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Found 43 results

  1. connaust

    Visa fees rejigged for students

    INTERNATIONAL students crippled by a spate of college foreclosures this year will be exempt from paying $540 visa fees to stay on in Australia as the country resets its immigration intake to attract the people it needs. From January 1, the Government will waive fees for as many as 4700 students reapplying to study at new institutions after 12 colleges collapsed.
  2. Guest


    Hi I am 41 and am due to start a course in Joondalup, Perth in February 10 and would love to hear from anybody else also starting. I am going to be studying for a Diploma in Community Services and will be bringing my family with me. Lorraine :spinny:
  3. Find Guru who are trying to make an online class room where you can get connected with teachers, attempt assignments and rent books as well find your best rated guru teacher tutor professor and rent books online Find Guru connects Teachers and Students in a unique way facilitating knowledge transfer and mentor ship through the internet. They launched a new module for students. students can submit their assignments and the expert panel will help in solving the assignments. Ask expert is the another new module for the doubts, Thier expert panel will answer them freely. Hope every one enjoy the benefits of the new modules. And now they are looking for teachers who can tutor students online. So you can also submit your resumes at info@find-guru.com Students can register for free and they can get the best rated teachers, rent books online and even update their school/college/university. They are working on online learning management system and also search based on SMS which will be upgraded soon. So that teachers and students worldwide can connect using our portal. Most features: search results from local teachers rent books online alumni for schools colleges and universities rating your teachers,tutors ,professors and colleges An article about their company and its growth potential in education sector. so please go through this link Tech startups see high potential in education sector - SiliconIndia
  4. hi my names aaron and at the moment im living in england but am going out to australia very soon. i have looked into australian uni's but havnt found out much about there student life. if any of you can tell me what the life is like at uni that would be great. over here you have freshers week when you start were you simply get drunk everynight and start meeting new people, are australian uni's anything like this? if anyone could give me some information or stories i would appreciate it very much. thank you :smile:
  5. Cops drag wagging students out of bed | National News | News.com.au i like it!:shocked:
  6. I post this out of interest only and make no comment about the issue otherwise. Blitz on foreign students to screen out visa fraud
  7. This article was in todays Herald Sun, it is quite sickening as we have a family who came out last year on a student visa, sold their house and everything, and now they have been told their occupation has been removed so chances of PR are slim, they are currently trying to find out what they can do to stay in Oz:cry: Here is the article: MORE than 40,000 students who expected to gain permanent residency in Australia may not qualify because of recent policy changes, research estimates. The Rudd Government has removed most vocational trades, including plumbing, welding and carpentry from its skills priority list, making it harder for international students with those qualifications to gain permanent residency. Monash University demographer Bob Birrell says the changes, implemented this year, were not getting through to the international student community. He said enrolments in vocational training were on the rise and most students expected their qualifications would lead to permanent residency. In a new paper, Dr Birrell estimated more than 40,000 international students with vocational skills had applied for permanent residency, adding however, that their visa status was currently "in limbo". "The changes will make it much more difficult for those students to obtain permanent residency," he told AAP. But Dr Birrell said there remained other paths for students to gain permanent residency. Their applications would be processed if the Government's 2009-10 target of 180,000 skilled migration visas was not met. They could also access a 458 visa, which would allow them to work for 18 months, during which time they could apply for permanent residency. Dr Birrell said the Rudd Government needed to ensure that changes to the migration policy were crystal clear to overseas countries. The Federal Opposition agreed, saying students should know their visa rights and obligations before they decided to study in Australia. The research paper, Immigration Policy Change and the International Student Industry, will be published in Monash University's quarterly publication People and Place tomorrow
  8. Visa racket leaves foreign students exposed
  9. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, so not entirely sure if this would go in the Education section or over here, so mods please feel to move it as appropriate! Basically, I have been scouring and scouring the intertubes (in vain, alas...) to try and find scholarships for science students wanting to study/do research in Australia for a year, preferably in Melbourne... and I was just wondering if any of you had any idea where I can find out more about scholarships, especially government-funded or organisation-funded (e.g. charities, etc.) scholarships (as I know there are university scholarships too, and for that I can get in contact with the universities directly)? I have a feeling this is going to prove to be more difficult as I am not an Australian citizen, but a British one... but I'm not entirely sure? Basically - any information you may have on the issue would be very much appreciated! Any organisations I can contact, or any websites that may be of use, etc. Thank you so much for your time, Vanilla
  10. From: 'Approved' college sells diplomas to help foreign students stay in UK - Times Online
  11. Guest

    Uni students??

    Hi Guys Need help with a dilemma we have before making the decision to start the ball rolling. We have two 18 year old boys who are about to start uni in Sept 09. We anticipate our move to happen in about two years time - we are applying under 475 State sponsorship to SA, but have a large house to sell (hopefully!). When we go the boys will have about a year of their degrees left. The conditions of state sponsorship are that applicants should live and work/study in the specified regional area for SA. The boys don't want to transfer uni as they have chosen the best UK ones for their courses - digital imaging and computer games design. Does anyone know if they are able to continue thier courses in the UK and then join us in Oz or are the conditions completely inflexible? Thanks
  12. Guest

    Domestic Students!

    Hi All, As some of you may already know our visa got granted a few weeks back and thankfully I was included on my dad's visa - yippee! :jiggy: Originally we didn't think I would get accepted on my dad's visa so this was a massive shock! As i didn't think it would happen my back up plan was to go over to australia on a student visa so only really looked at info for an international student - however now I don't need to do that so i'm starting to look at going to university as a domestic student! This is where i'm getting a bit stuck.... we are going on a 176 visa so we are classed as permanent residents but are not citizens until our 2 years have passed... so I'm unsure as to what loans i can get. I did a search on this forum but didn't find very much hence the post! My main queries are: - Can I apply for a student loan in Australia as a Permanent resident or do I need to be there for 2 years before I can apply? - Does anyone know what the rough costs are for a domestic student? As I've been trying to figure it out on the Canberra University page and I have no idea what they are going on about .. for example EFTSL - what is this!? How much does a unit cost? Domestic Undergraduate/Postgraduate Student with a Commonwealth Supported Place : Student and Academic Services : University of Canberra Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all! Emma
  13. Hi this is 1 of 4 posts regarding a visa for my parents to join me in Australia. There seems to be lots of options but none of which fit very well! Basic info is I've been in Australia on a permanent resident visa for 5 years, but have 2 brothers in the uk so the parent visas aren't possible at the moment. My parents are 55 which makes permanent working visas very difficult. One brother would love to move out here but is short of formal qualifications. Instead of training in the uk to get enough points it would seem sensible to me to train here on a student visa and then you don't need to worry about the converstion of qulifications etc. If he did this does anyone know when he would pass the balance of family test? Also, I thought I read somehwere (but can't find now - too much information!) that the balance of family test is determined at the date of submission and not reevaluated when you finally get to the front of the que. This would seem sensible (which counts for nothing I'm sure!) as things could easliy change in the length of time it takes.... Thanks for any help
  14. Guest

    students going to oz

    :biggrin:hi all just wondering if anyone out there has used a company called silvertrowel for there course,when going to oz on a student visa. pluss are there courses any good? cheers dave
  15. Guest

    year 11 students

    My son is just approaching his year 11 GCSE. Once our house is sold we wish to migrate, could he continue with his GCSE's in Queensland? If not what other options are there apart from stay until he has finished year 11 GCSE examinations. Many thanks.
  16. mandymcqueen

    Calling any Students

    Hi Ok can anyone tell me if you need to have medicals done on a student visa, I am just about to apply for mine and I am confused, it says on the website that not everyone needs medicals, does that mean they will tell me when I apply for my visa if I need meds done?? Also if you do need them does family members on your student visa also need them? Starting to panic now that I may not have enough time to get everything done, start my course on July 14th yipee. Anyone know how long it actually takes to get the visa? Sorry I know loads of questions there, any help much appreciated. Thanks Mandy
  17. mandymcqueen

    Age Limit for Students

    Hi All Does anyone know if there is an age limit to enrol as a Student in Oz?? thanks Mandy
  18. Hi can anyone help We are hoping to move to Brisbane while I study. However I can only find private school fees for my daughters ages 8 and 11, wow TOOOOOOO much. they are coming in at $10,000 per year/per child . I looked on the AU education site. Can I not send them to a state school for cheaper. I do know it can be different because we don't have PR. Ginell