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  1. Hi All, If you are waiting to here just tell us when you lodged with them and again when you get a decision from them - that way we'll have some way of seeing how long they are actually taking. We lodged with them on 23/3. They recieved our hard copies in Oz on 2/4. This might just give us all something to look forward to.
  2. I have recently discovered that I needed to have done my 88 days regional work and have my 2nd year WHV granted prior to my 31st which is now only 2 months away. I have a trade and already the offer of a sponsorship however as awesome as this would be it doesn't enable me the same freedoms to bounce from place to place as the WHV. Are there any ways around this or can I possibly speak to the immigration services about a possible exception through discussion. Don't wanna call and be on file incase this burns my bridges. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks poms
  3. We are now recruiting for Panel Beaters and Spray Painters for our client's opertions in Melbourne and Sydney. If you are a qualified and experienced Panel Beater, Spray Painter or have experience in SMART repairs we would like to hear from you. Our clients business has a strong commitment to the provision of a high quality of workmanship and service and provide state of the art facilities with excellent working conditions. The business is looking for skilled people who are experienced in new vehicle repairs, SMART repairs and are confident in producing work to a high standard. You will be paid a good hourly rate with regular overtime available. You will also have the opportunity to increase your income through demonstrating your skills as a Panel Beater or Spray Painter and meeting and exceeding levels of productivity. This position is open to overseas applicants qualified as Panel Beaters or Spray Painters with our client prepared to sponsor for permanent residency. To apply for this position please pm
  4. Hi all, Im pretty much just starting out, im a 25 year old joiner looking at going down the state sponsorship route 176, to get a further up on the priority processing, rather than the 175. My ideal states aren't sponsoring my occupation, but WA is. After speaking to a reputable agent he informed me that if I fly to WA and then if I was to say id been offered a job in VIC, QLD, NSW I could move state, as it is not a condition of the visa? just an agreement with state???? I find this a bit hard to believe as everybody would be doing it. Any advice would be much appreciated. Dan
  5. PaulL

    Sponsorship options

    Good day, Im hoping someone will let me know what the best route for long term / citizenship stay in Australia is for for me: I have recently arrived on a Woking-holiday visa after living in London for almost 10 years. Before that I lived on a farm in South Africa - 20 years. Working in the property industry in London as a photographer/ floor planner/ energy assessor. I have found a company in Sydney that said they would sponsor me (if all goes to plan) as a photographer (which is on the CSOL list) and I would be doing my floor planning as well. the boss of the company recommended I head out and get my regional work done so I can get an extra year on my visa which leads onto the next sector of my enquiry - I have begun working on a dairy farm for my regional working Victoria which I've slipped right into (getting back to my roots of being a farm boy and pretty much managing a farm in South Aftica, I also worked on a stud farm in England in my early 20s for a few years). The farmer here has also offered me a sponsorship as Farm manager (dairy farmer on CSOL I would think) I really enjoy both forms work and would be happy either way - but what would my best chance of getting sponsored be and if one fails would it be possible to apply for the other?? What are the immigration Agents looking for when deciding on a new immigrant benefiting their country to the maximum? The dairy farm sponsorship seems a lot more definite than the real estate work but most of my recent experience is in Real Estate. Many thanks in advance for your help. Paul
  6. Evening all Sorry if this is a qustion that has come up before, but anyone with any knowledge please help us out. We are coming over on a 475 State Sponsor for SA. This is where we would love to be as we have lots of family there. However, my question is this, if my hubby cannot secure work within the first 6 months are we able to try another State? Under ther conditions of the 475 we need to stay for 2 years in the Sponsoring State (this would be great) but how flexible is this? Obviously we would speak to DIAC & the States involved, but is it a hard & fast 2 year rule or is there flexibility do you think? Is any one else been in this situation? Many thanks all
  7. Deh

    Couple with two 457 visas

    Hi. I'm currently on 457 visa and my husband is my dependent, but last week he was offered his own 457 visa. Could he accept it and move to his own visa? And what if one of us lose the job, could I apply to join his visa and vice versa? I know it sounds very messy, but I would love to have 2 visas and feel safer. Last year I had trouble at work and felt trapped as I couldn't leave without finding another sponsor. Just by knowing we have each other's visas to rely on life gets a little lighter.
  8. Does anyone know whether there is a list of approved sponsors for the 457 visa, or whether there was anyway in which I could check to see if a company is approved to sponsor overseas workers? Thanks in advance
  9. We used to have a business in Sydney and a young Turkish couple (the husband worked for us) became our close friends. They married in Sydney and we were unaware that she overstayed her visa. He then overstayed his visa too and finally they both handed themselves into authorities. They were taken to Villawood detention centre and a decision was made that they be allowed to go back to Turkey. We paid for their return tickets and they were allwed to stay with us for the 10 days prior to departure. They were subject to the normal 3 year exclusion from returning to Australia. We are interested in having this couple come back to Australia and sponsoring them (or him) as we have a country hotel and we can trust them. My question is... I need a cook. Can he come over here and study to be a cook, have me sponsor him? If so what visa should he apply for? He is Thailand at the moment teaching English and she is in Turkey as her father just passed away. His current qualifications are as a sound technician and she is a journalist. I can't see how their current qualifications and my needs in the hotel match up. That's why I came up with a cook. When can his wife join him? How do I find an institution to train him? What courses does he need to do? Their exclusion is over in March 2015. Does anyone have a better or simpler idea?
  10. powelly37

    Which ANSZCO code to use?

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. Basically, I have just left Oz as my 2nd year working visa ran out. However, my employer (a tavern in a regional area) is desperate to get me back as a manager. They have offered me sponsorship on a 187 visa but I am not sure which ANSZCO code needs to be used in this situation. I would be sponsored as a duty manager of a bar/restaurant. I have looked at codes: 141999 (Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC) and 141111 (Cafe and Restaurant Manager) but the info on both isn't too detailed. Has anyone been sponsored as a Duty Manager of a pub/restaurant on here before and if so which ANSZCO code did they/their employer use? Any help on this would be great as I want to get the application process under way as I know a 187 can take a long time to progress. Cheers
  11. Hi, I have been waiting for months to see an assesment date for carpentry with Vetasses. Does anybody know what's going on? Regards, Terry
  12. Hi Everyone, My husband has applied for a Bricklaying job with Mcdonald Jones who are offering 457 sponsorship. I was wondering if anyone else has applied with them and if so whether everything went through smoothly or not? Thanks in Advance
  13. mattyis

