I am just flipping through my passport and was reading the label for my just approved SC119 visa. I was reading on the DIAC website that you must stay employed for 2 years and that your visa might be subject to cancellation and all that stuff...I think everyone knows it by now. Weird thing is though that when I look on the label there is no condition on it and the same applies to the online E-business check website where you type in your passport details,DOB and so on. When I click on "Entitlement" it comes up with no conditions either. It only says AN, subclass 119, Permanent resident , Indefinite stay. In my PR grant letter on the other hand it says that the visa might be subject to cancellation when my employment ceases within 2 years. Well, thats a bit different than what I was reading on the DIAC website. There it says that when I am out of control it wont need to fear cancellation. Different words in my letter...there is not in - or out of controll. Is the SC119 having a condition by regulation already and DIAC doesn't have to set it out when issueing the visa ? On the other hand I remember my student visa was also bound to many restrictions and conditions...and they were all listed. Anyone with the same situation ? EDIT : I forgot to mention that I have worked , so far, the last 2 years in the ACT as a Cook (my sponsored position). But only 1 years was full time out of this. The other year was part time. I have proven these years by accurate work references to the CO. In total I have worked 3 years in the ACT before the PR was granted. Might that have be a reason ?
  23. Hi there, I am hoping some one can help me with this query as I've spent hours scouring the internet and can't seem to find an answer. I'm from the UK and got my Australia PR visa (subclass 175) granted about a year ago. After it was granted, I got engaged to my (now) husband and we then successfully applied and were granted a prospective marriage subclass 300 visa. Since then we have been out to Australia and got married :-) We weren't quite ready to move out permanently so we're back in the UK at the moment but will be flying out to settle for good in October this year. Our question is how do we go about applying for my husband to remain permanently in Australia now that we are married. His visa grant letter just states that he has to do this from within Australia before his subclass 300 visa expires. All the info I have found points to him applying for a subclass 820 visa - but the visa application process looks like you have to submit a multitude of documents exactly as we have already done for the subclass 300. Is this right? Do we have to go through the entire process again, getting statutory declarations, references from employers etc? We will find this extremely difficult to provide since we will have just arrived in Australia and won't be employed :-( Any help would be much appreciated as I can't seem to find a straight answer. I have tried contacting the Australian high commission but can't get through. Thanks.
  24. I am currently studying in england starting september and just wondering if anyone knows if the applicant being the child has to carry on in full time education when they arrive in australia after you have already started a course in england this is on a child visa subclass 101 visa please help thanks
  25. Hello, i am a doctor by profession and will be coming to Melbourne late December/Early January to give my AMC clinical exam due in late Feb/early March . I will have business short stay subclass 456 visa which allows me to stay in Australia for upto 3months with multiple entries for a year. hopefully, after successful completion of my exam,ill be searching a job there and will be permanently settling there. But i have nothing planned as yet,that is why im very confused, and need some guidance. 1) I know not a single soul on Aussie land and will be coming alone. Can anyone guide how much will be the expense monthly (considering i will not be able to work with subclass 456 visa) 2) How to get a place to live for at least 3 months before reaching australia? 3) Which is a nice place to settle initially? 4) is there some way to open a bank account before coming to Australia? Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. I may ask other questions when they come in my mind Regards