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Found 1,351 results

  1. Hi I have just spoken to WA State Sponsorship to establish the current timeline for assessing applications and have been advised that they are currently assessing those received in late November so they are taking around 6 weeks. Just though this may be of assistance to some people. kind regards
  2. hi, my name is Liam, I am looking to move to Sydney on a Skilled Temporary Business (Long Stay) - 457 Visa but for this i need a sponsorship from a painting firm! is there any one out there who could help me would be much appreciated. liam
  3. Finally got my State Sponsorship from SA today after a year off mess from Visa Connections george Lombard has got me sponsored by South Australia George is lodging my visa on Monday so its all go from here and with the new Processing for 475 hope i wont have to wait too long before im in Adelaide. thanks for all your support over the past year especially to Gollywobbler and George lombard Without whom i may have lost all hope by now.
  4. Hi as my OH had to use the word application form and email it (agent did it) with attachments as the ACSO code is not on their drop down list for the online application, we do not get an auto generated acknowledgment. Has anyone else submitted theirs like this and did they get an acknowledgement of receipt? Thanks Julie
  5. Guest

    Nsw state sponsorship

    Hi Can anyone tell me why NSW sponsor so few occupations? Is it that it's a very popular destination or are there enough skilled workers already in the region? Also,sorry i have lots of questions, have nurses/midwives been state sponsored in the past and is there any chance that they may be added in the future? Wishful thinking on my part but with the recent immigration changes and the introduction of the CSL ithought maybe NSW may review it's state sponsorship. Many thanks.:arghh:
  6. Hi hope someone can help, or has experience of similar circumstances I have an issue with my agent and state sponsorship. I returned my documents before Xmas to my agent with all the forms signed for submission. My agent then did nothing with them for about 6 wks. I noticed a couple of weeks ago (doing my daily round of the various forums and websites) that the Victoria State Government had changed the Eligibility list and my Occupation had been removed (Information Technology Manager ASCO 1224-11 Specialisation ICT Project Manager). I had to inform my agent that this had happen, it then took them 1 week to reply to me. Since then I have had very little feedback from them despite asking question about options are open to me. When I originally signed with them, they were based in the UK but they have since moved to Australia Does anybody know if it is worth making a case to the Victoria State Government stating that I was intending to apply for state sponsorship and I had returned my documentation to my agent in plenty of time but they hadn’t registered it in time. I had spoken to a representative at Australian UK Embassy in December from the Victoria State Government about my legibility for sponsorship and he informed me that I should be ok to apply at that time. But this was just an informal conversation so I could get some background. Thanks in advance
  7. Guest

    457 sponsorship query

    Has anybody heard of workforce solutions based in the UK and Brisbane. Can anybody tell me what a salary would roughly be for a plant fitter.
  8. Hi, We are applying for a Victoria State Sponsorship. We did all the research, but I am stuck with 1 question. They ask if we know anyone in Victoria and/or Australia. We know people in Queensland, but no one in Victoria. Is it bad, if we do not mention at least 1 person from Victoria? Should we mention at all someone from a different state, if we do not mention anyone from Victoria? What would your suggestion be?
  9. Guest

    457 sponsorship

    Hi All Has anybody migrated to WA on a 457 visa as Cook by being sponsored by an employer? Thanks Rodger
  10. Hi Is there anyone out there who has gone through State Sponsorship on 457 Business visa. Been here almost 5 years and need to get residency before the end of the year or back home for us. Had our business for over 3 years but still maybe issues with criteria. Hoping someone may already have been through it and came through the other side.
  11. Guest

    State sponsorship

    hi all , if anybody can help i would be grateful. I applied for state sponsorship for Western Australia on JAN 12 and was wondering the timescale for them to make a decision on my application . My occupation is on the CSL and MODL and i meet the DIAC points target. Its only been a couple of weeks since my application but like so many i,m like a coiled spring.Is it 1 month,2 or 6???? i have no idea . If anybody has recieved state sponsorship could you let me know how long you waited . THANKS C.C
  12. Johnny Kash

