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Found 357 results

  1. Hello all, My British fiance applied for his Prospective Marriage visa on 01/06/2017. I wanted to start a new thread specifically for the Prospective Marriage visa subclass 300, where others can share their timelines if they like. The current processing times are as follows: 75% of applications processed in 11 months 90% of applications processed in 16 months Please feel free to share your timelines.
  2. Guest

    subclass 600 visa questions....

    SO! I want to go back to AUS to visit family and friends after going there on a Holiday Working visa back in 2013-14. I can't apply for a second Holiday working visa, so I believe the subclass 600 visitor visa is my best option since I want to stay for as long as possible (ideally for the full 12 months). I miss it so much! That being said, I feel like the government website is missing some details I need before I apply, so HALP! My questions are: If I have financial support from my mom in Canada and my Uncle in AUS, does that increase my chances of a longer stay? Or do I have to pay for everything myself? How much money should I have when I apply? Does your bank account influence the application process? Could I apply for the visa without having all the mandatory funds and continue to save until my departure? I have my family's home in AUS that I'll be staying at, does that help? If I get granted only 3 months or 6 months, can I reapply for more time? Or do I have to leave? I really want to make this work. I want to do it right, and I want to make sure I have all my t's crossed and i"s dotted. Any insight would be looooovely! Thank you! <3
  3. Hi everybody! Could someone please help me with this one: I am an Australian citizen, currently in Europe - I've married an Austrian(not Australian girl, after few years of knowing her. I need to go back to Oz. And we would like to stay together. We heard for that 'Onshore Subclass 820' solution (or is it a 'solution'?), but we don't know how it actually works. Does it work at all? Could she enter Australia with me, then we apply for that Subclass 820, and wait for the decision while we are both in Australia? She could stay in Australia for three months with her Austrian passport/tourist visa, and decision about the Subclass 820 takes much longer! What to do? How to do it? Please help. Desperately in love, and desperately wanting to stay together.
  4. Dear All, A quick question just for confirmation. ICT security Specialist - 262112 is not in SOL sechedule-1 in list below on link. Does it mean i can't apply for Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175)? http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule1.pdf Your input/comments will be highly appreciated Regards
  5. Hi all, Just came across this forum, looks great! I sent our visa application yesterday and it arrived today at 09:09 and my credit card has already been charged the cost of the visa! Is this normal, did this happen to you? I would be greatful of any response, :spinny:
  6. Hello All, This is my first post on this forum, and am here seeking advise from the Aussie Visa Experts I am Jai from India and have 6 yrs exp in IT field. I wish to apply for Aus PR visa, and have passed the points test (65) on Aus immigration website. Has anyone filed for a PR on their own without going thru an agent?? I have contacted a migration agent in India, and seem to charge too high for the services, so thinking to apply on my own. just want to know how complicated is the process? Appreciate all your help!! Thanks in advance.. I2wannafly!! :wink:
  7. Guest

    Subclass 176 State sponsorship!

    Hi I just received my Subclass 176 VISA. The problem is that I have a Victorian state sponsorship. I was wondering if I could leave Victoria and start working in Queensland? I would prefer living in Brisbane. Can I leave Victoria and live in Queensland or will I have to stay in Victoria? And if I do, then for how long? Thank you
  8. Hello I recently entered Australia on an ETA visa with the intention of applying for a defacto visa once landing. I rang immigration yesterday and was told that regardless of how quickly my bridging visa was granted, it would not be activated until my ETA visa had expired (90 days from entering the country) and that I wouldn't be eligible to work until this time. Is there any way around this restriction? I can think of worse places to be unemployed for 3 months :biggrin: but am keen to get working as soon as possible! I also have a potential Australian job offer in the pipeline. Is there anything my prospective employer can do to get me into work more quickly? Immigration told me over the phone that a sponsorship visa also required my ETA to expire before being activated. Thanks in advance!
  9. Could anyone possibly answer a couple of questions for me. We are looking at applying for a Aged parent (804) visa for my parents soon and was wondering when the Assurance of Support bond is required? Is it paid right in the beginning when the application is submitted? Are there any other costs involved when submitting the initial application other then the fee for the visa.. and the 1st instalment of $2960 - is that per parent or a total amount? Also do the medicals and character checks have to be done when submitting the application or at what stage? Anyone who can assist I really appreciate it… Thanks
  10. Hi I am applying for a 101 visa for my youngest son. He was born after the rest of the family had obtained & validated our PR visas. So unfortunately we have to go through the complicated process of getting him is own PR. I was wondering if anyone else had doen this themselves recently? I have the 40CH and 47CH forms filled in. I am the sponsor as I was the main applicant on our original visas. My question is does my husband (also childs father) need to complete form 1229 to say he has parental responsibility? We are a straight forward family unit (1st marriage for both and 2 of our own childen) and are all emmigrating together. Both of out names are on the child's birth cerftificate. On reading the 40CH form it looks like my husband does need to fill out a 1229 form but when I downloaded the 1229 it says it is for parents with Parental responsibility who are not emmigrating to australia. Hope this make sense. My head is aching with it all & the more I read the forms the more confused I get. :arghh: Thanks in advance.
  11. Could anyone possibly answer a couple of questions for me. We are looking at applying for a Aged parent (804) visa for my parents soon and was wondering when the Assurance of Support bond is required? Is it paid right in the beginning when the application is submitted? Are there any other costs involved when submitting the initial application other then the fee for the visa.. and the 1st instalment of $2960 - is that per parent or a total amount? Also do the medicals and character checks have to be done when submitting the application or at what stage? Anyone who can assist I really appreciate it… Thanks
  12. Dear All, I want ask that western australia is fully open now,after declaring perth as region for subclass 475? According to this link: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/whats-new-esw.htm#12sept I really need your help in this regard. Waiting for your kind response. Thanks and regards, M.Fahad Khan
  13. Hello, I am a registered nurse currently looking for sponsorship in Australia on a subclass 457 visa. I see that it says you have to work for a minimum 12 months. Does anyone know if you can leave a sponsored job before your initial 12 months is done? and if yes, are there any charges/rules etc. Thanks! Helen :biggrin:
  14. Hi folks, I'm currently waiting for an offshore spousal temporary visa. I have the oppurtunity to work in the mining industry. However, my wife is worried that the Immigration Dept may not grant us the Subclass 100 permanent visa after 2yrs as I would be working in rural Australia for 2 weeks on and flying back for one week. Are her concerns unfounded or would there be an issue here? I would love to work for 2yrs just to get a head start on our mortgage. All replies greatly appreciated.
  15. Guest

    Subclass 176

    Hi, Under 176 visa what are the benefits we can obtain from the government? Thanks! kathy
  16. Hello everyone :wubclub: I must first express to you a big compliment for their successful and informative website. How I personally think it is difficult to understand the Australian immigration laws exactly.they often make for confusion in my head :goofy: but this is perhaps also of English tend to think not perfect or it is written in an official language. I have the book, or better said the brochure bought "Life in Australia" and signed up in various forums in order to find out how we have to proceed so that our partners subclass 820 visa is approved successfully. :idea: Our story is one of many unique and yet, we do not want to bore you so long, but we would like to ask you an honest council. :yes: because we do not know how to go further. :cry: I am a German and citizen with a visitor visa (ETA only, then 676) here, which expires on December 4th. Because then I'm 12 months now. We met in February this year and learned to love. :biggrin: Since that day, we live together in his house and spend every free minute together. Vacation, camping, fishing, family gatherings and friends and so on. We are getting married next month and then I have to leave Australia because we have the clause for 12 months do not meet the visa. :wubclub: I will fly to New Zealand to the rest of his family to know and spend a week to spend holidays. To then return with a new visitor visa to Australia. These allow us then to three months, it can submit the application deadline. My question is this is the right way? and where do I apply for the new visitor visa for Australia? in New Zealand or do I apply it here with my travel booking? Help us please, we want to jeopardize the applicant for the partner visa by anything. All other Documents, evidence, and their translation by a NAATI and the health - and we have police check completed successfully. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have taken many thanks in advance for your advice. :smile: thank you, thank you your CoOzzy
  17. Guest

    Subclass 103 Parent Visa

    Hi, If anyone can help with the below question, that would be great. : Once you have applied for a Subclass 103 visa, do you need to wait the 10-15 years before being able to go into Australia and start your new life (living/working etc), i.e. do you have to wait until the visa is fully processed/granted?
  18. Hi to all, I have a single question. Am i eligible to get sponsorship from my wife's cousin (son of her mother's sister) for the Subclass 176? Thanking in advance to all. Zakir Chowdhury. Bangladesh
  19. pintsik

    Subclass 461

    Hi Everyone! I am living in Australia for more than 3 years now with a Kiwi partner. We have some evidences such as lease and electricity bill on both names, photos, joint bank account to prove our relationship. Can you suggest other documents we need to provide? Also, I am married in my country and no document to prove that we are divorced or separated apart from physically away from each other. Will my marriage affect the approval of my application for subclass 461? All your replies are highly appreciated. Thank you in advance...
  20. Guest

    subclass 857 visa

    hi, me and my partner and two children have been granted a bridging visa until our subclass 857 visa is granted, am i right in saying that we a intitle to medicare and state benifit for the children, also does anyone know if we can learn to drive now even tho we have not had a final decision, thankyou for any help
  21. Hi, This week I was granted my permanent residence visa for Australia along with my girlfriend. We're both still bouncing off the walls, can't believe it finally came through. So I thought I'd post some of the timing details, I remember checking my application status daily and searching online for any clues of how long it might take, hopefully this will help others who are still waiting. Application lodged on 29/09/2010 Additional information requested 26/05/2011 - police checks, medicals and additional proof of my de facto relationship. Additional information sent 24/06/2011 (police check took around 2 weeks to be completed - UK) Visa granted 21/09/2011 Any questions let me know Andy
  22. Hi Guys! How are you all doing? It was hailing here yesterday but I still love this country!:biggrin: However, I do have a question or two and hope that you guys are able to enlighten me. I came over here with a Student Visa. I was confirmed a place in Jan 2010 and as per IMMI, I can only apply for the student visa 3 months before the course starts. Therefore, as at 18 Feb 2010, I was still waiting to apply for a student visa. So, that means I won't be able to apply for the Skilled – Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 485) after I completed my 2 year of studies, right? Some people are telling me to apply for the 485 in Dec 2010. So, I am confused. What other options can I go for? Currently I one year of paid working experience in the arena of my study ( 20 hours per week). That means, by the time I graduate, I will have 2 years of work experience. Thanks so much! Cheers, JP
  23. Hi all, We are just trying to decide on whether to apply for the above visa now or whether we go out to Oz on a WHV and apply once out there..how long (roughly) are these visas taking to be granted at present? Thanks in advance peeps :-)
  24. Guest

    Subclass 309 Partner Visa

    Hello, I've applied for partner visa subclass 309 to AUS, from India. My case has been forwarded to a senior case officer for the final decision now. How much time should it take now? It's been 3 months already. Please help me with your answers. Thanks.
  25. Guest

    ENS Subclass 121 Time Line

    Job offer in Perth February 2011, APHRA registration June 2011, took 6 weeks to come through, Medicals completed May 2011, Visa Nomination for perminant residency approved July 2011 and main visa ENS Subclass 121 submitted August 01st 2011, Subclass Granted September 01st 2011:biggrin: Perth here we come!!!!!!