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Found 179 results

  1. paul1977

    checking online status

    hi can anyone tell me where i can check the progess of my online visa application. my agent applyed for WA state sponsorship for us and gave us a number.... but where do you look...? any info greatfully received paul :hug:
  2. Hello to all. HI, we are one if clients four corners left in limbo (not sure how many others?). if possible could we get some get advice to put our minds at rest? Our main visa application was submitted on 20/4/09 a month before four corners went (20/05/09). We did however receive our receipt of payment to DIAC which contained our TRN number, What is worrying us is when we come to check our application status on-line and go to the document checklist page there is no evidence of the DIAC receiving any other documentation, what we are particulary worried about because there is limited time scale there is no evidence of our state nomination or de-facto relationship. Is this usual ? i know there is a backlog and because of this is this why nothing has appeared on-line. if not would anybody be able to tell me how i can send this information to DIAC. Also may i add our thanks to all the people who added their help when four corners went bump, i have followed the advice given by collywobbler andasked for the return of all files and we are currently put a letter together to try and retrive at least some of our money. many thanks in advance. darren, michele, jake and kieran. the hope is still there
  3. briggs

    online status worry

    Hi, I have been assigned a CO since 20th may 09, but nothing on my status page has changed, although all my documents have been uploaded. I have not even received an email requesting for medicals. Nothing. I am worried, is this normal?
  4. Looked this-morning at my status on-line and the front page is the same, but I looked at the document checklist (don't normally) and the things that had said 'requested' such as med stuff and police checks now say 'met' the date is 11th may. The only thing that still says 'requested' is my police check:wacko:..........Know I have nothing dodgy on there so I am hoping we are nearly there......what do you think? I'm keeping everything crossed......we've been waiting such a long time and we just want to get on with the rest of our lives. Amanda
  5. Hi Everyone new to the site, 176 approved just waiting on medicals...... Just wondered how you all check your status on line?? We have agent who is very good and calls us at every stage without fail so never needed to check really but with this medical thing hanging over us would like to check daily just so I can wind myself up even more.
  6. Guest

    Visa online status question

    Hi I applied for my 176 visa sponsored by a relative on 12/12/08, when I check online the status says "application received - processing commenced" does this mean that it is actually being processed or is this just the standard response when you lodge your application ? I applied for WA state sponsorship 4 weeks ago as I understand that if I am sucessfull this should speed up my processing times but I know that the processing time for this is around 3 months so I guess I will have more waiting in limbo for a result on that, the trade that TRA assessed me for is on the WA occupations in demand list so hopefully that will help rgds D
  7. lsbc1976

    Vetassess Document Status

    Hi ive sent my documents to Vetassess, and my online status reads as documents recieved. How long did it take for your assessment status to change to "active" thanks Lynne
  8. pmf1977

    Status of ACS Skill assessment

    Hi The status of my ACS application just changed to 'with assessor' does this mean I'm close to getting a decision? Im sick of checking the website everyday but can't help it thanks Paul
  9. Hi everyone I have applied for 475 visa (paper lodge). Somebody knows, where I can check the state of my application?. I didn't know if DIAC received State Sponsorship confirmation from South Australia. Thanks for your help. Eche
  10. Guest

    check status

    Hi Guys Information required if anybody can,can someone please tell us how long it might be before our status check page will change from documents requested to met,Our agent uploaded everything just before the easter break but she is off sick so carnt ask her,our state sponser ship shows as met as we got that back in feb but the rest say requested. best regards woody:confused:
  11. escape

    ACS status??

    Hi people, Can anyone that has gone through the ACS process help with this question - Once you have lodged your application to ACS how long have you had to wait until the status shows as 'in progress'? :err: Thanks.
  12. Evening all, Hubs and I (and the 3 kiddywinks) submitted our 175 (CSL and MODL) application online on March 21st. We got an acknowledgement and receipt of payment, but also got an error message saying "The following errors have been encountered: Unable to provide further processing details at this time as the link to the application processing system is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." :arghh::arghh: oUR AGENT HAS TOLD US THIS HAPPENS OCCASIONALLY AND SHOULD NOT AFFECT vISA pROCEssing, (oops Caps lock off now!) and he has told DIAC but said they are unlikely to fix it. - but I just wondered had anyone else experienced this and did it get resolved? It's driving me mad that we can't see any status updates! I know we'll get notified (via agent) in due course as and when we get a CO and they want Meds etc. but I like the excitement of being able to see if anything's changed!! Take care all, kirsty xxx
  13. Hi everyone, when checking my on-line app status the first page says meds finalised but the second page is showing that all other documents are still awaited, but these were all sent off with the application by the agent. Should I be contacting my agent to see if there's a problem?
  14. monkeymandness

    Online Application Status

    :jiggy:Morning all, Just logged onto online Status Inquirey, as I now seem to do most mornings, and it's changed. Now says our health requirements are finalised!!!!! That's got to be good, right? Does this mean we are nearly done???? Am beside myself with excitement and anticipation, but don't want to count my chickens before thay are hatched. Does this mean there are no problems with meds??? Responses would be greatly appreciated........ Thanks in advance, Amanda
  15. Guest

    Visa status

    Please can someone confirm something. Our Visa online status says 'proccessing commenced' where will it say 'Case Officer' when we get one? Thanks
  16. racht

    Residency Status?

    We are going out to Perth in May to get our (175) visas validated and are planning on making permanent move in the Summer of 2010. My question is, when you have your visas stamped by Immi when you go over (validated), do you then become an official Australian Resident. Are you classed as being domicile there, even though you are only visiting? The reason I ask is because this would have some tax implications for us. Thanks :hug: Rach
  17. Hi all, I am applying for a 475 visa and was supposed to be allocated a CO by this coming Friday. Well I was allocated one last Friday :wacko: They requested the following (my questions indicated like this): Employment duty statement - does anyone know what exactly is required here? Reference from my current employer Medical examination (1071i incl forms 160EH and 26EH) Police clearance certificates This all seems fair, but when I check my document checklist online, very few of all the other documents I have already emailed to then (such as my passport bio page have changed status to received, although the status against my wife's says received, although both was sent at the same time)?? A last question: request for information letter from the CO states that I have until 09 March to supply the information. This seems like an impossible date. Is it normal/ possible to extend this date? Any advise as always greatly appreciated!!
  18. Guest

    Cannot check online status

    I can't log into my online status page since this morning. does any one out there face the same problem? i'm GSM 175 applicant, submitted on 2nd July 2008.
  19. Typical, been told I will have a case officer any day now but can't check: https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Does anyone know how long this is usually down for? I hear dit happens quite alot? Vicky xxxxxx P.S Are there many 475's still waiting for a CO? xx
  20. Hi there Just looking for some advice on something. Basically I am a nurse and am hoping to move to Perth on a 457 visa. My partner however (not married) is hoping to come over on my visa and I have recently recieved a list of all the requirements to show our defacto status. We have been together for 4 years and lived together for over 2. The list is quite extensive and I just wondered if anyone else on here had been in a similar situation who was the main visa holder and how they went about proving their defacto status so they could take their partner with them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  21. Guest

    Visa Status Change

    Hi all Had some good news today, we have had an update on our Visa status on DIAC web site. Updated to : 06/01/09 Application being processed further Does this mean we have a CO? Regards Steve & Adele
  22. Guest

    status page

    Our status page now shows all the medicals are finalized, but what does it look like when they have granted the visa to you, is it on the documents page that it says visa granted or does it show it on the main page... getting very excited
  23. Guest

    176 visa processing status

    Dear Friends Merry christmas:coolxmas: Am a new member of this forum. I have filed my visa application under subclass 176 in 28-08-2008. I got my nomination from NSW for skilled migration in Aug 2008. The nomination is valid for 1 year. Can anyone tell me how long it take to allot a CO in current situation. Because i see no improvement in the automatic updation mail of checking the CO allotment (struck on 11 dec 2007):wacko:. Am a bit worried, since the processing has to be finalised before the nomination expires Shan
  24. Guest

    main residence status???

    here is a question for you, we are moving out to oz in june next year and need to remortgage our house in the uk before we go. I want to keep on a residential mortgage and benefit from the lower rates of course. My brother lives abroad and has managed to be lucky and acheieve this for the past 4 years without being questioned somehow. The question is does anyone have any insights on how to do this officially or by other means? My plan is to say that we want to keep it as our main residence as we plan to return in a couple years? thanks in advance
  25. xTINKSx

    E457 Status Page Query

    We applied for a 457 visa online on 12th Nov attaching all necessary documents. Upon receipt they confirmed what medicals were required and as such we had them today. Being the obsessive compulsive kinda girl I have been checking our online status page to make sure there are no other details they need. Today I noticed it said - 12th November - Application Received - processing commenced. 17th November - Application being processed further. Anyone else had this - if so, do you know what it means? Im assuming it means we have been allocated a c/o and they have checked to see if we need to submit further information. I know our visa approval isnt imminent because we only had meds done today but it progress right? Any clues???? xTinksx:cute: