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Found 179 results

  1. I am looking on my application checklist, online, and I don't see a "work experience" tab where is usually states as "required". Is this normal? From what I'm reading on the forum is that most of the online applicants do have this tab in place. Thanks!
  2. Guest

    little worried with visa status

    I just check my visa status all met for me (main applicant) and son, except medical for my wife still required, but we took medical check all together at the same time, little worried why the status did not update at the same time, is it possible the medical result not available at the same time from medibank? or any problem happening But I also noticed the first page still says health requierements outstanding for all of us, :confused:
  3. Hi, I have a rare but desperate situation - please help!! I am really desperate. My partner is a permanent resident in Australia and we are now in the UK but planning to go to Australia. I applied for a partner visa and understand that I will be granted one - but not sure if it is temporary or permanent. My partner's company has been saying there were job openings in Australia until recently when they told us that Australia has slowed down and so there is no job opening until early next year. They asked us to stay working in the UK until the Australian opening comes up. We need to go back NOW to live for a few months for my partner to fulfil the two-years-in-five-years residency condition to renew the permanent resident visa. If we only go back early next year, my partner's PR visa would have expired. We are of course looking for other jobs in australia BUT if we can't find one, we cannot just live without jobs for so many months. So we are thinking of staying here until either of us have found a job. Question: if by the time we go to Australia, my partner's PR has already expired - will it affect my partner visa in any way? If it does not, then we can wait until at least I get a job. If someone has experienced similar things, please do let me know!! If not, can anyone tell me what visa conditions are printed on your partner (temp/permanent) visa? Do u know if there are other conditions? Thanks a BILLION!!
  4. Anyone know when the status of the docs required on the online enquiry checklist change from Required to Met. We lodged our visa on 7th May and have uploaded all docs but the on-line system never changes. Is it when you are allocated a CO this changes? Apologies if this has been asked many times before Claire
  5. crispysince70

    Is there any point in checking status?

    Would you always get an email from diac ( no agent involved ) when you have a case officer allocated to you or do you just have to keep checking for messages on your online staus? Also, will the required turn into met, only when you get a CO or does it change just when someone has a little look at it or adds something to it (SS for example)? I know it's a bit early to be thinking that I might get a case officer soon ( as if ) but I'd just like to know the process so I can have somthing to look forward to :biggrin:
  6. Hello all, I was doing my usual checking of my visa status online earlier. Everything remains the same as ever, the "required" items are still listed as "required". But, I noticed one thing. When I clicked on the "View Entitlement Details" tab on the visa application status inquiry page, it was a blank. Previously, there was these words on it: "No current visa". I noticed it only changed today (03.06.2010). Has anyone noticed that on their page too? It could probably mean nothing at all, but still...I am a curious cat...anyone has any idea what this could mean? Thanks for your replies in advance! Cheers!
  7. Please post your application status ALL COOK,CHEF,HAIRDRESSER for visa 885/886/887 (175/176 are welcome as well) in the fromat below: your name(optional): date of lodgement: Occupation: (cook/chef/hairdresser?) visa subclass: (885/886/887?) visa status: (granted/ waiting) How the proposed visa capping bill/visa rejection plan will impact on ur life/future/dreams? (note more than 50 words. cheers
  8. Guest

    application status

    Visa status Application Received - processing commenced Does it means application being processed further?:confused: All docs seem required even already uploaded, nothing change
  9. Guest

    status of US Police CC

    Hi, i would like to know how to check the status for usa police cc ...how long does it take..is there any site to check the status...or any email address where i can mail them to check my status..pls help
  10. Hi all, All of my documents status have changed from "Required" to "Met" suddenly. Is it a good sign. This question may have been asked a number of time before but even then, I would like to know if I can get some relief knowing it. Does anyone know any case rejected after all documents have been changed to status met. Can I now sit back and relax?
  11. Guest

    Health Requirements Status

    xx/xx/2010 Health requirements finalised xx/xx/2010 Further medical results referred xx/xx/2010 Further medical results referred xx/xx/2010 Further medical results referred xx/xx/2010 HIV blood test referred Does this mean that my medical test is ok?
  12. Hello Since managing to lodge our visa on Friday, we have advised our Agent that we lodged online ourselves and they are now going to check our app and upload the docs that we posted to them. Our agent is now asking for the following: Electronic Application/Record of Responses (it is a record of the entire application as completed by you and Peter last Friday) From what we can work out, we can log into the Electronic Application Status Enquiry system and check the status (i.e. documents required, etc & see a checklist and our receipt). Does anyone know how we can see a record of the entire application as we completed it? If we had the time on Friday we would have probably done some screen shots for our records but the clock was ticking. Thanks Claire
  13. sedgecl

    Electronic Application Status

    HI All I have just been to the Electronic Visa Application site to see how my Application is going. I have not been on the site before, so have clicked on a few buttons to see what the messages where. Anyway, when clicking on the message buttons it says 'You and your dependants are required to undergo a medical and or/' Then on another page it says that information for the rest of my family and myself is missing. My agent has been looking after my application, and has been really great throguh the whole thing, I can't ring them as it is Bank holiday, so just thought that I would ask on here. I am just confused to why the online status gives all this information, but my Agent hasn't mentioned anything. Don't worry I am not going to run off any get the meds done until I am told to. Perhaps it's jsut routine or just to give us hope...lol.. The application hasn't been lodged that long, so I wouldn't expect to get my visa that soon. Just wondered if anyone might know the answer to this.
  14. Guest

