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Found 179 results

  1. Hello there, I will be relocating to Oz in January due to my girlfriend's new job. My current UK company is interested in keeping and getting me to work from home in OZ. The only issue here is that there are 2 options available to me I reckon: > remain register as a 'normal' uk employee, paying taxes in the UK etc..My wages would be paid to my UK bank account. > register myself as self-employed in Australia and work as a contractor, paying taxes in Oz. Wages paid to my UK or Australian bank account I am not sure.. This is still rather early stage and I need to do some more research on the matter but I was wondering if anyone had been in a similar situation and had any advice on what was the best solution. Cheers
  2. Hey, i will try to ask another question. We applied for the 175 visa with changing to 176 this months. I'm the main apllicant. Whats happen or whats the right way to handle the following case? We will be divorced at april this year, how this effect the ongoing Visa application? Whats the best way to deal with this query? Are there any difficulites arise after the divorce? Its a serious problem for me and any advice will be great! thx
  3. Guest

    Application status change

    Hi I sent a PLE over a week ago with no response. I was disputing the fact that our meds were requested when we submitted our on line visa application. I sent scan copies of screen dumps that proved our meds were requested. I have not received any reponse. Our application status has always been 14/07/09 Application received - processing commenced 14/07/09 Application fee received Now there is a new status 12/01/10 Application being processed further Not sure where this is going but will keep you all posted...fingers crossed Jayne & Mark Trade bricklayer. Oct 2008 started TRA Vetasses on line, was on CSL until early 2009, spent a month in Perth loved it. Applied for SS 6/5/09.. 175 visa app on line 14/07/09 no agent.....meds posted 18/8/09 (Approved).... SS approved 1/9/09... all evidence, police checks & forms up loaded 31/7/09......no CO
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help. My WA SS application is with the DIAC since mid-November 2009 and my occupation is in group 2. My medicals and police checks have also been done and sent in. I notice that a lot of posters know when they have been assigned a case officer. When I was taking a look at my electronic application status on immi.gov.au I saw a message 'Application being processed further'. Does that mean my case officer has been assigned or am I still waiting for this to happen. thanks
  5. Hi, does anyone have an idea about the status of 176 applications that are on SOL and sponsored by an Australian relative?. Is there any hope other than waiting for 2012?
  6. Hi all, I'm a bit confused if i'd be knocking my CO by posting in DIAC to know the status of my application before X-mas! Coz, in Oz, there will be a quite a long vacation during the X-mas time as far as I heard. So will it be wise to post an enquiry about the application status? Thanks, Rubab.
  7. Hii did anyone tried to open the online visa status link " https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa ".. I am trying to see if there are changes happened on my form but I could n' open the link.. it says- Secure Connection Failed www.ecom.immi.gov.au uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on 12/2/2009 5:29 AM. (Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate) * This could be a problem with the server's configuration, or it could be someone trying to impersonate the server. * If you have connected to this server successfully in the past, the error may be temporary, and you can try again later. Is it the case for everyone or just me???/pls let me know.
  8. Hi everyone, It would be so nice if anyone can tell me why my document status still showing "Requested " even after I have uploaded all the documents requested. I was asked to send form 80 on 11/11/2009 by my case officer and I have completed uploading the form 80 on 26/11/2009. I have applied under Subclass - 176(Family sponsored) on 23/11/2009. I was not asked to upload the police clearance and medicals but I did also arranged those and uploaded them in advance. Do I need to arrange the PCC and Medicals again? Am I on the right track? If anyone can help me to get some relief ... Thanks in advanced, Rubab.
  9. Hi all I am looking for a very tiny small weeny light at the end of the tunnel. I lodged my DIAC application and there is a message that has appeared today on the online status that says... "Application being processed further" Does anyone know what this means and what normally happens next and how long it takes?!!!??? 30 degrees in Oz today is says on bbc weather... nice!! Thank you!!
  10. Dear Friends I'm 176 non-csl As I have had changes in my application status even after Sep 23, I thought of starting a new thread if anyone wants to share about their application processed after 23/09 and got any clarification on it. My Evidence of Specific Work Experience and Evidence of work experience were confirmed "received" on 13th of Oct. The immediate reason for starting this thread is my friend called me up today and told about he found "met" in few of the requirements on 28th of october. Does it mean that these applications are still being attended by COs? Pls share your views regards jains
  11. pommysteve

    Online Status - Meds.

    Hi all, I've often read that your online Meds status changes to "Met" once completed? After chasing CO yesterday to make sure they had received our Meds(Sent 14 days ago) my online status suddenly changed as follows:- 27/10/09 Health Requirements Finalised 27/10/09 Further Medical Results Recieved 27/10/09 Further Medical Results Recieved 27/10/09 Further Medical Results Recieved 27/10/09 HIV Blood test received Should I expect these to change to "Met" of is that the end of it? I'm guessing a helpful staff member has updated the online system for my benefit but the CO hasn't reviewed them yet hence the "received" status? I still need to upload PCC's but they're in the hands of our lovely royal mail. Previously they siad something like:- 08/05/09 Health Requirements Outstanding 08/05/09 X-Ray Requirements Required 08/05/09 Medical Form Results Required 08/05/09 Results of Medical Exam Required 08/05/09 HIV Blood test Required Thank you, PommySteve.
  12. Infact, it isn't on my document checklist page also, even though I have uploaded it to my file. Also, I have a CO who requested my meds & PC's be done, none are showing 'met', only ' received' and the last med is showing 'finalised' on 18/8/09. Could anyone advise me as to what they think please? Thanks, TraceyT
  13. Guest

    status check

    hi i wonder if anyone can help, we would like to check our status online with diac, but have looked and cant seem to find a way to look we are going on a 47es subclass offshore120 we sent everything by post so not sure if you can check via internet :biggrin:
  14. Hi all, After the recent changes I decided to check my application status. It says "Application received - processing commenced" and when I click the message button it says "Application received by the Department. Processing of this application has commenced" I'm certain it said something else since applying?Can anyone advise me if this means a CO is looking at it or have I got a terrible memory and it always said that??!? Thanks, Steve, p.s. please note i am 175 ON CSl(don't want to get anyones hopes up falsely)
  15. Guest

    UK Tax Status

    Hi Folks, We have a PR visa and plan to move out possible next year. My question is about keeping open our UK bank account and how it might affect our tax status. I understand that we can be counted as non-resident for UK tax purposes from the day after we leave the UK with the intention to live permanently abroad, and that we will be liable to tax on our worldwide income when we settle in Oz, including the interest on any UK bank accounts. What about if there is a time in-between? We plan to travel the world after leaving the UK and before finally settling in Oz. If we get any income in that period, who gets the tax? Would having income paid into a UK bank account during this period make it liable for UK tax? Or would Oz want the tax after we get there? Any help would be much appreciated!
  16. Hi everybody, I applied for WA SS on 06.Jul, at that time I was single but I got married right after on 10.Jul. :cute: The application is still in the queue and not processed yet. Do I need to inform WA about the change in my marital status? (I have already informed DIAC and send them the required documents). Thanks
  17. Guest

    How to check online status?