    Australian Visa Pickle

    Hi all! I'm new to the forum! Stumbled across the site while trying to find a way out of my Australian visa pickle. I would really appreciate any thoughts, help and advice on any opportunity to be able to work out here temporarily. My misses was given the opportunity to work out here by her company offices in both the UK and Australia (Sydney). Originally they planned to sponsor her which would of meant I could have looked for work as her de facto. Due to time constraints of us getting out here they sent her out on a working holiday visa and myself on a visitors visa with the intention of changing visas out here... They have now changed their minds and do not intend to sponsor my partner. This has left us with a bit of a problem. I am over 31 and a scaffolder by trade, which I can see is not on either the SOL or the CSOL. On searching the net I have found only one firm that looks like they sponsor overseas scaffolders. I have reached out to them today and am hoping for some advice from them also. Does anyone have any thoughts on the possibility of myself being able to work out here? We are currently in Sydney. Any help or advice would be truly appreciated. Thank you very much. Matt
  14. Hi guys, Any help would be great. I'm a time served carpenter with 8 years experience and I currently am a director of a ltd company in the UK (construction). I want to know if I need to go through the skills test to go through a 457 sponsorship as I have no official qualification? I've heard they are not necessary but i'm not so sure! Seeing if I can save some time and money! Can anyone please tell me what will be required of myself to go through the process? I am aware carpentry 457's are hard to come by but think I have a firm that will take me on. Many thanks, Terry
  15. Hello all! I've seen many posts about changing employers while on 457 visa but none of them has the answer I'm looking for. Quickly, I'm on 457 since August 2014 and lately my working conditions have been terrible. Ever since the visa was granted my boss started bullying me and always saying things like 'now I own you' or 'I know you have nowhere to go, you'll never leave'. Don't want go deep in there as it' a lost cause and things won't change so decided to find another job. Two days ago I found a company willing to sponsor me under the same ocuppation (Cafe Manager). They are already SBS approved and as far I understood they also have a nomination approved. My question is: my current pay is $56,000 per year and new employer said his pay is $53,900. I don't mind at all, just need some peace of mind and $2K less a year is very much worth it. But how will Immi look at it? Both companies are in Melbourne not far from each other (different suburbs, 15km apart). Also, I'm aware this might take 2 to 6 weeks but could it be any faster if nomination is already approved? Thanks!
  16. Hello fellow Poms in OZ! I've found some great info on here and I'm totally hooked, great to see so many people helping each other out. I've got a couple of questions regarding the 186 Employer Nomination Scheme route to sponsorship. I'm currently on a working holiday visa (417) and freelancing for a company, and basically I'd like to propose to my employer that he sponsor me. It's a small company of just 4 including myself. I have an ABN - so I just invoice him, and I deal with tax and super etc. Now, here's the issue. I need to propose to him that it's worthwhile keeping me on. I can for-see that he will find the whole application a pain in the ass. I'm happy to pay whatever costs are involved applying for the visa. He's been operating for over a year. - Will there be an issue with the fact I haven't been on the 'payrole' as I'm effectively a contractor? - Is there a significant cost in employing someone 'through the books'? Obviously there's super payments, holiday etc to factor in.. - I feel the market salery rate might be higher than he's currently paying me - a potential negative for the boss. Any tips here? Visa Prices: From what I understand I'd need to go the Direct Entry stream route - again, immi.gov states the employers fee for applying is $540 From the immi.gov site, the cost calculator estimated the visa application would cost AUD 5,280.00. Does that sound about right? Would you guys recommend a visa agent? I assume they're expert at smoothing out potential cracks in visa applications... Any idea on costs and pitfalls? I'm Sydney based. Thank you so much. I hope there's someone that can help! Cheers, Stuart Edwards
  17. ​Hi I've just found out that I can't apply for my skilled migration visa due to the fact that my skills will not be assessed because I don't have a relevant finance degree, instead I completed my ACCA exams as a mature student. I'm in Brisbane on a tourist visa but really need to start working and my only option now is obtaining sponsorship Could someone please advise what is the best way to go about doing this? Also has anyone any experience in obtaining successful sponsorship in Finance? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  18. A beautiful little country setting is looking for an experienced early years worker to come and work with our great team. We are a 19 place centre whioch was close to closure a couple of years ago. A young lady from the UK came and helped us stay open and has started training us but unfortunately she is leaving and we need someone to take her place. Our centre is split into 2 and currently has 5 staff, 4 of which are training. We have a team directorship model which means that we all undertake an aspect of the business management and work really closely on the floor together, we aspire to be one of the best centres in the Wheatbelt and have come so far that our director won Western Australia' director of the year before achieving the Australian National Director of the year back in June 2014. Our philosophy is based on the practices of Reggio Emilia and Steiner theories. We are a happy and hardworking team that believe in working together and have so much love and time to give the children in our care. We are approximately 2 hours away from Perth and although it can be hard working in the country, you are guaranteed that the experience you will get here will be a credit to your C.V. If you are enthusiastic, dedicated and would like to come and help us finish our qualifications and help our centre become even more amazing then we would love to hear from you. We are able to offer RSMS sponsorship to the right candidate but we need you to be innovative, creative, open minded and not afraid of hard work! Get in touch for more information
  19. Hey everyone heres the situation.. I am currently here in Australia on my 2nd year working holiday visa with 9 month remaining. My dads cousin lives here (my second cousin i believe) and I'm currently working for there own business, driving trucks. I need to no what is the best visa to go on and how to go about sorting it out, as truck driving isn't on the occupation list. i am very desperate and determined to stay here as I've fallen in love with the place!! I haven't really got the money to go and see an migration agent as they are very expensive. :wacko: My mum and dad are desperate to come out to so can his cousin sponsor them to come here? does that mean i can stay here to if they can sponsor them? Any help would be an advantage as I'm at a dead end and not sure what to do next. Much appreciated. Ollie :wink:
  20. Hi - apologies if this has been covered already, but Im wondering if anyone has found a hospital employer that provides sponsorship recently? The bulk of the jobs are looking for residents (rightly so too as I believe the auzzie graduates arent getting jobs) - theres no longer a shortage of nurses I have 10 years experience in acute care and AHPRA reg - not sure where to start now though as I cant find any sponsorship vacancies. Have had emails back from employers saying theyre looking locally first. Looking for posts in NSW or Adelaide Have looked on Seek.com.au. Any other job sites for nurses? Anyone in the same boat?
  21. Hello, Thank you in advance to anyone who can help us with our queries.. My partner and I are currently in the process of completing our forms for a Partner Migration visa, I currently hold permanent residency however I have been back and forth from Aus for the past 4 years as I came back to the UK for university as I was not entitled to any H.E.L.P. support with tuition fees down under... ( In that time I have been back on 3-4 month holidays etc, however two years ago I met my partner (who now wants to emigrate) and ended up living with him in the UK, currently still living together and have been for 15 months. We have been to aus in this time but we are just wondering if I satisfy the requirement of being ' usually resident in Australia ' as I have been out of the country on and off. My goals have always been to move back to Australia after university, just being a normal human being I met someone who after 2 years now wants to do make this move back with me. My entire family lives in Perth so we have a strong foundation for moving out there. I just hope that I am still entitled to my permanent residency status. I have checked VEVO on the immi website and I know I have no restrictions on my visa, my PR was granted in January 2012. I hope someone can help us, this is the only niggle we have regarding the application!! Thanks again, Lauren and Paul
  22. Hi all! I am a 27 year old Graphic/Web/UI/Visual Designer (I fit into all those job categories!) with a Graphic Design degree under my belt and years of experience working full time as well as freelance. I visited Australia back in 2012 on a Working Holiday Visa, worked freelance for a few Australian clients, and also did some retail work, but I only stayed 7 months (which seems a long time to me anyway!) due to personal circumstances. After living the lifestyle, and also having family members in Oz, I'd now like to move there and find design employment. I'd happily work freelance or full time. However, although there are lots of suitable jobs around all across Australia, many state that you will of course need eligibility to work in Australia. But I'd need a company to sponsor me. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on finding sponsored work as a Designer please? Shall I continue to apply for jobs on sites like Seek and just tell them I'd like them to sponsor me? Or should I be going down better, alternative routes to find sponsored work? I'd really appreciate any advice, thank you in advance! Dale
  23. GMacp

    489 visa application

    I've passed IELTS and got the Skill Select for Software Engineer. For me to gain Regional State sponsorship from Victoria, I need to have a job offer. Now Victoria take 12 weeks to process requests, and then DIBP take 2-4 months. I just can't see any employer willing to wait 5-6 months for me to take up a post. I am applying for jobs via Seek, but no joy as of yet. I think this long dely may be putting potential employers off. Anyone else went down this route and found a way through it?? Thanks Gale.
  24. Hi All, I know that this matter has been discussed several times in so many different threads, but I really need to get to the bottom of it as my situation is slightly different than others. Here is my story: I applied for my PR in August 2009 with WA state sponsorship. At the time I was a student and was really willing to move anywhere in Australia, that’s why I applied for WA Sponsorship. I'm saying this, because I don’t want you guys to start judging me and saying that you are a bad person cause you got the limited number of sponsorship and did not move there and you are violating your visa conditions etc.... As I stated above at the time I applied for state sponsorship, my situation was really different than what it is right now. After I lodged my application I started doing my masters and I finished it in December 2011. After that I started hunting for jobs and fortunately I got a really good job in the state I am in now (VIC) with a good salary. I was not really thinking about my PR application until I got CO in March 2012. Co started asking for different documents which I supplied and I did not hear from Him until last March (2013). Suddenly I got an email from him stating your Application has been approved. Happy days, I got my PR after more than 3.5 years. Now I need to move to WA. What should I do? I know that I will be eligible for citizenship in less than 6 months because I have been in Australia from 2007. I started looking for jobs in WA and even asked my employer to relocate me there. But the response was that they do not need my role in that office. I did not even get 1 email back from the 20 to 30 jobs that I applied for in WA. I really cannot just quit my job that I love and is paying my life expenses and go somewhere that I'm pretty sure I cannot find any job and will end up doing casual jobs. The reason I'm saying that is, even my occupation is not listed in WA SMP anymore. I contacted Citizenship department and they checked my visa entitlement and said that I will be eligible next year. No question asked about my 2 years commitment to WA. I even contacted WA migration and explained my situation, their response was basically a pre-made template outlining my commitment to WA government. Here is the question: What will really happen? Has anyone seen anything like my situation before? Do you know anyone that applied for citizenship without completing the 2 years commitment? Please share your opinions here and help me decide what the best course of action here is? Thanking you all in advance...
  25. I see on the SA they are offering state sponsorhip for Sales and Mraketing. Does anyone have any info on the process and what the job prospects are. Any help appreciated. Thanks.