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Found 627 results

  1. Dear All, I am going to lodge my 176 VIC application soon but i have been informed by my agent that my wife's IELTS would be required in the beginning for quick application process. However, i have heard that her IELTS can be submitted later and if she would not be able to secure 4.5 band then i have to pay AUD 4000 approx. My wife is not fully prepared for IELTS. She may need some more time but my agent has really confused me and i don't know what to do and what is the true picture. Please let me know what are my options? Is it true that initial submission of my wife's IELTS can speed up the process? When can i submit her IELTS? Please help REHAN
  2. Hi everyone! Hope someone can help me with my confusions..Really glad to have some replies which can help me out .. I am a student visa holder in Melbourne vic currently finished my diploma but still got student visa ..it will be expiring on september 2012 ,,10 more months.it happened because i originally came to australia to do a bachelor's degree but i end up doing a 2 year diploma.ANy how Im still a lawful student currently continuing with another diploma paying full time tuition fee due to the conditions of holding a student visa I recently got married legally in australia n applied for temporary spouse visa in end of october.and i ve got a email from immigration saying that they have started considereing my application as a valid application for a temporary spouse visa n it said the process generally takes 9 to12 months to process. My question is there a possiblility I can cancel my student visa till i get my spouse visa approved ? rather than waiting on my current student visa which i have to pay full time tuition fee? So that I can save some money..n do not have to study. I know it is possible for me to get a bridging visa if i cancel student visa but im not aware which bridging visa would it be..(that is my concern i still want to work while im here) Can some one please help me with these matters . Truly appreciate your time . Thanks
  3. I Barinder Deep singh mann applied for Skilled migration 475 provincinal nomination in dec-2008 at that time i was single. I got married in july-2009 and immediatly updated the file with proper procedure for change in condition and addition of familiy member. In sep-`11 case officer was alloted and he had asked for PCC and Medical for both me and my wife After completing all the formalities he granted visa to only ME ie primary applicant. but on mailing back he says no provision to add spouse/partner in this class and suggest we need to apply 1276 paper visa application for new entrant for my wife? i was shocked and as extra cost is incurred is high. but can i take it as granted all is well and my wife will be granted the visa in like 2-3months. what documentation can be asked for i have relationshipproof and the academic of my wife as well. what needs to be done please share your exp and best practices in such case.
  4. My Scottish husband and two pommy born daughters will be returning home with early next year. We ate going ride out the recession in the sun! Can we just shop home and turn up at immigration? Or must I start applying for visas now? If do what visas would they need. My daughters have British passports like their dad.
  5. Hello ... not sure if anyone can help with this but maybe somebody has been in this situation. I'm an Australian citizen and my husband is a US citizen. His spouse visa was refused a year and a half ago because of the health requirement and we are awaiting an MRT appeal. We currently live in the USA and want to visit my family in Australia for 3 weeks over Christmas/New Year. Last time we visited, all we needed was an electronic travel authority for my husband but that was prior to the spouse visa refusal. Does anyone know if he can still just get an ETA or does he need to apply for a Tourist Visa? (I know, I'm probably going to have to call the Australian Embassy but maybe someone here knows the answer, on the off chance!) Thanks for any help, Jen
  6. Guest

    2nd stage spouse visa timeframe

    Hello, My husband applied for a spouse visa in June 2010 and it was granted a few months later. I was just wondering when he will get the info for the 2nd stage processing? I have heard that it is a few months before the 2 year date (since application) so I'm guessing around March-April next year. Would it be possible for him to send in the info say a month or two early? He is really keen to get back to uni to complete his science and medical studies and we can't afford international student fees so I would hate for him to miss out by a month or so. It's a bit frustrating as well since we were 6 months off the 3 year defacto period (for straight PR) when his temp spouse visa was granted. Thanks
  7. lindajyyu

    spouse visa 309 evidence

    Hi there, It is me again for more questions, and hope everyone can help me with my questions. My husband is applying for spouse visa submitted outside of Australia about 3 months ago. The CO has emailed us and wanted us to provide more evidence to prove that our relationship is genuine and continuing. We already gave CO the photo from our travel, daily life, meeting with friends, and wedding. We also gave CO our Marriage certificate, household registration, and our insurance policy with our name listed. Also a couple of cards when we were dating, movice tickets. Obviously, those are not enough and now the CO wants more. So I am wondering what else should we provide now? What is CO looking for in terms of more evidence (that our relationship is genuine and continuing) please? thanks Linda
  8. aussiechick2006

    Spouse visa-need to apply

    Hi everyone, Well after posting on here only a few days ago regarding not going to Oz until 2015 our plans have totally changed. Hopefully in 12mths I'll be back home! Why put our lives on hold for the sake of a lump sum (as lovely as it would have been). Yes were not going to have a luxury lifestyle with loads of money to splash about. But to be honest family time and living life is far more important to us. Big deal if we cant afford tasting menus, bring on the family picnic at the park with homemade sandwiches. And if the only 'splashing' that we do is down at the beach....... I can't wait! So my question is (before I get more excitedly carried away by our future simple life) is where on earth do I start. I have read so many posts it's making me even more confused! I'm Australian, the children have citizenship by decent. So it's just my husband who needs a spouse visa. I've read bits about front loading applications although I have no idea what this is! If anyone can help at all I would be ever so grateful especially as it will be me sorting it out as the husband is just about to go away for over a month. AC
  9. can not sleep at night, burning question :arghh: my wife has a 8503 on their visa circumstance, we can still apply for the spouse visa? :confused: Or we must first apply for the cancellation of this circumstance? :confused: Thank you in advance for any replies :hug:
  10. Hello to all, sorry I'm new here and to be completed this time our spouse visa onshore 820. For this I must say that I am by birth Australian citizen and my wife is German citizen. What confuses me a bit is I need a passport to sponsor my wife? :confused: Although I have never left Australia, not even for holidays. :yes: And it also does not want to do. Can someone help me please, I need to apply for a passport or other documents as enough from the birth certificate, driver's license, etc.? Thank You :hug:
  11. DaveS

    Spouse visa question

    Hi, My partner is Australian but has been living in the UK first after a Tier 5 Work VISA, then under a Spouse VISA - for 2 1/2 years. I have started filling out the forms required for the Offshore temporary & permanent visa for us to move to Australia together in May 2012. The documentation requirements are worrying me as they seem to require proof of her Australian income over the past 2 years (which is 0, or near 0). Is this something I should be concerned about? Thanks for any help & advice (or just for reading), Dave
  12. Hello guys, Okay, maybe a slightly complicated scenario. I am British but also have Australian Permanent Residency, however for the last 2.5 years I have been living in Poland. My fiancee is Polish. After we are married we would like to return to Australia so we would have to apply for an Australian Spouse Visa for Weronika. I thought I knew the Australian visa process well having been through it before myself but I am a bit confused here. Has anybody else tried to do this before? Is it better to apply onshore or offshore? Would I need to supply an assurance of support for her? Any help would be much appreciated.... Ian
  13. I have received visa under subclass-176. I will be moving asap. I need to know, how can i apply visa for my spouse? is it under visa class-309? if i don't live in SA, will it hamper my spouse visa? As i have heard that, there is not enough job in SA, there is a big chance that i will move from SA. Please let me know what you know. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi folks, I'm currently waiting for an offshore spousal temporary visa. I have the oppurtunity to work in the mining industry. However, my wife is worried that the Immigration Dept may not grant us the Subclass 100 permanent visa after 2yrs as I would be working in rural Australia for 2 weeks on and flying back for one week. Are her concerns unfounded or would there be an issue here? I would love to work for 2yrs just to get a head start on our mortgage. All replies greatly appreciated.
  15. Guest

    Spouse Visa

    Hi I am half Australian and have an Australian passport so we hope to emigrate on a spouse visa. I have had so many mixed messages from different companies regarding my Hubby getting work out there; he is a trained carpenter and has worked his way up and now owns his own company, I have a few questions could anyone help? 1 – What form of card would he require to work in Australia? 2 – Does he have to sit a test in this country? 3 – Would he have to start at the bottom again? 4 – If we get a question wrong do we have to fill out visa again, I have been given the impression that when applying for a visa you are given a case worker that will help you if you miss things or do you have to start all over again. Thank you! :wacko:
  16. Hello, Finally received confirmation of my subclass 309 provisional spouse visa. The visa was approved on August 3rd and have to enter by January 4th. Flights booked for December 31st at 10pm. Woohoo! Bookedwormuk
  17. Hi All, I just got a positive skill assessment letter from ACS under ANZSCO CODE: 262113 - Systems Administrator Moving on to next step, now I am eyeing for State Sponsorship from South Australia. Hopefully, things will be finalized for me in coming few months. I am eligible for Skilled – Sponsored (subclass 176) VISA. I have few doubts, when I will come to South Australia with my spouse, what terms will be applicable to my spouse : I have read that I have to work in the state which is sponsoring me (SA in my case) for at least 2 years. Is this applicable to my spouse too ? Will my wife also get the same 176 VISA ? Will she be able to work in South Aus along with me, she has not got her skills assessed from any authority. Does she has to take IELTS before applying for a job ? What is the validity of 176 VISA ? Is it same for both of us ? Forgive my ignorance on this topic. Please throw some light on this. Thanks in advance. Regards, Jyoti Khatri
  18. Guest

    Help! Spouse visa!!

    hey ! my partners visa expires in jan 11 and i am looking at sponsering him! i am an aus citizen! we live together but i dont get my address to the address for 2 reasons, this is the 2nd place we have lived, i didnt for the first place as it was a mates place and wasnt long term and the second one is a large shared house! now i know i need to prove we live together but i dont know what i have to prove that? plus to prove our relationship? because obv we dont have bills! Could i get our mate to do a stat dec saying we lived with them short term and then the 2nd place get some kind of paperwork from teh landlord there? we are in the process of opening a joint bank account....can anyon help my scenario!! we have invites to parties, my friends and family are willing to do references etc confirming our relationship and where we live etc? and his work to prove he has employment! please help!! stressed girlfriend!!!
  19. Hi all, In December I will be applying for my visa so that along with 2 kids I can join my husband in Australia. He leaves next week to take up a job in Canberra. We met in 2003, lost contact but then have now been together as a couple since August 2009, have a daughter born May 2010, lived together since June 2010, got engaged in October 2010 & got married (in Oz) in June 2011. We have paychecks/bank statements/phone bills with the same address, daughters birth cert & marriage cert. We don't have any shared bills as we rent and the bills are in the landlords name. I can probably get a letter from the landlord saying that he'd been living with us since June. What other proof do we need? We're married and have kids, what more proof do they need we're in a committed relationship etc etc. I have photos/cards but my husband said we don't need to send any of that in. Is he right? Also he's going to be in Australia and us here so do we need actual proof (though no idea how I'd document Skype chats etcs!) that the relationship is continuing or will it be assumed that because of the kids we are obviously having a lot of contact? He will be paying the rent here still and sending us household money so I guess I can give practical evidence of that, it's the emotional stuff I want to know if we have to prove. Sorry for the horrifically long post! B
  20. Guest

    Spouse Visa options

    Was wondering if there is any option while waiting (not so patiently:arghh:) for an offshore spouse visa to be granted of moving to Aust and working? It seems a bit unfair that those onshore can have a bridging visa, allowing them to work while for offshore it's a tourist visa, meaning no work. Does anyone have any ideas/thoughts/advice on this?
  21. Hi everyone, I'm 26 years old, have been married to my Australian spouse since February 2010 and we've been together for nearly 5 years. I have been living in Australia for 4 years with a gap back in England for 1 year in the middle. (2 years here, 1 in UK, then 2 more here so far). I originally came here to study, then moved back here to marry my partner. I'm here now on a spouse temporary visa, and I think a decision on my permanent visa will be made around February/ March. Things are not going very well in the relationship. We are arguing a lot, and my husband has developed depression. I'm also showing some symptoms of being depressed. We love each other but we have been talking a lot recently about where things are going and sadly the future is not looking bright for us at the moment. If I'm honest, I am not happy in the relationship and if it weren't for the visa, I probably would have ended it a few months ago. I am SO settled in Australia, I've been in my full time job for 18 months, I have a great network of friends, and I'm so happy here. I also brought my cat with me from England, and if I had to leave Australia there is no way I could afford to take him back with me, which breaks my heart. So basically, if we break up and I had to go home, I would lose literally everything I have worked so hard to build up over the last 5 years. The fear is consuming me and I don't know where to turn. I have been saying for a few months now that we just need to stick it out and stay together and see how things go. I'm scared however that when it comes to the decision on my permanent visa, do we have to attend an interview? If the relationship were to end, does anyone know what my options might be? If I tell the department that we have separated, Is there ANY chance that I would not be sent home, if I can prove I have strong ties and I'm settled here? I have been thinking about seeing a migration help office, but I thought it couldn't help to try and see if there is anyone out there that can tell me where to start with this. Thank you so much for your time.
  22. Hi does anybody know or was in the same situation the DIAC is asking 4.5 overall for my wife english (IELTS) is that correct? Or can be 4 overall?She did the exam and got 4 overall. Thanks
  23. Hi My wife is about to apply for the spouse 309 subclass visa in India.In The passport of my wife has her name in the given name field as her first and the surname together and her surname field is blank.this was done by the person who made her passport at the passport office in India. Please help me as what shall i put her name as on the forms which i will be filling the name as its on the passport or her first name and the surname separate or the same way as its in the passport and leave the surname blank on all the forms? Will DIAC pose any issues with the name on the forms if i put her first name and the surname separate ? Please Help me out......
  24. Hi all Can anyone please confirm if we come over there on a 457 sponsored visa, if my wife will be able to obtain work as well, through that family visa? Cheers
  25. Guest

    Spouse visa on Graduate visa

    Hi everyone, I need some guidance as I need to take an important decision of my life. Can anyone tell me accurately how long does it take to get a spouse visa from Pakistan if your spouse in is Australia on a graduate visa. My husband to be is a Pakistani citizen and has a graduate visa which is a temporary visa to get working rights in Australia after completing 2 year education in Aus. How long will it take for me to get the spouse visa on that? also tell me if i plan my wedding sooner and try getting a visit visa while he is on bridging visa. what are the chances of getting a visit visa to visit ur husband in Aus who is on bridging visa being a Pakistani citizen? and can the visit visa be extended from Australia in order to live with ur husband till he gets his graduate visa and applies for my spouse visa and I get it. Thanks Please Please answer asap