    Hi, We are applying for a Defacto visa and have sent our application in about two weeks ago - posted it using special delivery. It has been registered on the royal mail website as delivered and the money for the visa processing fee has left our account, so we know we are 'in the system'! We haven't heard anything yet though! I was looking through various threads on this site and lots of people have been mentioning checking the status of their applications online - I was just wondering how to go about this? Is this something you can only do if you did the online application? Or do you need to wait to hear from a case officer and have a reference number before checking online the status of the application? Can't stand all this waiting! The problem was, I have been reading that thread talking about the spouse visa processing times, and there are some people who have had theirs processed in a few weeks!! Was hoping we'd be lucky too, but I think we might have a longer wait! Any advice gratefully received! Rachel :wacko:
  18. Hi, how and where do we check the status of our 176 SS application online? We used an agent so not sure if we can check ourselves online? Many thanks
  19. Hi everyone! Our General Skilled 176 online visa application has been lodged with DIAC. I have just gone online to check our status and I am getting the following notification: Application received. Processing Commenced. Does anybody know exactly what this means? Also, all our documents were submitted online (we have the document lodgement receipt from our agent), but when I click into the Document Checklist, the status for all our documents are listed as "required". Does this mean that ASPC has yet to update our online status page to reflect that our documents have been received or what? Sorry, this stage of the process is all new to me. I hear they are processing the 176 visas very quickly at the moment, and as Hubby also has a job awaiting him, I was wondering if we should expect to be assigned a case officer soon or will it still probably take 8 weeks or so. Any opinions/information would be greatly appreciated. :unsure:
  20. Jules37

    Visa application status

    Hi We applied on-line on 23rd June and our status says processing commenced? Does anyone know if this means that they are actually processing our visa or is this the standard message that goes on when you apply? Also all of our documents show as not yet received is this normal too? Sorry about all the questions, any answers would be greatly appreciated. Jules
  21. Guest

    vetassess status

    Hay Hay Got status successful today from practical electrical test. Thought i,d messed up cos of the starter wiring But all is well Good luck to other 4 guys on my day in lovely Blackburn Only have details of Tim and Richard so if you one of the others please add details on here Cheers Simon
  22. Guest

    med status query

    Hi, Both my wife and my meds were received on 7/7/09 mine were finalised on the same day, but my wife's still say outstanding. Is there a chance they have been finalised and just not updated or have they been referred? Should I contact HOC for update, or leave it just now? This may have been answered in a previous thread, if so sorry for the duplication.
  23. Hi there everyone this is my very first post on PomsInOz although I have been addicted to reading posts since we started the whole process back in January. I hope someone can advise us. I applied for a 175 visa on 11/01/09 with occupation on the CSL. My application status changed to "application being processed further" on 17/06/09, the same date on which all our medical information was updated as "received". The online status page now states "finalised" for mine, my husband and our two children's health requirements but still states "outstanding" for my mother's health requirements (she is a dependent on my 175 visa application), despite the fact that all of her medical information is updated as received. However, when I click on the document checklist icon at the top of the status page, it states "met" beside all of our medical and CXR reports and is dated 24/06/09. Does anyone know whether this means all her medical info is satisfactory or is it likely further info will be requested? Also, we sent form 47A (required for each dependent over 16) by courier in February and this is still showing as "required". I sent an email to query the status of our application when I noticed all of this on 24/06/09 and was delighted to read in the reply that our file was with our case officer who would contact us if further information were required. However two weeks later and we have heard nothing. I hope all this makes sense to someone as reading it back, it sounds crazy! Please help if you can. Thanks.
  24. valandbaz

    Ooooh! Status All Met!!!

    Just had a quick check of online status and shocked to see EVERYTHING MET - this after nothing since March. Am I premature in getting excited or is it going to be another lo-o-o-o-n-n-ng wait. Anyone else in same boat?
  25. I wonder if anyone can help / has been in this situation. I am 3 days away from moving out of my house in the first step on our trip out to Oz. My temp spouse visa was granted in March and everything is sorted. The container goes on Wednesday, the car goes on 17th July while we're on holiday in Egypt and the Cats go on the same day as us in August. But. I had a smear test done a couple of months back and a letter popped through my door yesterday telling me it was abnormal. I apparently have "mild diskaryosis" which apparently is not a problem in and of itself and many many people have "it"... all that has to happen is that I have to go back for another test in November. 1) I'm now scared sh*tless. I know nothing about these things. 2) Do I have to tell DIAC? 3) How the f*ck can they just send me a letter about something like this?? 4) My visa?!? 5) Did I mention I'm scared sh*tless??