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Found 32 results

  1. I'm a permanent spouse visa (subclass 100) holder, and i want to enroll in an university in Australia. Do they consider me as international student or Australian permanent resident? I don't know whether i'm a permanent resident or not, but there's the word 'resident' beside my visa class. Do i get government funding fees? and pay the same amount of fees with the Australian citizen student and not the international student? I need help as soon as possible, thank you so much :cute:
  2. Hi all, hoping someone can help me out, is anyone aware of the current processing time for a spouse visa lodged in the UK? Also can I go ahead and get medical and police check done and submit with visa application? thanks al
  3. Hey My name is Claire I am 36 I have a 3 year old,I have been here in Oz for 5 years now and live in Labrador I originally come from Bexleyheath in Kent, I am on my own now and really would love some new friends. I can get quite busy during the week as I have gone back to studying, but hang out down at the broadwater in Labrador at the weekends, its pretty cool, great chippie, swing park on a beach with a man made lagoon which is def safer for the little ones. I have been through the spouse visa through to getting my permanent visa so may be able to help if you need some. I would love to meet up with brits, maybe we could organise a bbq or a meetup? If anyone wants to catch up give me a shout. Claire x
  4. I am moving to qld with fiance in october. I have a working holiday visa and was planning to apply for a spousal one once we'd bought a house/had more things in our names in aus (we are renting and do not have joint bank account in UK at the mo). However, I have just discovered I am pregnant and am very worried due to the fact I am not allowed medicare on my current visa. I just googled some private health insurance companies but for them I think it may be too late as I am already pregnant. Any advice/ideas would be gratefully appreciated! Thank you!
  5. Ok, so I'm an Australian Citizen and my boyfriend isn't but wants to move here, marriage is looking like the only option, without going into too much detail every other option has been exhausted. I've been hesitant only because I have a child from a previous relationship who I didn't want to drag through complications if they were not neccessary. Now my boyfriend is due to go back in Feb, 2 days before my birthday and without sounding maniacally pathetic I think my heart would shrivel into a solid mass never to love again if that were to happen. Positives toward Visa: His work history, evidence of being self sufficient and long term employed, well trained, highly skilled, seriously good looking, funny, polite, doesn't make me pay for everything, looks after me, likes my son, my son likes him (that does help Visa applications right?) Negatives toward Visa: My life history. Homelessness, Single parent government support, emergency housing/ food/ furniture services, domestic violence/mental health issues and on and on... How much is taken into account? How far back do they look? I have held down a stable well paying job for over 12 months and not had any problems with housing or anything else for at least 3 years but on occassion had to receive government benefits due to things like long illness (my son had scarlet fever) and not being able to work. I know they look for an AoS if they think someone will end up on government benefits, it seems my history may guarantee them asking for this and I don't see how we could find one. Is my past history that is no longer at all relevant to how my life is now going to be the thing that stops this Visa? Is there anyway to argue the fact he has work here now and as a married couple I will be eligible for less benefits, tax offsets and government payments? My costs get lower, food, rent and bills, therefore beneficial to being able to save up for those times of illness and such. I'm lost, I don't know what to do. I'm thinking it almost better to walk away now instead of going through all this just to end in losing him anyway, if we marry but he isn't allowed to stay because of me, how would he ever get back?
  6. Hi guys, Just quick question on personal statements myself and my partner need to do about our relationship - do they need to be witnessed in the same way as the statutory declarations or do we just need to sign them? Thanks S :cute:
  7. I have just returned to the States from my year working holiday visa... and I want to get out of my country as soon as possible!!! I want to move to back to beautiful Oz and live with my boyfriend who is an Australia citizen. We had been dating and living together for 9 months before I had to leave due to my visa expiring. It seems the only visas that have potential are the Spouse/Defacto Visa and the Prospective Marriage Visa... but we don't quite fit in to either category. The problems is we don't qualify for the Spouse/Defacto Visa because I can not prove that we lived together for 12 months (how strict is the government on this, would they know if I embelished a few months)? Also we don't have much proof: ie rent records, or shared bank accounts. Just a bunch of photos, letters from our family and friends... and well yeah thats about it. The other problem is we aren't quite ready to commit to marriage in 9 months, so even if we applied for this visa and then just didn't get married I would still have to leave the country in 9 months, so that is not practical and only a short term fix to the problem. So I feel like I am at a dead end. The only thing keeping me going is my heart, because it will be absolutely broken if we are unable to live together. Does anyone have any advice? If I did go ahead and apply for the Prospective Marriage Visa will they positevely kick me out after 9 months? Can I come as a tourist and then apply for the Spouse Visa after I fill our few more months of "living together quota"? I mean there has to be a solution... right? Please Please Please someone give me some advice I'm desperate!!!