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Found 1,350 results

  1. Guest

    state sponsorship confirmation

    Hi there we have been thinking about going for state sponsorship (Queensland) as we are only on the 115 points for 175 so 176 seems to be calling LOL does any one have any idea how long it takes for them to get back to you after sending application this is just for the first instance of being told yes or no to state sponsorship, and then is the wait once visa application is made around the same amount of time as the 175 or longer, any advice would be great :idea: cheers Erinfay
  2. Hi I wondered if anyone has filled in the application for state sponsorship to support the 176 visa? I have used a migration agent so far, but as things are in place now i'm considering saving myself a few quid and doing it myself. The application is in word format to print off, i have vista so will have to get a friend to download and print off. Is it straightforward and is there a cost invloved in getting the state sponsorship? Thanks in advance. Ang :notworthy:
  3. AnxiousMum

    State Sponsorship????

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what is involved if you try for a state sponsorship? What conditions are there and so on? We would be looking to go to Melbourne so Victoria I suppose and hubby is in I.T. but no degree and 3 years experience not the required 6 years. Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated. I have looked it up but I cant understand alot of what it tells me. (stupid I know)
  4. Guest

    DET sponsorship 457

    hi, I have got a sponsorship from WA DET on visa 457 through an expo and UK based interview. I have received the sponsorship confirmation already and now dont really know what happens in regards to visa application!!! has anyone else gone this route and can maybe offer some advice? thanx Gill
  5. Hi all, my name is Tom and my partner is Jacqui, we live in Burton Upon Trent and we are looking for help to find a 457 sponsor. The reason that we have started searching here is that we are both 50 years old and know that we are not eligible for any other visa giving our age. I am a bricklayer with 35 years of work experience and have skills including plumbing, plastering, joinery and drainage. I have built 4 houses and am currently building my fifth house myself. I have all relevant professional qualifications that are required and am competent and versatile. We applied to a recruitment agency and had our hopes built up and then there were floods in Queensland and the employer only took on people who had permanent visas. What a disaster! We are very commited to moving to Australia as we feel that the UK has nothing to offer. We are keen motorbikers and often attend biking rallies. I like watching football and am an avid Man United fan! If there is anyone that can help us, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!! It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi I am in the process of trying to find away to move to australia. There are four of us hubby and 2 daughters. We dont have a trade in demand. The brisbane school of hairdressing is offering 48 week course in which you gain a certifcate 3 and confirmation of 900 hours completed. It then states you can apply for PR. I have checked and it is an accredited uni. - Have any of you heard of this and if so what are your thoughts My hubby has a first cousin, in australia. If they nominate you do you have to live in the same area. Any advise would be welcome Thank you kindly Lorraine x
  7. Guest

    Sponsorship rant

    Has anyone, ever, had any luck with getting sponsorship? I have been trying for nearly TWO YEARS to find employment in Sydney (a must for me, for various reasons), and barely get even any acknowledgements, never mind any interest. Only replies I get are 'Thanks, but no thanks'. And they are very rare. I've sent hundreds of emails, and getting nowhere. Unfortunately, my occupation (PLC software / electrical engineer) is not on the fabled most wanted list, so miss out on a whole load of points for getting a PR visa. I don't have a Degree either, and that seems to be what companies want. Experience it seems, counts for very little indeed. My little chat with Go Matilda basically told me to either 'get a Degree', or 'look elsewhere, less metropolitan'. I thought Oz was 'crying out for skilled people'. It appears not. Not from where I am standing at least. Really disillusioned with the whole process. Can anyone offer me any hope? :arghh: :no: Andy.
  8. I've just heard that they can sometimes request medicals for state sponsorship, is this the case??!! I really hope they don't, as I still have 5 weeks to wait for my caridiologist appointment to get my white coat hypertension confirmed!! I need this cardiologist report for my medical. What are the chances? xxx P.S Incase anyone else is panicking... my mail took 17 days to get from London to Edinburgh...!! Have been very stressed, but eventually turned up. Always send recorded is my advice!
  9. Guest

    spouce sponsorship

    Does anyone know if my partner was sponsored on a job what type of visa i would need to be out there with him - we have been hogether 3 years - he ppractically lives with me but not offically. Amy hepl pleasseeeeee thanks x
  10. Opportunity for qualified tiler to join our team. The successful applicant will have experience in tiling and rendering. Specific training for pool tiling will be provided. We are based in Sydney. Please visit our website at www.architecturalpools.com.au Please send enquiries to info@architecturalpools.com.au Kind Regards Rachel Kitcher Operations Manager Architectural Pools
  11. Hi there, Just came back from Oz yesterday, wanting to settle down there through the study route (want to do a Masters in IT in Brisbane next year), but maybe there is a quicker/ cheaper way if I can just find myself a sponsor? Where would one start looking for a 457 sponsor? I have read on this forum that some agencies deal with that, but which? And some big companies, but who? I am a mathematics graduate with some financial experience, so where could I look for a sponsor? And actually it doesn't have to be maths related, any sponsorship will do for the beginning. (Just not sales). Thanks, Victor
  12. I am new to this but any advice would be much appreciated!!!! My oh is in the construction industry, he has a city guilds in his trade.How do you apply for a state sponsorship???Or even if oz want your trade, how do you find out?? Desperate to leave britain, to have a better life for our children. I am a teaching assistant I have a nvq in this.GREAT SITE BY THE WAY!!!!!
  13. Guest

    Family Sponsorship

    HELP... Can anyone please tell me how family sponsorship works, my brother in law who has been an Aussie citizen along with his wife for the last 6 years has offered to sponsor us under family sponsorship. Not sure on haw to proceed or if my family and i would qualify. Any advice on how to proceed is very welcome. Mike.
  14. liniloo


    hi all can anyone tell me how to go about getting a sponsor? do you have to go over to Oz to get one? or can it be done from over here? is this the only route for a 457 visa? cheers
  15. Guest

    Family sponsorship bond

    We are going out on a skilled sponsored (australian) 138 visa - does anybody know if or when the $5000 bond is requested or has to be lodged? Just want to know so that we can budget. Kag and Co
  16. Hello people Just joined the forum as my boyfriend and I are looking at options to immigrate to Australia. We are both British. I have an Aunt, Uncle and two cousins who are Australian citizens but don't think this helps at all. I'm 27 and currently working as a Mortgage Broker and have been in Financial Services since 2000, doing various roles including IFA. I hold full CeFA and CeMAP bridge as my industrial qualifications. My boyfriend is 21 and has recently started working as a Travel Agent after some time in retail. He has already done a year's tourist working visa. I've tried to make sense of all the stuff on various websites about my qualifications and whether they help me with getting sponsorship to move to Aus but without success. Anyone working in Financial Services after gaining their qualifications in the UK? We have been together for 8 months, living together all that time, were friends before - so wonder how that would impact if one of us was to get the visa and then the other come on the partner visa? I'm trying to find a website that offers assistance with finding a suitable employer to sponsor an application in Financial Services but cannot seem to locate one - any suggestions? Any help would be gratefully received. Mark
  17. Guest


    I have just applied for a job which offers Full Sponsorship & all expences paid relocation to Australia. Has anyone got any knowledge on Full Sponsorship? How long it takes to go through? whats involved? Etc Etc Etc? Roger
  18. Hi all, Does anyone know or has anyone changed the state from which they have been sponsored already. We currently have sponsorship from Victoria and because we are not entirely sure if Victoria is for us we were wondering if anyone knows or has changed destinations as such. What would this entail? Would we be fined or something? Would they take our visa away (when we get finally get it) because we didn't go to the state that sponsored us? etc, etc..... We are only asking because as you can all imagine being tied to one place for two years and only then being able to go to where you want, well that scenario is not an option for us, especially when you consider the age of our kids. Any ideas ? Anyone ? ........:huh: Helenx
  19. Hi, We are going to submit “Skilled Independent 175” online very soon. However, there may be a possibility that an employer is willing to sponsor me on 457. Are there any restrictions on applying for 457 if you’ve already applied for 175? I’ve read both 457 and 175 on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship site. It doesn’t say anything specific about the above situation. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/175/index.htm http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/sbs/index.htm Thank you CD
  20. Hi Im new to all this:wideeyed: but just like to know if any1 knows of any good butchery jobs or slaughterman jobs cheers jules
  21. Hi im a 26 year old fully qualified car mechanic with 10 years main dealership experiance , I am looking for an employer in perth to sponsor me , my wife and to little girls to come out to be with family ! Any one no of anyone looking for someone like me please let me no Thanks Ross :idea:
  22. Guest

    Spouse visa sponsorship query

    Hello All We have just started to go through the application for Spouse defacto visa for the two year temp visa, my partner has Oz citizenship and we have been together for over 4 years. Its all being very exciting and we have already been given some great advice on this website. I have a query regarding his part in being my sponsor. My partner has been self employed for just over two years, he sells stuff on the internet although has had peaks and troughs with his business over the last couple of years and some times not making more that he would on a minimum wage. One part of the application asks for an accountant's letter. I am just wondering if anyone can give me some advice about how they may look at our situation We are both in the red but I have a house which I bought quite a few years ago for a very reasonable price and I am going to rent this when we are in Oz which hopefully should provide me with a very small income. I don't really have anyone who could provide me with an 'assurance of support,' so would be very grateful for any advice on this matter. Many thanks for all your help Pandy
  23. Hi, I am new to this website and looking for some help regarding sponsorship. Myself, husband and seven year old son are looking to join my brother in Sydney, he has only just moved over there though and is on a 457 visa. My husband is a Class 2 driver who has been self empolyed for the past 5 years and I am a Hotel conference manager without qualifications but with 20 years experience. Can anyone advise if we can get sponsered with eithr of our careers? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi, I was just checking all our options and was wondering how easy/ difficult it is to find a sponsor for a carpenter. Hubby is a qualified carpenter with 27 years experience, although he is a very good alrounder. At present he is working for a well known bathroom company as a bathroom installer, working on his own so he has to do everything for stripping out the old bathroom to fitting the new one. In the past he has built conservatories to extensions from the ground to the roof working from plans. He used to make rocking horses in his spare time ( not thats he has much of that anymore) which i would post a pic if I could figure out how. thanks Kath
  25. Guest

    Sponsorship in oz

    Hello! I have just returned home after being in Australia for 11 months on a working holiday visa. I did my three months fruit picking in order to get my second year. I am looking to get sponsorship and stay but am unsure of how to do this as I dont have a trade. I have an uncle who lives there and has done for 20 years. Can he sponsor me or do I have to get sponsorship from a company? I have looked on migration websites but cant really get my head around all the jargon. Im confused and desperately want to live there.:swoon: