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Found 53 results

  1. Guest

    any help for 190 query?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, nice to meet you all and I will be really appreciated if anyone can answer my question:) Since skillselect had opened, I submitted my EOI for subclass 189 (previously 885), and subclass 190 (previously 886). and I received an email from queensland government in relation to sponsorship, telling me that I am nominated for sponsorship. The thing is that I actually have no ideas about state sponsorship, so I wanna ask you that does that state sponsorship also offer a job as well? I am wondering whether the state give me a job or I have to find a job after I got a sponsorship? Also, according to occupation eligibility list, it seems like I have to have certain period of working experience (I am a registered nurse). However, I don't have working experience and didn't fill the 'work history' section when I complete EOI, so I am a bit confused, I dont know why they nominate me. It's like whether I submit documents regarding sponsorship or not, I am not gonna have chance to get sponsorship because of work history. Last, could anyone can help me to complete commitment letter????? sounds like I have to write why I have to live in that particular state, and have no ideas for it. So, these are basically the questions that I have in my brain. Any help would be really appreciated. Ta!!
  2. Did you know there is no longer a requirement for Australian visa applicants to meet the 12/24 month work experience requirement for DIAC? See information from DIAC's GSM policy department: "As the new visas are applied for after an invitation is issued through SkillSelect there is now no longer any prerequisite requirements for the applicant to demonstrate recent skilled work experience or recent Australian Study. However these factors still remain as areas in which an applicant can seek to claim points under the points test." This could be handy news for some applicants!
  3. jamespinder83

    A few questions before submitting EOI.

    Hi everyone, Im just in the process of getting everything sorted before submitting my EOI. I have a positive skills assessment as an air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic and i am waiting to sit my ielts later this month. I was just wondering if any one can answer a few of questions for me; 1) Do i need to apply to TRA for an advice letter for my length of employment points? i have read that you have to prove this to DIAC when actually applying for your visa so do you really need this advice letter. 2) When is the best time to do your police check and medical? My wife is currently expecting our first child in September so it would be helpful knowing where we stand with this. I thought you had to do this last after you had actually applied for your visa, is this the case? 3) Finally, we are looking to move to WA so do we apply for state sponsorship before EOI or do they contact you when you show your interest? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm contemplating whether I should apply for a skills assessment and then regional state sponsorship or if I would be wasting my money. I'm currently on a working holiday visa with 6 months left so am hoping to apply on July 1st or thereafter. I've been studying the SOL and noticed that "judicial and other legal professionals" are listed. I have looked at the ANZSCO description and I have covered most of the tasks in my one year of work experience as a paralegal that I would hope to have assessed. I'm just a bit thrown by the bit where it says "most occupations ... 5 years experience." Has anybody out there been assessed under this title?? Any advice at all on the process would be much appreciated. I'm aware that there are some changes coming in on July 1st, but as far as I've read regional sponsorship is being left alone.
  5. Hi folks! I got my SS from WA and already lodged for a visa. Now just waiting.. My question is regarding the obligation regarding the money transfer which is mentioned in the SS agreement. There is a following paragraph there: You transfer around 40K$ into Western Australia for living costs and domestic arrangements. I wonder how strict are the government to this obligation? Since the moment I signed the agreement things are changed and I'm not sure I can transfer this amount of money now. When I take into account the around word, which is mentioned in the agreement, I assume they will not argue if there are minor differences. But what if the total amount will be far less than 40K$? Thanks!
  6. aduffield76

    Victoria State Sponsorship

    Hi all, I have my IELTS on 21st April (would like an extra 20 points) and I've lodged my ACS Assessment so waiting for that. With regards to Victoria state sponsorship, has anyone else lodged a Vic SS? How long did it take to get a decision? Also, can you lodge it WITHOUT your Skills Assessment, i should have my IELTS score pretty soon but am conscious of the 1st July deadline? Thanks in advance Andy
  7. Hi all, I'm a new poster on here (although I've enjoyed reading others' contributions over the past few months). I need help with a dilemma. I got my VETASSESS back unexpectedly quickly today (took 6 weeks - I'm now officially an 'Organisation and Methods Analyst' - woohoo!). We want to go to ACT on a 176 and my profession is on their SMP list, but their website says you need to have got the paperwork to them by 1 May. What's the quickest anyone's got state sponsorship back? Especially if it was from ACT? Could it be possible to beat the 1 July deadline? If not, I know I can go for skillselect, but would feel happier having it in the bag before. Thanks in advance! Chris
  8. Hi guys My apologies this may be long and possibly confusing...... We started the ball rolling in Feb and TRA received our skills assessment on 15th Feb...like so many others we are going demented waiting for an outcome but should hear by 30th June. This is for painter+decorater and drywall finisher which is on SOL list. Hubby has his IELTS test on 9th June. We are doing our visa application ourselves as can't afford agent fees and through this forum and our research we felt our order of applications for GSM 176 visa were: TRA, IELTS, SS then once got all that submit actual 176 visa application. We are opting for 176 visa as don't have job lined up yet (otherwise we'd be going for employer sponsored 175visa if there was a job) and this 176 visa was recommended to us at migration agent interview. BUT with the new rules as of 1st July we weren't sure whether we get state sponsorship now or when get TRA+IELTS outcome or do we wait until we have registered an EOI and get word back inviting us to apply? The reason I ask is the info I found about skillselect....I hope I've understood it.... once u register EOI your name is put on a database which is accessible by state governments and employers and if they are interested in your skills/trade then your selected+invited to submit application. So my query (no shortcuts with me sorry) what if an employer wants you and is prepared to sponsor you then that's a different visa and you don't need SS for that. Am I getting mixed up with current+new rules? I imagine there will be loads of painters on the database and its very unlikely they are gonna say...'oh he looks good I'll have him' lol so state sponsorship still our best bet I think...so get it now or once invited? We just wanna move asap and want to get everything ready for applying and obviously not waste money on things we don't need. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. TIA Donna + Dave (+boys)
  9. PityTheFool

    Anyone get a Vic SS extension email???

    I received a slightly confusing email this morning from VIC government regarding my state sponsorship application which I believe is saying we now have until 31st August to provide them with our DIAC number (prior to this our deadline was the 30th April). The email says it is being sent in light of the EOI changes, with the email stating that they are providing applicants with the choice of applying uder the current system or the new EOI system, is it just me or does this seem a little strange?? I have replied asking for confirmation of the extension and have also followed up with a call but cant get an answer now as they will be closed. The thing is in light of our pending deadline (30th April) we had planned to submit our visa app today - now we dont know what to do! :confused::err::confused:
  10. Guest

    Visa 176 Query

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has applied for a state visa, but not had a degree in the subject they are applying for? I have a degree in Mech Eng but have been working in IT for past 8 years. The Australian Computer Society say i'm suitable for a visa but I have just been turned down by NSW, as my degree wasn't related. I have had my case reviewed by NSW and they are still saying the same thing. All help would be appreciated, Cheers Ric
  11. New State Sponsorship Lists Qld, SA and WA lists updated Changes effective immediately Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia have revised their sponsorship lists, with the changes effective immediately. WA has only taken one occupation off its list, but Qld and SA have made some significant changes that apply now. Queensland State Migration Plan http://www.workliveplay.qld.gov.au/dsdweb/v4/apps/web/content.cfm?id=3704 Queensland has revised its State Migration Plan and sponsorship lists, effective 25 January 2012. Occupations affected: Removed: Some medical and nursing specialties IT professions Secondary school teacher (from 475/487 list) Added: Allied health Construction trades occupations Civil engineering (to 475/487 list) Western Australia State Migration Plan Skilled Migration Western Australia (SMWA) has conducted its review of the Western Australia Skilled Migration Occupation list. Occupations affected: The occupation of Retail Pharmacist is no longer available. SMWA advises it may reopen if State’s future needs exist for this occupation and any updates will be published on the website as they become available in the future. South Australia State Migration Plan http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/applyonline/skilled/planning_level_status.php The South Australian State Migration Plan its State Sponsored Migration List (SSML) for the 2011-12 program year have now been finalised: Occupations affected: 28 occupations have been added to the SSML. Some occupations have been removed from the previous list and now are now available for “Off-List” nomination. 17 occupations are no longer available for sponsorship unless the applicant can meet SSML’s special conditions: Additionally, there have been some revisions to the IELTS requirements for certain occupations.
  12. PityTheFool

    State Sponsorship Extended?

    Has anyone managed to get their state sponsorship period extended, i.e. the period from receiving the initial grant to having to have submitted your visa application reference number to the State. (4 months for VIC) Mainly concerned with VIC but would be interested to hear from others. Many Thanks!
  13. rehanonline83

    New VIC SMP - Where Are You Now?

