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Found 1,352 results

  1. Hi, We are hoping to apply for our visa in 2 weeks or so (if all goes well with skills assessment....positive thinking!!:twitcy:) Husband has over 120 points and qualify for the 175 Independent skilled visa. His occupation is on the MODL and CSL list. We are unsure about where we want to settle (SA or WA), and I'm not sure if time will help us decide, .....we'll just have to decide at some stage! We've done loads of research... So my question is - What will be best - going for the 175 skilled visa(CSL) OR for a 176 State Sponsership visa? We are very apprehensive about lists changing, and that our application will take a long time if we do it the 175 route... Maybe they are only looking at the 176 applications for now? 176 does get priority over 175 CSL, or is it about the same? Any thoughts on this? Thanks a lot! Anne and fam
  2. I am not sure if this has already been posted up, so apologies if I am repeating the news: I understand that the following states have updated their state sponsorship lists: Victoria: http://www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au South Australia: Immigration SA :: Sponsoring Skilled and Business migrants Western Australia (these were updated in December): State Migration Centre New South Wales: Department of State and Regional Development Cheers, Veronika
  3. Guest

    State sponsorship?

    Cannot get Australia out of my head so we are giving it one last go to get in before my husband reaches 45!!!! He has had a plastering business for the last 4 years here in the UK but apparently this is not enough experience for the normal pemanent skilled visa. Looking at being sponsored. Are they both as broad as long or is it easier being sponsored by the state as opposed to an Australian employer? If we go for state sponsorship, what is the difference with the provisional visa? Would be grateful of any advice as I feel like the clock's ticking and we are getting nowhere. Thank guys Jane - Warrington, Cheshire
  4. Hi, I have applied for Victoria State Sponsorship (Oct 08) and was just wondering if anyone knows how they inform you of their decision. I have been checking my emails but nothing so far, do they inform people by email or in the post? I would be very grateful if anyone knows the answer. Thanks, Claire
  5. Guest

    Sponsorship question

    Hi all, Just wondering...my fiance has a sister in oz who is an australian citizen and has been since 2002. Could she sponsor me, my fiance and our son and if so what would her responsibility be if she sponsored us to go and live in oz? I am an electrician and realise i could get a skilled visa but it all seems very complicated...my head feels like its going to explode with it all!!!! Also, whta should my first step be for everything? I really dont know were to start!!! Thanks jim
  6. Waitingawhile

    Employer nominated sponsorship

    Just been reading book 5 and noticed that under the RSMS category it says visa can be cancelled if you leave employer before 2 years in the job but it doesnt say this in ENS category am I right in thinking that this doesnt apply then to the Employer nominated sponsorship route? Can anyone help me out here?. Plus although i am going to be nominated by my employer which involves a small cost to them I will be paying all other visa relaed fees including application fee so i think if you are tied in for so long it it is bit of a cheek!:sad:
  7. My parents and three siblings live in brisbane and i am trying to get out there, I am having to wait another two years before i can apply in my own right as you need 4 yrs exp afer you have qualified, i already had a working visa 8 yrs ago and looking for a company who will sponsor me i have 5 yrs experience and currently am a manager of a salon in leeds ( U.K). I am visiting my parents for 3 weeks on the 9th of feb and would be willing to meet anyone interested in what i have to offer.I would be willing to pay all sponsorship fees etc if anyone would be willing to give me a chance. All responses welcome i know this is a long shot. Thanks
  8. mr luvpants

    State sponsorship

    My wife is a nurse and we are looking at going on a 176 visa. How do we go about getting state sponsorship? JOHN
  9. Guest

    Spousal sponsorship

    My partner is putting together a joint/spousal visa application based upon an approved CSL; he has the points necessary to qualify for a permanent visa. My question is this: will my age - 65 and retired - be an impediment to being granted a visa?
  10. hi im going to go over to perth area around july/august 2009 to try and get sponsorship expereinced as drainer also excavator driver and all related works in groundworks and landscapes, as ive not been to college can,t get past tra so need sponsored any ideas where to start or any companys or any body with any contacts would be of help cheers bill
  11. Hi All Just a quickie ! My brother lives in Sydney and I am confused about relative sponsorship. I keep reading there is no point in anyone from Sydney acting as a sponsor as there is no points value, could someone explain it to me? Thanks in advance Jen x
  12. Guest

    State Sponsorship Perth SSV 176

    Hi Everyone:emoticon-signxmas: I wondered if anyone could enlighten me to the State Sponsorship visa 176? I filled mine online on the 29.11.08. Unfortunatly, the information on the website is quite limited. Does anybody know of or had experience of the SSV process? for example- does anyone know how long this process takes before we find out if they are/are not wanting to sponsor us? And from the point of their decision, presuming it is good news.... what do we do next? I was advised about this process, by someone on this forum and it was great to know there was an alternate route to getting a skilled visa (we were short of the 175 by 5 points, due to age:noxmas:). So Thank you very much again... Any information/advise would be most appreciated! Thanks
  13. Hi All, My husband has been offered a job in Perth, and the employer has said he will sponsor us all to go over, which is fab, I was just wondering how the process works, he has said it will mainly be done from his end, does anyone have any idea of time scale, and what info we have to submit? Any info would be greatly appreciated. THANX :spinny:
  14. ok some people know who we are and our situation and will prob see some familiar people on here. have started several threads so sorry to be all over the place. we are contemplating going for 176 if cant get sponsorship. it says that we need to be nominated by state or territorial government but who do we ask for this? who do we contact? what place? where? if anyone has any tel numbers that would be great or info of who we contact. Many thanks in advance:notworthy: jodie and dirk :wacko:
  15. Guest

    How does a Sponsorship work?

    Hi All, Can somebody please tell me how a sponsorship works.:unsure: OH is a carpenter. Are you tied to a certain city.? How long can you live/work in Australia on a sponsored visa.? Can you get medicare/claim child benefits.? Can our children attend school if parents are on a sponsored visa.? Can you open bank accts and buy property.? Anything else you can think of I would be very grateful! Please help! Thanks
  16. Hi I am hoping someone can please, please help me, my husband and I have come over to Australia on my Student visa. With this visa my husband is only able to work 20 hours a week, he can get a 457 sponsorship. The problems that we are facing is that the line of work he is in (Facilities Management, Project Management) seem to only want people full time none seem to be willing to offer 457 either straight away or after a temp period. The other problem he is having is when he tries to go for something like a warehouse person he is then being refused because he is then deemed as being over qualified. Can any one please advise us of what we can do.
  17. Guest

    State Sponsorship time line

    Hi All We are applying for Queensland State Sponsorship (Carpenter/Joiner) once we here results of practical. Wondered if anyone here can give any information on how long it takes to get a reply once you have lodged an application. Thanks Simon
  18. Guest


