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Found 627 results

  1. I have only recently qualified as a Permanent Resident on a Contributory Parent Visa and hope in time (around 4/5 years) to become accepted as a Citizen. I am still married but my partner did not apply as he was not prepared to make the leap and leave the UK. So I live in Oz and he is still in the UK. Please can anyone tell me if I am correct in thinking the following? If I eventually become a Citizen and if he one day decides he misses me and our children and would like to join me in Australia, is it a simple case of me sponsoring him after 5 years and then him coming over on a Visa which does not cost the price of a mortgage?! Currently, as he is not certain if he ever will want to come and live in Oz it makes no sense him going down the route of applying for his own Contributory Parent Visa as if he then decides not to come after all it will be many thousands of $ down the drain. Your knowledge would be much appreciated. Just a bit of general info. It is hellish expensive in Oz. The cost of living, accommodation, food, clothing and everything in between is crippling. It is a beautiful place of course and the people are wonderful - and I do hate to do the whinging Pom bit - but it is undeniable that living here you need to really earn or be prepared to say goodbye to your savings! Thanks and hope someone can guide me:-)
  2. Guest

    Visa Approved - De facto Spouse

    Hi All, Just wanted to give hope to everyone out there..... I applied for my de facto visa on 25th January 2011 and was granted it on 22nd June 2011....... I sent in as much information as i had, didnt leave anything out and all that was requested as additional info was for my OH to have a full medical and a police check as he is a NZ citizen living here and the letter was sent a day after the additional papers were sent! Mine was a very complicated situation so anyone that wants any advice please dont hesitate to ask.... Can also make the very happy announcement that we are a expecting a baby, due in October!!!! Good luck to everyone out there, all i can say is if its real it will happen!! :yes::smile::wink:
  3. Hi I will be applying for my 801 spouse visa for permanent residency soon as the 2 year mark will be approaching. I know I have to do an Australian Police Check. Do I have to do a UK police check too? I visited the UK for a few weeks last Christmas. (I did Uk one a couple of years ago for the prospective marriage visa but is it only needed for that visa and not the 801?) Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  4. Hi, I have been reading through this forum and it is very helpful, i have read many post to find situation similar to me but no success, therefore now posting my situation to get best possible advice. I am an Australian citizen living in Pakistan for last 3 years, since i am back i got married and have 2 kidz (both are Australian citizen by descent). The reason i came back was because of my parents since i am the only son of my parents i have one sister and she is married and living in Canada. Before i came back i wish that my parents could join me but due to long delays in parent migration i decided to go back. The reason i have to be with my parents is because of my dad, 4.5 years back (a year before i moved back) my dad developed a condition where he lost control over his mind and was behaving like he is having threat with someone or not feeling secure my mom got him admitted in hospital and we got him treated completely (Since than he is having regular checkup from doctors). The doctor at that time ask my mum if they are living alone and my mum explained him situation, than doctor suggested that i should be living with them since it seems that my dad is missing me. After i came back we (me, my wife & mum) are trying to give him best comfort and happiness we can. Since i am back i am trying and evaluating options that we all can live together in Australia but cannot find any. If i go for Parent migration- it has long delays, if i go for Contributory Parent Migration- I do not have that much money. I always have in my mind to add my parents in my spouse migration application as "Dependent Relative" but i was not sure if this will help me in any way? If anyone can help me what options i have which i can try ? Even i am willing to try if it has less chances of success as i dont have many options left. Some facts: my dad is 63 Years old my mum is 55 Years old. My dad is not working and my mum is always been housewife. My wife is part time working because she has to look after my parents and kidz aswell. We both are financially supporting family. We pass balance of family test because we are only two brother and sister.
  5. Hi All, So pleased we found this forum. My Husband (British) and I (Australian citizen) have been married for 5 years and have two children. We met whilst working in the US. We have lived in the UK for the past few years but would now like to move to Australia (Perth). Could anyone here advise what information we will need to provide the Australian Embassy for my husband to successfully receive a Spouse Visa. Furthermore, can anyone advise whether it's easier/quickier to submit the paperwork from London or Perth. It seems to us that everything is made so much more complicated in the UK? Our preference would be to fly to Perth and visit the Immigration office there, as they were very helpful when we visited around 10 years ago. I suppose in a nutshell we would appreciate the following advise - If you were in our situation what would you do. This is obviously aimed at people that have either gone through the process in either country or understand the processes involved... hehe sorry I'll be quiet now. Kind Regards Megan:wacko:
  6. Hiya, we're applying for a spouse visa for my hubby and I have recently found out am pregnant (very, very early days yet). I'm desperate to have the baby in Australia (due Dec) and so we're frantically trying to get the visa in. Would it be advisable to front load the application as we're on such a tight timeframe? Or does it not really matter? Secondly, I can't find the information as to how to get the medical/police checks, could some angel please help me? Also, does the police checks take the estimated 45 days really? Thanks a mill xxx
  7. Hello all, I have been following the forums quite a bit now and we are just about ready to submit our 47SP Spouse/Partner Visa. I understand that any travel during the processing time is to be discussed with the C/O however once the police clearances, medicals and possible interviews are complete is there any reason why we wouldn't be able to travel elsewhere? Our current plan is to submit the application first week of July, spend 2 months in South Africa from October and be in Australia by the New Year. I believe the visa is electronic so we will not need to send the passport in, although we will have a friends residential address for mail until we get to Oz. While I will be able to travel back to the UK if needed my O/H (the non-Aussie) will not be able to get back in unless she applies for a tourist visa for the UK. Has anyone applied for the Spouse visa in the UK, had it granted while in another country and not need to travel back to the UK? Also does preloading the application actually shorten the timescales? It appears everyone gets their visa granted within the 4.5-5 month mark anyway. We should have the police clearances sorted by the time we apply but wont have the medical. I assume that this wont take too long if we do it outside of London. Thanks in advance!
  8. k8bug79

    Spouse visa when partner dies

    Hello, I know this will be a rare situation but I am hoping someone may be able to help. I have posted something similar to this before but didn't get any answers but I have found something else that may offer some light at the end of the tunnel and I am hoping someone may be able to share their experience. I am married to an Australian Ctizen by Descent and we are hoping to file my visa for spouse in the new year. His Dad was an australian citizen and in the two years we have been planning to go it was the plan that my FIL and MIL would come with us with her on a spouses visa also. Sadly my FIL died last November, at first we felt that our plans would have to stop as my MIL would no longer be eligible for a spouses visa but looking at Immi website I have just found the following: Relationship In a married relationship, you and your partner must show a mutual commitment to a shared life as husband and wife to the exclusion of all others. You and your partner must be living together or, if not, any separation must be only temporary. You must also have a genuine and continuing relationship with your partner. See: Evidence of a Genuine and Continuing Relationship Note: Under certain circumstances, you may still be eligible to apply for and be granted, or continue to be an applicant for, a Partner visa in Australia if: your relationship breaks down and you and your partner have custodial rights under the Family Law Act 1975 for any children aged under 18 years that you and your partner may have your partner dies, and you can establish that, had your partner not died, the relationship would have continued and that you have developed close ties with Australia. Relevant info is in red, my understanding of this is that my MIL could be eligible to apply as long as she can prove that she has close ties with Australia and her plans had been to join us. Am I right? and if so how long could she wait before applying under this clause. Also how would she show her relationship to be continuing, in the same way as we would? Ie bank statements wills etc. There is no written evidence of our plans to go, as we only talked about it over the phone but I guess people could write a statement of the intention. Also she had never visited Australia, do you think this would be a major stumbling block? I guess any application of this nature would be on a case by case merit but does anyone have any experience of this? Thanks
  9. Hi all, Hoping that someone is able to assist with this query. I am English and my wife is Australian. Next year we plan to move to The Netherlands for us both to work. My question is, if my wife applies for and obtains a spouse visa for the UK, does this also permit work in the EU? Also, if we apply from Australia, do we actually have to move to or live in the UK for any period of time in order to be granted the visa? If the answer is that a UK spouse visa does not permit working in the EU, does anyone know whether it is possible to get an EU working visa based on marriage to a UK citizen, other than company sponsorship? Thanks for any help you're able to provide!
  10. Hi, Apologies if this question has been asked numerous times before. Can anyone please let me know the approx waiting / processing times for the 309 Spouse Visa? I need to head back to Oz for work in 3 months and want to know whether my British wife should apply now in the hope of it being approved in 3 months or for her to enter Oz as a tourist and apply in Oz. My next question is whether it is acceptable for her to enter with a one way ticket? We and our 2 (British) sons are wanting to move to Oz permanently. I am an Aussie who has lived in the UK for 10 years. Many thanks
  11. lindajyyu

    Spouse visa (309/100) questions

    Hi there, I am an Australian citizen and recently got married. I am preparing the documents to support my husband applying for a visa, but I have some questions and hope everyone can help me with these quetions. 1. Do we need to be married for certian period of time before we can apply for spouse visa (we've been together for 18 months before married)? 2. Husband has a valid tourist visa to Australia. We just got married and don't want to be seperated for too long, so can he travel to Australia with me with tourist visa AFTER he submits spouse visa application? 3. If he travels to Australia on a tourist visa AFTER he submits spouse visa application, will this cause his spouse visa assess/appoval delayed? Thank you:notworthy:
  12. Guest

    Spouse visa requirements

    Hello ! I am an Aussie citizen and have just recently married. I want to sponsor my husband now and since we haven't been married for more than 3 years but did live together for 3 and half years I need to prove our relationship (as a de facto partner) before our marriage. ( I want to get the permanent visa straight away) I have to send documents that show our SOCIAL CONTEXT RELATIONSHIP such as: -evidence that you and your partner are generally accepted as a couple socially (for example, joint invitations, going out together, friends and acquaintances in common) My question is: What do these joint invitations look like? We have been invited to weddings as a couple but this is a hand written envelope with our names on it and inside the invitation... is this an acceptable document? did it have to be posted? Also common friends and going out together.. how do we prove this? that we go out with our friends together?? is this sth important?I mean, I dont see how anyone can prove that they have friends in common and when they go out what evidence there is to show of that... Thanking you in advance I would be happy to hear from any reply :hug:
  13. Guest

    spouse visa sponsor eligibility

    Hello everyone, i am new to this forum and do have questions about a spuse visa sponsorship. i enter australia on a student visa in 1991, and then met my first bf in 1993. he sponsored me (under the de-facto relationship) for my PR in 1997 however, things didn't go well and we got seperated in 1998/1999. then i got citizenship in 2000. i then got married to my ex-husband who is an australian citizen, but ended up divorce. i am now married to my husband who is not an australian, and wants to apply the spouse visa for him. am i qualified to be my husband's sponsor? thank you~ fen :notworthy:
  14. Guest

    spouse visa online?

    Hi all this may be a daft question but can you apply for a spouse visa online? Thanks :jiggy:
  15. Hi, Does it make any difference to my partner's visa approval chance, if we have or have not got savings? She is applying for the Spouse/Partner visa onshore here in the UK sometime in the near future and the above question crossed my mind? We won't be going until I can guarantee work before hand, as we're not fortunate to have a decent savings fund at the moment. Thanks in advance Huw
  16. I am an Australian Citizen and the sponsor for my husband's spouse visa. We got his 309 visa granted on Feb 2010. We live in Dubai and its from here that we had applied for his Spouse PR. We had actually planned to move to Aus but we are postponing it for now. I know that around the 2 year mark DIAC will request us to resubmit documents for grant of permanent PR. I just want to confirm a few things so that we can plan our next move 1. Can we apply for Subclass 100 (Permanent Spouse PR) outside australia ? 2. I was employed until recently and now out of work - since I am his sponsor am I expected to to be working and show pr0of of employment ? 3. We used a migration agent for the first stage - so will DIAC contact them around next year ? Your inputs will be highly appreciated as we will need to move to Aus if I need to apply from there. TIA
  17. cypruscj

    175 visa cost with spouse

    Hiya, my fiance and i are planning our move over to Oz, after back from a year on WHV, we decided we like it enough to move permanently. I have a quick question regarding the cost of the 175 visa. Might be a dumb one but still want to double check lol! He is a QS and i unfortunately don't hold any qualifaction listed on sol list, (though will have a Honours Degree by the time we aim to move) The plan is for him to be the main applicant and me as spouse. is the cost per visa or per applicant. ...ie from immi.gov.au it says: The 1st instalment of the Visa Application Charge must be paid at the time of application. The 2nd instalment of the Visa Application Charge for dependents aged 18 years or over with less than functional English must be paid before the visa is granted. Skilled - Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175) Charge Type Charge Amount 1st instalment $2575 2nd instalment $3575 so does that make the visa cost $6150 or is it $6150 per person named? :confused: thanks
  18. Guest

    spouse visa after divorce

    Hello, I was granted a 136 skilled worker visa and my wife was granted a spouse visa to join me. We have not yet re-located but unfortunately since they were granted we have decided to separate. I no longer want to go to Australia but my wife does. We are not divorced yet. I still care for her and want to do what I can to make her happy so if I can help her to emigrate i will. If we visit Australia to validate our visas will there be a problem for her if I return home and we subsequently divorce? Thanks in advance.
  19. NATMAN

    On Shore Spouse Visa

    I entered sunny OZ in Jan on a prospective marriage visa which was issued and we got married in January 2011. This visa runs out in early Aug 2011 and we are about to send in our On Shore Spouse Visa application. Can anyone explain what happens in the mean time in relation to the visa? Thanks in advance
  20. Hi Good day I have managed to bring my wife to my existing living country (not my home land) on a family visa ( 1 year stamped on her passport) She has been given a civil ID as well. Should I inform my CO of her family visa ? Regards:wubclub::cute:
  21. Guest

    spouse visa

    Hi Can anyone advise me? Once i receive my spouse visa is there a certain time by which i have to have entered Australia? Any help appreciated , Thanks
  22. Hi Everyone, Just asking a quick question.. Everyone that is waiting on a spouse/partner visa.. Have any of you applied for Jobs yet? I know we dont have to have a job in place before we get there.. But was just wondering what everyone else was going to do? Im planning on going September/October and was wondering when the hubby should start applying for Jobs? Or just wait until we get there??? He is a National Account Manager. Be good to hear what everyone else is doing..
  23. Guest

    from 885 to spouse visa

    Hello all, i applied for 885 GSM visa 2 years ago and had been held in limbo ever since due to the changes on the SOL list. Im planning to get married next year (my fiancee is a resident). Im kind of sick waiting for any update on my application, Is it possible to switch my application to a spouse visa after I got married or im just day-dreaming? Thanks in advance!
  24. Guest

    UK Spouse Visa

    Hi all! I'm new to the website but have read a few posts on the forums and am hoping for some advice. Here goes; I'm Australian and my husband is English. I'm currently residing in oz and him in England. We've been married over 2 years and living in the UK (I was on a 2 year spouse visa) but I returned to oz in October last year due family commitments and didn't have the money at the time to apply for leave to remain before I left so my spouse visa expired at the end of last year. I had to start working in oz to save money and obviously support myself before going back to the UK. I have called 1st contact to enlist their services and have been advised that because we have been apart for 6 months our application needs to be processed asap due to us looking like we're not the full quid. We have phone records and emails to prove that we've been in touch since I left the UK. The thing I'm worried about is after I left I had all my UK banks statements made electronic as Barclays were moving to the electronic statement system. I had bank statements going to our home address until I left. My husband currently resides at his fathers house where I also lived before coming back to the UK so we have no proof of rental agreements (as we lived rent free) or bills in our names. Our bank accounts were also seperate. I've been advised by 1st contact that processing times are around 3 months and they issue the visa for 2 years 3 months to give the person time to leave the country. My husband and I plan on moving to London on my return and are currently saving for that. I have savings in my UK account that exceeds the required funds necessary and my husband has also saved. I'm worried that the application may not granted due to us not having enough proof that we are legitimate (like bills etc).
  25. Hi I just wanted feedback on the processing time period for the permanent residency visa after nearly 2 years married please. I believe Immigration contact you 2 or 3 months beforehand to request a completed application with proof of an on-going relationship, so how long have fellow PIO's applications taken before they have got PR. Thanks Smiler :biggrin: