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Found 627 results

  1. Hi folks, first time on forum. i'm an Australian citizen through birth, and hoping to move out with wife and young child at some point next year. about to apply for spouse visa, but not sure about my young son. Do we apply for him as an additional person to this application. alternatively I was wondering if it is a better option to apply for his Australian citizenship and subsequent passport. Although have seen this can take up to 14 months?! Really don't know where to begin, so much conflicting info
  2. Hi guys, Just thought I would ask you all a question as I am quite intrigued by something and want to know if anyone noticed the same thing! I am an Australia citizen and my husband is applying for a spouse visa (309/100) from UK. We are now at the stage where he is applying for his medicals and we noticed that when he filled in his online questionnaire to bring to the doctor that the visa he is applying for on the system was noted as - Spouse Permanent 100 - does this mean that the embassy have put him forward for the permanent spouse visa straight away? We have been living together for over 5 years and are married over a year so I know it could be an option that he is given a permanent visa straight away but I guess I am just getting my hopes up that we can expect it when the visa is granted!! Any one noticed this too or had any dealings with it? Thanks!
  3. Jo Sf

    Spouse details....

    Hi experts, I'm having a query I have applied for state sponsorship, the thing to bother is that my wife and me are living separately for more than a year, is it necessary to provide/give details of her in form 80 while applying to DIAC. The application is made on my behalf only stating that she will not be accompanying. In EOI I have mentioned that I'm married ( since I'm not legally separated from her yet) and I gave her details in form 80 also. Is it necessary to furnish her details? is it necessary to get police Clarence certificate ? is it necessary to take medical checks of her? Please experts provide some information on this .... thankyou all
  4. Applying for a spouse (309) visa, our progress so far.... 20/4 - sent off application (frontloaded). 21/4 - money taken 27/4 - email from C/O confirming receipt of application 29/4 - received all the evidence we'd sent back in the post 05/5 - phoned C/O who infromed they didn't require anything else but there was a backlog of apps and it could take 3 months to hear. Has anyone else who's applied in the past couple of weeks heard anything? or been granted a visa?
  5. I have a question around lodging the de-facto spouse visa application offshore in London. The plan now is for my partner (the applicant) to go to Australia House and hand in the application over the counter in person. I have a few silly questions: 1. Do you put all the application form, documents and supporting evidence sealed in one big envelope for handing in? If so, what do you write on the big envelope? Also, we are a little stumped with the 47SP question where it asks "Have you paid?" and if you answer No, it directs you to the next question "How do you intend to pay" - where you have to provide your credit card details. 2. If the application form is lodged in person, do we hold off completing that question and pay on the spot to the staff, then mark the question as "Yes we have paid"? After that place the application form in the big envelope and the staff will take it in? 3. Or should we answer "No" and then just leave the credit card details in the following question and assume the case officer would process the payment based on the card information provided in the application form? Appreciate the advice. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I applied offshore spouse visa 5 months ago from India. 1 month ago i moved to Australia with my husband on tourist visa. Now, my C.O. granted spouse visa 309, but he told me I need to go outside australia for stamping. We are planning to go Newzland for stamping. What is the procedure for spouse visa stamping to other country. Do i need another tourist visa for newzland to get my spouse visa stamping ? Cheers vikmik
  7. LouLouLou

    Partner Visa 820 just submitted!

    Hello everyone :cute: Although I've been a stalker on this forum for some time now to help me through the ordeal of getting my visa application together, I've just decided to actually join. I submitted my application on the 5th November 2012 for an onshore partner 820 visa (my fiance is an Aussie) in the Melbourne Lonsdale offices and I'm now sitting on a bridging visa while I wait... Anyone else in the same boat right now and if so, how long have you been waiting so far? Lou
  8. My partner and I were preparing to apply for the defacto spouse visa whilst in the UK but are wondering about whether it might be worthwhile applying whilst in Australia as we both want to leave here sooner rather than later. Is it possible to go to Australia for a holiday on a 3 month visa and then apply whilst over there? Is that acceptable? I know there is a spouse visa you can apply for whilst in Australia but is that for people like us or more for people who are there because they are refugees (or something like that) with an Australian spouse or who are working over there and then met their partner? Thanks
  9. Hi Guys, I am in a defacto relationship and at some point in the future we may decide to go down the spouse/partner visa route. However my partner and I both agree that we don't want to complicate the situation so I am unsure what exactly the below questions are on page 2 of the EOI. Does it lead to the application being processed any differently? Also we don't have any necessary paperwork to prove the defacto at the moment. Maybe in a years time as my PR is granted and we have built up evidence it would be possible., When I applied for the 457 as well I had stated I was in a defacto but it never asked if we intended to apply together in a future application. What are your thoughts?
  10. I have read in a number of posts on this forum where some people on hindsight had wished they've been told about completing Form 80 beforehand as apparently it seemed to be requested from the CO days after the de-facto spouse visa application is lodged. I would like to know is this true that Form 80 is requred? We are about to lodge the de-facto spouse visa application and this Form 80 is really stressing us out in a number of ways: 1) It requires the applicant to provide details of every single country he has visited (incl. short stays) OUTSIDE Australia in the last 10 years. My British partner who is the applicant has made countless trips across Europe being an EU citizen it's almost impossible to list every single trip because he can't even remember all of them! 2) It requires the applicant to provide details of every single employer he has worked with after he has left school. My partner has been doing IT contracting for many years. This means has worked with numerous agencies on contracting assignments or varying lengths with more well-known IT firms. Whilst the "host" companies he is assigned to do contract work for are typically large and very famous, he is paid by these staffing agencies which are small. Some don't even exist anymore (closed down or merged or whatever). Also, he no longer has records of the employment periods for every single agency he has been attached to for contract assignments, so it's impossible to list every single agency and their contact details and the length of employment. What can we do about this? We just can't track down the information any more. Any advice will be appreciated, this form is causing us to tear our hair out! Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone, As the giant thread can be a bit hard to keep up with, I thought it might be best to set up our own one...? I also thought it might be nice to keep up to date with everyone that's submitted in March 2012 so we can share our visa woes/timelines/queries etc? With that in mind, my info is below... Submitted 16/03/2012 Rec'd 19/03/2012 Money debited 19/03/2012 Co Assigned: 20/03/2012 Email rec'd saying no further docs required: 21/03/2012 Temp Visa due to be granted : Mid August Good luck to all of us Marchers! :wink:
  12. Hi all, it is going to be very much appreciated if anyone can give us any kind of information on our case: I had my offer letter from University of Melbourne for a 1 year long master by coursework program and I will apply for 573 student visa in a few days. However we are in the middle of a very big dilema. My husband - ICT business analyst- had his skills assesed from ACS, passed IELTS and got qualified for regional state sponsorship skilled migrant visa and he is planning to apply 475 visa offshore right after he gets the dependent student visa. Does this create any problem regarding GTE (genuine temporary entrant). What do you suggest us to do? We have 2 small kids and we want to spend these 2 years of processing time in Australia. We have enough funds to support ourselves because we sold our home. We don't want to mess up the longterm goal of 475 and then 887. After 1 year when my masters finish, I will apply to another 1 year-long program. But then it can be oficially known that my husband applied for skilled migrant program and so does this constitute a problem regarding a new student visa? I am afraid they may refuse my visa because we also applied to immigrate. I am really confused. Any input is desperately needed, please share your experiences. Kindest regards
  13. Many times people talk about their OH in terms that are not too flattering. I suppose finding a partner/spouse is easy... but how many feel they have also found a soulmate??
  14. Hi all, Our PMV has been granted with a deadline of 5/9/12 which is great news. However, my partner has some concerns over the "wedding" details. We are considering having a small, intimate ceremony for the 2 of us with 2 witnesses to legalise our marriage prior to having a more extravagant ceremony with family and friends in the future. BUT, she is concerned that a small wedding day wont have the meaning or emotion that it should. Unfortunately the visa deadline dictates that we must get married by 5/9/12 in order to stay together in Australia and this is proving a worry for her. Any advice is much appreciated......
  15. We are putting together our application for an offshore (UK) partner/spouse visa.309/100. I am concerned about one part of it - On the front of my form 40SP (application to sponsor my partner) it says 'If you are a permanent Australian resident you are required to be usually resident in Australia'. I lived in Australia on a temporary visa between 2005 and 2008. I then returned to the UK and applied for a permanent residence visa which was granted in Nov 2009. I then moved to Australia in April 2010. I lived there for 8 months,then I came back to the UK to be with my partner who was in the middle of a P.h.d course here. She will be finished this summer and we both intend to move to Australia ASAP. We have now been living together in the UK for over a year and have plenty of evidence that we have been a genuine couple for two and a half years, but I am concerned that I am not usually resident in Australia, and unsure whether to put my UK address or say I am usually resident in Australia and only here to wait for my partner to finish her course. We both want to settle in Australia but I haven't been able to live there for the past year because i don't want to be apart from my partner. Any advice from anyone in a similar situation or experts would be appreciated, thanks
  16. Hey, I've made a new username because this is pretty hard for me to admit as it is, but I've become a victim of domestic abuse within my household with the perpetrator being my sponsor. I've been told to live by his/her rules, support him/her (I'm the only worker/earner) and they won't cancel their sponsorship i.e. I'm being deported, losing everything if I don't do what they say. I have come across the Family Violence Provision on the immi website and I've completed my statutory declaration, I have a Doctor's declaration, police report and I am just waiting for a counselling session to finalise my FVP application. I have send an email to my representative at immigration but after 4-6 weeks I've had no reply. Visa details - I'm about to move onto my bridging visa whilst waiting for my 820/801 to be approved. I'm not very far into the process because the abuse was happening way before we applied and it's yet to stop even though I am safely staying with friends. I don't want to go back to the UK yet, because I will lose $1000's and go back to nothing...is there anything else I can do. I feel absolutely hopeless.
  17. lhigman

    Confused again!

    Hi everyone, So we've now got our case officer and I've received an email from her asking for: Joint financial or legal documents (mortgage, bank account, utility bills, wills etc) from March 2010 onwards; Individual financial or legal documents showing the same address from March 2010 onwards; Statutory declarations from friends and family. but this was all sent with our application....? Any ideas....?
  18. Hi everyone, hope all Visa lodgements are going well for you all! I applied for my Partner Subclass 309 visa back in March 2009, which was granted by June 2009 and I moved out here in July 2009, it was all fairly straightforward, we didnt hire a migration officer and I double & triple checked everything before it was sent. All that seemed to go through fine, and like I said I was on my way by July. No one seems to really tell you much information about the second stage of this visa, I was advised to contact Immigration 22months after I lodged the application, so that I could continue with the next stage, I have done that and I am waiting on the paperwork arriving, hopefully any day now. When I asked the lady on the phone what it actually is, she said just more paperwork to show that you are still together (which we are, and getting married in July!) :biggrin: Does anyone know what the paperwork is/what kind of questions? is it basically just the first process all over agian? How long does it take to come back? do you get interviewed? And is there another cost involved? Its quite confusing, as you sort of forget after being here for 2 years that you are STILL only a temporary resident! But it does present a few obstacles with things such as loans, insurance etc. Any help would be very much appreciated, sorry for the long post , thanks :wink:
  19. Guest

    Studying on a Temp Spouse Visa

    Hi! Still waiting for my visa to be finalized, but I wonder if anyone here has any experience with studying on a temporary spouse visa... I mean will I def be classified as an overseas student... I am not sure if I am reading this right or if there is any time restriction on my visa? Who is an international student? In the Australian higher education sector, an ‘overseas student’ is a person who: is not an Australian citizen; and is enrolled, or will enrol, in a course of study with a higher education provider. But does not include: a person entitled to stay in Australia, or to enter and stay in Australian without any limitation as to time a New Zealand citizen, or a diplomatic or consular representative of New Zealand, a member of the staff of such a representative or the spouse or dependent relative of such a representative. Thanks alot for any answers:arghh:
  20. Hi, I have a subclass 820 de-facto spouse visa nearing the end of its 2 year period. I should shortly be asked for evidence for the 801 PR visa but have had no contact yet. My spouse and I are currently (and temporarily) apart as we both have had to go and help ill parents. His are in Sydney and mine is in the UK. I'll be stuck in the UK for some time and my partner will be in Sydney for some time. This time is undefined as both our parents have cancer (with all the implications that that brings). So I'm thinking that I might be refused the 801 and wondering what happens if this is the case, eg., can you apply for some other type of visa or can the 820 be extended until you get back, etc? I cannot fid answers to these questions anywhere so am wondering if anyone onthis site can enlighten me before I email DIAC about it. Alexandra
  21. Guest

    Spouse visa

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and I need some advice on my spouse visa. I applied my visa (subclass 309 and 100) by 27th Apr 2011 and I am not granted with visa yet. Its already 7 months and I am now living with my husband in Australia in visitor visa. My questions is, if I am granted with spouse visa, and asked to leave the country for stamping howlong I should be in offshore. Do u ppl have any idea. If so kindly share it. Thanks & Regards, RTPry.
  22. Hi all, has any1 applied for 2nd stage partner visa processing in Brisbane in Nov.? I have submitted my application for 2nd stage PR processing in Nov. on form 80 i wrote the names of my 3 office colleagues as contacts in Aus. if i resign from the company does it affects my PR? I mean if Immi calls thm n thy say tht i used to work with them and now i have resigned, can this have any -ve implication? Also if i resign, do i need to update Immi.abt my job status?
  23. Metoo

    Stage two of 309 Spouse Visa

    Hi All, Quick question, When completing the second stage of your 309 spouse visa has anybody been asked for a 2nd UK police check. Obviously I submitted one when first applying for my visa in 2009, now the 2 year temp PR visa is ready to be converted into PR 100, Diac is asking for a Police Check for any country I have resided in for 12 months or more during the the past 2 years. As I am still in UK does this mean another UK PC. I have nothing to hide but a 2nd PC check for UK seems a little strange. Thanks Metoo
  24. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had applied/been granted a spouse visa from New Zealand recently? I submitted my PMV in Auckland a couple of weeks ago and have just received their confirmation letter stating that current processing is 6-12 months!!! I know processing isn't a quick as it used to be, but this still seems quite long! (I'm British if that makes a difference) If anyone had been granted one quicker than this recently I would love to hear from you as I'm completly gutted right now :-(
  25. Hi everyone, Apologies if this is duplicated but I can't find this elsewhere after doing a couple of searches. I have just had my 309 partner visa granted from the Aussie embassy in London (Granted 11/11/11). I'm British and my wife is from New Zealand but lived in Australia and qualifies for sponsorship because they moved to Australia before 26th Feb 2001. Just thought it may be helpful to other people applying to include a list of what I sent with my application - not to say this is all required of course, whatever they don't need they will send back. I put it all in a folder (because I couldn't cope with the thought of putting them all in a big pile of paper) and they left the pages in the plastic wallets but made me take it out of the folder and slide it under their glass screen (like you do in a bank / at the post office). I also put on every plastic wallet a number to match to the contents page, what was in it and whether it was certified or not. e.g. "8. Applicant birth certificate copy. Certified". I also wrote on what they were evidence of e.g. links with Australia, evidence of relationship etc and I used a dynamo label maker to make sure it was neat. Things that need to be certified don't need to be notarised copies just certified copies of the originals which are significantly cheaper and easier to get. I'd suggest to do all the photocopying yourself then just take it all together to be certified. I used a notarised solicitor just because I'd used them before but am sure you would be able to get it done cheaper elsewhere. However the embassy provides a list of who can certify documents. I'd also suggest get extra copies of your passports, driving licences, utility bills etc as you need these multiple times not just for the application but also for the police checks etc so you end up needing quite a few copies. Right here is what I sent: First page - Page of contents with page numbers. SECTION 1 1) Payment mandate London office (although I handed it in at the London desk in person and they took payment there and then) 2) Application form 47SP Applicant 3) Application form 40SP sponsor 4) Sponsor ability to support applicant letter - original 5) Sponsor length of Australia residence and visa category 444 held before 26th Feb 2001 evidence - copy of passport page - Certified 6) Certificate of status for New Zealand citizens in Australia - certified 7) Sponsor birth certificate copy - Certified 8) Applicant birth certificate copy - certified 9) Applicant passport copy - certified 10) Passport photos - in a seperate envelope 4x applicant and 2x sponsor. Got my boss who is a Dentist to certify them on the back as a true likeness. I also provided a piece of A4 paper with his address and mobile on in case of any problems. I'd suggest doing this for the police checks also - ours was delayed because his signature was so bad! 11) Marriage certificate copy - certified 12) Applicant police check - original 13) Applicant medical exam with date booked - copy of email confirming date and location 14) Applicant statement of history of relationship 15) Sponsor statement of history of relationship 16) Statuatory declaration of relationship - first declaration - original 17) Statuatory declaration of relationship - second declaration - original NB some people include friends, families, employers etc but we only used the two people who were friends of us both. 18) Sponsor passport copy- certified 19) Letter of support (from her parents assuring us financial support to prove we don't need benefits) 20) Sponsor payslips last 2 years copies - certified 21) Sponsor accountant letter and tax file number copy from Australia - certified. (Proves continued links with Aus) 22) Sponsor death nomination - superannuation benificiary copy - certified 23) Sponsor superannuation (pension) statement copy - certified 24) Sponsor university transcript copy - certified 25) Sponsor tax file number copy - certified 26) Sponsor Australian savings copy - certified Section 2 (These were either originals or copies. None were certified) 27) Photo - engagement ceremony / registry office wedding NB dates and locations were put on all the photos themselves 28) Sponsor - anniversary and birthday card to applicant 29) Photo - night out in April 30) Photo - nights out in August and September 31) Photo - Applicants 30th birthday party 32) Joint invitations to social events from friends - birthdays, christenings, weddings etc (we sent the actual original cards) 33) Flights & hotel trip for joint travel - applicants 30th birthday Dublin (Copies of hotel and flight receipts etc) 34) Flights & hotel trip for joint travel - sponsors 30th birthday New York 35) Hotel receipt for 1 year anniversary trip away 36) 1 year anniversary cards to each other copies 37) One year anniversary gift receipt from applicant to sponsor 38) Christmas card from Sponsors family 39) Wedding card from applicants staff at work 40) Selected joint bank statements - NB important information blanked out e.g. bank account number etc 41) Mobile phone bills showing contact between couple over selected months highlighted 42) Facebook page printouts of sponsor and application - highlighted part showing who married to 43) Multiple receipts of joint household items - e.g. 2x shopping receipts for grocery shop, blender, tv etc etc 44) Joint rental agreement for apartment copy 45) Joint council tax bill for apartment 46) 3 months joint bank statements - i.e. has both of our names on 47) Emails showing our relationship first developing 48) Joint insurance policy for our wedding rings 49) Credit card bill showing sponsor as additional card holder 50) Joint mobile phone and travel insurance statements with both our names on 51) Joint tickets for events coming up in future - e.g. comedy shows, concerts etc 52) Breakdown of household responsibilities - (an A4 page outlining who drives, who cooks, who irons, who does the dishwasher etc) SECTION 3 - Extra evidence 53) Applicant degree and registration certificate - certified 54) Applicant CV 55) Sponsor CV They sent half of section 2 and 3 back after receipt however since I went down there and handed the application in person I didn't want to make the trip twice. As an FYI for those of you planning on going down early - it opens at 9. I got there at 8.15 and there was a queue of 2 people in front of me already. So I'd suggest getting there early, they are however quite quick and efficient. They make you stand outside - so I'd bring a coat and umbrella too! Also, if I did this again I would have included my Wifes Australian and UK police checks with the application above and booked in her medical at the same time as mine (and included evidence that hers had been booked too). They asked for these after I submitted my application. Good luck!! -Kal