    Hi all, Ive just started looking for a suitable visa for me and my family to apply on, looking at the skilled workers visa neither mine or my wife's professions( Projects Manager in the shopfitting sector & I.T Helpdesk Supervisor) seem to appear on the list even though they are both good careers so i fear this may be a no go on that visa? So ive now started looking at sponsorship from an employer in OZ but my knowledge of this application is limited at the moment, there has been interest from an employer in Brisbane but his knowledge of the process is also limited. If anyone has any advice they could pass my way it would be greatly appreciated cheers hazco
  19. Hello, Det have asked me to inform you, that they are having problems with candidates who use Yahoo email address. They are finding their emails are being bounced back, classed as spam, or no reply etc. So anyone with Yahoo email address you many not get your replies regarding application,interviews etc. Det has asked if you can consider changing to Google or Hotmail, so they can send replies etc. If you are awaiting news, please check spam and if no replies change to google,hotmail etc and inform DET of new email address. Thanks Gems
  20. Hello all my wife and i are desprete to get out to Perth so we can start enjoying life. I am a Cable Jointer and looking for a company that will sponsor me on a 457. A little about me: • Completed my electrical Jointer training with Western Power (Wales and the South West UK) and authorized to work on the following cables • Pilc Paper insulated lead covered • Wavecon • Tridon • Picas Paper insulated corrugated aluminum sheath • EPR ethylene propylene rubber • Authorized to receive Limitations of access • Authorized to receive and clear Permits to Work (restricted to ground mounted plant and apparatus, to work on cables and cables terminations) • LV switching (restricted to underground plant and apparatus) • Live cutout changes • LV linking (to act as LV control person) anybody know of a company please let me know been seaching the net and applied to Western Power and Cape Cable, but not wanting to put all my eggs in 2 baskets so to speak. Many Thanks Philip. Sam. Bethan. Jamie.
  21. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and my wife and I are considering moving to Oz. I have an uncle in Brisbane and my wife's mom's fiance is a permanent resident who lives currently in the UK but is considering moving back to Oz. I am an IT field service engineer / desktop support engineer so I only just score points on my skills due to having 8 years experience but no formal qualification for my trade. My total points come to 95 points so I am short by 5 points of sponsorship by my uncle or my wife's future stepdad. As far as I can see the only other way out there under current rules is a sponsorship by an employer who is prepared to offer me a job for 2 years work. I am also a type 2 diabetic which if I am lucky to pass the medical should not go against me on the application, but this could also stop the process dead in the tracks. Has anyone got any advice on how we can find an employer to sponsor me and offer me a job? We've tried about 15 employment agencies so far and some have not written back while others have wished me well but could not help me. I can supply my cv/ resume and reasonably sure that a skills assesment test wouldn't be a problem for me to pass. I appreciate any advice anyone can offer me.
  22. Guest


    Hi Everyone Does anybody know if Sydney residents, can sponsor relatives. I have asked 2 migrant agents 1 said yes and the other said no........so confused now. Thanks
  23. Hi Everyone! My name is Sue and I live in Cardiff, Wales. Have joined PIO so I can hopefully get some help and advice on moving to Oz and of course, make some new friends, so please add me to your contacts and feel free to get in touch! I have spent 4 months in Oz this year on holiday and am very keen to move there permanently as I feel I belong there and would love to make a new life for myself. Only problem is I am 46 years old and unable to get a job without a sponsorship from an employer. I am looking for sponsorship from the Financial Services industry, banking, insurance etc.. I have nearly 30 years administration experience and this can be adapted to any kind of office environment. I have a CV readily available, so please contact me if you are an employer, or know of anyone who you think would be interested. Look forward to hearing from you! Sue
  24. I'm currently completing an application for State Sponsorship from the South Australia Govt. At one stage they require proof that you have enough funds to survive for 6 months if you arrive without a job. The advice is that this figure should be A$25k plus a further A$5k for each dependent and that you need to have signed proof of this amount in a bank account. Three questions on this: i) does the A$5k figure still apply for children? ii) at what subsequent stages through the application process do you still need to have proof of this sitting in an account somewhere - all the time?; just before take-off?; or is it never checked again iii) does the account have to be in the name of the main applicant or can it be in the name of one of the other people on the form, or can it be in the name of another person not applying (eg. a family member). If anyone has gone down this route and has any info or advice on this element of the sponsorship process than please let me know, as I dont particularly want to have to tie up this amount unused for the entire period of the application process, but at the same time do not want to blow the whole thing by not having it in the right place at the right time....
  25. celeliza

    TAS sponsorship

    Hi guys Has anyone applied for TAS sponsosrhip for provisional visa 475?? And how long did it take to be accepted?? I am thinking about applying as it's my only hope to apply since my SOL occupation was removed from SA. Cheers, Claire