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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, I wondered if anybody had experience of applying for skills assessment with Vetassess for a HR Adviser when they were a recruitment consultant (or vice versa)? On the Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI) on the immi.gov.au website Recruitment Consultant and HR Adviser are listed separately. However, on the WA State skilled migration occupation list (those the State will sponsor) HR Adviser is on the list while Recruitment Consultant is not - meaning I could get state sponsored for HR Adviser but not Recruitment Consultant. They are grouped together on the immi.gov.au website under UNIT GROUP 2231 Human Resource Professionals, with very similar responsibilities/skills. I wondered if anybody had experience of applying for a role as a HR Adviser while being a Recruitment Consultant (in job titles) or vice versa, or if anybody had opinion or experience of Vetassess assessing two very similar occupations? Any help or advice would be much appreciated! We score very highly for other reasons, its just the difference between HR Adviser and Recruitment Consultant that is confusing. Thanks! Chris
  2. Marc the Painter

    WA SS FORM settlement area HELP

    Im filling in wa state sponsor form on the settlement section can i enter perth and leave the other sections blank or do i have to make 3 selections. Please help yous have been great so far
  3. Hi All, My wife and I are hoping to emigrate to Perth on a 176 state sponsored visa. My wife, who is a chartered accountant, is the main applicant. She has successfully completed completed the IELTS and is awaiting the results of her skills assessment. I believe the next stage is applying for state sponsorship. Has anybody out there successfully completed this process and if so can you give us any advice or explain the process. Thanks in advance, Francis.
  4. Dear All, I have completed my ielts, got a positive reply for my assesement as a engineer with my qualification which i did a distance learning of a Australian University in Singapore. I launched a SS with WA, got a response from them, asking me to prove my 12 months of working and explain how i worked while studying in australia. Which i explained to them that i was doing distance learning from a reconized insititute of aust government and gave them my pay slips letter or appointment and tax contribution for employment evidence. Guys please advice does this mean my chances got worst, if SS email reply asking explaination chances dimnishes? The anticipation is killing me. Please advice Thanks Worried Jay.
  5. Hi folks! I'm am new on this forum so nice to meet everyone:) I am on the last stages of getting my 176 State sponsored visa to WA. Originally I planned for Victoria but unfortunately, after few changes to SOL, I am lacking 5 points! I know that if I had a job offer from Victoria located firm, I actually would be able to get those points. But now I have no such offer and it's also too late. So my question is if I arrive to WA and then get a job offer from a firm located in a different state, will it be possible to make any changes to my 176 visa which will allow me to apply for this job? Thanks in advance! All help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi all, Myself and my boyfriend are at the very beginning stages of out application for WA state sponsorship. I qualify through my job title and I have booked my english test and awaiting to sit it at the moment. We are wondering whether or not to use an agent for our application. Is it really neccessary??? Has anyone done it without an agent? I really dont want to spend money if I dont have to!! Also what are the average processing times? Ive had really mixed responses on this?! If any one has any advice/tips on the State visa at all it would be really appreciated! :biggrin: Thanks in advance!
  7. I got a positive skills assement in January 2010 under the old Asco Code 3291-11 for Office Manager. I now want to submit my application to WA for state sponsorship, but before I go ahead and lodge my application can you tell me if I will need to have it reassessed under the new code or will my assessment still be accepted under the old code??
  8. shaxncarl

    Dilemma SS or 457 - ENS

    Any advice would be appreciated. We have lodged our WA SS application with DIAC in March 2010. I went to Aussie got a job offer and they are willing to sponsor me on a 457 to get me into the country and then on commencement of employment they are going to lodge for a 857, ENS. My dilemma is this, to we wait for the SS to come through, however not too sure of the time frames, being told anything from 18 months to 3 years,?????? Does anyone know the correct times. Or do we go on the 457 could be there in approx 8 weeks I told. Then Lodge for the ENS. Has anybody had this situation or have correct time frames on how long it is taking at the mo for a SS to come through. Oh decisions decisions, so frustrated. Sharon and Carl :arghh: :arghh: :arghh: