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Found 627 results

  1. Guest

    Onshore spouse visa..

    Hello evryone, im planning to apply for an onshore spouse visa for my husband.. How long it will take for the temporary spouse visa 820 to process?? If any body has got similar experience plz share ur time line??
  2. Guest

    Multimedia student pr

    Hello I will be finishing my Bachelors of multimedia degree in December. I do not know any best option to get a PR quick as possible. I am legally married and my wife is overseas and we will be getting culturally married next march. What are my options here To make entry to australia with my wife in march Can i apply for a masters student visa listing her name down as my dependent and after we arrive i apply for a TR and cancel my student visa? Please provide few time friendly options, i would truly appreciate em Thanx
  3. Hey all, I am currently filling out the various forms for our 309/100 spouse visa and am a bit stuck on question 79 on form 47SP: "Have you ever had or currently have tuberculosis or any other serious disease (including mental illness), condition or disability?" Back in 2009 I saw a GP a couple of times and was diagnosed with very mild depression for which I was prescribed a low dose of Prozac - I think the course of treatment lasted about 6 months. I had no time off of work for this, saw no mental health workers, nor was I hospitalised at any point. I feel absolutely fine now and think this was just down to a slight low point in my life that in hindsight I think I could have got through without the drugs. Obviously I will declare this as required on any forms relating to my medical (to be undertaken soon) but does this need to be declared in answer to the above question on form 47SP? As this was very mild depression I would have thought that this doesn't count as a "serious disease" - however, based on the wording of the question, is any type of mental illness classed as serious? If unsure I think I'll just go down the 'declare everything' route but just wanted to get some opinions in the meantime. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi everyone, My work have kindly offered to sponsor me to stay in Australia, and I have been trying to look up what will happen to my husband. We are British and currently both on Working Holiday Visas. I know that I can nominate him as a secondary person on my visa (but please correct me if I'm wrong!) but I don't know how easy/assured this is, and what it costs etc Any advice and clarification will be very gratefully received! Thanks in advance, and a belated happy easter, Caitlin.
  5. Guest

    Sponsorship visa and spouse

    Hi there, I am 28 and heading over on a Working Holiday Visa my husband however is 36 therefore not eligible for the WHV so will be coming over on a long tourist visa. I have a job with an agency lined up with the possibility of sponsorship. If I get the sponsorship I understand my husband can also go on my visa..is this correct? Also will he be able to work once on my visa or will he have to wait until he has residency? Thanks for any info in advance :-)
  6. Guest

    Spouse settlement VISA

    Hi guys Does anyone know how much money as a minimum you'd need to be able to prove you had in order for the spouse settlement visa to be approved? Bearing in mind I work from home as a typist and earn a fair whack per week - does this help as I would be working within a couple of weeks after we arrive - all I need is a computer and internet access. PS The spouse settlement visa is for hubby, not me! Also, what if hubby had a job to go to when he arrived? Does that help towards it? Thanks Katye
  7. Hi, my hubby is applying for a Spouse Visa and was hoping there may be someone who has already had this granted who may offer some assistance. Firstly, the statements from ourselves - does 1 page each seem reasonable? (or are they looking for a detailed saga of our lives together) In respect of supporting docs, I have found the following items in our joint names. Is there any guidelines on how many docs you should send? - Home Insurance policy in joint names - Council tax bill in joint names - Rental agreement in joint names - Water bill in joint names - My old super fund statement, showing hubby's name as beneficiary - Private health insurance in joint names I am not in the habit of retaining old documents so all these are recent, do you think this matters? We have been together for about 8.5 years. Thanks for your help! I do love this forum - wish they had an Australian equivalent when I was trying to get my UK visa! :biggrin:
  8. Hi All - Am moving back to UK and applying for spouse visa for wife, our money is mostly tied up in our mortgage and we cant sell the house till we get the visa. In order to show sufficient funds to support ourselves would it be alright to show a professional valuation of the house and our bank statement showing our mortgage debt thus showing our equity in the house. We reckon we'd have about AUS180,000 available but only after the sale. Would UK accept these documents as proof of sufficient funds - surely lots of people are in this position. Thanks in advance Ricrog
  9. debbie13

    help - spouse tsts for visa 175

    My husband is applying for a 175 skilled workers visa and I will be included as his spos. I am a primary school teacher and wanted to know if I have to have my skills assessed and whether I will also have to sit an IELTs test. So much paper work to get our head around as we have opted not to use an agent!!!!:wacko:
  10. pts

