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Found 1,351 results

  1. Hi all, I know some of you are going or are on the company sponsorship visa, wondered if you could give me some thoughts on the following, providing you are wanting to stay. :idea: 1. Has anyone thought what they will do after the visa runs out? 2. Has anyone been in this situation and what did you do? Been speaking to our agent who saying we might beable to apply through our uncles company but she has reiterated that it is only a temp visa. I said that I could maybe study whilst there to do hairdressing or anything. She said that this is still not a guarentee to stay the only trade she would recommend to study that she says shes knows will allow us to stay would be horitculture or Cooking?? Anyone got any experiences to share??:spinny: Thanks Em x
  2. DesperateinCrewe


    My Husband and I are desperately looking to emigrate to Australia. However, due to the fact that we are not educated to a degree level, but have qualifications leading up to this level, we are unable to obtain a visa. The only option we can see is to obtain company sponsorship. My Husband is a Manager working for one of the largest energy companies in the UK and Europe looking after a large team of meter readers. My main job role is a PA / Executive Secretary to a Director and Management Team for a Worldwide Manufactuirng Company. As part of my main responsibilities I carry out Internal Audits for the company and have done for 6 years, whilst also having the overall responsibility for Health & Saftey within the Workplace. All we ask - is that - does anyone know anybody out their who may be interested in sponsoring people with our skills? CV available upon request! Look forward to hearing from you all! Ali and Shane:spinny:
  3. Guest

    Company Sponsorship

    Can anyone help ?? We are currently in NZ on 2yr work visas and want to emigrate to Oz. Hubby has 19yrs exp in building trade (self emp) and is emp in NZ as Carpenter (no formal qualifications tho but can provide references). He is 46yrs old and we've been told only optn for is sponsorship by a company who will argue for age waiver. Any advice would be great - thanks
  4. Hi I am a semi skilled car mechanic with 4 years experience but no qualifications. I am looking for employer sponsorship. We are hoping to move to the Sunshine Coast area. Anyone got any advice. thanks Peter
  5. Can anyone help???? I would like to emigrate to WA and have noticed they will allow you to do an online application to WA first then through to DIAC. APPLY FOR STATE SPONSORSHIP The Western Australian Government, through SMC, decides which skilled migrants are eligible for sponsorship under the SIR and STNI visa schemes. The Western Australian Government sponsors skilled migrants on the basis that you have a skill identified as one in demand. Applications can be lodged online. Please note that your skills assessment advice must accompany your application. The SMC will generally notify you within 10 working days if you have been sponsored under the appropriate visa scheme. Has anyone else done this with or without success, please???
  6. Gidday, I've got a meeting with Freespirit tomorrow about finding work that can sponsor me for a working visa. Does anyone know if they are any good? If they'll suck me dry before getting a job? Is going through an agency the recommended route? Cheers, James
  7. Hi All Just got offer of sponsorship, I understand from the company that they have to start process and get approved for nomination, then get position approved Not sure what I have to do know - does anyone have any info on what forms (if any) etc I need to get done ? Does the company now own the whole process and I just wait for approval Many thanks for any feedback KamlaK:notworthy:
  8. We have just found out that we cant get in through the skilled visa and have been advised the best way to go is getting an employer sponsorship. We are looking to move to Sunshine coast, if anyone knows of any employers that sponsor people, I am a Personnel Officer and OH is a scaffolder. any info would be great thanks mandy
  9. Guest

    WA/Victoria state sponsorship

    hi everyone, Yippee, I've just got my skills assessment confirmation letter informing me that they have received the application and it should be another 8 weeks.) :mad: Now the bad news, i've also found out today that I am 10 points short for skilled migration visa. Therefore my question is to any nurses that are going through or have been through the state sponsorship route to either WA or Victoria. Could you please talk me through the process, as the application on both web sites are very different, any advise greatly received.
  10. Hi Does anyone have any idea about the time frame from application to receiving the following visa: Temporary Business (Long Stay) - Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) Thanks a lot
  11. Not sure if this will be any use to anyone, just saw it in our job section of our local Evening Post: Protech Personnel Australian Sponsorship Oportunities Required for permanent roles Brisbane-Queensland CNC-Machinists/Setter-Programmers Manufacturing Engineers Our clients have won AEROSPACE long term contracts and are hiring experienced mechanical tradespeople. 3-4 years post Trade experience. Certificates in Mechanical Engineering. Able to setup, program and machine a range of materials. Previous Aerospace/Aviation Industry experience will be highly regarded. 3, 4 and 5 AXIS MACHINE SETTER/PROGRAMMER POSITIONS AVAILABLE. Civil Site/Project Engineers Various high profile infrastructure projects have created a need for a number of qualified Civil Engineers for the long term. Applicants should hold relevant qualifications in Civil Engineering and have a proven track record either in Earthworks, Drainage, Bridges or Pavements. We will be holding Interviews in the UK on 18th - 22nd June 2007 in Manchester and London. For a life changing experience please apply now!!! Website at www.protechonline.com.au Email applications to marcm@protechonline.com.au Or call Marc or Sue on Phone +61 7 3440 2888 or +61 409 274 505 Phew thank god for that, thought I would be typing all night.:laugh:
  12. HELP. I currently work as a Print Estimator in the UK and am hoping to relocate to Melbourne. My problem is that i dont have a skilled that the Aussies require so need to be sponsored. Does anyone know of any printers in the Melbourne area that would possibly go down this route? Cheers
  13. Guest


    Hi guys, We think this site is really good and have been getting tips and info from it since November. My husband is a plasterer with his own business, spent the last 2 months getting cv ready and qualifications/work experience etc. Approached an agency to start the ball rolling for skilled visa/skills assessment and we have been knocked back at the first hurdle by agency already. Even though my husband has been plastering for friends and family for about 8 years whilst he was a HGV driver, he only set up full time plastering business 2 years ago. Apparently he needs 6 years work history in this field. GUTTED! Been advised to get sponsored but how do we go about this?? Can anyone advise and has anybody else done it this way?? What about a state independant visa? Just need someone to give us a bit of advice to give us hope that one day we will get there. Thanx Jane L
  14. Hi there, by the looks of things i seem to be the only locksmith on this and the perth poms forum. Are there any pom locksmiths out there? or does any one know a pom or ozzy locksmith?. Or by any luck are there any employers out there willing to talk about possible sponsership ? If so any info would be very appreciated, cheers everyone
  15. Guest

    Getting a VISA via sponsorship

    Hello all, If I should try and get employment sponsorship for a visa for, say, a year or two: 1. What do you do first - apply for and get a job? 2. Is there the same TRA process to go through that is required for a skilled permanent residency visa? I would in fact qualify to go for a skilled PR visa (I think) but that seems a bit scary at the moment! Just a bit bewildered by it all, sorry for the dumb questions. :? If anyone can help me, thanks! Andy.
  16. Guest

    Victoria state sponsorship

    Hi fellow poms, I'm preparing to apply for state sponsorship by Victoria for my SIR visa application. Apparently you're required to do lots of research about the state - has anyone here gone through the process? I'm clueless as to what they expect you to know about, where to find the info and how to show the state that you have actually conducted the research... :shock: If there's anyone here who knows what it's all about, please do not hesitate to share your knowledge with me! Many thanks!
  17. tommo64

    Sponsorship & Visa Questions

    Hi, Has anyone out there had any luck with employer sponsorship and/or the following types of visa: Employer Sponsored, Regional Sponsored, Temporary Business (Long Term) or Skills Matching using the skills matching database. Also, if anyone has experience of a sponsorship agency, is there one they would particularly recommend? Cheers,
  18. julesbazz

    How does sponsorship work

    Hi My family are desperate to emmigrate to OZ but unfortunately my husband has only 2yrs experience in his trade (photocopier technician) which has just been taken off the MODL. He also has 5 years ATM engineering experience. Sponsorship seems to be the only way, but he is worried that once a sponsorship visa has run out we will have have to come back to grubby UK! I know you can apply for residency while your out there, but what are the chances of actually gaining it while your there. Any reply would really help, anybody out there who has gone through this way???????? Cheers Julie
  19. Hello everyone This site is fantastic. I am looking to make the move to Melbourne as soon as is humanily possible. Does anyone know of any IT related companies who would consider sponsoring me. I currently work in IT as a sales manager and have done for the last 7 years. A total of 12 years in sales and i am finding it hard with regards using skilled visa route as i do not have a degree or diploma - it is all on the job experience. Hope someone can advise. Thanks. Keith
  20. Guest

    company sponsorship

  21. Guest

    Family sponsorship

    Hello there We've just joined in this forum. We suspect this is a stupid question, but, if we can get family sponsorship does this make the visa process easier? Again sorry if this appears ignorant, we're beginners! Weather here in Scotland VERY windy!! K&M
  22. Guest


    My husband and I along with our 10 month old son are seriously looking at applying and moving to Melbourne. I have an Australian passport (my Mum is from Melbourne) so would look to sponsor my husband. Has anybody sponsored a partner and was it a long process and did you have to have an interview? Will our son need a medical? Any info would be really helpful.. Thanks :?
  23. Hi all, I am about to start doing the paperwork for our visa application and I'm getting a bit confused. We're planning on applying for a skilled independent visa using my skills (I'm an accountant and have already had my skills assessed) and have enough points to do so (as hubby's occupation & age also go in our favour). However I've been reading about state sponsorship, and was wondering if we should go for this first before submitting our application? Or will it not really matter given we seem to be OK points-wise? Any advice greatefully received. Cheers!
  24. Guest

    RSMS Sponsorship by employer

    hi everyone we sent our medicals, police checks, application forms and everything on feb 28th and we received our visa on 22nd may hooray but i know how everyone feels 3 months feels like 3 years we fly to oz on 5th july good luck everone
  25. Guest


    Hi I have a job offer in Sydney and my new employer is going to be sponsoring me for 4 years. The VISA was lodged 3 weeks, but I aint heard anything yet... my employers told me it would take about 2-3 weeks to be processed. Im really worried cos I have handed in my notice and my last day at work is Friday. I had to hand in my notice as my new employer wants me to start working ASAP. Can anyone else tell me how long they have had to wait for sponsorship? Also who is the best airline to fly with (i aint even booked my flights as I dont have my VISA!)