    Relative Sponsorship Forms for 176

    Hey Folks, Ive scanned the forums and cant find an answer to this: Im pretty much ready to lodge my application for a relative sponsored 176 which Im doing online. My sis has kindly agreed to sponsor me and has filled in the relevant paper forms. I really dont want to have to ask her to do it all again online, but is this the only option? Can I scan and attach her birth cert, passport, citizenship etc etc and forward her paper part of the sponsorship to go with my online bit? :yes: Any advice welcome as I know getting all the stuff certified at her end was a mission and Im loath to ask her to fill in the whole form again online! :frown:
  13. Hi i just want to know if there's anyone here recently applied for sponsorship in WA under 176 visa? We filled the online application SSV (176) and noticed that the 10 points awarded for State Sponsorship is not included in the breakdown of points. I tried to access SRSV (475) online application but the State Sponsorship point is there! :arghh: How come the 10pts is present in 475 visa application and not in 176? Does this mean that the State Sponsorship pts is only given on 475 visa applications? We're in a dilemma right now since we only have exactly 100pts, state sponsorship (10pts) included. BTW, my occ is listed on their priority list so i am eligible to apply for sponsorship. Please help me.
  14. Guest

    looking for sponsorship

    i was just wondering does anyone know where is the best place to look for firms that are looking to sponsor qualified tradesman to come over from england as i am a painter and decorator looking to emigrate
  15. Guest

    Help with partner sponsorship

    Hello, my partner and I are hoping to move to Australia later this year on an Interdependent visa. We're only just looking into things now and we have a few questions. Firstly, regards my partners eligibility to sponsor me, we have read that he must show he can financially support me for at least the first two years as well as provide proof of his current employment. However, as he is currently here in the UK on a WHM, he isn't working (as he is now in his second year), he obviously doesn't have a job back in Oz yet either, and he won't have any savings apart from what I can get together during the course of this year. So basically until he gets back to Oz he's financially reliant on me. Is this going to be a problem? Also, he moved from the Phillipines to Oz when he was 5 and so is on his mothers citizenship, he has his own passport of course. Will he have to get his own proof of citizenship now for us to proceed. He is 20 now by the way, and we've been together almost 2 years. Much thanks for any help. Alex and Randy.
  16. Drew&Ang

    State Sponsorship, Queensland

    Hi could anyone tell me how long your sponsorship is valid for once granted by the state?
  17. :unsure: Hi, I think I am going nuts!!!!!!!!!! I am a mechanical engineer (maintenance fitter on the tools) and am looking for state sponsership. After trawlling various websites i can't make out wether I am on the list or not. the list does say mechanical engineer but do they class mechanical engineer as a degree qualification. As I am just the run of the mill time served NVQ 3 City and Guild type person. I am suffering web overload has anyone else gone down this route or is anyone else having the same problem Please help i'm going insane Regards Anne :confused:
  18. Guest

    ACT sponsorship approved!

    G’day! Had some good news on Monday – ACT have agreed to sponsor me as a TV Reporter on a 176 Visa. I am sooo excited! I filed with DIAC yesterday and am renewing my passport next week as it’s full (not expired) and so no room for any further visas and all set for the meds and police checks after that. I used Ian Harrop in the UK and he and his assistant Jenny Baker were just amazing… I only used them for the ACT sponsorship part but they delivered way above what was paid for and I would recommend them to anyone. I even managed to get myself a fab Aussie boyfriend based in the Easter Med, where I’m based – though I am British - last November and we’re keeping our fingers crossed the next part goes smoothly (Harrop and co seem to think all will do!). The very best of luck to anyone who is waiting for their state sponsorship. Let's hope we all have our 176s by Dec 09:) Jenny x
  19. Hi all - am just new to this site so if there is a thread on my topic anywhere else - I apologise and would love to be directed to the said thread. I am looking to come to Australia - WA (perth) or Brisbane at the end of 2008 beginning of 2009. I have been hairdressing on and off for 21 years. I have been employed in my salon now for almost 5 years and have much experience in all aspects of hairdressing. I also do hair extensions (hot melt fusion method) which I have been doing for over a year now. I took my hairdressing exams in 1989 so have the equivilant of NVQ1 & NVQ2 and have gone back to college to do NVQ3 which I will complete in September this year. I am looking ideally for a sponsorship within a Salon but really don't know where to start - I am will to email and send my cv to any amount of Salons and do any work necessary to get my application out there. I was in touch with a Visa agent (immigration oz) who took details from me and said I qualified etc but said it may take up to 18 mths for me to get a visa, then of course I wouldn't be guaranteed employment when I get there, so I would like to try the sponsorship route. Can anyone help - any information would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance Susie
  20. Guest

    State Sponsorship - Western Aus

    Hi I see from the Western Aus, that IT Project Management is in demand for the Metro area A certain degree of my IT experience to date has been involved in Projects, running roill outs, although I dont have any IT Project Management certs. I do have a degree in IT though Is it worth mentioning to my agent as a poss route in? Was prepared for the longhaul 175 visa Karl
  21. Hi all, hubby has just began his RPL. we have been told we can go for the independent skilled visa, but we are wondering how the job offer route works? once we have our RPL result can we then begin looking for jobs before we apply for visa and then obviously if we get one i take it we can go down the sponsored route rather than the independent? :goofy: thanks
  22. Hi We applied for Victoria State Sponsorship on 14th November. Our application was acknowledged on 2nd December and on 11th December we were asked to submit a signed declaration and give our reasons for choosing Victoria. We did this and had another email back on 23rd December thanking us for our response and saying " Thank you for your email explaining your preference for Victoria and your declaration. It sounds like you've been doing lots of research and I think you've made a wise decision (although I may be somewhat biased, being a Victorian!). We have updated your file and will let you know of the outcome once a decision has been made. " I asked for an update on 30th December and received their response yesterday "Thank you for your emails regarding the progress of your state sponsorship application. We are currently dealing with a backlog in applications and correspondence which is causing a delay in our responses to enquiry emails. We have not yet sent an outcome on your application to you. Currently, your application is being assessed by our Industry Panel - this can take up to ten weeks - and we will contact you to advise on the outcome as soon as a decision has been made." I'm beginning to get a little worried now - if they say no then we've "lost" 2-3 months. Also, OH skill was removed from the list on 12th Jan, though they have said applications submitted before 12th Jan will be assessed based on the previous list. However, if we are being assessed by an industry panel could they decide that there is no current demand for OH trade and so refuse us? Has anyone else had to wait this long? Has anyone been refused? I guess I'm just seeking reassurance. When we got the TRA result in Nov I thought state sponsorship would be the easy bit and we'd have our visa application in by Xmas Nicky x __________________
  23. Guest

    state sponsorship?

    I asked our agents the other day what it will mean for us with the processing priorities having just been changed by DIAC - we have applied for a sub-class 175, we have our meds in a couple of weeks. Our agent originally said should get visas around July. They are saying that as this change has only just happened, it really is impossible to tell what kind of delay it will cause us. They said if we wanted to speed things up, they could lodge an application for a state sponsored visa as some states will sponsor chefs. I havent a clue about state sponsored visas - can anyone spare a few minutes to tell me what the main differences would be with state sponsored visa and the 175 visa?
  24. Guest

    Anybody having act sponsorship.

    Hi all, I have applied for ACT Sponsorship. But still my file in under process. I just want to find the people who has been sponsored by ACT or who have applied for ACT Sponsorship. I have applied as System Manager. More than two and half month passed but no outcome till yet. :hug: Best wishes
  25. Hi, We are hoping to apply for our visa in 2 weeks or so (if all goes well with skills assessment....positive thinking!!:twitcy:) Husband has over 120 points and qualify for the 175 Independent skilled visa. His occupation is on the MODL and CSL list. We are unsure about where we want to settle (SA or WA), and I'm not sure if time will help us decide, .....we'll just have to decide at some stage! We've done loads of research... So my question is - What will be best - going for the 175 skilled visa(CSL) OR for a 176 State Sponsership visa? We are very apprehensive about lists changing, and that our application will take a long time if we do it the 175 route... Maybe they are only looking at the 176 applications for now? 176 does get priority over 175 CSL, or is it about the same? Any thoughts on this? Thanks a lot! Anne and fam