    spouse visa

    Hi, I am putting together my application at the moment and have been reading all the threads which are really helpful. I think my application will be straightforward as my Australian partner and I having been living together in London for 16 years and have a mortgage here for the past 13 years. One question I have is in regards to certifying copies. Can a Sub Post Master certify them like he can your photos for police checks? Many thanks Paul
  11. ajwilko

    pregnancy and spouse visa

    Hi pps. ondering if ne1 has ne advice. i am on a 309 defacto visa, bf is citizen, and 2nd stage process starts in Aug, when our baby is due!!! wasnt sure if being pregnant affected the visa in ne way, if anyone has ne advice it would be gr8
  12. Hiya Does anyone know how long it takes when you are on a temp spouse 309 to get the perm visa, i understand i can apply 2 years after my application was first lodged (so june applied, granted oct) so techincally i can apply in june 2012 for perm, how long does it then take for them to grant perm ? Was wondering if it takes a further 6 months to be granted perm so looking at 2.5 years then im permy ? Then once perm you go on for 2 years then become a citizen etc Lots of questions, sorry :biggrin:
  13. Hi All, I applied for my spouse visa from the Uk in Jan this year - my wife is Australian. We have been assigned a migration case worker and provided all the information that has been asked for, including my police checks and medicals etc the Dr gave me 10/10 for the medical so all looks well! Our case worker has been in touch and told us that my visa is scheduled to be approved at the end of June / early July. I e-mailed him to ask if we would need to provide any additional information to help him make his decision or would we need to go to London for an interview etc. To which he replied, "your application is scheduled to be approved in June / July". He also indicated that a reply from me would not be welcome!! All we want to know is what is the next step, i.e. does this mean that we will hear nothing more until June / July when the visa will be approved OR does it mean the application will be looked at in June / July and there maybe an interview required. We simply don't know at the moment and find it all very frustrating. Please help!! Bevo :arghh:
  14. hi, have read on a couple of posts that people are considering getting married before the changes in July...can anyone enlighten me? sounds scary!!
  15. judyq

    question about spouse visa !

    Hi. just returned from our reccie and now its all systems go! I have an Australian passport despite being born in uk. My partner is English. I have been looking at the sponser form for what feels like hours now and am a little concerned about how i can prove i will support her. The paperwork asks how much money i earn, what i am taking etc and i am concerned they will not think it is enough. Any advice on this would be appreciated. We are all in the uk and will have money from the sale of our house but not sure how much we need!! Thanks
  16. Hey, I am a bit stuck on a few things to do with th spouse/fiance visa that i am applying for. I am a UK citizen and have been with my australian partner for over 4 yrs. We both want to live in aus and plan to get married. I am currently in the UK and he is back in aus. I will be meeting him back over there in a few months (on a holiday visa) and there we will get married. I know that once i am there i will have to apply for the spousal visa and that means he will be sponsering me to stay, but can i work too? or do i have to wait for the permenant visa to come through, which means not working for nearly 12 months!? and also how much roughly will this all cost? is it easier to pay somebody to do it ( althouh i heard this was lots)? I'm very lost right now and would appreciate any helpyou can give, thanks jen
  17. Guest

    Spouse Visa

    HI I am i Australia on a working holiday visa and I have meet a guy. He is a resident, born here. I know you are all going to think I am a fool but I am not in a relationship with him yet - he was seeing someone and we have been dating for a few months. I have known him for over a year but only by meetings and talking as we live in the same area. The past few months our relationship has gotten serious and we have reached a cross road - we will not have a future together as my visa runs out in December. So cut all ties now or progress. I live at my rented house, he owns his own home. My names are not on any of his bills etc. So where can we go from now? I do not understand this defacto visa - it does not make a lot of sense but I have noticed we will have to prove we have been dating for twelve months. What if we start dating now and then I come back on a holiday visa and apply the visa - is that ok? I am willing to studying for a year - I already have a degree in Sociology but a Masters (if i get on the course) is possible money wise. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi, I got my temporary spouse visa almost 2 years ago and will soon have to apply for a permanent visa. Just as last time though I'm getting confused with the info I'm reading.... So my question is, is the cost for applying for a permanent spouse visa (onshore) really the same as the cost for the temporary visa I got 2 years ago? That's another $2,500.... So I'm hoping I got it wrong. Thanks!!!!
  19. Guest

