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Found 179 results

  1. JugkalAU

    AU Student Visa

    Hello, I've been trying to find forums and topics on individuals currently applying for a student visa. My brother is already accepted to his chosen school and program but we can't find any leads moving forward, does that mean his visa is approved? when can we expect his visa to arrive? etc. we did go through an agency but all they're giving us is "we'll keep you posted" which is very frustrating and not really re-assuring. Anyone here going through the same thing or can point me in the right direction of what to expect or where to go next? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I'm new to the forum, so I don't know if this question has been answered already, I have been browsing the topics for a bit but haven't found anything, but I see you have helped many people gain some peace of mind, and I will be very grateful if someone could answer my questions. I came to SA on a 119 visa on April/2011. I have been working for my sponsor until July/2012. I have made a personal effort to remain with them but due to them not being able to afford my full time hours anymore and impending selling of the business I don't work for them anymore. I have gather my information about the posibility of cancellation of my PR (thanks to this forum and through an IL friend), but here are some questions I couldn't find an answer for regarding finding and applying for a new job: - Do I have to let them know on the interview about my special circumstances? - If a prospective employer asks my permission to check my work rights/visa status through V.E.V.O., what information can they see? can they see I am still suppossed to be on my 2 year contract with my sponsor? Can they reject my job application because of this? - I was granted the visa in a cook position (I have been a cook since I was 18 to pay for my studies), but 7 months after my visa was granted I finish an academic degree on science. Is it possible to take a new job on this or do I have to remain a cook until the 2 year period expires? I have been looking for a new job since July but haven't been lucky so far. Got only one interview and when asked if I had PR and when I arrived to Australia, the interviewer didn't seem to believe me. thanks in advance for the responses. Cheers
  3. Is it normal to not see the police check requirement along with medicals when you log into e-business? Just wondering if sometimes it's not required or whether it's just not listed.
  4. Hey guys, I've had a look into the WA SS route. I am eligible to apply but I'm a bit unsure as to how to answer the questions about financial status. I don't have money on my own name but I have access to around AU$50 000 from my parents if I need it. The funds are liquid and available at any time. Will this be acceptable? Do they ask for bank statements or proof and will the explanation of supporting parents be sufficient? Any advice is much appreciated
  5. Guest

    475 Visa Application Status

    Hi I have filed my visa application under 475 visa class in Aug 2011. Anybody in the same category can update about case officer allocation? Thanks Sajeesh
  6. How i can check my application status? Is there any mail contact where i can figure out if my SS is received and what is the status in general?? thx in advance
  7. Just wondering if anyone out there can give meany information on the impact on your visa status if you are in oz under permanent residence visa and have a baby whilst in oz. Is the child automatically an Australian citizen? Does the birth of a child have any impact on the rest of the family's permanent visa status especially if they only stay for a couple of years before going back to the uk and don't return inside the initial 5 years period of the PR visa? Thanks in advance for your response. Jay
  8. Dear All, Need a quick advise, I was glad and excited to see the Code 263111 in the list for vic. but with in secs noticed the Specialisations and other requirements section on the same page. my job code Computer network and systems engineer dont cover any of the mentioned Specialisations mentioned. Should i go ahead with application or apply some where else? Whats likely to be the out come of this if i will apply in Victoria? Just confused y they have added the Job code and then the specialties which are not available on that job code? Regards,
  9. Hello all, I had submitted my ACS application earlier this month and the status of the application was showing "With the accessor" last week, but since this morning when I put in my application number and passcode, I do not see my status. Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks.:confused:
  10. Hi, I am likely to be needing to change jobs soon, due to company being sold. I have been working for 12 months for my sponsor on a 457. Am I able to apply now for PR status (i know it takes a few months to come through) or do i have to wait two years before I can even apply? any help would be fab, thanks Newtooz
  11. Hi all My sister is going through a confusion!!! As she used an agent to process her VETASSESS application to DIAC, the agent told that we cannot access the log in and password to the application status check.Only they have this right to check the status themselves as when an agent is used, DIAC contacts themmm...Is it true id he faking our with us?????? Another thing , my sister has got her reference num, and she has also emaied VETASSESS but they never replied.Whats going on????? Please help me as my sister has spent alot of money on the application as well as the agent..... Im waiting for a lot of opinions by ya'lll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
  12. Hi all, just wondering how you know if medicals have been referred? What will it say? Will it say 'medicals referred', or 'further medicals required etc....'? Thanks, Lucy.
  13. Hi folks Just a quick one...I have been familiarising myself with the application form as my OH has his tests this month and then we will hopefully be in a position to apply to th DIAC. One question - I see it asks about the partner/dependents occupation status. Does this affect our application at all? We are on a 176 visa where I will be hopefully going based on my partners skills. He has the full 65 points alone and so I will not be applying for the extra 5 for the partner's skills. My position - my work contract ended this summer and I have been reluctant to apply for a permanent position when I don't intend to be here for much longer. We live in a remote area so temp work is non existent also. We made a decision whereby if we don't get the OZ visa by Oct/Nov we will go to NZ on a years visa and work there first. So my employment status is more than likely going to be unemployed. Will this affect our application at all? I'm a little worried about it now. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks xx
  14. ranjeetsingh2010

    Application status

    The status of my application shows "Application received - processing commenced". When I go to the check list it show required against every document every document although I have uploaded all of them already. Can someone please explain if I am missing anything here. Subclass 176 - Started June 2011.
  15. woody465

    457 Visa - status check

    Hi, My husband and I applied for a 457 visa two weeks ago. I just wondered if anyone can advise if you status online gets updated as the visa progresses along or whether its only updated at the end when its approved? The agent advised us there was no point looking with the TRN number because it won't change until its all been approved but I had read conflicting things on here. At the moment it says: 03/08/2011 Application received - processing commenced. 03/08/2011 Application fee receieved. Thanks
  16. Hello, I applied for 175 last January, I am Industrial engineer though I got my assesment as a Plant or Production engineer from Australia Engineers. After running so much against the odds because my work experience over the last 24 months was going to expire I lodge my application (I have an Agent) on January 31 2011. I got the famous (yet infamous) email from march 18th, I went ahead with the medicals and the other forms (80 and ?? dunno remember the number). All in all, when I check VEVO to see the progress of my application appers as it was in January 31, no updates at all and requiring the documents. I do know that apparently they dont update that til I get a CO. As anyone know where am I now?, I am so confuse about schedules and the March-18 email, as well as the change after 1st July. This process was so hard before the lodgement but at least I knew what I need to be done. I am not in a hurry because there are so many people who lodgde before me, but I do wanna Know more or less how long i have to wait! Note1: I am from a high risk country (wherever that means). Note2: I show respect to those who have been waiting years for a VISA and are still in the queue; I just lodge this year, yet the waiting is so painful when you have put so many things there.
  17. samk6

    PCC Status Update....

    Hi dear All, I have done and sent both PCC and medicals.My medical has finalized and has updated in the Online Application Status. But it don't show any thing regarding my PCC. i handed over my PCC to my agent. Agent told that they have already sent the PCC. What would be the reason for this? Your reply will be really appreciated... Thanx Samk6
  18. Can anyone let me have a web address to log into to check the progress/status of your visa application? I received an email on 18 March 2011 saying that we would get a case officer in 3 months but we have still not heard anythin. Is anyone in the same position? I am 176 Family sponsored Priority 3 submitted Feb 2011. Thanks Jay
  19. fattony

    457 status and time

    Hi Guys , my prospective company is sponsoring me and using a migration agent (they've already brough one guyo over last year , when I look at DIAC I get as below, should the companies info not be there as well ie spons. approved ? Also what should I be pushing the agent to do ..they seem a bit tardy !! Application 457 Business Long Stay Primary - 24/06/2011 Application received - processing commenced 24/06/2011 Application fee received Thnks FT
  20. Hi there, I am posting as i need further advice about my Child visa 101 (offshore) application, that is about to be lodged by my migration agent.... I am aged 23 years old, female, a British citizen, and currently a student (but about to graduate in 3 weeks with a First Class Honours Degree). Last year i appointed a registered migration agent to help lodge my application, my parents used them about 4 years ago when they emigrated to Australia permanently, and to date they have been helpful to me.......However, i have found something out, very recently, that could affacted my eligibility for the visa, of which the migration agent has not made me aware of (which is strange!). Basically i have been advised that i might have to remain a student until the visa is granted, rather than at the time of being lodged... I wanted to know if this is the case and if anyone has experienced problems with this? I have been exploring my options if this is the case, and the main option would be to undertake a Postgraduate course, full-time, which is for 1 year (of which will cost me alot of money!!!), but this would give me an extra year for the visa to go through (hopefully). Alternatively, if i graduated and then remained working part time in my job, whilst still receiving money from my parents, would i still be classed as dependent on my parents, even though i wouldn't have my student status? I will be speaking to my migration agent about this also, but just wanted some advice from others who may have experienced anything like this, or know about it. Thanks Jennifer
  21. Hi all This from a DIAC report, dated June 10th: I think they mean January 2012 for allocating PG3 outside Australia applications. Assuming PG1-3 inflows continue, PG4 allocations look like being a long way way. Very unfortunate for those in PG4, and patience has its rewards for PG3. I suggest PG4 and some PG3s in a hurry look at other options such as 457.
  22. Hi, I just thought i'd post this so that anyone currently waiting for an ACS assessment is aware of the new status update as I was quite disappointed this morning! My husband phoned ACS at 2am and spoke to his case officer to enquire how much longer the assessment may take (we have had the Victoria SS request for skills assessment and have 3 months). We had to re send degree transcripts and our case officer said that the 12 weeks starts again from the new document received date. Im not moaning as I know it was our fault, but the point of the story is that even though our status is 'In progress' and the bottom box is pointing to currently with Assessor that its still going to take 12 weeks, so dont expect it to be soon as I dont think it works like that! :smile:
  23. Hi, I have uploaded all documents required 10 days before but still my online status shows as "Required" for all the documents. :arghh: Any one with same experience??? Thanks, Horizone
  24. seems online visa status site is down.
  25. armandra

    ACS Online Status Page Updated

    Breaking news: ACS has updated the status page. It's nice! Till yesterday, this picture used to be displayed (not being correlated to the app's current status): As of today, this is what we see: Is this same for everyone whose status is "In Process"? armandra!