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Found 179 results

  1. Salma

    Visa Status of Child

    Hi All, Just have a question re the citizenship of children born to an Australian and british citizen. I am currently expecting my first child and my spouse visa has been approved, my husband holds both Aus n British citizenship now the question is will our child be able to get an aus passport via my husband or would the child need to go over a dependent visa. We are moving in Nov that once my visa extention expires and my MIL is worried that the baby will not be able to get an aussie passport. Any information will be great. Thanks
  2. I have tried to check online status for my application but its showing following message This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Is everybody getting same problem. Please reply asap.
  3. Hi folks, My employer submitted his sponsorhip and my nomination application by post in Sept, sponsorship was approved in late Nov and i was hoping nomination would come through before xmas but no joy - is there any way i (or my employer) can check the status of the nomination? Do they 'normally' take this long? Thanks, Caz
  4. Following are the status of the visas as on 6th Dec'2010:- Priority 2 State Migration Plan Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 01 December 2010 VE 176 (paper): 01 December 2010 Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) subclass 886: VB 886 (e-lodged 02 August 2010 VB 886 (paper): 02 August 2010 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 475 VF 475 (e-lodged): 01 December 2010 VF 475 (paper): 01 December 2010 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 487 VC 487 (e-lodged 02 August 2010 VC 487 (paper): 02 August 2010 Priority group 3 Skilled – Independent (Migrant) subclass 175 VE 175 (e-lodged): 24 December 2008 VE 175 (paper): 24 December 2008 Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged):24 December 2008 VE 176 (paper): 24 December 2008 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 475 VF 475 (e-lodged): 24 December 2008 VF 475 (paper): 24 December 2008 Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) subclass 495 and Skilled – Designated Area Sponsored subclass 496 UX 495 and UZ 496 (e-lodged and paper): All applicants who have an occupation on the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 3 have been allocated. Skilled – Independent (Residence) subclass 885 VB 885 (e-lodged) 28 November 2009 VB 885 (paper): 28 November 2009 Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) subclass 886: VB 886 (e-lodged 28 November 2009 VB 886 (paper): 28 November 2009 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 487 VC 487 (e-lodged 12 March 2010) VC 487 (paper): 20 April 2009
  5. Guest

    Centrelink and 'defacto' status

    I lived with my partner from May 2008 until Sept 2009 (after which I had to go back to the UK as my WHV ran out) and we always had it in our minds that he would move to the UK...but after I went back and was there a few months I realised that it's not the best of times for employment. My partner managed to get a job through his uncle in Perth, so I started working and saving to go back to Perth in a tourist visa to discuss with him what our next steps would be. We had already been advised by Go Matilda whilst I was in the UK that our case would not be easy if we applied then due to our prolonged separation :cry: I didn't get to go back until April on the tourist visa, and then I decided that I would stay as I had enough money to apply for a course and stay here on a student visa. We stayed at his parents and we paid them board, and in Sept 2010 his uncle rented his unit out to us and we've been living there since. Whilst we were living together in '08, my partner was on Youth Allowance whilst studying. I was on a WHV from Oct '08 and so we had to report my pay to Centrelink every fortnight as this affected his Youth Allowance. Centrelink apparently recognised us as a de-facto couple. My question is, as WA has no relationships register, would a letter from Centrelink confirming our de-facto status be helpful to our case, or will DIAC still expect us to be living together from the time I got my student visa (June 2010) for a year? Really stressing out about this as I don't want to rush into it and get stung by the DIAC for being apart for 7 months (despite us having plenty of proof that we were communicating in that time)....
  6. musmanasghar

    Document Status on E Business System

    Dear All Have got a query in my mind. What is meant by Below mentioned Different Status displayed against EACH Document in online E-Business System. 1. Required (off course it means Required) 2. Requested 3. Outstanding 4. Received 5. Met 6. Further Processing 7. Internal/External Checks. 8. Routine Checks Kindly share your experience and comments are very welcomed cheers
  7. Hi, What does a CPA status (full member in Australia) untitles the member to do ? Can he open a public practice ? tax returns ?..... What does financial planning consist in ? Thank you
  8. Guest

    ACS application status

    Hi everyone I have applied the skills assessment on October 13th online. Document received acknowldgement - 05th November. Status - To be allocated. Anyone know howlong it will take to them to change the status to ' In process'. It appears to be they haven't started processing my application yet. Thanks VK
  9. veronica

    on line status document checklist

    Hi , just a quick question, we applied last month for a 176 visa on line, in the document checklist it still says required for everything , eg birth cert,passport details etc. these have all been attached, is it normal to still say required? or will they only update it when someone looks at our app?
  10. Guest

    DRC sent ... No status update

    I had sent in a DRC in September ... My status did not change to ABPF... However I was granted a Brdiging visa C shortly after the DRC ... Then a few days later I got a letter from DIAC telling me about BVC and making a 'Further Documents request' ... It was signed by a person named Deborah Neamonitakis How do people know if the CO has been allocated ?
  11. Guest

    status update-176

    Meds finalised - 26 October 2010 PCC met-13 October 2010 Visa grant-Not yet Query: PCC dated 28 October 2009 but meds dated 2 October 2010, what will be the first entry date to oz? (People here say PCC may extend for another half year upon expiry). Can applicants write their request to CO for extention of entry date? Thanks.. and hope to hear from you soon..
  12. Hi all, My 457 application was lodged 10 days ago, at which point my agency advised that the expected processing time would be 4-8 weeks, and that they would contact me as soon as they had any news. Today I checked the status of my application on the Australian dept of Immigration's website. The website appears to suggest that my visa was granted last week, 3 days after the application was lodged - see screenshots below. I find it hard to believe my application was processed within 3 days and granted on a Saturday... but the site clearly does use the words "approved", "granted" and "in effect". So am I really all set (doubtful), or is there more processing left to do? If so, what should I expect to see on that site once it's done & dusted? Here's what it looks like now (red emphasis and blurring is mine):
  13. Hi Friends A quick question i applied as a csl modl network security professional in jan 2009, co alloted in june 2009 submitted all pcc and meds completed in july 2009, csl was finished in 2010, and 20 july priorarity list came out, and i fall in computing professional with nec which are still i cat 3, My question is do i have to change to SS or my visa will be processed as it is? I contacted my co he said they are just waiting for my checks and did not ask for any change. Please guide me where do i stand Thankx in advance for your help
  14. Hi guys Well i am in a very unique situation.I came here on a 573 Higher Education Sector visa in 2006 and finished studies in 2008 ,Applied PR (Through Paperwork at Adelaide) in Aug 2008.But if any employer checks my work rights online,they still get my student visa status and it shows 20 hrs only!!! I think it is to do with the fact that paperwork candidates cannot have their status online but at least it should not show as a student? dont know what to do? Any suggestion guys!!
  15. Guest

    ACS - Status 'Closed' means?

    Hello all, I recently applied for ACS skills assessment. Today when I checked the online status, it shows the status as 'Closed'. I've heard of the status as 'Finalized' but never heard of the status as Closed. What does it mean? any body any ideas please... online status pages shows as follows Given Name : XXXX Date Received : 09-September-2010 Event Type : General (PASA) Status : Closed Managed By : XXXXX Grade : Applicant I didnt get any email sort of thing. Thanks
  16. Looking at the Electronic Application Status Inquiry shows that some of the items in the document checklist have a status of "Not Applicable". Anyone knows what this means?
  17. Guest

    DEFACtO status on Hubby's VE176

    I wonder if anyone on this status receive the same visa as hubby or a defacto visa?
  18. Guest