    Mongobear is leaving to OZ, that is why subjected thread is discontinued. I thought to renew the same thread and find people travelling in the same boat. So here we go. Please enter your details as follows: Name: Date of SMP application: Trade/profession: Nationality: IELTS (if applicable): Visa type: DIAC Priority (if applicable): Delays/further docs requested: SS received: comments: And this is our color-code: VIC Sponsorship applied = Blue VIC Sponsorship approved = Green VIC Sponsorship rejected = Red Good luck to everyone! :smile:
  14. Guest

    New to PIO

    Hi All, I've just joined this site this week after my OH said ' Let's move to Australia' - Somehow I don't think it's going to be quick or simple! We have both been travelling to Oz before and had a great time so why not go back there... We also have a little boy now and would love to give him a better life. My OH is a Tiler by trade and has many years experience but no qualifications. I have done a bit of research and I know his occupation is on the SOL so there is a chance we may be able to get a visa. We are hoping to move to Perth and have been looking into state sponsorship from the WA Government, however, their website says we don't have enough 'points' but other websites say we do - Confusing:goofy:. Think i'm definately going to have to use a migration agent for help with this! Any recommendations? We are going to attend the Down Under Live expo in September which I'm hoping will be useful. Has anyone ever been to one of these and are they any good? Will probably go and overload myself with information! Sue x
  15. RPJG


    Hi everyone, I'm new to PIO and just looking for some guidance. I am a 22 year old Hairdresser (qualified for 3 years) and I am looking into the pospect of living and working in OZ. I have no family over in OZ and I have already been over on a working holiday visa. I have been informed that the only other way is either State Sponsorship or Independent Skilled Application...... is this correct? If so... could someone tell me what state would be willing to sponsor Hairdressers? if any. I have been told I would be unable to obtain a positive skills assessment aswell due to the fact I have been an Maternity leave over the past 7 months after having a baby (I have been informed I must be in full time employment over the last 12 months).... is this correct!? Any help would be greatly appreciated Jenna Graham
  16. Hi everyone - just a quick hello from me :0) Well - I'm 33, single, and very tired of the UK. I made my first trip to Oz in March, and totally fell in love with the place. I have good friends there, and got to experience it from a variety of angles. Anyway, the result of this is that I am now in the process of getting myself together with the intention of emigrating. I was hoping to go over on a 457 to NSW (ideally Newcastle), but seriously struggling with ideas around finding work whilst I'm still here in the UK. Any suggestions? On the other hand, I'm considering applying for State Sponsorship in the ACT as they are the only state after my occupation. 2 years is nothing in the grand scheme of things right? Not exactly a downside! So, that's me... Am looking forward to trawling the forums and gleaning what help and info I can. Say hi if you bump into me! Lou
  17. lazydaisy

    ACT SS..is any one else waiting?

    hi all, I'm waiting for state sponsorship with ACT and wondered how long it is taking anyone else. My application was formerly lodged 4 weeks ago now and I'm feeling worried! I don't know how many places are left or how long it will take to get a reply! :huh:
  18. wanderinred

    Information Required!!

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and I've just began my quest to migrate to Australia from the UK. I've sought assistance from different agents / received a few quotes and as yet I'm unsure as to which one to use. It seems a lot of people on this forum have successfully been through the whole process and I'd greatly appreciate it if they could share their experience and proved me with information. All 3 of the agents I have spoken to have advised that the best route for me to go down is that of State Sponsorship. I am very happy to do this, but the agents have given me conflicting information on one particular requirement that may hinder me. This is that I must have approx £20,000 in my UK bank account before I put my app in. I will admit that I dont have this type of cash, and my initial funds to Australia will be funded by a house sale leaving me with well more than the £20,000. However, I do not intend to sell my house before I know that I can definitely get the visa for Australia. One set of agents did not tell me about this at all, another agent state that I need to prove that I have this sum in cash and the other agent said as long as I have it in assets (ie the house) then I would pass this requirement. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? - Is there any particular agent that anyone can recommend (or that I should avoid) in the Manchester area? Thanks for any help! I hope to use this site a lot, it seems very informative.
  19. Guest

    Proof of funds for ACT

    Can anyone tell me how strict ACT are with the proof of funds. Point in Time we don't have the cash in the bank as we are currently clearing credit cards at the rate of knots, however we have a savings plan in place that means that by April 2012 (the earliest we would be going - and thats only if there are no delays in the visa process - ha ha!!! which we all know is quite unlikely!!) we will have the required funds in cash. I know other states seem less strict on this and just ask for one bank statement but ACT seem to want 3 months? Does this need to be an itemised 3 months or can it just be a balance statement for each month? My OH has £20k in equity in his home as back up but we don't plan to need to rely on that. Has anyone been in a similar situation and if so what did you do? All advice really appreciated!!! Thanks
  20. Hi Folks, I am a Java/J2EE developer with over 11 years of experience, and my wife is a Software QA professional with over 6 years of experience. I was planning to apply for a 175 visa and got my ACS evaluation done. However, recent mails about the delays in getting a 175 visa got me thinking about 176. As per the link http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/migration/pdfdocuments/STNI_Criteria_STNI_Skilled.pdf, I can apply for State/Territory sponsorship in NSW, working in Sydney was all that I was looking for anyway. However, when I thought about the restriction of working in NSW for the initial 2 years, many questions popped into my mind and I hope folks here can help me out with these. 1) I heard that the initial 2 years is just a commitment sought by the State, but not a legal restriction that can affect me in future like in getting citizenship (found this is this forum). Is this true? Please don't construe this as a ploy to get SS and then break my commitment. My wife and myself prefer to work in the Sydney area, but what will happen if after a year due some market condition, employment in Sydney gets really tough but employment in Melbourne gets better/easier. How would I be able to stick to my commitment when I don't have a job? Of course this is purely hypothetical, but I couldn't find any documentation on the DAIC site that clarifies this query. 2) What is the difference in processing times between 175 and 176? Is it just a 6 months wait? 3) How long will it take to get a NSW SS and then 176? 4) Given my wife's and my profile, do you think NSW is the right choice, employment wise, when compared to Victoria? I know that I can get a feel of the job reqt from seek.com.au, but I would appreciate it if you could share your experience. Cheers, Ryan.
  21. hi Mates :chatterbox:....please help. i have applied to the VIC State sponsorship as computing professional. They have now replied with the following .. Please forward us a detailed CV which includes details of country of place of employment by email. Not sure what this mean as i have allready given them my cv.. are they asking for my CV in Chronological format...or what?:jiggy:...please help with this A sample cv for a computing professional in this regard is highly appreciated. Cheers...Nitin
  22. Just a thought.....Been thinking through our options. We are cat 6 but could get regional SS for WA, but would have to submit a new visa application. OR we could apply to ACT for 'off list' SS. Anyone know which would be most likely to get bumped up to cat. 2 via new SMP? I know its all speculation at this stage, but I'm afraid of missing the boat, and getting stuck at the bottom of the pile in Family Sponsored 176.
  23. Hi guys, I hope somebody can advise me as we are doing the process alone. My OH is a Painter & Decorator, we have passed TRA and have applied to SA for sponsorship. Looking through various threads, I have noticed that alot of people apply for the visa to DIAC first and then apply for the SS. What if the SS comes back negative, surely we would lose the money we have paid for the visa? My OH is 45 in June, so time is ticking on. Is it true that everyone needs a IELTS test before applying for the visa? Many thanks for your help. Regards Sam
  24. Hello! Currently I plan to apply for Western Australia State sponsorship to get 176 visa. In http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/media/documents/SkilledStateSponsorshipGuidelienes_Jan09.pdf it is said that applicants must "bring sufficient funds into the State to cover settlement costs". Please comment from your practical experience about when and in what form the evidence about sufficient funds will be needed! At the moment of submitting State sponsorship application? At the moment of entering Australia? Is it enough to show bank statements with account balance or they are interested in cash inflows and outflows? Is it needed to physically transfer the funds to some Australian bank account? Are real estates and mortgage payments of their interest here? Can my wife's (secondary applicant) bank accounts be counted in? As these are rather practical issues, I would be glad to hear from someone who has actually gone through this in practice Thanks in advance! G
  25. Hi All, I like many others have been affected by the new Priority Changes made on 23rd September:arghh: Have you been Requested to get your Medicals and police checks? Are you in the final stages of your application (all docs Met and Meds Finalized)? Are you going to lie down, or do you want to be heard? The more people that say something about how unfair it is to process our applications just prior to finalization and then put them on hold! The more likely he is to listen. After all he is a Senator, surely his actions should only be fair If you feel you should have a voice please join my campaign!!! I have decided and as advised by my agent to mount an Email/Letter campaign to: Senator Evans as the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship He is the individual responsible for this!!! His Contact details are: Senator Chris Evans Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Telephone: 02 6277 7860 Fax: 02 6273 4144 Email: minister@immi.gov.au and senator.evans@aph.gov.au Please, Please, Please write we need to stick together. If you decided to contact Mr Evans please leave a comment to keep this thread alive. Kevin Rudd is next on my list!!!!!!! Good Luck to all caught up in this mess and thanks for your support