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Found 71 results

  1. Can anyone tell me if I need to contact the Immi people in Oz to inform them if I have decided only to validate (my temporary visa) rather than make the permanent move at the moment? So far as i am aware the Sydney office will be dealing with my stage 2 (permanent) visa and they currently have a temporary address (family member in SA) for contacting me at. Will they be automatically able to tell if i am not in the country so send paperwork to London or not? We have decided to wait for the economy to recover before going permanently so will probably be in the uk for the next year (when my 2 years on temporary visa will be up). Any help gratefully received as i am confused! Thank you. C
  2. Well the VISA process seems to be picking up again. It's been quiet for a while and yesterday we got a series of pretty formal documents in the mail asking for meds and police clearance to be done by some time in May! And also... a name for a Case Officer. Now the reality kicks in. Now it gets scary. Will we make it out of Britain alive? Will we wind up in Queensland or South Australia. Who knows? Nobody knows. Anybody else in the same boat? :daydreaming:
  3. Hello, I wonder if anyone might be able to help me. I applied for the first stage of the Spouse visa whilst I was living in Australia with my wife, which i got successfully a Subclass 820. We lived in Australia for 8 months and then moved to the UK. We have been living in the UK since. I have just received my letter and forms for the second stage of the application for Permanent Partner Visa Subclass 801/814. On the letter it says that "Please note that if you are the holder of a Subclass 820/826 temporary Partner visa (which i am), you must be in Australia for the grant of the Subclass 801/814 permanent Partner Visa". It is our intention to return to Australia at some point in the next few years. My wife is Australian (Born in Korea and given Citizenship in Oz), we have lived continuously together and are exepcting our first child. Does anyone know if i will i be able to get the permanent Partner visa (second stage) if i am living in the UK? I'm worried that im gonna lose it and get stranded in the UK!!!! Many thanks in advance for your help. Brad
  4. Hello, I'm just starting to put together the paper work for my 2nd stage of the Spouse visa (801) and at statement number 5 it says "That we do/do not [delete whichever is inapplicable] jointly own real estate or other assets." What assets is it referring too? We do not own any property together as we rent our home. Your help is appreciated. Thanks Brad
  5. Guest

    Stage 2 awaits!!!

    Hi Guys n Gals, Well after 10 months of trying to get my skills assessment and £1000 later, I finally got it 4 days before Christmas..nice present!!! Won't bore you with the details too much but 20 years experienced Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) I had to take 3 Foundation level exams to increase my skills....yuk!!! Anyway boring bit over with, here we are and really my question is where to go from here? I've decided to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 175), is it worth employing an agent, any recommendations, what sort of cost?? Will this speed up the process much and what sort of time frame are we looking at??? Oh and one final quickie question...Melbourne or Perth??? Hopefully either would be nice though!! Slightly belated :emoticon-signxmas: to everyone!!
  6. Hi, I lodged my De-Facto application on 25th February 2006, and i was approved within 3 months. I am now waiting for my 2nd Stage letter which i understand will be 2 months from application, is this right? Does anyone have any experience of the time frames coming out of the Sydney office? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. JB
  7. hi we have just started our application with visa beareau and already are at a stumbling block my partner is a a motor mechanic and went to college over twenty years ago. :jiggy:He has hes city and guilds certificates but the lady at vb said he will need to provide proof he has done 300 hours classroom work we have been in touch with the college who say they only keep records as far back as five years!!!Any idea where this will leave us:arghh: any ideas thanks teresa
  8. Hi Hoping to be in Perth next July. Just wondering the best way to get into teaching out there. After any advice from anyone in the education sector. I have had my degree given the o.k. I have been looking on the web and I can hardly find any teaching jobs maybe I am not looking in the right places. Do they have many supply agencies out there? I know the pay is a lot less than here! would like to work part time with full time wages and with childcare thrown in (dreaming!) cheers for reading joe x:spinny::mask:
  9. Can anyone let me know what happens for the 2nd stage of the spouse visa process? My partner had his de facto temporary visa granted last July and he received a letter in September after we arrived saying someone will contact him in April 2009 in regards to the next stage. We're just wondering what they ask for then? Do they want more paperwork proving relationship etc and how long does it take for permanent residency to be granted? Thanks in advance, Eva
  10. Guest

    stage 1 passed!

    Yahoo! received confirmation that i have passed vetasse stage 1 (bricklayer) and can now move onto the practicals, that is 1 more hurdle jumped over. I think another beer to celebrate -cheers. brizzie.:jiggy:
  11. Hi everyone just wanted to share that agent called today and told us OH has passed the 1st stage of the carpenter/joiner vetassess and will be doing his practical exam in july if i'm this excited now what will i be like if we get our visa:goofy:. good luck to all still waiting to hear. Lou
  12. Hi, Just trying to fill out defacto spouse 47sp form and one of the questions is asking for my address in Oz for the second stage of the process. How do they expect me to know where i will be living over there before i get there? Intend to head to Sydney but don't have an address now! Can i leave this question blank or put "to be advised"? Help gratefully received...... Thanks. c
  13. hello ive decided to go for it and start the process and im looking for advice. How easy is the 1st stage of gathering information? is it worth me getting a agent involved? or can i do the 1st stage myself? the problem is i dont have the all the money upfront and what i was hoping of doing was paying for my vetassess 1st and 2nd stage and then waiting and saving up to put in my visa application! or should i just go for it and hire a agent and put the whole cost on the credit card and hope to clear it off!!! any help and advice would be good many thanks.
  14. When do you think the best time to put hse on market, i dont think i could bear to live with anyone else before we go so want to fly out fingers crossed on or a couple of days after completing, is this realistic, :arghh::chatterbox::twitcy::Randy-git:This is how im feeling with all the questions in my head Cheers Tracey
  15. Guest

    visa approval stage query.

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me at what stage of the visa process confirms you will obtain a visa. Is it when my oh trade is approved etc. Not sure on this just need to know when we can start packing ASAP ideally lol. I'm itching to start now. Reason I ask is if this fails we need to move to plan B. :arghh:Either way its bye bye UK. Thanks
  16. Yipppeee We have passed the 1st hurdle on what seems like a long long journey. Just found out my OH Vetassess trade evidence has passed (Bricklayer) so now we can book him onto the practicals in December - Any one else in same position ??? Great to here from you - especially any bricklayers out there. A bit scary to be the first people to take the new practicals as its hard to know what to expect. He is going on a Work Elevated Platform Course tomorrow though as apparently Aussie Bricklayers need to use these and it is something which will be assessed.
  17. The subject says it all, does anybody know what the processing time for second stage documents is?
  18. Hi ok so ive just fallen at the 2nd stage (on the number of weeks i work at school) as i only work 38 weeks out of 52, but i do the required amount of hours each week though!!!!... the agency we went with didnt want to go any further with our application as they not sure if it will pass. so yes im sad but my OH has found another agency and explained everything and so far so good.. we right at the beginning again but at least we know what to expect, and we havn't lost any money.. So if any of you nice peeps could give us some advise we will lap it up... no matter how far and how long we take ,WE will do our best to get through this.. Just to recap.. we going on a skilled visa..cook.. we had prob with number of weeks i worked, but i do 20 hours per week so passed on that... the agency we went with hasn't come across this prob so they had to stop the application, as they unsure we will get through... OH well at least im still smilling... coz its sunny outside..... Tracey and Mick................the ever hopefulls..............:arghh: :arghh: :arghh:
  19. Hi, I'm looking for some info on the 2nd stage of the pros marriage visa. We get married in April and will apply then, but we are just trying to get things organised. Do I need to have another medical (I had one in the UK for the first stage in March?)? And how do I go about getting a uk police check? Any help - greatly appriciated. Thanks, Jenn
  20. Guest

    At the 'big' decision stage!!

    8) Hi sean & emma here... We've been thinking this idea for a while now and now its decision time as the way things are going in the uk we dont want our kids growing up in that environment. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated and a reply given. Adelaide is looking favourite as a destination but who knows!?!? Take care all and we should see some of you soon Keep the beers cold Sean & Emma 8)
  21. Guest

    Next Stage

    Hi, Could someone give me a little advice... From your medicals & Police check being sent to Australia what happens next? I believe that your passport gets sent to London but what do they send you before this. What are the timescales from meds being requested to visa being given. I'm now starting to get very excited!! Cheers.