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Found 1,352 results

  1. Hi, I was just checking all our options and was wondering how easy/ difficult it is to find a sponsor for a carpenter. Hubby is a qualified carpenter with 27 years experience, although he is a very good alrounder. At present he is working for a well known bathroom company as a bathroom installer, working on his own so he has to do everything for stripping out the old bathroom to fitting the new one. In the past he has built conservatories to extensions from the ground to the roof working from plans. He used to make rocking horses in his spare time ( not thats he has much of that anymore) which i would post a pic if I could figure out how. thanks Kath
  2. Guest

    Sponsorship in oz

    Hello! I have just returned home after being in Australia for 11 months on a working holiday visa. I did my three months fruit picking in order to get my second year. I am looking to get sponsorship and stay but am unsure of how to do this as I dont have a trade. I have an uncle who lives there and has done for 20 years. Can he sponsor me or do I have to get sponsorship from a company? I have looked on migration websites but cant really get my head around all the jargon. Im confused and desperately want to live there.:swoon:
  3. My hubby had just had his CNC Machinist/tool maker TRA approved. Yippee. we are now wondering whether to go for SA state sponsorship as he doesn't fancy taking the english test. although we are english he doesn't have to write letters and stuff in his line of work and is worried about failing. has anyone taken it?:wubclub:
  4. Guest

    WA sponsorship

    Hi all, Would somebody be able to answer my question please? If I were to apply the WA for sponsorship, do I have to pay, and also, if they approve and nominate me (or OH) how long after recieving the ok, can you wait before applying for the Visa with the Aus Government website? Do you know what I mean?? And I have heard of people being accepted by the WA, even though their occupation wasn't on the WA wanted list. Is this also true?:huh: Thanks as always Emma x Still trying to convince OH that Australia is the place for us......
  6. Guest

    Family sponsorship

    Some of you may recall I posted a thread a while ago about emigrating with a sick child. Since then we have decided that it would be foolish to contemplate such a big move in the middle of our little girl's treatment. Originally we were going to apply under the skilled visa category but because my husband is now 44 and our daughter's treatment will not be over before he is 45 would we have a chance of family sponsorship. My sister (hello Mary 030) is just waiting for her hubbie's spouse visa to come through. Would she be able to sponsor us? You may well ask how come she has Australian citizenship and I don't! Our mum mistakenly thought we would be entitled to Australian citizenship no matter how old we were. I was three months over 18 when we found out this wasn't the case! We (hubbie and I) are in quite a strong financial position so would not be a burden on the state. Would we be able to give Mary the funds to sponsor us? How long does the process take? I am clinging to the hope that we will be able to get to Australia one day but the timing is just not right at the moment and its not my little girl's fault she is sick.
  7. Guest

    Cost of Sponsorship

    Hi, Wondered if anyone can answer me this question. Our agent advised us that in September 07 the rules changed in terms of the cost of sponsoring. The sponsor no longer has to put up funds. However, on sending the forms to my sister in OZ the Centrelink form states that they must put up $7000. Has anyone else had this confusion over sponsorship????
  8. Guest

    State Sponsorship Question

    We are still doing our research yet and are thinking of going down the state sponsorship route for WA. I think I have read somwhere that we may have to have quite a large sum of money to take with us. Could someone just confirm if this is true and how much and for how long do we need to have this???
  9. hi, We may have hope of a Visa:spinny:but need sponsorship if anybody in Queensland can help, I would be so grateful. 40 year old experienced Wall and Floor Tiler needing sponsorship. We are looking to relocate to Queensland, possibly Townsville. Experienced in ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and marble tiles etc, domestic and large contract jobs, with very good references. I also have a NVQ II in Tiling, with all relevant documentation. Looking forward to receiving some positive replies, pm me and I can send further details. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hello all, well it is only 6:00 a.m. here in Canada. Just checked the email and we got our letter from the WA government saying that we have State Sponsorship Nomination. To say I am happy is an understatement!!!! - We can now apply for our 176 Visa, which is fantastic news. I am going to try and start on our visa application now, I am only half awake, but after a few coffees I should be good to go. This means we can now go the PR route and OH does not have to sit the IELTS test. Thanks to Gill for all your support. I will keep everyone posted of our progress. One Happy Canadian who is going to have a really good Victoria Day Long Weekend!!!!!!! Karen :jiggy::jiggy::Randy-git::Randy-git:
  11. Hi This is linked to a previous thread and conscious that header "needing sponsorship", was confusing and got lots of hits, most probably because people thought I was able to answer a question about sponsorship or could assist, oops!! My wife is looking for sponsorship as training officer, we have been given green light by **************** to go for it, but have difficulty in knowing best place to canvas for this. Does anyone have any contacts who are looking for a training officer. Ideally Queensland but flexible if it means we get there quicker!! as it only has to be for 2 years and then we can move. We have registered on affiliated recruitment sites such as Kelly Services etc but all say "must have residency" but we can't get this without sponsorship, chicken and Egg syndrome so any help would be gratefully received. Andy and Sue Plymouth
  12. I think I can score 90pts with asco 3211-11 (40pts) as i'm a CIMA finalist & therefore classed as an advanced diploma. However, with state sponsorship I would get an additional 10pts to give me 100pts. Is it worth me getting my skills assessed, & once positive feedback received, apply to WA for sponsorship. Is this a viable option or is there a better option for success?? I have 10yrs mgmnt accounting experience eg std costing, budgetary control, forecasting, variance analysis etc. many thanks in advance, Helen.
  13. Hi Does anyone know of any companies or employers who are looking to sponsor an electrician. I have 16 years experience. At the moment, my family and I are stll deliberating on where to live, so I am open to any sponsorship in any state. Cheers
  14. Guest

    needing sponsorship

    Hi We are currently going through the RSMS process and due to my Wifes skills not being of a degree qualification level, she needs sponsorship. as a training officer. We have been told that as she has 10 years experience she shouldn't have a problem finding a sponsor but we honestly don't know where to start finding companys that do this. Any assistance by anyone would be helpful as this can't be an isolated case. All the signs are positive and this has made us even more determined. We have registered with affliated Websites in the UK, such as Reeds/pertemps/Kellyservices but would welcome anymore pointers
  15. Guest

    sponsorship 3rd cousin

    Hi all this is probely be a long shot,but would my 3rd cousin be able to sponsor me to go to australia..He has his own business in the building trade but i dont have any qualifications in building..im a truck driver..if it is not possible for him to help is there any way for a truck driver to get a visa
  16. Guest

    help looking for sponsorship

    OH is roof tiler of 23 years. We are looking for a company to sponsor him. We did have one but they have just let us down. Can anyone recommend any good websites to go on, i think we have been on most of them. Hope someone out there can help, we are going crazy. We are looking to go to Brisbane.:arghh:
  17. hi, I am a 40 year old experienced Wall and Floor Tiler needing sponsorship. We are looking to relocate to Queensland, possibly Townsville but open to other areas of Australia. Experienced in ceramic, porcelain and marble tiles etc, domestic and large contract jobs, with very good references. I also have a NVQ II in Tiling, with all relevant documentation. Looking forward to receiving some positive replies. Thanks for your help.
  18. Hi All, This is my first post but I have found out lots of valuable information on this site, so thanks very much. We've thought about moving out to Oz since Jan08 and went on holiday in April to see Sydney and Perth, half holiday and half thinking could we seriously make the move. We loved both places and feel we want to start the visa process asap! Unfortunately it feels like we're just a few months too late in getting a Skilled Visa, as my husband turns 35 in June (we would have to go under his details) and we could achieve 120 until then, but only 115 after then (that's including any IELTS points). He would need to get his skills recognised by the ACS under RPL. I think it's totally unrealistic to think we could complete their forms and get a result back, and put in the visa application before he turns 35. So our only route would be the Sponsored route. My husband was invited to the London IMMI Expo in March and spoke to both NSW and WA who indicated that he would be on their 'skills wanted' list and would be able to sponsor him (Systems Manager code 2231-11), but on looking at their website today it looks like it's only on NSW's list. We also feel he most likely fits code 1224-11 IT Manager which is on neither. I guess it all comes down to which code the ACS put him under. So then comes the chance of Family Sponsorship, via my Aunt in Queensland, but I'm not 100% sure she's an Oz citizen even though she immigrated there over 20 years ago. Sorry for the long history, but my question is, which is the better sponsorship to go for - State or Family? The Expo people tended to suggest there was a longer waiting list for family sponsorship and I'm thinking I should pull out all the stops to talk to both States first rather than plumbing for family sponsorship. I'm absolutely gutted that we might not be able to go all because of a few months... Any advice greatly appreciated.
  19. Guest

