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  1. Renault Mechanic (Sponsorship Available) Friendly Queensland business selling New and used passenger vehicles is offering the opportunity to work on Renault brand passenger vehicles in their popular Queensland branch. Long term employment and career support is available for the right person along with good working environment. This opportunity is open to local interstate and overseas applicants interested in moving to a good business or starting a fresh. Do you meet the requirements of Qualified as a Passenger Vehicle Mechanic. Completed a formal apprenticeship Currently employed with or recently at a Renault passenger vehicle dealership. Good diagnostic abilities using Renault branded diagnostic tool Ideally 2 years post apprenticeship experience with Renault Good attitude Great team work abilities Healthy Enjoy Queenslands warm climate For overseas applicants this employer can sponsor. UK applicants encouraged to apply as the immigration processing times are on average faster than other passport holders. Please send your resume to mattreilly@southerncrosspersonnel.com
  2. Dave321

    Staying Longer???

    Hey im heading over to oz in august with a working holiday visa and by that stage i will have completed 4 years of college stydying Information Technology. I will be going there to start my career and not a holiday. I was just wondering what my best options are in order to be able to stay longer then the year? i know all about getting the second working visa but im hoping to move there indefinatly. Like is it common to get sponsored when over there with the working visa. Sorry about this but looking on http://www.immi.gov.au/ is a bit of a nightmare.... any help would be great thanks!!!
  3. Hello!I am in Melbourne. I have a working holiday visa but my intention Is to find professional employment. I have brought my Bachelor and Master certificates to be able to go through the process of recognition of qualifications and be able to apply for a sponsorship...but...I dont want to pay thousands of dollars to a Migrant Agent/ Lawyer if I dont have possibilities of working in my field. I have 3 years experience as a Career and Vocational Advisor and another 3 years working as a Community Support Worker with Migrant workers and refugees. I have a bit of experience as a teacher and Training. my Bachelor Is in Pedagogy and Educational Sciences and my Master in Community and Social Work ( both studied in Spanish Universities). I need advice to know if It Is a possibility to find a sponsorship in my field and if so...where do I start the process being in Australia?
  4. Hi folks, I received an email from immigration SA today (2 Nov 2010) informing my SS application was approved. My ANZSCO is 261313 Software Engineer. I just lodged my 176 online visa application with DIAC. Will upload all the documents tomorrow. My timeline: 11-May-2010 ACS applied 20-May-2010 IELTS L7R7W6S6.5 25-Aug-2010 ACS approved (261313) 11-Sep-2010 IELTS L7R7.5W6.5S6 27-Sep-2010 SA SS applied 02-Nov-2010 SA SS granted:jiggy: 02-Nov-2010 176 lodged xx-xxx-2011 176 granted
  5. Good Afternoon All ... (from a foggy damp England) :no: I have sent my CV to various companies and also the bigger companies as above. I have a skye chat tomorrow with a recruitment/relocation company which i am looking forward to. I am hoping for a sponsorship within a company - therefore leading to PR. Has anyone had any bad experiences with 457 visa's? (my partner and pet dog will be coming over on my visa) I want to keep my options open and make sure i have contacted all the correct people. Can anyone advise me of what companies i should be contacting please? We have no ties and willing to go where the work is (within reason of course :biggrin: ) Any help you can pass on would be greatly appreciated Thanks Tom
  6. shibiya

    Eligibility for a 190 visa

    Hello Everyone Me and my partner are planning to move to Australia. Our last visit was 2 years back on a student visa while my partner got a TR.I have been working as a Graphic Designer since 2010. We are good on the point test, but my offshore work ex is only 2 years plus.Do i qualify for a 190 visa as i have been told that i am under experience and wont get a state sponsorship (graphic design is open in ACT). I have to take a chance on the vetasses. I don't know whether this thread is repeated, but would really like a clear opinion on this. Thanks
  7. Hello there all... So with all this talk about state sponsorship and examples of 5 - 6 month waits for WA etc, does anyone have any idea about long it is for NT? I was just wondering about waiting times for NT as no one seems to mention it much. Any ideas? Cheers B_er_B
  8. Hi, I am in the process of applying for State Sponsorship to WA and need a bit of help on filling out the form. It askes to estimate the cost of relocating to WA I was going to put down cost of flights and removals, is there anything I may have missed? also the cost of living there too and provide the details. Any help would be great. Thank you :smile:
  9. Hi all This may take a while to explain but bare with me. My family and I arrived in Perth on 1/12/11, I worked for the employer that brought me here on a 457 for a year pretty much to date, After leaving due to indifferences just before the xmas period i realised it could have been the wrong move. My final pay cheque was on the 15/12/12 which according to the 457 visa I have 28 days to sort something out. Which to my calculation is on 11/01/13. Then i have a further 28 days to notify immigration what im going to do (immigrations words). It also states that the company that brought me over is obligated to pay for our flights home. My first question is Do i have to notify said employer that i want tickets back to the UK by the 11/01/13? to be able to get the tickets home Over the xmas period until today i have been head hunted by 2 potential employers. The problem is one employer has said they can sponser me but will not say how much they can afford to pay me, i have an amount i can afford to stay in perth that i require but they is not sure he can afford it but wont say an amount. The other potential employer has said that my salary im asking for is fair and he may even be able to pay me more but he is unable to sponser me but they have said they may be able to pay for my PR application. But because ive only been in Australia for just over a year in a single employer, am i able to get PR? if so how? I have a degree in product design and work in the building services industry so i was wondering if i can get PR on that. Can someone please help and guide me on how i can resolve this and just get some advice. If you need any more information please ask Thanks Mark
  10. Guest

