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Found 473 results

  1. Hi, I've been in touch with an IT recruitment agency - guy tells me i'll not get a job unless I'm in Sydney. He knows of loads of employers who'll be willing to sponsor me if I go to there, attend interview - then come back home & wait on their decision / wait for sponsorship to process.. He seems really sure that he has plenty clients who'd be willing to sponsor me. Should i take a chance and head out for a week? David
  2. Guest

    sponsored residency question

    Hi, I feel like I'm going round in circles and getting no answers!! I'm hoping to go to Australia on a 457 visa in summer 2012 and am trying to find out if I can get PR once I arrive. I will be 44 when I arrive and a newly qualified midwife. Under the new points test I won't have enough points but if I go for a sponsored residency do I need to fulfil the points criteria and be under 45???? Thanks, Anne:confused:
  3. Got the skills assement for my husband who is a carpenter and hope to be applying for visa tonight. Anyway its my brother that will be sponsoring us... but is that possible as he is only my husbands brother in law? Prob a stupid question!!! Also I am due a baby in June, is it easy enough to add a child to a visa application or should I hold off till June?
  4. Guest

    geting sponsored in aus

    hey there im 26 year old male from ireland im hopeing to go to aus in november with gf who has a one year working visa.iv done my year and diden get a 2nd year im home over year and half.iv tried the mirgration visa but i was told take 3 years.so im jus wondering wat do people think if i go over to perth on a 6 month hol visa and look 4 sponsership.im a carpenter.so wat do people think is it a gud idea
  5. The OH has been offered an employer sponsored visa for Canberra and I was wondering if anyone could give us some advice please :cute: He is a joiner by trade, and the job he has been offered a carpenter's job, originally we were going to apply for a family sponsored visa as he has an uncle in NSW and realised we needed to provide proof of qualifications, VETASSESS, proof of self employment etc but were a little worried as work has been dire round these parts lately and after losing a major contract following a car accident he has had little work for the last 12 months. however our agent said something about still needing the accounts etc despite finding an employer to sponsor him (permanent residency visa). Can anyone tell me what he needs to provide for an employer sponsored visa please. :twitcy: Thanks in advance Karen
  6. Guest

    sponsored visa or skilled visa?

    I am a nurse and want to emmigrate to Australia, I am unsure whether to apply through a sponsorship visa so hav a job when i get there but am tied to it for a few years, or a skilled visa? I just wandered if anyone had any sugestions. I understand how the sponsorship visa works but a litle vague on the skiled visa if anyone has any advice I would b really grateful, thanks
  7. Jimm

    WA Sponsored Applicants

    WA was suppose to be conducting some negotitations with DIAC for applicants who they already sponsored but their occupations are not in the SMP list,any news on that ? It really is taking its time.
  8. Guest

    Sponsored by Family ?

    Hi all, I`am always on this web site, but very rarely post a thread. My wife has got a company, to sponsor her on a 457 visa and we are trying to get there late this year or early next. My question is ...... i have a sister who has been living in Perth for 8 years now, with her family. Could they sponsor me and my family ( Wife and 2 children 12 + 10 ) to go and live over there ? The reason i`am asking is that, i`m sure it was mentioned onWanted Down Under last week. Any information would be gratefull. Steve:unsure::confused:
  9. We have a best friend in Perth who is a manager in a recruitment firm. He has said that to save time why doesn't my husband go for employer sponsorship to get us to Perth instead of a 176. He has said that he could help with finding a company to sponsor him and things it will be straight forward with his various contacts. We know nothing about the process with this visa so need so guidance. Does the job title of the position need to be on the WA list? Does my husbands assessment with the ACS (IT) have to be for this same job title? So for example, if my Hubby puts his ACS through as a Chief Information Officer does the job offer have to be for the same title? Obviously job titles differ as over here my husband is an IT Manager but this title is not on the WA SS list which is why he would apply as a CIO which is very close. I hope I haven't made this too confusing! Any help or advice would welcome. Thank you Nicky
  10. Franklin

    Onshore skilled sponsored

    Hi Guys, Just a quick question. I applied onshore skilled sponsored more than one year ago and now I need to go back to country for a while after appliying Bridging visa B. But let's say the PR is granted when I'm not in Australia, if that the case, how will it affect my application? Will it be canceled? thanks a lot! Franklin
  11. Hi all First of all Happy New Year to everyone! I am here on my partners Business Visa and have 2 years left to reach the turnover required for PR as we have not reached it yet. I worry that we will not so am looking at options as my step daughter wants to go to University here in 2 years and the fees are scary enough let alone when you dont have PR. Anyway my querstion, I have a good job doing marketing, bit of sales adn admin for a growing company and I want to put it to them about sponsoring me. How much does it cost both them and I to do this? What is involved and how long would it take me to get Permanent Residency then? Sorry for all of the questions - hope someone can help!!! Nat xxx
  12. Hello, Sorry for the long post, I hope you can help me my questions. I have decided to move to australia as a qualified secondary school teacher. I qualify for enough points under the 176 skilled sponsored migrant visa. My concern is over something I read in the application form that your sponsor must fill regarding being able to support you financially and with accommodation if necessary for two years. My aunt (an Australian citizen) is divorced and recently started living with her new partner. She has been unable to work for a long time and receiving disability benefit for many years. She is also not far away from the age of retirement. I have no doubt that she would be honestly willing to state that she would support me as best she can if needed (along with my partner who will emigrating with me) financially and in terms of accommodation if needed as the application for asks. I have made it clear that I will not be a burdern nor take her up on the offer as we have enough funds saved to look after ourselves and I would rather go home than be a burdern on her if that situation arose. My concern is will my application be rejected because the migration official might be fussy over this clause stating that she will be willing to support us financially/accommodation wise given the fact that she receives disability benefit and is unable to work? Are they that fussy about the financial/property position of your sponsor? I know that my aunt is financially secure with the sale of her house recently but she has not purchased any property since so where she is living now with her partner is not in her name. Will this affect the sponsorship? My final question regarding this is does the sponsor send off the sponsorship forms before I apply for my visa to see if they are eligible to sponsor me or do they send this off after I have applied and paid the application money. I hope not to waste £1600 only to be turned down because my sponsor is rejected. Thanks for your help. Best Regards Pete
  13. hi all am new on here, my husband and I want to begin the visa process this year (firstly my husband needs to have a skills assessment through the ACS) but I wondered if anyone could tell me the pros and cons of applying via a state sponsored visa as opposed to a general visa to OZ ie, is it faster to apply via the state, what are the restrictions etc? many thanks Tina
  14. Hello, I'm new to PomsinOz, I am currently awaiting a response for my application for an employer sponsored visa and wondered if anyone might be able to give me some friendly advice?. So far In the process - which started at the beginning of Nov 2010. The following has happened. 1. My prospective employer applied to the region and received notification that the application was valid, at which point I was able to submit my application. 2. Shortly after I received an email to say my application has been received. At this stage (Jan 17th 2011) neither my employer or myself have heard anything else. Can anyone say how long it took for them to get a case worker?. I realize I am still only mid way through the process. I had thought of trying to contact the DIAC centre in Melbourne, but I seem to get the impression that without a case worker this would not be a wise move (am I correct in thinking this way.) Any thoughts on this process would be much appreciated. Regards Paul
  15. Hi All, not posted for a long time. Have been reading lots of posts on here about wait times / numbers and thought people would be interested in what the Ozzie papers are saying. This one is from The Australian Sponsored skilled migrants face visa wait | The Australian Gives a high level view with some political insight driving the decision making process at the moment. It does look like the process is undergoing some much needed reform, it's just unfortunate that it's happening as people have already invested money and time into getting a visa. Clearly elections don't help as politicians just make throw away comments and use cheap digs to get re-elected. I am interested in what other articles are out there, and if we can draw any insight from them. It will certainly affect my decision on what strategy I employ to get into Oz. Pomtobe
  16. Hi everyone, Since my last post i have spoke to 2 good agencys about my skill and wheter i can apply for a migrant skilled visa but they both said no as my adavnced IT diploma is not high enough and also ive not got the 3 or 4 years experience anyway. If anyone knows of a good agency i can try check again....that would be great. Now my big question is...how hard is it to manually go over to australia and find a company who will sponsor you ?? As this is my only option i am looking at doing this,if anyone can help me with some information or share their experience with me i would be truly gratefull... (job searching in Australia) Australia seems to be going further away for me...:no:
  17. Hello, we applied for a 175 visa in Nov 2008. I am the main applicant, Primary teacher. I noticed that Primary Teacher is on SA state sponsored list. My agent has advised that we could change to a state sponsored visa. We are not sure if this would be the best option for us and have a few questions; If we get our ss visa do I have to find my own job and how long do I have to get one? We have two young boys so it would be better if I didnt work at first just to get them settled.My husband is a joiner so is he able to work? Finally, can we keep our 175 visa application in the system as well as the 176? I have learned so much from this forum so hopefully someone can help!! Kind regards, Shelley and jake scott.
  18. Hi, can any immigration agent shed further light on an article posted on the ABC News Website, the gist of which I've provided below: Anke Nagel says the Immigration Department has been reviewing all the employer-sponsored visas from January 1 with the intention of implementing changes from July 1. Ms Nagel says the plan is to consolidate a number of visa classes under temporary and permanent employer-sponsored visas. She says there are also plans to introduce a new points test for skilled migrant visa applications. "It really doesn't affect employers as such except there might be more migrants actually approaching them that do not have enough points under the new points test [who are] looking for an employer to sponsor them to still be able to migrate to Australia," she said. Employers 'will lose out' under visa review - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  19. Guest

    State sponsored

    Whats the difference between Regional Sponsored 475 and Regional Sponsored Migration 119/857. Is it simply that with the 475 you must attain 100 points and with the 119/857 you must find an employer to nominate you to the state? My partner currently meets the points necessary for the 475. Does this mean she can go to Australia if the state sponsor and then look for work whilst in the country? Thanks
  20. Hi there, Happy New Year to you all first off! I'm planning to kick off the process of applying for a skilled migrant visa in the next few days - either state sponsored or independent, not quite sure which one yet - but I spoke to a mate of mine over New Year's who mentioned that a mutual friend emigrated out to Sydney a few years ago using a company that supplied him with a employer sponsored visa. Effectively this company didn't actually employ him, they just provided sponsorship for the visa and then took a cut of his salary for the first year once he was actually working (I think they also helped him to find an IT job). Am I right in thinking this all sounds a bit dubious or is this still actually a legitimate way to move down to Oz? Given that getting a job is half the battle for migrants, I would be interested in knowing what the story is! Many thanks, Geoff
  21. Forgive me if this thread has already been done recently, I did search it and didnt find anything lately. As many of you know our only way into Australia is through a 457 Employer Sponsored Visa. Does anyone have any tips for getting sponsored from employer in australia while you are miles away in Uk. Cant see how anyone would offer us a job when we are thousands of miles away and they cant do an interview to suss us out face to face. Any advice greatly appreicated.:notworthy: Peace out
  22. stevenpasha

    visa l65 state sponsored visa

    can anybody let me know how long this visa takes to get to a case officer,or how long it takes full stop please
  23. Just to give some hope to those applying for a Family Sponsored visa, ours was granted on 22nd December 2010. Here's our timeline for those interested: TRA Applied April 08 TRA Granted May 08 Family Sponsored 176 Visa Applied May 08 CO assigned Dec 08 Meds & PCC requested Dec 08 Meds & PCC sent Jan / Feb 09 Rules changed and played the waiting game:arghh: .... CO requests new Meds & PCC (previous ones expired) Oct 10 Wife's x-rays over exposed so asked to redo Nov 10 X-rays redone Nov 10 Visa granted 22/12/10 (Great Christmas present!!) We did consider switching to State Sponsored but by then my occupation was only on the WA list and didn't really want to be restricted to one state. We used ASA to lodge our application and have been very happy with their service and quick communications. Apart from the expense and the waiting the only hassle I had was getting Police Checks from Dubai. This involves a couple of trips to the UAE embassy, a trip to Scotland Yard for fingerprints, a trip to Milton Keynes to get them verified by the Home Office and a trip to the bank to pay by Banker's Draft, which the bank seemed confused about. I actually first applied for a permanent Oz visa in 1994, so it's only taken 16 years to finally get one!! Merry Christmas and good luck to those still waiting. Colin
  24. We applied family sponsored visa subclass 886 about a year ago, sponsored by my brother who has been living and working for the last four years here in Melbourne Our visa has not been granted yet, no case officer so far. My brother is thinking of going to Indonesia as he has a very good job offer over there, and the job offer is not from an Australian company. Does anybody know if his decision to leave Australia will have an effect on our pending application........or does he need to stay until our visa is granted....??????? Thanks
  25. Hi I'm a recent architecture graduate looking for 457 sponsorship in Sydney. I'm on a tourist visa at the moment while I hunt around for jobs. I've tried to find out as much as I can about the 457 Visa so that employers know my situation but I'm still very confused. Speaking to others who have done it it appears costs are very high for the employer around $5000 but from looking on government websites I can only see a $350 fee for becoming a registered sponsor, a $70 nomination charge and then my own $265 visa application fee. Where does all this extra charge come from and who has to pay it? I'm finding it hard to find an employer willing to pay this kind of money for a new employee yet so many others seem to be able to get the visa. I was wondering how easy it is to get sponsored through a recruitment agency who would already be a registered sponsor and know all the ins and outs of the process, has anyone else done this and does it also cost a lot of money??? Thanks Anna