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Found 71 results

  1. Just wondering - when we lodged last year (Nov 09) any future correspondence would need to be referenced with the old codes. Since the introdcution of the new codes do we need to correspond with the new code only, both old and new code or old code only? Like I say, just wondering but do really need to know. Ley x :unsure:
  2. pylchung

    Speeding up second stage visa

    Hi all, My second post here, but have read a lot of posts on this forum. Is there any way of speeding up the second stage application for a partner visa? I applied for onshore partner visa (820/801) in May 2009 and was granted a temporary partner visa (820) in July 2009. Since then my wife and I have had a baby daughter. Does this count at all towards getting PR? I ask as my wife isn't working, and I, being a temporary resident cannot get a car loan (transporting 4 month old bub in an old three door car is tough!). So, is there any way of shortening the wait period before I can get PR? I originally applied to the Adelaide immigration office, but Melbourne is handling the second stage of the application. Thanks all, Phil.
  3. Guest

    309 - second stage

    Hello I am new on this forum and am wondering if anyone can share their time lines for getting a PR from 309, onshore, Canberra. My application was received by Immigration on 27 July 2010 and I have not heard anything back from them. Like everyone else, I would like to get the PR asap - I need it for work. Cheers!! Tess
  4. Just received a card saying they had received all my documentation for my second stage processing. Processing time 6-8 months!!!!! Sorry this is ridiculous. I know there are heaps of people waiting so much longer than that to even get a visa but my "temporary" visa status is causing untold headaches. Ive taken a job with Woolworth as a service cashier because most employers wont touch me with my temporary visa. In fact I had 6 interviews and 4 of these potential employers gave the reason of my visa status as the reason for me not getting the job :arghh: I cant get a credit card because as a temporary visa holder I need to earn 50k minimum! I cant afford to do a tafe course to get my prior learning recognized here because my visa means I am classed as an international student. So due to my husbands ill health Im trying to support a family of 6 on a bloody check out chicks wage!!!
  5. Hi Guys - 2nd stage partner visa lateness Just looking for some advice!! I have only just opened mail directed to gf mothers house and it was from Diac informing me I have to fill out the stat decs ect withing 8 wks and the letter was dated 12th of June! Obviously late now I'm just after some advice on what to say if anything or just send them in. I can't send them in straight away as only just sent off for my AFP that is required. I'm really really worried that this could effect my chances of PR! please any advice would be greatly appreciated!! p.s I had it in my head it was from the date the visa was granted and not when lodged. Cheers Mike
  6. Guest

    De Facto Visa - 2nd Stage

    I received my second stage visa documents this week and there isn't too much work to do to be honest. A stat dec off the applicant & sponsor, an Aus Federal Police check, a couple names of people they can contact if they need to. The only thing that proved a little difficult is listing every job i've done since leaving school with timescales (month/year) and listing every country i've visited in the last 10 years (day/month/year).. The process time is 4/5 months so fingers crossed this time in Dec i should be a permanant resident!! :smile:
  7. *********************************
  8. Guest

    Want to know Application Stage

    Queensland has asked me to show bank statement, can anyone comment at what stage my application is?
  9. Hi All, Can anyone tell me what's involved in the second stage of a partnership application? I have been on the temporary interdepency visa (826) for the last two years and will be applying for my permanent partnership visa in July. As I work in finance June and July are really busy times for me so I'd really like to start on my application now rather than wait for the Department to write to me. Has anyone else on here recently received their letter from the Department? Can you tell me what the checklist of forms is and what the requirements are? Is it pretty much the same as the first application or are there more or less requirements? There's some things I already know about which I'll list here but if there's anything I need to add/remove from this list I'd really be grateful to know Health Checks Criminal Record Checks 2 x Stat Decs (me and my partner) Supporting Statements (friends and relatives) Proof of Living Together Evidence of Joint Financials Personal ID Thanks everyone, Jimmi
  10. Hi everyone, Can I ask which stage my application is currently in under a PLE? Can anyone share his or her PLE experience whether they are helpful or contains only the generic information only? Thanks, Rubab
  11. Hello, The request for info for the second stage of my visa processing turned up in the post before Christmas and has to be back by the start of February. I'm not sure about the Stat Decs. The request is for two stat decs (one from me and one from the OH) stating we are in a mutually exclusive ongoing relationship and live together permanently. At the moment I'm thinking of writing "We are in a mutually exclusive ongoing relationship and live together permanently." because there is another joint statement on finances, etc for us both to sign. Anyone got any ideas on what should go on the Stat Decs? Thanks in advance, Douglas
  12. Hi I'm on a temp partner visa which should be converted to permanent in Jul 2010 but how long does it take until you get a permanent visa? Has anyone had one refused? Cheers Mark
  13. I apologize if this question is asked before. Would any one explain me what does” final stage of processing" mean. Does this mean that background checks or verification are still left? or does it mean all checks are done and only decision is about to make? would really appreciate if someone share how long their applications took to be finalized after this stage. Thanks a million Cathy
  14. Hi All, If anybody has information or experience, please share. I will be applying under Subclass 175 or 176 - Victorian State Sponsorship. I am aware that there is no need to show proof of financial capability to immigrate (eg. cash, assets, etc) at the time of lodging application. Does DIAC or Australian High Commission at home country require applicants to show financial proofs at later stage of application process before granting a visa? If they do, how much they expect from main applicant + 2 dependents to show for immigration? Will I have to show financial capability after landing in Australia? Everybody's input is welcome, and any good piece of advice or information will be greatly appreciated. Cheers..
  15. Hi Im in the process of applying for my de facto visa (the temporary one). I know this is a 2 stage visa and I would like to know what do you have to provide for the permanent one when they send you the 2nd lot of paperwork after 2 years??? Its just im really useless with paperwork and my 1st stage has been a nightmare getting it all together and I want to make sure I have everything for the 2nd one!!!!
  16. Hi everyone, I have a bit of a dilema I am not sure if this is the right place to post it but if it is sorry I would be greatful if you could point me in the right direction. Right here goes, almost a year ago I elected to use a migration agent who I wont reveal for the time being but I will eventually as I think others need to know what they are like. I signed up with them they sounded very positive and that I could proceed immediately excited I paid them a huge well huge to me ammount of money and since then they have given me problem after problem that according to them only I can deal with, my current job means I virtually live at work and have very little free time this is the main reason I went with this particular agent and chose their 'premium service' as they made it seem like they would do this hard work and running arround for me. So I am stuck a year on at the skills assessement stage I have taken all my anual leave to sort out chasing previous employers for references which havent materialized I have only workd for 3 companies one was a small business which went under and I have been unable to trace the owner, the other was for an extremely well known American multinational who also havent sent me a reference although I left there on very good terms about six years ago my current employer of 5years has given me an excellent reference, but my agent says I canont lodge with out other references, also my apprentiship I cannont prove I have all my qualification certificates but because my first employer was who I did my apprenticeship with I have no proof of this. I am an Electrical Enginner (Electrician special class) but because of my lack of apprenticship proof my agent told me that application would more than likely fail and my only choice would be to apply as a general electrician, and because I cant get more than 1 reference they are umming and ahhhrr ing over wheather the application of a general electrician would be sucessfull I am at the end of my teather and I really dont know where to go from here I have just had my 30th birthday which I was worried about loosing points but my agent didnt seem to think this would make a difference.......what I loose FIVE POINTS when I apply over 30! I feel that my agent who is registered is incompetent and has not helped me in any way and have not given me any information I didnt already know, except negative oh this wont work and that wont work! I am considereing quitting my job and going it alone applying I was ready to leave a year ago and nothing has moved in the process since does anybody have any experience with any of this? any help would be appreciated! OH AND THANKS FOR STAYING AWAKE THROUGH ALL THAT ABOVE!:laugh:
  17. Curious to see if there is anyone on here who is currently or has gone through stage 2 - i.e. Permanet Spouse Visa. Please give indication of requirements on this one - info required etc? This is more so we can fully prepare and keep every single piece of mail ever !! Useful to know what it involves and length of process as havent seen any posts on here with regards to 2nd stage. Thanks to everyone for all your help so far. I actually genuinely dont think I could have done this without all the help and assistance on this forum. :hug:
  18. Guest

    2nd stage bridgingvisa

    Hi, Currently i am holding a Brdging visa A ( The first stage) What do i need to do for the second stage? can you please help me out Thank you Best regards Lida Haidar Please PM me for my personal details
  19. We have lodged state sponsor for SA and agent about to lodge main visa, then once got ss will change to 176. Once got ss does anyone know timescale for getting our application looked at?? Hubbie is electrician, we have been told once is a 176 state sponsor DIAC do look at it quicker. But will this be few months?? 6 Months?? Once have got case officer how quickly do they request medicals etc?? Has anyone in smilar occupation doing state sponsor been recently through this?? Thanks Rainy
  20. Hi All, I have applied for 176 visa after securing SA SS and now awaiting for allocation of CO. Should I start applying for jobs at this stage ? Would employers consider my application seriously?????
  21. Hi, I wondered whether anyone was in the same boat as me?? I'm a registered nurse and have been waiting for my skills assessement result since mid June. I was initially told a 4 week wait for a modified assessement but apparently they are inundated with applications and could be a further month from now before i hear. Am going down the state sponsored route and want to settle in Perth. We are keen to feel like we are making some progress in the process and realise that there's a lot more waiting ahead of us. Would be grateful for some words of encouragement!!
  22. clairerichie

    2 Stage of Vetassess Aoplication

    Happy News have just submitted OH portfolio for Trade Assessment, am so happy that we have finallly got the ball rolling, am just so fingers crossed now that it all goes ahead, and we can finally get the date for assessment.... my mind seems to be working faster than we can go, Am so so excited........ Richard, Claire & Baby Keira:policeman:
  23. Hi folks, I was just wondering how many of us are in the same position as us in that everything have been given to the DIAC, have a case officer, meds and police checks have been sent and finalised and now just waiting for the visa to be granted...... I realise the visas have slowed/stop due to quotas being nearly filfulled and its case of waiting to the first couple of weeks of July but is anyone finding June is going very very slowly because of this....:twitcy: Just getting so impatient now....:arghh: So anyone else in the same boat???? Mandsifam
  24. Guest

    2nd stage spouse visa

    Hey, Does anyone know how long the 2nd stage spouse visas are taking to process at the moment? My partner sent back his stat decs and police check beginning April. Cheers, Eva :biggrin:
  25. Hi, I will shortly be applying for a 457 temporary visa which shouldn't be a problem. However, I have some questions about adding my boyfriend to the visa: - My boyfriend and I have never lived together, does this mean we don't have any chance at present of him being classed as my 'dependent' as a de facto partner? (We have had a relationship for 3 years) - If my boyfriend and I live together in Oz for 6 months (I understand there is some kind of six month rule) will this be adequate for him to start out on a working holiday visa and then transfer to mine? (he already has approval for the working holiday visa) - Will it actually be possible for him to transfer to my visa as a dependent later on in this way and how would I go about that?! thanks!! Hazel (very excited but a little bewildered about her move to oz...)