    Sponsorship advice

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could explain a bit how the sponsorship visa route works? Like do you just send out your CV to Oz employers? If they then agree to sponsor you, do you have to be ready to go - what about selling house etc? Do the sponsoring people then get your visas?? Any clues would be great!
  20. Guest

    permanent sponsorship visa??

    Hi just wanting to ask..... How long does it take to get a permanent sponsorship visa?? We are at the stage where we have got our contract of employment and the companys migration agent is dealing with paperwork. So just wanting to know has any one else gone on the permanent sponsorship visa??? Any info appreciated :spinny:
  21. :wubclub:Hi, can anyone give us some advice, My husband is a gas fitter but has only recently got his qualifications, he has been doing the job for the past two years. We are looking to get a job and move to Warrnambool, victoria and are hoping to get sponsorship, is there anybody out there that can give us any ideas on this (or a job). Also he needs his documents assessed to tell us what work he can do in Oz, does anybody know the best way of doing this or how and how much is costs?:twitcy: Melanie and andy amber 17:no: jacques 9 Riley 6:yes:
  22. Guest

    Sponsorship Offer

    We have just had news that a company has agreed to sponsor us - in the very, very early stages but just wanted to share this and give some hope to others. We were gutted about the skill path D and have been plugging away since September to make a breakthrough and finally it seems it came yesterday. We are completely delighted and have counted all the chickens big time..................................fingers crossed - looks like we have moved onto the next step....................................... I would like to say thanks to everybody who has encouraged us and others on here - not to give up especially Alan Collet and Gollywobbler. :jiggy: We have got major bad hangovers this morning after our celebrations with the vino last night..................:wacko:
  23. Guest

    Sponsorship Advice Needed!

    Hi, I´m in Australia on a 12month tourist visa but am hoping to obtain sponsorship to work and remain here. I´m outside the age requirement for a working visa (how rude?) and my profession (PA/ADMIN) is not on the skilled shortage list. My sister and her family migrated here last year but I´m not sure if they would be able to sponsor me so soon after getting their visa´s. Other than going back to Blighty and retraining as a brickie or a hairdresser, does anyone have any hot tips please? I don´t want to go back to the cold!!! Much appreciated.
  24. Hi guys, first post for us! Hope you can advise... DH is submitting forms to VETASSESS (as marketing specialist) and we are going it without an agent. Hopefully things will go through, as his his degree is an integrated one between biological sciences and corporate finance, and we hope that is going to go through as it is the closest match (fingers crossed!!) We are going to have to put together the case for SA sponsorship after we (hopefully!) hear back. Has any of you done this without an agent successfully? Thanks in advance for your attention! :spinny:
  25. The Wringe's

    457 Sponsorship

    Hi Everyone, We're a tiny bit further down the line than we were last time I wrote. Certainly in terms of research in any event. I've spoken to a couple of Migration Agents and both tell me that 457 is our only option. We're 5 points short of a skilled visa because OH diploma only comes up to a 40 point occupation (HNC). OH is a Sales Manager in the wine trade, he's 43 and I'm a legal secretary aged 42 - both of us have over 20 years experience in our occupations. We're wanting to move to South Australia. We've both sent out CVs and had some very favourable responses but all saying 'Give me a call when you get here' - its very frustrating as we can't get there without a job ! Has anyone used 'Thinking Australia' ? They have a Jobfinder that costs £100 but then they send you details of jobs ? If anyone has anything positive to say about this service, please let me know and we'll sign up right away. Right now I'm just so frustrated - 'get in line' I hear you say ! :wacko: Any advice would be fantastic, especially from a moderator or someone in our position. I spoke with Concept Australia today who seemed to think 457 was a risky option . I see from Migration Issues forum that lots of people have got 457 visas, how on earth did you manage to get sponsorship ? Fiona xx