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Found 627 results

  1. Hi Im sure this will have been asked but having looked through some posts im more confused. Could someone point me in the right direction. My partner has just been offered a job 3 year sponsored on a 457 visa, we are engaged but not married so Im presuming defacto? Does his visa application have me attached or do i need my own, if so which one? Will i need medicals, skills checks etc. Cost of visa? I will be following around 6 months after my partner but will be wanting to visit at least once how long does my visa take roughly. Thanks very much Vicky
  2. kellbell

    Spouse Visa

    Good morning all, just out of interest anyone know why an onshore spouse visa seems to take so much longer than offshore? You would think being in the country would mean its processed quicker, but I have had my receipt of application letter in 2 months and nothing else, telling me it can take up to 9 months to make a decision. I thought our case would be a bit quicker as OH an Aussie and we have two children, meds and police check handed with application. Just on reading offshore visas have been granted within a month! Thanks :confused:
  3. jamesw7

    spouse visa questions

    Hi - new joiner, so hoping to get a little info from users. My new wife (English) and i (Australian) are hoping to move to Australia in Dec/Jan this year and are not sure of the best option for applying for a spouse visa for her: 1) Off - shore - been told this takes 12 months, but last few posts seems to indicate it can take 4 months if front loaded at Aus House in London? Is that right? 2) There is a small chance she may be able to work for the same company as in UK - can a work request from an Aus based company be used in Application to get some sort of priority 3) If we do lodge it and then leave the UK before it is granted - is that ok? Appreciate she cant work until it arrives, but is there some sort of restriction on her even entering the country? thanks in advance - will pore over the older threads while waiting.
  4. Hi all, My wife is Australian and she is returning to Melbourne on the 2nd of October. I will join her a few weeks later and apply for my spouse visa in Oz. The problem is that even though we have been married for 16 years, we have kept our finances seperate, so we have nothing in joint names. We have one or two photographs from over the years but nothing major. Do you think this will cause a problem? Thanks in advance. Mark
  5. Guest

    How quick?

    Hi All, I'm quite new to the site although I've used it for a bit of info in the past. and thought I might avail you all again. My (now) husband was granted a fiance visa in 1998 and we travelled to Aust the following year and were married but needed to return to the UK before he gained permenant residency. We are now returning to live in Australia and have basically had to reapply - although as we have now been married almost 12 years he will be granted permenant residency straight away. We sent his application in last Friday, so it would have been delivered this gone Monday. We had an email from the case worker yesterday asking for a couple of extra bits and asking for my hubby to book his medical. The surgery had a cancellation so his appointment is next Tuesday. The extra bits of information were posted this morning so will arrive tomorrow. As this all seems to be progressing so incredibly fast, do you think we will still be waiting the 5-6 months shown on the web site? All thoughts and experiences will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone, New to the forum but amazed at how friendly and supportive the posts I have read are! Really hoping some of you kind people may be able to help clear up some of our confusion. We are planning to move to Australia as soon as we conceivably can, until last night we had thought this would be FEB/march 12. New information I discovered through this into question, hence the confusion. Forgive me for what might be a long winded explanation of our situation! I am Australian (Newcastle born and bred), but have been living in uk for last seven years on various visas, the most recent being my marriage visa to my lovely British husband. We have a beautiful 10 month old daughter born here in the uk (uk passport only at this stage). My limited leave to remain marriage visa is due to expire 2nd dec 11, and would cost us 975 pounds to renew into the indefinite leave to remain visa. We had been planning to pay this, thinking that it would allow me to come back into Britain if we ever need to return. However last night I discovered that indefinite leave to remain is only valid if you do not live outside Britain for two years+, and we are obviously planning a long term move to oz. In short, my visa expires in December and we are reluctant to fork out a grand for what will only be a couple of months if we don't have to. With me so far? Sorry for any muddle. Anyway we are now thinking we might try to move before my visa expires. This introduces a whole new range of issues. I have been reading forum and I think it seems as though the absolute best result we can hope for my husband to get a spouse visa for Australia approved is 5 months (which obviously takes us past my uk visa expiring). I think I am also right in assuming I need a visa for my uk born daughter? Not sure if she can go on same form as her dad? We also have a house to sell (will be putting it on market in next fortnight). Whilst we don't necessarily need it sold to move, it would be better for us financially and certainly we could only manage a few months cross over! Am nervous about the market and would think we would be incredibly lucky to have it sold before december! Basically my questions are a) has anyone been in a similar situation or b) does anyone have and insight into our options? I believe I am right in saying that in order to avoid paying the thousand pounds to get my visa renewed, I need to leave the uk before it expires on 2nd dec. My husbands visa will more than likely not be back by then, and we won't travel separately because of our daughter. I know this is an essay so will be surprised if anyone has made it through it let alone made sense of it, but if anyone has any info or thoughts on our options they would be hugely appreciated! I am guessing copping the visa fee here might be the only clear cut way but if anyone has any other ideas...am desperate to get home! Many thanks in advance
  7. How do, I have been with my Aussie fella now for 18 months and have lived with him for all this time. We are returning to the Uk in Dec 2011 to get married with a view to then returning to Oz, me on a Superyacht crew visa, and then applying for an on-shore spouse visa. Not worried about the majority of the application process and documentation/evidence required, however, as my bloke is 'self employed' and for as long as I have known him has undertaken a variety of cash work as and when, I am rather concerned about how he will provide 2 years worth of employment records. He is not short and has bank statements to prove his financial situation is very secure, but does not have wage slips etc. Can anyone provide any advice on how stringent immigration are with regards to this aspect of the application and evidence please? I would be most grateful for any information. Cheers.
  8. Guest

    Austalian spouse visa

    I am a pakistani. my husband is on PR in australia. I wanted to enquire whether it is better that i should apply for a tourist visa and enter australia on tourist visa. and than apply for an onshore spouse visa??
  9. Guest

    457 spouse dillema

    Hi there, My husband has had a 457 granted in march and I got one myself as his spouse. I can work freely. Here is the question: His sponsor still doesn't have work starting yet for him. We have no clue when it will start. Can I head over there before the main 457 holder, and work? Is there anything stopping me from doing this? I have work lined up there already, and we really need the money. It would help our situation vastly if I could go over now alone and get generating some cash. Anyone know the rules about this? Thanks!
  10. Guest

    spouse visa question

    Hello lovely people My huby andi I have been mulling over a move to Oz for the last month, but earlier on this week finally started to do some research into making it happen. We are in the very inital stages of research so have more questions than answers!!!! We are looking at state sponsorship as I am a midwife with 5 yrs experience. What i wanted to know is if i get state sponsorship, does he have to apply as joe bloggs or will the state sponsor him as well. he is a payroll manager, we also have a 22month old daughter, does she need sponsorship or as a dependant is she exempt Sorry for all the daft questions but we really do know nothing at the moment! Philandmitch
  11. Guest

    309/100 medicals

    Hihi, I am new here and a close friend recommended this forum as one of the very informative and updated migration forum. Indeed this is a great forum filled with lots of information and help. I am currently applying for 309/100 and would like to do medical check now. My medical centre asked me this 2 questions. 1. Are you a temporary or permanent applicant? (309 is temp while 100 is permanent; so should I consider myself temp or permanent?) 2. Please provide the address for the clinic to send the medical report to. (3 choices given: Online or send to SYDNEY or send to the LOCAL AHC where my paper application is submitted) I have inform the medical centre that I am doing spouse visa 309/100, but they are not sure about the 2 matter above. I have made a call to DIAC and DIAC said that the clinic should know all these. So now I am stuck and I am not sure where to get these answers from. I have already tried glancing through a few pages and topics of the 'migration issue' and couldn't find answers to these questions I have. If there is already a same topic, please link me to it, I might unintentionally missed it. I hope this can updates evereyone who are having the same issue lately. I hope the kind souls and migration agents in this forum can advice me. Thanks in advance. ^^
  12. Hi guys, I've send my 2nd stage application about 4 weeks ago to the department and I'm wondering if it really takes 3-7 months before a Spouse PR gets granted. I've send them all the bits and pieces of proof like joint account statements, joint mortgage, pictures, Statutory Declarations, house hold bills, joint travel, etc. I would like to go and visit my family back in Europe while it's still summer over there but the department gave me the advice to stay in Australia until I hear about the visa. I don't want to apply for a bridging visa because I'm afraid they'll put my application on hold for who knows how long. Does anyone have any experience with the processing times for a Spouse PR? Thanks
  13. Guest

