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Found 1,352 results

  1. nick600

    Help With Sponsorship

    Hi Guys Can Anyone Out There Help Me Find A Sponsor For A 457 Visa ? I Am A Very Experienced Welder / Sheetmetal Worker Looking For A Long Term Temporary Job In The Melbourne Area. I Would Like To Have A Year Or Two Working In Oz To Make Sure Its Exactly What I Want Before Taking Permanent Residency , However I'm Finding It Almost Impossible To Find Empoloyers Offering Sponsorship . Please Help
  2. Hi , I am a wall and floor tiler with 30 years experience - apprencticeship served but no qualifiactions, I am being assessed at the moment for an NVQ so I can send all my references etc to the TRA - I am 51 and looking to come over on a 457 visa - does anyone know of companies that will sponsor me Thanks for reading this Ron
  3. Hi all, Can anybody tell me if they went to the Queensland Government stand at the Expo a couple of weeks ago and if they said they would sponsor you.And if so have they emailed you yet.I read a post a couple of days ago and some people have heard from one of the stands for mining company I think. Please if anybody can help I would love to here from you. Luv Gwen x x x :sad::sad:
  4. Guest


    Hi all, Anyone know the pros and cons of being sponsored....my heads in a turmoil with whats the best way to go! Do we go for sponsor or go straight for 175visa? Does it actually make a difference? Hubby wants me to go for sponsorship as we get there quicker!! For all who don't know me I am a nurse, OH in IT. Help!!!!!!
  5. Hi all, As some of you no my OH went to Expo in London on Saturday,was just wondering if anybody has got a sponsor this way in the past,and if they have, how long was is before you received an email from them ,It was Queensland Government that said they would sponsor OH. Any help would be great. Thank you Luv Gwen x x x x x x :wubclub::wubclub::wubclub:
  6. thekeans


    Any advice please..... How easy is it to find a company to sponsor you?? Hubby is a graphic/web designer, Thinking Sydney but also maybe Melbourne.
  7. Guest

    State Sponsorship - Job Offer!

    I have been offered a job with Western Australia Health Authority as an RN (Full Time) and have been advised that they will sponsor my visa application!:biglaugh: Not sure if the 176 visa is the one that they will go for as we are wanting permanent residency. We also want a little time to get things sorted in Mud Island and are looking at a time frame of 12-18 months. Does this sound ok and realistic? Any advice appreciated. Jeff
  8. Guest

    sponsorship help please

    Hi guys. just wanting some advice.my sister is a monumental mason,she has been in the job for a number of years,due to the job,she has no formal quals,but was on a the job trained by a master monumental mason.skilled in the art of hand letter cutting ect.She is enquring into going to oz,but looking down the sponsorship route by a potential employer.my question is this; how does she go about the process of contacting potential sponsors,is there a route or procedure you have to follow.any advice would be greatly appreciated. nic x:jiggy::cute::notworthy:
  9. Hi all, Quick query anybody know how long it would usually take with a 176 visa application and victorian sponsorship? I think this is supposed to speed it up wondered if anyone has used this method and approx how long it took. Many Thanks for advise Sarah
  10. Hello! I Hope you are all super. we are trying to sort out our 40SP - Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia forms and also 47SP Forms, but we need some assistance, we also wanna try to not go through an agent, as you pay just over double what the visa costs to go it alone. Any help offa any one who has filled in these forms would be great :-) One of my questions is... my partner got his visa from his dad being born in oz, so he is Ozzy by decent, now on the form it only has ... birth and grant, and to how he got his citizenship... I think its grant? he thinks it birth!! Also he nor myself have ever been to Oz, so when its asking questions about our house? I dont understand... :no: I feel a bit sad, as cant afford an agent but cant afford to do it wrong.. we wanna be gone by End Aug! Have a great day Helena (22) Anthony (23) xx
  11. Guest

    employee sponsorship?

    Help! I failed T.R.A in september due to lack of experience ( 3 years) as a air- con engineer and do not want to go down the vetassess route due to time and money. We cant wait any longer so we our thinking of selling up and going travelling around oz whilst at the same time looking for employee sponsorship . is this an option? can we go from tourist visa to a 457 visa without leaving the country? how easy is it to get a employer to sponsor myself? shane
  12. Hi, we were going through fine with visa and slight problem, thought it was too good to be true. Agent has all along said dont need to do IELTS test but came back last week and said you may not have enough points after all and may need to do IELTS (this is due to my husband being a recently qualified accountant) and his 3 years pre qualification may not count so to do the test. I cant get hold of agent, on hols for 2 weeks to find out what areas we could go to on state sponsorship. Does anyone know? He did say we wouldnt be able to go to Brisbane with points but would Perth be an option? Also no other agents at work that we can ask as all left and receptionist reluctant to refer me to anyone else for this question as our agent knows all the background. Thanks am stressing now as nearest IELTS testing place is booked up until June, either that or go further afield. Sam
  13. Hi there Have just found out that we are not eligible for skilled migration as neither of us have a 2 year diploma in any given job. However we have been told that if we can get sponsorship/job offer in our chosen professions then we can apply for a Long Stay Business Visa. Can anyone advise me of any companies in the Perth area particularly that sponsor UK citizens wishing to emigrate. If you know of any outside of Perth please let me know also. Feeling a bit glum today as we feel are options are closing down.
  14. Hi there I wanted to let everyone know that Western Australia are allowing for one day only, on the spot approvals for State Sponsorship. You MAY need to be available to come to London on Thursday 13th March. If you thinking of a State Sponsored Visa for Western Australia (this includes Business visa, Investor Retirement visa as well as Skilled Visa Applicants), then please PM me for more details. Cheers!
  15. Hi Is there anybody out there who has had success getting sponsorship in IT Specifically IT Networking and Network infrastructure PM type roles? Is there any Advice you could offer?
  16. :unsure:Can anyone clarify something for me? :unsure: If you go Regional Sponsored (not State Sponsored) are you OK if your job is on the SOL, or does each region have a different list? I know each State has a different list if you want to go 'State Sponsored' but i'm not sure if this applies to regional sponsorship. We are thinking of Regional Queensland. I've been trying all day to access this info on the Queensland Gov website but the website has a problem just on the section i need.
  17. Dear All, I am an Ex IT Recruitment Consultant and Sales Manager/Business Development Manager in the UK and wondered if anyone in Melbourne would be interested in sponsoring me? Please, Please, Please anyone who can help, my hubby and I just want to be in Melbourne ASAP. Thanks Sarah
  18. Guest


    Hey everyone, hope you are all doing good. Well our heads are still mashed from all the reading, :arghh: anyway we have had various suggestions with regards to what visa to apply for. Steve's brother is currently in Brisbane and has been since June 2007, he has a 136 visa. my question is does anyone know what is involved in him sponsoring us? Regards Adele & Steve
  19. Hi all, Has anyone used the teaching sponsorship programme? I am a science teacher and have looked at the WA scheme, however it is not clear where we may end up. My hubbie is an electric motor buff which is a trade that appears to be in demand in oz, particularly around mining areas. We don't want to be in a hot rural area or bang in the middle of a city; the surburbs would be nice. Just a brief update to you guys already there: petrol (cheap) is £1.04 litre council tax up 4.7 % gas up by 17% electric up by 12% Food is estimated to be up by an average of £15 per week:shocked: Cheers, Adele & Mark
  20. Guest

    trade sponsorship

    does any one know of any people that deal with sponsorship for construction trades i am a plasterer but do a lot of joinery work would love to stay in this have all my own tools and have loads of ref in this but no formal qualifications in joinery tried with tra as a plasterer but had to submit another appeal fortunately it happened at a time when i was broke and now time up so looking at a sponsorship to get us there asap
  21. Guest


    Hi everyone,i dont know if anyone can help me with this one.I tried last year for my T.R.A. as a mason/paviour(Groundworker)the nearest on the list to my trade was a landscape gardener,so i was turned down.But now my wifes cousin has said he would sponsor us as he has his own landscape gardening business.Could we get in on a sponsorship and what would happen if i lost the job working for him six months down the line?
  22. Guest


    hi just a quick one but does anyone know of any one looking to sponsor plasterers or joiners to come to oz looking at the fastest way over there now
  23. Guest

    state sponsorship

    hi has anybody done a 176 visa with state sponsorship i am looking to go to queensland. thaks paul and gang tra passed sheet metal worker class 1.
  24. Guest

    Company sponsorship

    Hello again, thought I'd ask another question just in case the wife is unable to get any points for her job..... I will have 115 points so would have to look into sponsored visa, anyone completed a company sponsorship, if so how did you go about getting a sponsored position? I'm an IT professional infrastructure Project manager with 20 years experience currently at JPMorgan....any help would be greatly appreciated....
  25. Hi All We are now in the process of the above application, what I cannot find is a clear idea of how this process works and what needs to be done My sponsor has been allocated a case officer, I have started the e-application but it stops when I try and lodge / pay Can any one give me a simple and clear idea of how this process will work going forward ? Many Thanks :notworthy: KamlaK