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Found 1,180 results

  1. Hi All, Any advice or opinions would be great. I'm a plumber and my wife and I we're originally planning to go to Brisbane on a 175 skilled independent pr visa, but with skills dropping off the modl we didn't want risk waiting for our visa to be processed after almost all the other visas so we decided to speed things up by going state sponsored. Only thing is QLD state are not sponsoring plumbers so we decided to go for perth WA instead. We really would prefer to settle in brisbane and I've seen posts on here saying people just jump state if when they get there. I believe for state sponsorship we'll have a moral obligation to stay in WA for two years which ok, we'd like to honour if WA give us the opportunity to speed our process up, but then if we still wanted to settle in brisbane after that, we'd have to mess around with my trade registration again in QLD. Is anybody on here who has jumped state? (wont tell honest lol) or has anyone tried and been caught out? I'm sure Perth will be great if we stick with it, but why move the other side of the world and still really not be where we want? Any thoughts? Regards Martin
  2. jyotikhtr

    Points for State Sponsorship

    Dear All, I falling under ANZSCO CODE: 262113 - Systems Administrator I am confused whether I will be eligible for 5 or 10 points if I take state sponsorship from New South Wales or South Australia. As stated in this link Sponsorship by state or territory gives 5 points and Sponsorship by family or state or territory government to regional Australia gives 10 points. Regards, Jyoti Khatri
  3. Hi All, In this PDF of NSW, it i Systems written that we require IELTS score of 7 Can anyone please clarify that whether we need 7 in each band or an overall score of 7 would be fine ? Also, what VISA will I fall in ? Is it Skilled Regional Sponsored 475/487 or Skilled Sponsored 176/886 For sake of information, I have never been to Australia and have 5+ years of experience as an IT professional and have got my ACS skills positive. Best Regards, Jyoti Khatri
  4. If anybody is interested, I phoned SA general migration today and was told that availability of occupations on their SMP is defined as follows: high availability - occupation is less than 70% filled medium availability - 40%-70% filled low availability - less than 40% places remaining Hope this might help somebody to worry less, if that is at all possible!
  5. Hi all, I am currently in Adelaide but heading up to Qld next week to check out schools before making the final move in December. I called a couple of schools on my hit list the top of which was Narangba State High. I got quite a chilly reception from them and when I requested a tour around the school, I was told they didn't allow people to look around? And I could speak to someone who would tell me everything I needed to know and enrol with them. Anyway that person wasn't available so I am waiting for a call back. The second school on my list was Dakabin State High. I had a nice lady greet me on the phone and she said they would be happy to show us around. Anyway I found a website http://bettereducation.com.au where you can see the school rankings. Narangba far out-rates Dakabin at 82-68 My head is a mess I don't know how to work this. If I could actually go to both schools I could probably get a feeling for which one suits my daughter best and she could give her feedback too. But to enrol without actually seeing the school doesn't sound right to me at all. Does anyone have any experience of either of these schools or know of anyone who does. Thanks in advance from a :confused: very confused Deb
  6. Hi All, I am ready to send my documentation to South Australia and I just wanted to ask if Employment reference letter and CV need to be included with the cover sheet. The reference letter is said to be optional on the website but is it something which needs to be sent. There is not mention of CV in the required documents. Is it okay to just send the documents which are mentioned as required or does sending CV and reference letter help. Anyone with experience please let me know. Thanks.
  7. hi Do anybody have idea about how long it takes for state sponsorship to be granted. I just wanted to go for one. I am from India and belongs to 261313 (Software Engineer). Thanks in advance Cheers.
  8. Hi, is there anyone on this whose child/children goes to or has gone to Caloundra State Primary School? We are currently in Gympie and looking to move to Caloundra in two months time, we can't decide whether to send our daughter (who will be commencing Grade 1 in January) to Caloundra State Primary or Meridan State College. Can anyone shed any light on either of these schools for us? Thanks.
  9. Dear All, I wana apply for VISA SUBCLASS 475.I am a telecom engineer with 5 years of experience.My query is that which state is best for regional sponsorship? Waiting for your kind response in this regard.Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, M. Fahad Khan.
  10. Guest

    State sponsorship worries

    Hi, my partner and I are applying for state sponsorship. We are currently in the process of getting our skills assessed which seems quite straightforward. If sponsorship is granted, South Australia only give 30 days to submit application for class 176 visa! Has anyone had experience of this? I am assuming DIAC send you a reference number which (I think... instructions are not very clear) you then have to submit to South Australia. Can anyone clarify the minefield for me!!! Help!
  11. Guest

    state sponsorship

    hello, long time watcher, first time poster! I am wondering if anyone can help me out, I have my 176 state sponsorship visa for victoria, I went to australia earlier this year to validate the visa, I plan on moving in april 2012. I have just been offered a great job in WA, now I know I can go to WA on my victoria 176 visa, as it is not a legal requirement, but morrally, I would be doing wrong. What I would like to know is, could I apply for state sponsorship to WA even though I have a visa already? If I did apply, could it affect my visa that I have already? I don't want to jepordise my visa as I would like to do the right thing. Please help! Ben
  12. The Pom Queen

    Poms in Oz Awards for Best State

    Ok, we have seen all these statistics for the best country/state etc, let's have one ourselves. Which is the best State in Australia?
  13. I'm considering SS, although I'm not sure yet. Ideally, I just love how Taz looks from afar - it really does look like an amazing place to live. Not only is it hidden from the world, but it's serene and beautiful - at least that's my impression. With that being said, which is the best State in your opinion and why?
  14. elderberry

    NSW State Sponsorship list updated

    Hi All Just to let you know the NSW State Sponsorship list has been updated and they have actually added some new occupations to their limited list. http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/5788/STNI-Update-List-of-Occupations-22.09.11.pdf :biggrin:
  15. Guest

    Private and State schools

    Hi Guys, we will be moving to Brisbane, Redlands area, as a family around January time, just in time for the New school year. We are in the process of looking for a school to send our 2 daughters aged (on time of arrival) 9 and 6. We are looking to live in the Cleveland/Wellington point areas, and were just wondering if any of you can recommend schools around there. We have had contact with St Mary MacKillop Primary School, but were just interested in any others that might be suitable. Cheers
  16. Hi all I really need some help and I hope that anyone can do that, I am planning move to Darwin to live and work there, I want to know exactly how it will cost me the rental, food, electricty I tried hard nevigating on sites and searching for costs, but I didn't find a satisfied information. also I need to know exactly name of places that I can rent on it while I have job in Darwin. another thing I need a help on the statement of commitment, how to write it Thanks a lot for all
  17. Guest

    State Sponsorship

    Hey gang, i was just wondering if anybody had been state sponsored to come to Oz, and what their experience of that was? I am in The NT on a whv, and have had 1 offer for employer sponsorship already, but want to cover all angles. Help and advice always appreciated. James P
  18. Hello all I have a query regarding the much needed research info for the WA SS eek!! the 3 regions that we have kinda chosen are Perth, Peel and Wheatbelt and we have to provide info on why we have chosen these areas (wanting to be as close to Perth is not a great answer) and details on how we researched our preferred region, and also evidence that my OH's skill is in long-term demand in the region of our preference (not really sure how to go about that one to be honest). So would love any help and advice you can share. Almost forgot the financial status section asks how we researched the cost of living in WA, will that be straight forward enough?? as hoping to get this sent off for the beginning of May :smile:. I look forward to reading any advice and if there are any suitable sites I could trawl through that would be brill too. Many thanks
  19. woodymcfc

    South Australia state sponsorship

    Hi all, quick question, friends of ours yesterday received state sponsorship for South Australia. Only today the main applicant sat his IELTS for extra points for his 176 visa application(earliest opportunity he could of done it) The SS has a validity of 30 days, he has to submit the visa application within that time. He wants to know how strict SA are with this 30 day period, he's thinking does he book another IELTS just in case he doesn't get the required mark on today's test ??? Thanks......... You had 3 months for our WA application, 30 days seem a bit short !!!
  20. We'll i've been looking here nearly every day for the lbest part of a year since we began starting our research and due to the delay with my qualification assesment, getting married (delay) and then passports needing reissuing (delay) i finally complete the online visa process only to find that i'm 5 points shy of the 475 requirements. So.... I think i have 3 options:- Do the IELTIS exam Include OH qualifications in the application Go down the 176 sponsorship route. I've been on the immi website and searched here and now have a question or two. To get my OH points included as part of the points test will the qualifications etc need to be officially assessed by TRA?. Where on earth is the 176 form to apply for western australia state sponsorship? any help much appreciated :embarrassed:
  21. Hi When I applied for Analyst Programmer back in August 2011, the state sponsorship for that job code was closed. However, now that is open again. I have a few questions regarding this: 1) Is it possible to move from 175 to 176, with the same application? 2) If yes, does it improve the chances of getting the application processed quicker? 3) If answer to 1 and 2 are yes, how to go about it? If the answers are NO dont bother :biglaugh: Hopefully, the DIAC guys are churning out the grants at a rapid pace... so that I can hope to get a CO assigned at least by march 2012, at the current rate... Cheers guys ind175
  22. Hey everyone! Perhaps this is a silly question, but at what stage should we be sending our application for state sponsorship? We are aiming for South Australia. My husband has his IELTS results back which are fine. He has to do the VETASSESS on 22nd October (he is a sparks) I have been reading lots of posts and it seems some people apply for the state sponsorship and put their forms in before doing the tests. We are in a hurry as my husband turns 40 in April and we need everything sent off as quick as poss now! If he gets offered State Sponsorship, then does that mean we get extra points, meaning we should apply now? Sorry if this is a silly question! Cheers! Lucy
  23. Hi All I got my state sponsorship on Sep 2009. at the time there was no need to have any kind of work experience so they approved it and i applied under 886 subclass. Like many others my case moved from Cat 5 to Cat 3 recently . Is my state sponsorship still valid ? my agent was advised by DIAC that a case officer has be allocated for my case but when i check online still the same status is on. Any comment is appreciated.
  24. Guest

    Changing state sponsorship

    Hi experts, Last month I recieved Western Australian state sponsorship and I applie for 176 visa. Later this month, I have also been granted Victoria state sponsorship. My problem is that I have already applied for 176 visa using WA State sponsorship and now I want to change to Victoria state sponsorship as I prefer living in melbourne. How can I change this, please advice Many thanks afshan
  25. Guest

    Got State Sponsorship! Yipee

    Just wanted to share our good news that we were granted State Sponsorship from ACT today! :jiggy: Took 3 weeks to get an answer.. very quick as we were expecting a lot longer. Our VETASSESS took 6 months to come back as positive, was so long!! Anyway on to our Visa now.... Hope its not too long and drawn out. Can anyone advise what the medicals entails? Thanks we are elated.. xx