    Looking for a sponsor for a 457

    Okay so over in Aus currently on a whv. Visa runs out in march. Finally got my electrical qualifications assessed by TRA successfully. So I have my artc, white card, and elevated platform license. Have a bit of a plan on how I am going to look for a sponsor by using various ads, seek, emails, industry lists etc etc. How should I approach the employers? Should I ask straight up that my aim is to stay in Aus and work for a company for many years and commit my time to them or work for a few months and then ask. I really want to stay but it seems difficult to find a sponsor. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places. Have also been told that certain migration agents have "private" employment networks. How true is this? Any advice appreciated.
  11. 24 yr old male hairdresser/barber looking to move to Victoria. Worked and lived in Victoria for 1 year on working holiday visa, seeking emigrating. Have reference from employer in Victoria!
  12. I LOVE LIVING IN AUSTRALIA... ...Of course yes, I miss my Family, my friends but looking at the bigger picture, Australia makes sense. It makes sense in all manner of contexts for me. With so much negative stigma attached to life in the UK especially in recent times primarily due to the recession and the difficult economic conditions, the very thought of living in my hometown in Oxfordshire is nothing short of depressing. It's not that I dont LOVE where I'm from and I am proud to be English, its just the perception that there is little opportunity to be had for the majority of the population, which has brought me to Australia. With millions struggling to get by, its hard not to get infected by the pessimistic vibes that the media and general population portray. But please dont get me wrong, I LOVE MY COUNTRY. In contrast, the land downunder was and still is the light at the end of the tunnel. It was for me and can be for yourself with a little hardwork and perseverance. They say Australia is "The land of opportunity." Recognising this fact I grasped it with both hands and will have no regrets now! It's not just the amazing climates that warms me to Australia and the relaxed attitude towards life, but the endless opportunity available if seeking it. By opportunity specific to my situation, I mean to 'enhance ones financial future,' in turn giving you choices to live the life you want to. This is the main reason I chose to become a PERMANENT RESIDENT of Australia. England fits into Australia over 58 times and has the population of 53 million; Australia has around 21 million people. Australia is growing exponentially in terms of population, infrastructure and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It's just screaming opportunity! It also boasts one of the highest average incomes in the world, for example in Dampier, Western Australia the average weekly income is over $4000 per household. With massive growth through a wide range of industries ranging from Mining, to agriculture through to retail, opportunitues are in abundance. With opportunity comes wealth generation, success and fulfilment in life. Ok so living in Australia can be what ever you make it to be. There is an infinite choice of lifestyle here, whether you are looking for the easy, laid back stress free lifestyle that this country is famous for; or if seeking success, wealth, fulfilment (of course through hardwork, financial education and perseverance) then that dream is whatever you make it I understand success in your life is defined by what you believe. My idea of success is to be doing something you love doing, creating wealth, giving you the time to focus on the things in life that really have meaning to you. Passion is the beginning of success. I know this can be achieved anywhere in the world but here in Australia it seems SO much easier to accomplish! So Why settle for the average, the mediocre run of the mill life on planet earth? After all you are only here once Why not go off the beaten track which will always be the more difficult, challenging and least walked route, but in turn will reap the greatest rewards, thrills, successes, wealth, fulfiment, enlightenments and failures. Failures however never to be viewed in a negative manner, instead learn, grow wise and move forwards as "nobody in life succeeds without learning from there failures." "It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed." - Theodore Roosevelt Ok so I know I havent talked much about what its actually like to live here, but what I have told you is how much this place can change your mindset if you look in the right places. In turn, allowing you to be whoever you want to be. Becoming a Permanent resident through Sponsorship in Western Australia has had some profound impacts on my way of thinking since leaving the UK. It has inspired me to achieve. Instilled ambition, drive and tenacity. It has forged a strong positive attitude towards my future making me feel ALIVE! My biggest fear is not attempting to achieve what I know I can acheive! I am at the beginning of my journey of success and fulfilment in life here in Australia, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now! I love this place! Aaron
  13. Guest

    Sponsorship for teachers?