    ACS Application Status

    hi, I applied through an agent sometime in Jan10 and no response after that (except for case finalization). Since i applied through agent and don't know the exact reference number of my application is it possible that i can get updated status from ACS directly. i have dropped them a query on status and i mentioned my credentials like full name, DOB and passport number and they said they required 2 day time respond it back after submission. my question again: 1) is there really another way to get your updated status from ACS without ACS application reference number. 2) if yes, then what is the channel (i.e., call, email, etc.) and what would they ask for if i call them to get the status. thanks in advance.
  15. Is there any way to check if a company is approved to to sponsor on 457 visa? Would Immigration supply us with that information? The reason being, my husband was offered a job, but they asked if we knew of a good immigration company to do the paperwork as their HR wasn´t clued up on it, and when asked, the boss didn´t even know if they had sponsor status. It would take weeks to get such an approval!! thanks
  16. Guest

    Application status query?

    Hello Friends, I have applied online for 175 visa last month through a agent. 1) If I check the online status of my application in the document checklist then it shows all docs required in the status column. When I asked my agent then he said it will change when CO is assigned. Is it true? Or the website is not updated regularly? 2) Can anybody tell me if possible what is a indication that a CO has been assigned? Any special change in the status column?Currently it is processing commenced. Does it change to further processing commenced? I have front loaded Medicals and PCC. Thanks in advance. KK...
  17. Hi, I have noticed that the DIAC Online Application Status system has been down since last night... https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa And their site does not say anything about maintenance.... http://www.immi.gov.au/e_visa/outage.htm Do you all have the same response from their site? It's strange that an online system is down for more than 12 hours! Cheers B1K3r
  18. Hello all My husband has just heard from VETASSESS that he has passed the paper based test, and will sit the carpentry practical in May in Preston. On the VETASSESS site it says he has Level 1 assessment status, and we were wondering what this means? Any ideas anyone? Also any hand tips for the assessment, gratefully received. Horray for a bit of progress! Tig
  19. Dear friends, I hope you all are doing well. I have a question that when I’m applying for the Western Australians Sate sponsorship what are things I should include under financial status information. Furthermore, is it enough to write like I have 30,000 thousands Australian dollars or do I need to provide them my bank statement? However, they only stated that you should bring sufficient fund to settle in Western Australia while they haven’t mentioned the how much money or assets in figure. Please advice me a soon as possible. Thanks. Regards Thas
  20. Guest

    Status of Oz

    Hi there not been on the forums for a while, we decieded (stupidly!!!) to put Oz on the back burner but now as things in the UK seam to going down hill fast we might reconsider!! What is it like out in Oz at the moment, both work wise and social?? We was looking at Sydney before but comments on anywhere would be good... Cheers
  21. Hi Fellow forum participants, I submitted my application "manually" (i.e. submitted physical forms and documents instead of electronic submission) in Jun 2008. While those who submitted electronically could check their application status from time to time, I am totally in the dark on what's going to my application. As far as my application is concernd, I only have the Client ID as well as Application Reference Details such as File Number: BCC2008/XXXXX and ICSE Request ID: YYYYYYY. I have no TRN no. Could anyone please enlighten me on: (a) How could I go about to check my application status? Can I do it online too? (b) I need to send new udpates on my personal information to DIAC. Could I send in electronically or I need to send via courier? Thank you in advance for your assistance and guidance.
  22. Guest

    What is meant by Status MET

    All of my documents are showing status MET except Form 1221. I have recently submitted Form 80 and 1221 upon CO requirement. How much normally they take for finalization for a high risk country.
  23. Hi all, I hope somebody might be able to help me with a similar expereince as I've been unable to find the answer to this one! My wife is an aussie, and currently staying here in the UK on a spouse visa which runs out in October 2010 (following the 2 years probation). Now if we were staying in the UK, she would apply for settlement and hopefully get approved the permenent residency and that would be it. As we're leaving to go to Oz in June, we're just shy of those two years (I'm going on the subclass 309) and so can't apply for the permenent residency for her. Although we don't plan to return to the UK, I'm a never say never kind of guy and wonder what would happen if we do decide to come back? Would there be any problems associated with that in terms of getting her a new visa? Would she be eligible for settlement straight away, or would we have to apply for the provisional visa again? Should we let the brit's know that we're leaving or is there no need? One last thing, on Tuesday my wife gave birth to our first son, named Hayden. Would that play a factor in any government decision? Sorry for the long message, just want to make sure I have all the bases covered just in case. We're leaving for Brisbane on 7th June :biggrin:!!! Many thanks, Jon
  24. Dear, I have a questions to the agents and users 1. When is the points test points calculated by CO? 2. In the documents checklist if the status is met what does it mean? the documents are validated or the points regarding that section is provided. 3. How much time is needed after all the status is showing met? (previous experience) 4. When do co ask for medical undertaking form (if required)? If all the requirement is finalized? Please give me an answer. Thanks and regards, Shoinik
  25. Dear All, I'm loosing some patience as people around me who applied almost at the same time I did are getting Visa grants while I dont. I'm asking this questions out of that feeling... My document status still shows the status "Required" in the inquiry page. Even though my medical shows finalized, the medical forms in the document check list page still is unchanged. Does it mean, none of my document has been touched by my CO ...? Thanks, Rubab:wacko: