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Found 1,352 results

  1. Hi everyone Just thought I would write for no other reason except to have a moan about having to wait so long for my sponsorship............ My would-be employer (SH) offered me a job in April. It was all done through an employment agency who use an immigration agent (my employer pays for all this, not me). Anyway, this immi agent finally got the stuff together and submitted an application in mid-June (to Canberra) for SH to sponsor me. And that's it! Nothing else............. every time I contact the immi agent he just says things are taking a long time and his case officer in Canberra says mine will be processed shortly. AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! Is it only mine that is taking so long? :arghh: The even more annoying thing is that if SH is accepted to sponsor me I then have to go through the process of applying for a visa, then medicals (I'm a health professional) and all of these seem to be taking forever............ So that's my moan! Thanks for listening, whoever you are!! HH x
  2. Hi, Please could someone tell me what the requirements are? When is a company allowed to sponsor? Is skills assessment still necessary? Any information would be great. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello Guys Im looking to move to Aus towards the end of next year I have a couple of questions about getting over there, but first I will give you some background into what I do In england i work in liverpool for an electrical contractor as an estimating manager with 7 years estimating / project management experience I have completed a full electrical apprenticeship, with 16th edition & 2391 and have a HNC in electrical engineering. As I said, we are looking to come over towards the end of next year and would like to know the following When would it be best to start applying for jobs If I get sponsorship what will it likely include How long will it take to get a visa sorted and what will be involved It would be great if anyone on here who has gone down this channel before, can give me some answers and any advice. Cant wait to get to Brisbane Cheers
  4. Guest

    State Sponsorship

    Was wondering if anyone can give me any info on state sponsorship. Ideally we want to go down the PR route, but was thinkinging of a backup plan. How does it work? can you apply to more than one state? are you still entitled to same benefits as PR, ie school, medicare? and a really dumb question, but do they find you a job or help in that department? Debs :unsure:
  5. Guest

    Sponsorship for 175?

    Hi, Has anybody applied for a 175 GSM visa and included sponsorship points? Is this possible? Thanks Jane:wacko:
  6. Greetings all, My hubby and I were relying heavily on his cousin to sponsor us in order for us to relocate to Melbourne - Victoria. For whatever reason, despite the fact we have made it very clear we would not want anything from her apart from filling out the forms, we have quite a bit of savings, etc etc - she is not prepared to help us:no::no::no: Our other alternative is to apply for state sponsorship. I dont mind doing it as I know we can eventually move to a bigger town - the only thing that worries me is that my hubby is a Regional Manager in Retail. I am really concerned that he will not get work in one of these small towns as most retail headoffices tend to be situated in major cities and a part of the "condition" of state sponsorship is that you dont live or work in the major cities. Has anyone else taken the state sponsorship route and how have you found it workwise. I was quite interested to see that Adelade is not considered a major city. Is there quite a bit happening there workwise? Thanks in advance Lisabella
  7. My name is David, I'm 37 years old and currently live in the UK with my wife Jane, and our two daughters Dani and Tiegan. We are keen to start a new life in Australia and we are looking for a good Australian company to offer us sponsorship. I am a fully trained asbestos removal specialist with 6 years good experience. I have worked on a range of Industrial and commercial projects, on demolition and renovation. I have also worked on the North Sea Oil rigs and have experience of confined spaces. I am a hard working, trustworthy and reliable employee, and given the opportunity would prove to be an asset to a good company. My wife Jane is bilingual ands is fluent in both Thai and English. She too is a hard working and conscientous person who is looking for employment in which she can use her language skills. If you can offer us the opportunity of sponsorship or any help, advice or contacts please send me a PM.
  8. I have been trying to find IT Sponsorship out in Victoria but so far no luck applied to ten folds of agencies and a few companies direct, IT project management/IT Network and Security Manager, If anyone knows of any companies who would sponsor, we are applying via RPL but obviously sponsorship would help. Thanks Sarah
  9. Guest

    ENS Sponsorship

    Well OH got his job offer and ENS sponsorship agreed today....OMG i'm well excited, just need to sort whether we use an ozy agent to save us (me) all the stress, any suggestions greatly recieved.
  10. hoorayhenry

    State sponsorship

    Hi everyone How easy is it to get state sponsorship? Can you apply to more than one state - in the hope that one will like you?!! Anyone know how long the process takes. THanks HH
  11. well guess what, after my moan at the weekend, i have just checked our emails and OH has a job offer:jiggy::jiggy:with the painting firm in Brissie...... the guy is drafting the letter as we speak, well maybe not right now as he will be sleeping.........BUT its now full steam ahead with ENS onto the next step and we could well be in Oz by summer next year.................OMG OMG
  12. degs


    Hi all, It's been a while since ive been on, back into looking into migrating after wife failed skills assessment. Does any one know how many points do you get for family sponsorship under the new rules, if it works out at 15 I will be ok as we accumulate 100 points, without the sponsorship I would have to go on the pooling list and I don't knw what's involved in that, I will be gratefull for anybody's input or advice Cheers
  13. Hi everyone I'm probably being daft but can anyone confirm the difference between the 176 (Skilled sponsored) and 475 (Skilled regional sponsored) visas? Is it just that the 176 is permanent and that you can live in anywhere in Oz - whereby with the 475 it is temporary and you have to live in certain regional areas? Is there anything else I am missing? Yours feeling stupid ! ......... HH
  14. Guest

    Regional sponsorship visa

    Hi everyone, my missus has just been offered a regional sponsorship visa. She's a midwife by profession, and was offered a hospital position in Bunbury, about 100 mile south of perth, just the area we were looking to go to! I'm 46 and an IT field service engineer, does not look as if I'll have any trouble getting work. Does anybody know of any disadvantages of the sponsorship visa? All seems a bit too good to be true! Or is it years of being in the UK making me cynical?! And yes it is raining!!:smile:
  15. Guest


    Hi there, My husband has been working for the last 8 yrs in the Telecommunications industry, last 3 working for BT as an Telecommuncations Supervisor. Although he doesn't have any Vocational Qualification in this, he has received in-house training and numerous certifications to back up his work experience. Due to the recent changes to the 'Skilled Visa' when are unable to apply for a visa. My husband Vocational Qualifcations in Catering, but unfortunately you need to have been working in this industry for the last 12 months. We are in a catch 22 suitation. We have been advised by an Emmigration Agent that the only way forward is to gain a Sponsorship from a Australia Company. Does anyone know of companies that sponsor or are you able to put us in touch with someone. Appreciate your help! Many thanks - Cheryl And John
  16. We are in a whirl at the moment, we decided to move to Oz a couple of weeks ago, wasnt sure which way to go about applying for visas so sent off some CV's. We've already been contacted and this agency say if we take a holiday out there they will have arranged interviews and are 90% sure we will be offered not only employment but sponsored employment meaning the company will sort out our visas etc! This almost sound too good to be true im trying not to be excited. He recons we will be in a position to hand our notices when we get back. We have told him we will go out in Jan and are looking at primarily Brisbane area of QLD, and that we should put our house on market now in preparation as wil be able to go out within a month of being offered jobs and sponsorship. We have looked at possibility of renting in a few areas like south bank coorparoo, paddington, red hill as more centrally located areas and also looking at eastern / coastal areas. I do not drive so we need to move to an area i can easily commute by train to the CBD Any information would be appreciated greatly ! :0) Trying not to get too excited!
  17. Guest


    Does anyone know if you are sponsred by an Australian employer do you need to have your skills assessed ? same goes if a relative sponsors you....any advice please
  18. Guest

    Possible Sponsorship

    Well sod the TRA and their pathway D....:arghh:thanks to traybears and her OH :notworthy:who gave us a contact for a painting firm in Brissie, we could have a sponsor he has emailed asking for us to send all paperwork over to him and let him know what his and our obligations are, so my question is which Employer Sponsorship do we look into ? as from my hours of research i have found 2...any help would be greta guys
  19. Guest

    Company Sponsorship

    Hi - wondered if any of you wonderful PIO would be able to help us.... We are currently in NZ having moved from UK a year ago. OH is a Builder (employed in NZ as a Carpenter). Do any of you know of Companies willing to sponsor employees in Building industry or could recommend an Agency we could try. OH is 47 therefore we can't go on a Skilled Visa. Absolutely desperate to get to Oz - Queensland in particular. Thanks for any help you can provide
  20. Hi My husband and I are looking to move to Austrailia ASAP we are currently waiting on the results from my husbands Skills Assesment which appear to have been lost in the Post!! We did not chase it up until now as there is an email to us saying if we contact them then it will only delay our progress so we have hung on and on and on and on and finally contacted them and they sent them apparently over a month ago, however still have not given us our results so the dreaded wait continues. Due to this we are considering it may be much quicker to find somebody to sponsor my husband so if anybody knows of any IT jobs going that offer sponsorship in Melbourne then It would be a great help to us, he has worked as an IT manager and Project manager for approx 10 years, Lans/Wans/Firewalls/MS Exchange/Active Directories and lead teams of IT analysts as a Project Manager implementing new Sage Systems/New telecoms systems/Planning offices for IT Cables and Servers and is very technically Skilled. If you have anything or hear of anybody who would sponser for either a Permenant role or a Contract, I beleive you can get a 4 year working Business contract visa. Your help and knowledge would be great, Also if you are an IT Analyst or Like Mountain Biking and are in your Late 20's onwards and looking to move to Melbourne, Victoria we would like to hear from you as we will need some extra friends LOL! Best Regards:arghh:
  21. Guest


    Hi does anyone know if you can apply for sponsorship from more than one state?:v_SPIN:
  22. Hello all, I am looking to find employment in Australia via the sponsorship route. At this time, I am still living in England, and in full-time employment. So far, I have applied for several places through websites such as Seek.com.au, MyCareer.com.au etc and also directly to companies themselves. As yet, not a single reply which is a little bit disheartening. I'm just wondering, if any of you have been sponsored, how did you do it? Did you get a job before leaving UK, or did you enter Australia on a tourist visa and find work then? I'm just trying to get an idea of the best way to go about things, so any advice greatly appreciated. For the record, I am a PLC software / electrical engineer, looking to find work in Sydney. Thanks! Andy.
  23. Hi, could anyone give me any information on websites etc where i could look through job vacancy for an Auto Electricians please. I'd like to see what the job markets like for my occupation and possibly contact employers regarding sponsorship, many thanks Paul. Paul and Danielle
  24. mandymcqueen

    Holiday Visa & Sponsorship

    HI All I was just wondering if anyone had gone over to Oz on a holiday visa or 2 year working holiday visa and found sponsorship. Is it easier to do it this way. We have a young son so cant both go over on a working holiday but OH was hoping to go on that visa and hopefully find a company that would sponsor him, I'm just not sure if you are able to do this. I have been told by people that it is much easier to get a permanent visa when you are already over there. Any advice greatly appreciated. thanks Mandy
  25. Guest

    Sponsorship nomination approved

    At Last! We got our sponsorship nomination approved. It's just a matter of us completeing the online 457 application. Anyone know what the turnaround for this once completed and submitted to Melbourne?? Why can't anything ever be straightforward, me and my hubby have wanted to live in Oz since we met nearly 10 years ago but something has always stopped us wether it be baby after baby after baby it was never a good time. Then last year we decided to try for it again, just as we started a business opportunity came up for my hubby, so we postponed Oz again to make a go of a new business. Anyway early this year things started to go wrong with the business and my hubby started looking for sponsorship in Oz again, and this time we got it! Only now he's just started an amazing job (what he's really always wanted) and in the same week our nomination is approved ! The job he's be going to in Oz is like a step back again career wise and part of me is thinking the whole reason for wanting to start in Oz was for a better family life and not focusing on work and money all the time and really enjoy time with our three young boys. I think just by reading through what I've wriiten my answer is there we must try our new life in Oz ( if we get the visa) we're all only young once. God, but what if he's unhappy in his job there and resents going to Oz (aaaarrrrggggg) stop worrying about what if's. Anyone going through a similar thing?? Thanks Suey