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Found 179 results

  1. Hi, I just thought i'd post this so that anyone currently waiting for an ACS assessment is aware of the new status update as I was quite disappointed this morning! My husband phoned ACS at 2am and spoke to his case officer to enquire how much longer the assessment may take (we have had the Victoria SS request for skills assessment and have 3 months). We had to re send degree transcripts and our case officer said that the 12 weeks starts again from the new document received date. Im not moaning as I know it was our fault, but the point of the story is that even though our status is 'In progress' and the bottom box is pointing to currently with Assessor that its still going to take 12 weeks, so dont expect it to be soon as I dont think it works like that! :smile:
  2. Hi, I have uploaded all documents required 10 days before but still my online status shows as "Required" for all the documents. :arghh: Any one with same experience??? Thanks, Horizone
  3. seems online visa status site is down.
  4. Hello all, From today morning I twicely trying to check online status of my application but there is error. service is temporarily not available. Regard's jackd.:eek:
  5. armandra

    ACS Online Status Page Updated

    Breaking news: ACS has updated the status page. It's nice! Till yesterday, this picture used to be displayed (not being correlated to the app's current status): As of today, this is what we see: Is this same for everyone whose status is "In Process"? armandra!
  6. vbulsara

    ACS Status Working ? Or Not?

    Can Any One Confirm me if ACS Status Working ? Or Not? :policeman:
  7. Hi, We had our medicals last week. When I've checked today it says that myself and our children's medical status is finalised but my wife's says referred. Has anyone else had this or does anyone know how long it takes after referal? The Doctor that did the medicals said that everything should be fine unless he phoned us about our blood results, which he hasn't. Hope I'm not just jumping to the wrong conclusions and I just need to relax and wait! Help welcome, thanks Mick :eek:
  8. Hi, I have seen many people mentioning that there form 80 status has been changed to met or is still in received state. I want to ask where is this form mentioned? I have applied for a 175 visa and on my application status website, I can see status of various documents but not any Form 80 or 1121 (or any other form for that matter). Please, can anyone explain this to me? Thanks.
  9. vbulsara

    ACS Skills Application Status

    ACS Skills Application Status page has Change the Looks. Nothing New About it, Just Showing how the Application Processes .
  10. .....:chatterbox:..............there has been a lot of debate recently about status.....................monarchy and the commen people....................unemployed and the high paid tax avoiders...... the unfairness of wealth contribution..............what contributes to status attainment ?.............education...........family income and its benefits.................or is it your own effort and ability..................or maybe just luck ?..............................many have said it is just education................ie educational achievements equal occupational prestige.....................so there for the son of a labourer[with no further education .school only] should in theory be able to achieve the same occupational level as a son from a parent with any form of further education [university .colledge etc]..............given the same education ....................is this true.?:err::unsure: with schools now havving to make their achievment statistics available to the public ..................schools can be choosen on achievment...................
  11. hypnodyno

    Partner's status on PR visa

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking here for a little while now, and I've just about plucked up the courage to ask some questions! This is a fantastic community, and you've all already helped me a lot. Thanks. :smile: I don't want to bore you with too many details, but myself and my long term girlfriend are hoping to move to Australia in the coming years. Originally it was a "5 year plan", but after a second long holiday there we've started seriously thinking about bringing it forward a few years. Absolutely love it there. My situation is complicated, I'm an IT contractor in the UK who has no qualifications but I'm doing pretty well regardless. I'd rather not stop contracting, as I like the money and freedom, but I realise it complicates matters when it comes to visas. That's not what I'd like help with though (although I might depending on the answer to my actual question...). We believe that my girlfriend (of about 10 years) will hopefully be able to get herself on a permanent residency visa (sponsored). She's an Occupational Health Nurse and seems to tick most of the boxes for getting sponsorship. So, my question is, do I need to worry about visas if her visa would include me as her partner? From what I've read, a PR visa covers a partner for PR too (inc. work). If that's the case, I assume I would be able to contract without worry about a WHV visa expiring, the "no more than 4 weeks unemployed or you're out" rule of the 457, or even finding sponsorship for the 457. Am I way off the mark here? I've read that proving a de-facto partnership can be difficult. We're definitely up for doing a quick-and-dirty registry office marriage if that would help things. Thanks for your time everyone.
  12. Guest

    Medicals and application status

    Hi All Wonder if you can help? On our status page it says health requirements finalised but on our document check list it still says medicals and xrays requested. Should this have changed to Met? Or is it a simple case of they dont update the document page? Abit worried as my meds were referred for a week. Thanks. Jenny
  13. Hi There, I was awarded 2231-79 .NET Tech Specialist. My letter was dated 27th April so that left me 3 days short of the Free Review window. I contacted ACS about this and one of the senior assessment officers authorised my free review. Anyway, I sent my free ASCO/ANZCO reveiw documents and they received my application on the 5th August. On the 12th my status changed from 'In Process' to 'Written Off'. I then received and email on the 13th stating that they would not continue with my application and stated the following: This is to advise that your Application for PASA Review has been received, yet we will not proceed with your application, as you do not meet the following criteria for such applications under the ACS transitional arrangements outlined below: These arrangements are for applicants who: * have been affected by the temporary suspension of certain General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa applications on 8 May 2010, and (TRUE - I have indeed been affected) * have the skills and qualifications assessed as SUITABLE under the ACS Pre-application Skills Assessment Guidelines in place at the time of skills assessment application, and (TRUE - I currently hold a positive assessment as 2231-79 .NET Technology Specialist) * received a result letter issued within the time frame: 1 May 2010 - 30 June 2010 inclusively, and (TRUE - Although my results letter is dated 27th April 2010, my review has been authorised by Helen Martynyuk. Evidence of this was sent with review documents.) * are able to provide a verifiable independent evidence of possessing skills and qualifications closely related to an occupation listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) as at 1 July 2010 or the Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL) as at 1 July 2010, and that occupation continues to be an acceptable occupation for skilled visa program purposes, and (TRUE - This verifiable evidence can be found in my original assessment documents. ) * wish to be reassessed under ANZSCO standard, and their ASCO occupation information may not be considered under skilled visa program ASCO-ANZSCO transitional arrangements endorsed by DIAC. (Could this be clarified to me?) I've emailed them to clarify what the problem is but I'm still waiting. Anyone have any ideas?? My repsone to there email are the ones in Grey. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.
  14. Hi, all pio member's Since today morning I am trying to check online status but get following error. This web server has encountered an error while attempting to process your request. Please try again or contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to report this problem. is any body facing same pro? Regard's jackd.:jiggy:
  15. Hi everyone, Skills uploaded and certs all sent on 28th march. Anyone got any timescales on how long it took for your app status to change from 'active'? Thanks!
  16. Guest

    Changing Status

    When I type a post there's a status box - how do I change what's in there? Sure I'm missing something really obvious....
  17. Why is it that between 8am -5 pm Australia time, the electronic application inquiry system is always down? I have been trying to access it for the last 4 hours without any success. This happened last week as well. I was only able to log in later that evening. Is this happening because too many applicants are trying to access the system at once putting pressure on the server or is it because the DIAC officers are updating information in the system or could it be because of routine system maintenance or failure? It is happening too often now and it is quite frustrating to be honest.
  18. My cousin has applicant approved on his online status. What does this mean?
  19. vbulsara

    ACS Status Working or Not?

    ACS Status Working or Not?
  20. User Name

    ACS assessment status

    Hi guys, my ACS assessment application moved from "To be allocated" to "In process". Does it mean that I'll be getting it soon? Also what are the other statuses? Cheers
  21. Hi All, I have lodge a application to ACS for skills assessment and made the payment via a International Fund Transfer. I got a confirmation mail from local bank it's been transfered correctly. Also I have attached a proof for payment certified with by Bank officer with the parcel send to ACS. However from last Tuesday in online system status displaying "Awaiting Payment". Please note I have also got a email from ACS saying they got my parcel with all docs on last Monday. Please share you guys exp. .. Thanks. Anne :wacko:
  22. Hi All, I have two questions. I was sponsored by an Australian company on the 457 Long Stay Visa and my wife was also granted a 457 visa. My wife will start looking for a job shortly after we arrive. Our understanding is that she will not need additional sponsorship from a prospective employer. We are coming over from the US and just have a letter stating the type of visa and that our visa number is tied electronically to our passport number and that we will not need a stamp in our passport with the visa number. To facilitate the process for my wife seeking employment, should she get the visa label stamped into her passport after arriving in Sydney to prove that she has the right to work in Australia? Also, when filling out apartment rental applications, do we need to provide proof that we are on a 457 visa? Thanks in advance. Cletus
  23. Guest

    Status Not changed

    Hi All, I am new to this forum. I have uploaded my online details on Jan 25 th and its beenover 14 days since I have sent my Papers but the ACS website still lists My status as "Awaiting documents". On enquiring with my agent 3 days ago he says that he has wrote to ACS and they have received my documentation. What I am unable to figure out is if my documentation is received then why is my status not changing. Do advice if anyone else has encountered a similar issue. Thanks blaze
  24. boganbear

    Proof of Permanent residency

    Hello I got my PR in Septembr 2010 but when it was granted I only got a letter saying that I can come and go as I please until the 5 year period runs out. There was nothing about having to get my passport stamped at all which apparently I now need if I leave the country . Some countries require the stamp (UK!!!!) but New Zealand doesn't. We want to go on a holiday to NZ . I phoend immigration and they advised me to get a stamp but I don't need one for NZ anyway (as they have the same computer system according to the Immigration man) but if I went back to the UK for a holiday I would need one so they said take a copy of my letter with me. This begs the question, why did they not request my pasport back, put a new sticker in it (as was needed for the temp visa) and why did they not tell me any of this? I fail to see the logic of any of this as I would only need any "proof of my residency" to get back into Australia which Immigration can just look up on their database. If I went back to the Uk, who cares if I have PR status in Austalia as I am going to the Uk on a British passport! Has anyone else had this problem
  25. Hi there Not sure if anyone can help. We are emigrating to Oz and I am closing down my limited company and taking out the final distribution as dividends. We are travelling for a month on the way. As far as I can tell I cease to be UK resident the day I after I leave the UK and Become Australian resident the day I arrive in Australia. Does anyone know what I am in between whilst apparently not a resident in either whilst on holiday? we are leaving around April so I am trying to work out the most tax efficient time to take the dividends out of the company...i.e in the new uk tax year just before we leave whilst still a uk resident or whilst in transit between the two? does anyone know what happens if we leavein the prior tax year but take the dividend whilst in transit in at the beginning of the new tax year - where am I resident? Thanks in advance for any replies. I did ask my accountant but they are not familiar with residency issues