    Hello, we applied for our 175 visa in November 2008. Obviously we are at the bottom of a very, very long pile!!I am a teacher with 12 years experience and am currently Depute Head Teacher, my OH is a joiner but I am the main applicant. We were wonderimg about other routes to take so that we can get to Oz quicker ( our boys are 4 and 2, dont want them to be at school here, then move!). Does anyone know of teachers being sponsored and if so what is the proceedure? Regards, Shelley Scott.
  14. Hi There, I am currently in Perth in search of a sponsor for the 457 visa. I own a site fitting company in the UK and currently employ 10-12 guys working on all sorts of architectural and structural metalworks jobs and i project manage the jobs for my clients ( the fabricator) using my own site fitters and deal directly with there clients (the builder) for all site related issues we work on major construction sites and have installed all types of stair and balustrade mild steel and stainless. Im more than happy to do a trial period of unpaid work for that right company who feel they could offer sponsorship in ,i can start work pretty quick as i have my work visa so if i sound like someone you could want joining your team please call me. I have a family and will work hard i just want to work at what im best at. My skills are: Mig,tig,and arc welding stainless steel polishing structural steel erection site survays staircase , and balcony installation glass installation. I have great organisation skills developed through years of running my own company and supplying labour and management solutions to steel fabricators all over the uk . I also hold the relevant trade qualifications. WHITE CARD IPAF (mobile elevated work platforms) CODED MIG,ARC WELDER PASMA (alluminum tower ticket) SLINGER,SIGNALOR FORK LIFT LICENSE SMSTS (site manager safety training scheme) I hope someone can help, Steve
  15. Nerd

    189 vs 190

    Hi, I've just received my 189 invitation (eoi with 60 points as a developer submitted on 7th of July). On the other hand, I've sent a request for sponsorship to NSW. I've heard that it takes about a month for them to give feedback on my sponsorship request. Moreover, they say that 190 visa is processed with higher priority (I think about 6 months faster). So my question is what's the best scenario for me? should I wait for my NSW sponsorship request and then apply for 190 visa (along with its limitations) or should I apply for this 189 visa right away? I would highly appreciate any ideas.
  16. i have been having some problems about visas of late but think i have come up with a plan now but desperate for advice this os my current situation, i am on WHV at the minute and was hoping to apply for remaining relative visa but this did not pan out due to my separated mum and step dad still being legally married and step dad having children in uk anyway my step farther owns his own aircon installation business in perth and said he would ne willing to sponsor me is this possible and would my gf be able to be my defacto?
  17. IT Support Engineers/Technicians- Sponsorship Possible We are a leading IT Support Company based in Darwin Australia (a great place to live and work, near Kakadu and other terrific places). We are looking for Microsoft Certified Engineers with at least 4 plus years of experience in the implementation and support of Servers, Networks and general computer/desktop support. You need to have excellent customer service and communication skills as this is mostly field engineer/technician work at customer premises working with a high level of autonomy and responsibility. If interested PM me with your resume and contact details for more information. Occasionally we also have shorter term positions available for legal working holiday visa holders.
  18. We are seeking a trade qualified Butcher who is keen to utilise their skills and experience, living and working in Australia. This position includes employer sponsorship (subclass 457 visa) and accommodation for the successful candidate, and is most suited to a single person who is keen to work up to 60 hours per week. If you're interested in applying please email your CV/resume to jobs@australianmigrations.com. Cheers, John Young AMLV International Recruitment http://www.amvljobs.com
  19. Hi, I am a qualified tradesman looking for a 457 visa sponsorship job. If anyone can assist with advice or contacts to potential employers or links, I'd be glad to hear from you. What is the best way of finding such employment? Thanks
  20. stephaniepomroy

    plastering jobs @ sponsor...HELP

    hello,my partner is due to come out to Queensland (runaway bay) in 4 weeks.he a plasterer here in the uk and this is what hes coming to oz to try and do, ALTHO almost every company iv emailed reguading a succor job for him iv had no reply! hes coming out on a WHV as this was the quickest way he could get out there, we soooo desperate to get out there, im staying here in the uk with our children while hes there we are hopeing he can get some kind of sponsor for us as a family unit but now im thinking its impossible as no1 has replied to any emails. im hopeing its because hes in the uk still and there after some1 on Australian turf. any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. steph xx
  21. G'day mates My company wants to sponsor an oversea candidate to work in Sydney. I'm now doing the paperwork but I don't have a clue where I should start. Some background, the person was working for an australian director before with an oversea contract and now the diretor moved back to australia and would like to apply his assistant to work in Australia. The assistant now is back to Hong Kong and doing tasks assigned by the director. Please help me out ....... I know it's easy to suggest the company/director to use an immigration agent but this idea is already banned ... and I gotta do it within 2 weeks or submit within 2 weeks time .... I have downloaded three forms, 1196S, 1196N & 1066 Form 1196S There is a question asking Labour Agreement & Standard Business Sponsorship Whats the different? And which choice will make the application goes thru easier? Regarding the "Details of training" session, there is a list of supporting documents required, what exactly are they? (training plan - how details?) (evidence of training expenditure - for the last 12 months? or 6 months?) (receipts for contribution made to an industry training fund - what is that? large amount?) Form 1196N It is very similar to 1196S, what are differences? what do we need to provide in the question 23: process we followed to determine the T&C of employment that will apply to the norminated person. Well, the norminated person was working for one of the director with an oversea contract not australian one. So what should I put? Form 1066 THe person has to have the ILETS before he fills in the form or during the process of the application?
  22. AMVL International Recruitment (www.amvljobs.com) has an Australian employer client who need us to recruit a number of trade qualified and experienced Panel Beaters and Spray Painters to work in workshops based in various locations around Australia including Queensland and WA. All opportunities will come with employer sponsorship and relocation assistance. Our client is keen to sponsor Panel Beaters and Spray Painters both with three or more years post-trade experience, who want to utilise their skills and experience and become a vital member of a growing team. To be successful in obtaining a role as a Panel Beater (automotive) you must have the following: Trade certificate or higher qualification as a Panel Beater 3+ years post-trade work experience Knowledge and experience in the use of various types of welding techniques Knowledge of vehicle aligning systems Ability to work to clear productivity targets Adherence to the highest safe work practices Ability to prepare challenging repair quotes Clear communication skills To be successful in obtaining a role as a Spray Painter (automotive) you will be: Committed to quality and willing to work Honest and reliable Keen to work as part of a team Able to work unsupervised and under pressure, at times Fully qualified And experienced in: Preparation and priming Colour matching Booth operation and spray painting Repaint and touch-ups General maintenance as part of the workshop team Package inclusions: Employer sponsored (subclass 457) visa Relocation assistance Competitive salary + overtime 20 days annual leave 9% Superannuation (pension) Keen to apply? Please email me your up-to-date CV/resume to my details below - John Young - Recruitment Specialist AMVL International Recruitment (www.amvljobs.com) Email: john@australianmigrations.com
  23. Hi everyone, I'm a Recruitment Specialist for an International Recruitment and migration company - AMVL International Recruitment ( www.amvljobs.com). I currently have clients who are looking to employ and sponsor a range of experienced (3+ years post trade) qualified Boilermakers/Metal Fabricators to live in work in locations in QLD, NSW and WA. If this sounds like you and you'd like to know more let me know. John www.amvljobs.com
  24. HI, please tell me what is your experience with finding job/sponsorship for visa 457 subclass over internet job sites. Is it possible, how have you been interviewed (Skype?), etc? I am living in Croatia and I am master of science in forestry and I have worked 5 year for enviromental consultancy company, covering forestry for EIA and creating forest management plans. All the time I am working in and with GIS, and have gained great kowledge of GIS and spatial databases. So, my position is something like GIS manager/Ecologist/Forester. I started to apply for such vacancies, but no luck so far. Will I have more luck and some response from companies when I pass IELTS (hopefully with good band) for couple of weeks?
  25. Guest

    Finding work on a tourist visa

    Hi, I lived in Sydney for a year from 2010 - 2011 and used up my working holiday visa in that time. I want to go back to live there and plan to go back on a 6 month tourist visa, live with family I have there and hopefully find work with a company who will sponsor me on a 457. I heard that it might not be allowed to look for work on a tourist visa? But does this apply even if you genuinely are not working when you're on the tourist visa? Should I get offered a job and get a 457 - can I stay in Aus while this gets processed or do you have to leave the country? Can you go straight from tourist visa to a 457 whilst living in Australia? Thanks!