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  1. Hi My partner is a hairdresser and has a company interested in sponsoring her. It's in a regional area so RSMS 187 visa is an option. As is a 457. I know a skills assessment is not needed for the 457, but I'm a bit confused as to whether one is needed for a hairdresser applying for a 187. Does anyone have the answer? The processing time for the 187 looks better, but not if a skills assessment is required. They want her to start ASAP. Thanks Joe
  2. flickerooo

    sponsorship without qualification?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. I'm currently on a *417 visa, and just completed my rural work to do a second year. I really want to get a job while I am here that will sponsor me to stay, and what I want to do is web design. However the degree (and most experience) I have is in photography...is there any possibility of me starting out with a web design internship and working my way up to a job that would sponsor me? I'm trying to organise what to do and don't want to waste my time pursuing it if it's not going to get me anywhere I've read the section on the immigration website but got a bit overwhelmed by all the information and unsure on the specifics about having a degree. Anyone with any info/experience?
  3. hi I have been in Australia for 4 and a half months now, I got a job as a carpenter as soon as I got out here and my boss said he will sponsor me a few weeks into it, but time has gone by and every time I asked him about it he said yeh come see me tomorrow ect... times running out now and basically he isn't sponsoring me he's just been stringing me along. does anyone know of any companies who offer 457 visas for carpenters? as I am really struggling to get a job with a sponsorship included.
  4. Hey all, I've just moved over to Aus on the Working Holiday visa. I'm applying for permanent jobs, and have been told by one interviewer that I could offer to pay for my own sponsorship. Two questions: How much would it cost me to pay for my own sponsorship? What does a company need to do/have in order to be eligible to sponsor an employee? Any links to the relevant info on the net would be brilliant! Thanks in advance, Fi
  5. smadamas

    Defacto to own sponsorship

    Hi, I'm currently on my partners 457 sponsorship as a defacto but things aren't working out and she wants to move back home to the UK. I want to stay here but as I'm not the sponsored one and my job isn't on the 'list' is there anything I need to know or can do to get sponsored? My work said that they would sponsor me but what is the process and who do I need to talk to? thanks in advance!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a Recruitment Specialist for an International Recruitment and migration company. I currently have a number of clients who are looking to employ and sponsor a range of experienced (3+ years post trade) qualified Mechanics - Diesel, 4WD, Agricultural, General/Motor and Bus to live in work in locations in QLD, NSW and WA. If this sounds like you and you'd like to know more let me know. John www.amvljobs.com
  7. dannysarath1

    Whv to 457 help!!

    Hi Guys, So I came over to Perth on the 6th April 2013 on a 1 year WHV. I am currently working as a finance broker within the John Hughes group and have been told by John himself that they are prepared to sponsor me for the 457 however, I have only 3 weeks left to get it lodged. I guess what I really need to know is, do I have enough time to get it lodged and onto the A bridging visa, and does anyone have any advice for transitioning over to 457 from WHV? I have looked at going through an agency however it seems all they want is a s*** load of $$ ! If anyone has any good advice it would be highly appreciated and if anyone knows a decent agent please pass on the details! All responses are highly appreciated
  8. Hi All, I am just not been able to find proper answer to my query... Can a newly formed business sponsor you ? Let's say a new business is formed and registered in one of the Regional areas of Victoria, can it sponsor an employee? If yes then what are the requirements apart from it being registered? One of my old colleague is considering to start a new agency business and she is keen on taking me on board, just want to ask if she can apply for my sponsorship so that I can ask her or else look for other alternatives? Looking forward for some good suggestions and guidance. Thanks
  9. Hello, i am new to this web, but it looks very informative, hopefully i can get help from you all. thank you in advance. my situation is i have done both bachelor of business management and master of fashion and textiles degrees in Australia (2012). i am 26 years old, i am working for current company as a marketing assistant over half year. my visa (485) is expired in November 2014. now i want my company sponsor me. my company is a multinational sized company, we have over 50 employees here. my title is marketing assistant however on the list, the closest one i can find is marketing specialist. i am not sure if it is ok to apply. could someone please advise me where should i start?? should i get a immigration lawyer to help me? from the company side, what materials need to be prepared for immigration office?? how much the cost would be?? if the company is not willing to pay, shall i pay by myself?? will that cause legal problems? my current salary doesn't meet market rate in Australia. is there any good immigration lawyer you recommend in Melbourne Australia?? much appreciate your help. stella
  10. Hi and a very Happy New Year to one and all! I've been living in Aus for 10 years and I'm now both an Australian and British citizen. My wife is on a Thai passport and also has Australian residency. We want to return to the UK in 2014 to take care of my mum who is now 84 and struggling to live independently - she has no other family here in the UK. My wife wants to be my mum's carer and I will return to teaching in the UK (am I mad?!) having spent the last 3 years working for Education Queensland. I appreciate that I will need to read up on this in some detail, but I was hoping some of you may have done this recently and have a few ideas about the easiest way for my wife to obtain residency in the UK? As I'm no longer a resident in the UK myself, I don't think I'll be able to sponsor her as I did when she first came to Australia. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Regards, Mart.
  11. CURRENT ACT STATE SPONSORSHIP PROCESSING DATES: As at 25 July 2011: Subclass 176 / 886 visas: 3 Aug2011 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme: 26 Aug 2011 The SMP Occupations List July 2011 will remain in effect until the new 2011/12 SMP Occupations List is published. The 2011/12 SMP Occupations List is expected to be published in September 2011. ICT OCCUPATIONS ARE CLOSED AS PER NEW LIST Please check the following links for ACT sponsorship. ACT Skilled Migration Program State Migration Plan (SMP) Occupations List July 2011 ACT State Migration Plan Nomination Guidelines July 2011 Hey POMS I am starting a new thread for new ACT, Canberra State Sponsorship program (Just like my pal Uli started for Victoria). Guys any of you in ACT thread could updated their sponsorship status as : Name: Date of SMP application: Trade/profession: Visa type: Delays/further docs requested: SS received: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Comments: While your application is being processed by ACT this would be our color code: ACT Sponsorship Applied : Green ACT Sponsorship Approved : Purple ACT Sponsorship Rejected : Red Visa Filed :Orange Visa Granted :Blue Comments :Black Total Applied : 19 Visa Granted : 5 Visa Filed : 7 Sponsorship Granted : 11 Sponsorship Awaited : 4 Sponsorship Refused : 4 ******************************* February 2011 Applicants ******************************* Name: Orion25 (#1 Grant) Date of SMP application: 25 Feb 2011 Trade/profession: Property Valuer Visa type: 176 State Sponsored Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS received: 26 May 2011 Comments: CO - 15 June 2011 Medicals done - 11 July 2011 Medicals delivered to and signed for by DIAC - 18 July 2011 Visa Granted: 10 August 2011 ******************************* March 2011 Applicants ******************************* Name: rhump3 (#3) Date of SMP application: March 1st 2011 Trade/profession: Policy Analyst Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: SS received: 28 May 2011 comments: The suspense is killing me! Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Visa Granted: 22 August 2011 Name: Breezer (#2 Grant) Date of SMP application: 1st March 2011 Trade/profession: Office Manager Visa type: 176 - ACT Delays/further docs requested: Initial SS refusal however being recommended for review due to submission errors by immigration agent. SS received:16 June 2011 Form 1100 Uploaded:28 June 2011 Visa Filed:28 June 2011 Medicals done - 29th July 2011 Medicals delivered to and signed for by DIAC - 5 August 2011 Visa Granted: Yes Name: MRG (#4) Date of SMP application: March 7th 2011 Trade/profession: Housing Officer Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: SS received: June 7 2011 comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Visa Granted: No Name: pntaylor ( Pete & Cat) (#3 Grant) Date of SMP application: 7th March 2011 (iirc but will check) Trade/profession: Business Professional (NEC) Visa type: 176 Family Sponsored (originally applied in May '09) Delays/further docs requested: SS received: 07/06/2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: Advised it was sent today CO: 20 June 2011 Comments: Visa Granted:9 September 2011 No Name: Foha2012 Date of SMP application: March 13 2011 Trade/profession: 2231-79 linux. now 261399 (ACS applied Apr 20th) Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: SS Refused:June 22,2011 comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Name:Boodzz Date of SMP application: March 15th 2011 Trade/profession: System Administrator Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: SS Rejected:June 7 2011 comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Name: Aussie2B Date of SMP application: around mid March Trade/profession: Advertising Specialist Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: Submission errors by my agent caused the decision to be delayed SS received: July 8th 2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: Sent to DIAC on July 8th 2011 Visa Filed: September 6th 2008 (originally lodged a 176 Family Sponsorship visa) Comments: Visa Granted: No ******************************* April 2011 Applicants *******************************' Name: journeydownunder (Emma & Alan) (#1) Date of SMP application:14th April Trade/profession: Advertising specialist Visa type: 176 ss Delays/further docs requested: 15th April asked me to shorten our commitment statement!! SS received: 18th May 2011 comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Visa Granted: No Name: conor222 (H Logan) Date of SMP application: 14 Apr 11 Trade/profession: General Manager Visa type: skilled sponsorship Delays/further docs requested: none as yet SS received: Not yet Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Comments: Visa Granted: No Name: qsar1 Date of SMP application: 14 April 2011 Trade/ Profession: Developer Programmer Visa type: 176 Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: comments: IELTS 8, L:8.5, R:8.5, W:7, S:8 Visa Granted: No Name:sohc (Ronald Kalaquian) Date of SMP application: April 29, 2011 (received) Trade/profession: Systems Administrator Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS received: Rejected but got SA State Sponsorship:jiggy: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Comments: Visa Granted: No ******************************* May 2011 Applicants ******************************* Name: Big Bob(#5) Date of SMP application: 8 May 2011 Trade/profession: ICT Security Specialist 262111 Visa type: 176 State Sponsored Delays/further docs requested: Job Searches in skilled nominated occupation SS received: 23 August 2011 Form 1100 Uploaded:5 Sep 2011 Visa Filed:1 Sep 2011 CO Allocated: 13 Sep 2011 Medicals/PCC:12 September 2011 Visa Granted:21 September 2011 No Comments : Name: Rachel 80(#4) Date of SMP application: 11 May 2011 Trade/profession: Project Administrator Visa type: 176 State Sponsored Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS received: 19 July 2011 comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed:1st Aug 2011 Visa Granted:15 Sep 2011 Name: Muditha Heenkenda Date of SMP application: 11 May 2011 Trade/profession: Surveyor Visa type: 176 State Sponsored Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS received: Not Yet comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Visa Granted: No Name: Canberra 2011 Date of SMP application: 20/05/2011 Trade/profession: Real Estate Agent Principal Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: SS received:25 July 2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed:31 July 2011 Comments: Visa Granted: No Name: KarenHen Date of SMP application: 27 May 2011 Trade/profession: Systems Administrator Visa type: 176 State Sponsored Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS Rejected: 7 July 2011 comments:Not enough cash in bank Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: ******************************* July 2011 Applicants ******************************* Name: Desire Date of SMP application: 15/07/2011 Trade/profession: Systems Administrator Visa type: 175 Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS received: Not Yet Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Comments: Visa Granted: No Name: Nazmul Date of SMP Verification for Limited Occupation: 19 July 2011 Date of SMP application: 19 August 2011 Trade/profession: HR Advisor Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: Not yet SS received: 21 Sep 2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Comments: verification will be denied if skill matching with recently advertised positions is not provided.
  12. LauraJaneLJ