    Spouse Visa

    Hiya everyone! I have finally managed to convince my husband that its time we move from London and go to my home town in Australia....we have done all our research, been given job offers in Oz....then I thought "Oh a visa will be quick to process...." yea I obviously thought wrong. Looking at the Australia Immigration website, I can see that my hubby can apply for a Spouse visa with me as his sponser and we apply for a temp one + a permanant visa, can anyone tell me how long it took them to receive this???!!!....freaking out right about now, however cant tell husband as I told him "I had it under control" hahahha oh dear! xx Thanx in advance. Karen
  20. Hi everyone I am new to this, well posting a question have been following this site and the threads since applying for my prospective spouse visa back in September, which has finally been granted. My question is that i am a British and I understand that the UK have a RHCA with Australia, however my visa conditions state; may use Australia's medical expenses and hospital care assistance scheme, Medicare, but only if you are in Australia and have already applied for a Partner visa. I am confused as to what this means for me, do I have to get some kind of private health care until I am married and have applied for a Partner Visa? I am flying out on a return ticket, just so that I have a return portion in case of a problem with family back home, so I am unsure if I can get "backpacker" type insurance, my problem with this is they seem to state that I have to use the RCHA medicare thing, but my visa states I can't use medicare. Ok I'm waffling now sorry just leaving in three weeks today and starting to worry!! Any advise would be soooo gratefully appreciated Tabitha:err:
  21. Hey people. I was just looking through the checklist of the spouse visa that i was going to apply for. My wife is Australian and so are my 2 children but they live over here with me. My wife was going to be my sponsor but reading the checklist it says "provide evidence that your sponsor usually resides in Australia." Is this the case? If so i will need to contact some of my Australian friends for help. Would of been easier if my wife could sort her forms out over here. Hope someone can shed some light on this. Thank
  22. Guest

    spouse de facto visa

    I have some questions that need to be asked and i hope somebody can give me the answers. I will be sending the forms and the information into the immigration branch Australian High Commision Strand in London when i have received my police certificate here are my questions. (1) it says on the forms to send my passport in with the forms and information is this correct (2) my partner has just recently got laid off work will this effect in getting the spouse de facto visa (3) my partner is 69 will be 70 this coming November will this effect in getting the spouse de facto visa i have been living with my Partner for 12 months from February 2010 to February 2011 all we want is to be allowed to live together for the rest of our lives in Australia
  23. Guest

    Spouse visa - couple of Q's :)

    I'm a UK citizen, married to an Aussie, we have a child who holds duel citizenship (and maybe another one on the way). We currently live in the UK. I know we need to apply for a spouse visa for me and I am looking into the process atm and finding this forum very useful Just have a few questions re the police check. a) If you've lived overseas elsewhere than the UK (and if so what is the time frame, say 1 year or more) do they require a police check from those countries also? b) How far back do they usually go? I spent most of my 20's living overseas in various EU countries (not backpacking, actually living and working, remaining in one home/place for extended periods of time) and am now 40. So by the time we move over it'll be 15 years or so ago I last 'lived' overseas. c) If they do, is it better to hire an agent to help with this or has anyone done the paperwork themselves? Thanks in advance
  24. Hello Everyone! I am an Australian citizen currently living in Pakistan for the past 4 years. I have a husband here and 2 daughters aged 3 and 2. I am trying to apply for spouse visa for my partner. We couldn't apply before due to family problems but now I have conceived for the third one and I just want to go back. Everyone says it will take 6-9 months but I want to go in another 3-4 months, because I have to my baby there. I am just so fed up of living here and in so much tension. I had another question which is regarding my passport, Australian passport which is expired. Can I send in the application and send the passport later when it arrives? I think I shouldn't have to wait for the new passport because after all I am a citizen. Assurance of support is not a problem, because my husband has an okay bank balance needed for living in Australia for at least a year. And I also have my husband's and kids' passports ready. Please help me out here. I don't know if I have left out anything. I am just so stressed out. :wideeyed:
  25. Hi Does anyone know if I can start my own business on a subclass 309 temporary visa? I am a health care practitioner and want to rebuild my practice in Oz (if our visa application gets accepted!) and register self employed. I understand that my tax bracket will be 30% on a temporary visa but someone also told me that I could not set up my own business until I had permanent residency :huh:?