    New ACS status check link

    Hi, Most of my mates are founding difficulty in checking their ACS online application status from the link given by ACS in confirmation mail FYI , they have changed the link, you can check your status at Application Status Cheers
  19. I made contacts with 3 other offshore applicants and the response was "have lost faith and hope", and further "the refund would be fine". Two had applied as cook and one as a mechanic. My point is, we are offshore APPLICANTS and onshore applicants are also falling into same priority. I thought it better to distinguish between the two category since I feel that onshore applicants have different situations and circumstances than the offshore applicants. So, OFFSHORE applicants,,,,,,LETS JOIN HERE AND DISCUSS WHY THERE IS HOPE? what makes believe that there is still a hope? Are we ready to face SMP? IF NOT WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION SO WE BEING HUMANS LETS TRY TO SERIOUSLY FIND THE SOLUTION COLLECTIVELY. IS THIS GOING TO CONTINUE TILL 2012 AND FINALLY A BILL COMES TO CAP AND KILL OR CEASE????? LETS NOW DISCUSS SERIOUSLY AS WE OFFSHORE APPLICANTS ARE BADLY AFFECTED.:embarrassed::embarrassed::embarrassed:
  20. friedparsley

    Non resident status in Oz

    Has anyone who has returned to the UK been declared a non resident of Australia.? OK you keep your Australian nationality and passport, but for tax purposes are a non resident. How long did it take? Did you declare yourself non resident?
  21. I've just logged in to check the progress of our visa application. The page has changed and next to both our names it says this... 02-09-10 Health Requirements Finalised 02-09-10 Further Medical Results Received 02-09-10 Further Medical Results Received 02-09-10 Further Medical Results Received 02-09-10 HIV Blood Test Received I'm a little confused? Does anybody know whether the results have been finalised or whether we have to wait till all of them have finalised next to them? (hope this makes sense!) Thanks. Lou
  22. loopylas

    Online Visa Status

    Just been on the DIAC website to check visa process and noticed that 'Health Requirements' is checked as 'Outstanding'! Have emailed agent and will phone processing centre tomorrow as they are closed now but was just wondering if I should have done medicals? We have had nothing requesting this from our agent or DIAC. Any thoughts, thanks
  23. Dear Friends , The following third and fourth point is silent regarding the status of the people who are already sponsored by states as per the demand supply concept. The application to DIAC was lodged as per the SS. So will the birth of SMP make all the State sponsored applicants dead? It is written any where so far? Point 4 says that already lodged applicants will be processed for SS, Meaning, that the state still recognisis the old applicants although the new law is looming! Please share your opinion. 14 May 2010 : Sponsorship Application System - Shut Down As advised on this website one month ago - The Online Sponsorship Application System has been SHUT DOWN until further notice. There will be no access to the System for ANY GSM Sponsorship Applications during this time If you have already submitted a Sponsorship Application Online AND the complete set of documents has been received by 14 May 2010, the application will proceed If you have already submitted a Sponsorship Application Online BUT a complete set of documents has NOT been received by 14 May 2010, the application will NOT proceed. Progress of your application will depend on the SA State Migration Plans which are currently being developed. You will need to monitor this website for an update of the status of these applications and publication of the State Migration Plans Note that Sponsorship applications for Offshore Visas are not being processed unless evidence of an appropriate visa application lodgement before 8 May 2010 with DIAC is provided Do not ring Immigration SA for advice on re-instatement of the Online Sponsorship Application System. This information will be published on this website when available You will need to monitor the website for re-instatement of this System. THANK YOU:dull:
  24. imaxx

    PR Status in CV

    hello. i'd like to get your advise where to insert my PR status in my CV so that employers would know that i am eligible to work in Australia. I have made my initial entry and returned home but planning to make the big move in 3 months. I am trying to apply for a job online but i was worried that since I have indicated my address outside of oz, employers or agents might think i have no work rights in Oz. your inputs will be highly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  25. Guest

    Confusing visa medical status

    already 3 weeks from the date of medical checkup and check my visa status all met for me (main applicant) and son since 2 weeks from checkup, except medical for my wife still required, but we took medical check all together at the same time, Why is this happen? I also noticed the first page still says health requierements outstanding for all of us, Confusing for me :daydreaming: Anyone can help