    Need some advice please

    Hi all, my name is Laura from Scotland. I hope someone can help me with this. I am currently on the working holiday 417 visa and I am now into my 7th month here in Canberra. I have been lucky and have found a job working for a trucking company which is part of Volvo as a sales/service advisor. By the time my visa comes to an end in May I will have worked for the company for 5 months. They have said they will sponsor me however I cannot see the job role within the skill select area on the Immi.gov website. Does this mean I cannot get sponsored even if the company is willing to? I am so confused by all of this. Any advice from someone who has been sponsored or has any information would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I am 49, have experience in military avionics systems, telecommunications network management, IT support, renewables - G83 (residential) and G59 (larger systems) testing trained and 17th ed. electrical qualified. I am looking to continue in one of these fields. My wife is older and is a Social Work assistant and involved in PAMS assessments, Play Therapy and Triple P (an Aussie invention I believe) and experience in Autism. We have family (citizens & residents) in Sydney and Brisbane and have been looking to move to Australia to be nearer family. We have visited several times over many years and are looking for a permanent move, preferably to Sydney but anywhere would be considered. Past communications with various agencies appeared to indicate that I would not gain sufficient points required for a Skilled visa and have been looking for business sponsorship. I understand this may be difficult but based on my CV have been offered visa sponsorship from a visa agent on the understanding I require a suitable employment. Does anybody now how best to progress this as companies still appear to want residency or visas, or would it be possible to get regional sponsorship?
  14. Hello all Still plodding through the Visa process (state sponsorship) and we have got to the point where we must decide on which state would offer us the best opportunities, preferably South. I'm an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) (unlicenced) and we have looked at each states SOL. WA: is out of the question at the moment as we are not on their SOL. SA: I'm on their list but there are some conditions to be met, I read this to be that you must gain work experience in this state, can anyone clarify this? Victoria: I'm on their list with no conditions so this may be a possibility. NSW: This state is broken down into four areas and the SOL for each does not include any Aircraft trades. I get the impression that there is not a great requirement for aircraft engineers on a state sponsorship visa and yet this occupation is on the skills shortage list for Australia. I would be grateful if anyone could confirm my findings or offer some advice. Thank you all Ian and Debbie
  15. Want to Move to Australia? For the beaches, the weather, the lifestyle and the better opportunities it may bring? Are you looking for 457 Visa sponsorship with the view to becoming a permanent resident? Eligible for a Working Holiday Visa? Maybe come on a Working Holiday Visa and then transfer to a 457 once you have had the opportunity to experience the lifestyle. Southern Cross Personnel have been helping people just like you in recognising their dream to move to Australia for over 7 years. We currently have excellent opportunities here for Panel Beaters and Spray Painters! As the preferred supplier to the Motor Trade Association, we have the contacts to secure you a position with some of the best Crash Repair shops in Australia. Expect highly competitive salaries, great team environments, and excellent career development. As summer is just arriving here in Oz and with opportunities to arrive immediately or after Christmas there is no better time to apply. Please send your resume – detailing your experiences and qualifications to mattreilly@southerncrosspersonnel.cm At Southern Cross Personnel we specialise in overseas recruitment with a team made up of ex-pats and locals we have the expertise and knowledge to make your transition into the sun as smooth as possible.
  16. Liat Gould

    457 where do i begin!?!

    My job has just told me that they would love to keep me on and sponsor me. I am on a 417 working holiday. They have told me to get the ball rolling with the paperwork. I have no idea where to even start! any help/websites/useful info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much
  17. Liat Gould

    457 help!

    I am currently on a 417 working holiday visa and have almost finished my 6 months with my company and they just told me they cant sponsor me! I am in the recruitment industry and hope to find a new job soon which will sponsor me however, I have been told that companies like CXC will externally sponsor your 457 visa and you go on their payroll.. Does any one know more about this? I am happy to pay my sponsorship fees etc. Just don't want time to run out and it be too late. Also is there any way to apply without sponsorship without being on the skilled list? Any advise would be AMAZING! Thanks!
  18. Hi all We have been lucky enough to have been granted a Skilled (migrant) (class VE) subclass 176 (skilled-sponsored) visa. We were sponsored by Adelaide but not sure if that means we are bound to live and work in Adelaide. Information on the interent is a little vague. We have been told it is only a moral obligation to live and work there, but wondered if there would be any fall out from immigration if we didn't live / work there. A 176 visa means we can live and work anywhere in australia but worried about the state sponsorship meaning more that just giving us the points we needed?? Arrrgghhhh can anybody help clarify this? Has anyone done it??:mad: We really want to live in Perth where my family is. Thanks x :hug:
  19. hybrid

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Hello, The old ENS timeline thread was a bit off topic and out of date. Here's a new one. Submitted: 22/04/2010 Visa: 121 Nomination and application sent together: Yes Medicals sent simultaneously: Yes Police checks sent simultaneously: Yes Obviously early days yet...:SLEEP:
  20. This is a unique opportunity for experienced Service Managers to progress their careers in Australia with a dynamic and progressive employer. With opportunities in both Queensland and New South Wales, this employer is offering employer sponsorship, a competitive salary + bonuses, company car + phone and relocation assistance. Ideally you will come from an agricultural background but car and truck experienced Service Managers will also be considered. You will also need to have a proven track record in managing a profitable service shop/department. As the Service Manager, you will be responsible for: Leading, developing and motivating your team Customer satisfaction, servicing and repairs of machinery Continuing business development, growth and maximising performance and results Employment package: Employer Sponsored (subclass 457) Visa Competitive salary + bonuses Company car + mobile phone $1,500 Relocation Assistance 20 days annual leave 9% Superannuation (Pension) To apply for one of these fantastic opportunities please email AMVL International Recruitment's (http://www.amvljobs.com) Recruitment Specialist, John Young, your up-to-date CV/resume at jobs@australianmigrations.com.
  21. Our Client is one of the most highly regarded Truck Dealerships in South Australia. They are renowned as industry leaders in the sale and service of Trucks across SA. They now have excellent opportunities available to be a part of their vibrant, high volume service team. They offer excellent remuneration packages, fantastic working conditions in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. If you can offer great mechanical knowledge, the ability to organise a workshop and superior customer service skills with an industry knowledge, then please apply. Both Local and Overseas Applicants are welcomed to apply and 457 Visa sponsorship will be offered to those who need it. Please send your resume to mattreilly@southerncrosspersonnel.com and give Matt a call on (08) 8357 1882
  22. Hello! My partner has secured sponsorship for 457 visa, but the employer is not able to offer sponsorship for me on this visa. So, the only possible way that I can see around this is for me to try and get a working holiday visa, and then hope to find sponsorship once in oz. Has anyone else found themselves in this situation? Do you think that this might cause any problems, or raise any issues when we get to immigration at the airport? Hopefully someone out there will have some advice/words of encouragement for us :-) Thanks in advance!
  23. kazzo96

    Are law firms still sponsoring?

    I turned down a fairly good training contract opportunity in the UK on completion of my LLB (Bachelors) in hope that I could follow a new path here in Australia. After hearing many good stories that people were moving to Sydney and places alike, to practise Law. I understand there is a requirement to study a few modules in order to hold the relevant level of education in Australian Law, but am struggling to find any information or even job opportunities which may help in my decision to go to university here. The high international student fees worry me with no real prospect of actually finding a job at the end. At which point I get to my question as to whether anybody has any success stories in finding sponsorship in the legal sector or in fact know of any firms known for helping UK educated bodies in becoming a lawyer in Oz. Is is a bit of a far out question and Im really just trying my luck for a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Any replies will be so very kindly appreciated.
  24. Hi, I am a qualified accounting technician seeking a career in Accountancy in Australia with an employer who will provide me with sponsorship. I am planning on becoming a chartered accountant and so would love to proceed with this in Australia. If anyone can help me I would be eternally grateful!!! Any location in Oz is could for me!! Thanks :biggrin: Vicky
  25. Are you looking for a better way of life with the opportunity to enjoy the relaxed outdoor living that is what Australia is all about? Would you like to couple this with a rewarding career using all the skills that made you the tradesperson you are today? Do you want to be a valued member of the team and not just another employee? Excellent opportunities await in South Australia. Why not start a new life for you and your family in beautiful South Australia – enjoy great open spaces, community living, stunning weather and a great work life balance. With 457 Visa sponsorship on offer our client - a state wide, highly successful chain of John Deere dealerships with an ever expanding workforce are looking for skilled and experienced diesel mechanics to join their team. If you have previous experience working with agricultural equipment or a strong varied mechanical background and are looking to further your career - They can offer competitive wages, great working environments, training and career development. If you would like further information please email your contact details to the address below and we will be happy to give you a call or if you would like to apply for one of these life changing roles please send your CV to: mattreilly@southerncrosspersonnel.com