    Tourist Visa before Spouse Visa

    We emailed WP as I'm in Brisbane and hubby is in UK waiting for spouse visa and really feeling horrible being so far away for so long! Got the reply that hubby CAN come to Australia on tourist visa, so long as he flies to NZ before spouse visa is granted (ie out of the country) so we're so excited and he may be here in a couple weeks! What's others experience with this? We got told at first to not do the tourist thing as it might jeopardize the spouse visa but it was our custom officer that said it was ok... and said "when the visa is about to be approved"... not if..? Can't wait for hubby to be here but just wanting to hear others experience. Thanks
  14. Hi There, We applied for a subclass 309 visa back in July 2009. At this time we have been married for 4 years and 7 months. Now it has been more than 5 years since we got married and the visa is still being proccessed. our question is: When the visa is hopefully granted, will it be a permemnant visa (Subclass 100) or a temp 2 years years vis (Subclass 309)? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi Just wondered if anyone has recently been through the onshore permanent spouse visa (subclass 801) and if so, what was the processing time. I was told by immigrations 6 - 8 months but I am hoping that is worse case scenario. Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  16. hi everyone~ its me again and i need urgent advice on the following question please~~ i helped my husband to fill in 47SP form to apply for spouse visa. we submitted the application forms last friday. however, i just realised that we made mistakes with 2 questions.. 1. question 58, the previous marriage date was incorrectly entered (carelessly) it should be 2004, but we entered 1994 by mistake. 2. question 80, the last question, if my husband served in the army before. the answer should have been yes since it is compulsory for men to serve in the army in taiwan. however, we entered "no" carelessly. my question is, how do we correct these 2 answers? should we contact the case officer and re-submit a new 47SP form? or should we submit a statement to correct those 2 answers with explianation? thank you~:notworthy:
  17. lindajyyu

    Spouse Visa (309/100) Health Check

    Hi everyone~ My husband is applying spouse visa (309/100) and we finally filled in all the forms and have the documents ready to submit. One last thing we would like to confirm is the health check. After we submit the Visa application, can my husband then go to do health check? Or do we must wait for the case officer to notify my husband before he goes for the health check? thank you~:notworthy:
  18. NickiB

    Spouse Visa- Case Officers

    Hey All, It seems quite a few spouse visas have been granted in around 4 months recently, most of them by case officer DP. I have WP and have yet to see a visa being granted by her early :sad: Do you think it matters which case officer you have? Are they all working to the same time frame at the same speed, or is there a difference between case officers where some work slower and stick to the quoted 5-6 months? If there are differences which ones seem to be faster? Nicki
  19. Hi Does anyone know if you have to do an English police check for the last application process for the permanent spouse visa subclass 820 please? I did one for my prospective marriage visa but is it just an Australian police check for the 820 application? Thanks in advance Smiler:biggrin:
  20. Hi, sorry this would of been asked before but I need some up to date info please. How long is the waiting time if you apply for a spouse visa off shore (whist in UK)? Has anyone gone to Australia on a temp visa and then applied for spouse visa on shore (whilst in Australia). Would it be best to fill in visa application including the police check and then wait for the medicals to be requested? Thanks x Just remembered forgot to ask. My children have citizenship via descent as I was born in Australia. On my husbands visa application form it asks for the childrens australian passport numbers. I havent got the passports yet (as they expire within 5 years), but I do have the citizenship papers. Is it necessary to get the passports yet, I was going to get them when my husbands visa is granted.
  21. Hi All, We are about to send off Application form 47SP and 40SP but before doing so were hoping you might be able to advise whether we have enough and all of the information required to achieve a smooth application process. Below is a list of the information we have provided. If anyone can think of anything that we may have missed we would appreciate your feedback.:wink: 1/ Marriage certificate 2/ Certification of Citizenship 3/ Partner Passport 4/ My Passport 5/ My Drivers License 6/ My Birth certificate 7/ Partner Birth certificate 8/ Will 9/ Wedding invoices/ Wedding dress receipts/ Honeymoon receipts 10/ Council Tax bill both names 2009/ 2010 11/ Utility bills partners name 2008/09/10/11 12/ Contents insurance both names. 13/ Flight itinerary for Australia 14/ Mortgage info for residence. 15/ Sports centre information. Joint activities 16/ Bank of America Statements 17/ Joint Invitation to a Wedding. 18/ 4 x Partner 2 x me Photos 19/ Proof of savings 20/ Supporting photos 21/ A history of our relationship written by both of us separately 22/ Declaration by friends and family of our relationship 23/ Joint Bank Statements Your opinions on the following would be appreciated also - 1/ Does the paperwork/ supporting documents / photo's sent to the Australian high commission get returned to us? 2/ We haven't received Statutory declarations from Australia yet although they are being done? Can we forwarded them at a later date. 3/ Address where to send application? We want to send it special/recorded delivery, but i read they will not except it this way as there's know one to sign for the packages? Have I got my lines crossed? 4/ Should we start organizing our health checks and police checks now? We're based just outside London and was wondering, are there list of who to call to book the checks? Do we go to the local police station for police checks? Really appreciate any help on the above as my heads starting to hurt..hehe Kind Regards Megan:err:
  22. I am just wondering if anyone can shed any light on whether it is better to go for the Prospective Marriage visa and then spouse visa or if it is better to ger married first and then go for the spouse visa? My son is currently in the UK and his girlfriend will be coming to Oz in September on her 176 to start a job. He needs to stay behind to finish his professional qualification. They intend to get married. They are just worried that as they have never lived together they will not have enough evidence for the spouse visa if they get married in the UK first. However, if they do get married in the UK and then apply for a spouse visa will he be able to come to Australia on a visitor visa and apply for a spouse visa on arrival? Will he then get a briding visa which will allow him to work? Just not sure of the advantages of one against the other.
  23. Av8r

    Weird spouse visa question

    Hi Folks, Mrs AV8r is an Aussie, and we've been married for many years. Have a happy life here in the UK, but her family are aging, and so a move to Australia is sadly inevitable. Ideally looking to move to Aus at some point in the next year or two, but we both have relatively senior consulting roles in the UK, and so would ideally like to make our transition to Aus in stages, and continue consulting periodically in the UK for some time after visa granted. We'd prefer to be taking on work in Aus in parallel with winding down our UK roles, but this would mean effectively living and working in both countries for some period of time (up to 2 years) as a transition, and even after that would be taking on occasional project work in the UK. Is there any type of spouse visa that would accommodate such an arrangement? Our long term future (at least until retirement) will be in the UK, but the next 5-7 years we'd need to be based in Aus. Many thanks Av8r
  24. Guest

    Spouse Visa PR Query

    Hi Guys, I recently moved to Perth with my wife. She has been a permanent resident for a while, and her mom and dad are both permanent residents and have lived here for 4 years. My wife and I lived in the UK previously, and have been in Australia about 2 months. I am currently on a WHV, but intend to apply for a spouse visa onshore. We are currently waiting for her nursing rego to come through and live with her parents, do you think we will run into trouble applying for the spouse visa as we have been over here for such a short period of time? Also, I have read that if you can prove a relationship for 3 years or more, then permanent residency is granted over temporary. Is there any truth to this? As you can imagine, trying to find a job with a temporary visa is not an easy thing to do. We are however both currently employed. Thanks Jord
  25. hi everyone, its me again and thanks in advance for all the answers to my questions~ :yes: i have my citizenship in year 2000, but i came to australia in 1991 on a student visa. In form 40sp, part D, question 26: What is your citizenship/residence status in Australia? i should tick the box of : Australian citizen by grant however, there is a question to above answer: Date of arrival in Australia should i enter the date i was granted as citizen or should i enter the date i came to australia? thank you~ :notworthy: