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Found 473 results

  1. Guest

    state or sponsored by family???

    hi guys as some of you know passed my TRA hooray, just had email form agent re; next step either state sponsorship or sponsorship by my brother-in-law, the agent has mentioned about needing to be currently employed for one of these visas, but not which one, any ideas guys??? thanks in advance:biggrin:
  2. alofbrighton

    SA state sponsored processing times?

    Another processing time query...sorry sure this has been covered many times. After a stupidly long time I have just managed to get my SS 176 online application into DIAC (before I'm 45 in August...phew!). I'm assuming this is CAT2 and wondering if anyone has any idea how long these are taking to process. And what happens now...do I sit back and wait for police checks and medicals to be requested? Cheers for any help/advice. Al.
  3. Hi to all.... Happy New year 2011,Now i am settled my life in Victoria.since November.I am state viictoria sponsored 176 visa catagory.I have lot of friends in sydney and job offer.I want to move to Sydney.Is it possible move to Sydney without inform to Victoria state.Otherwise what is the procedure to change the state. My freinds are suggest no need to inform the sponsored state,because the TFN and Medicare everything is common.they dont know where are you living in Australia? My agent told the state which sponsored you,must live two years then only you can change the location. Please reply me...Advance thanks to all Kindly regards, Ritu
  4. Hello all! We are in the early stages and have an agent helping. Hubby is due to do the Vetasess next month. I'm a bit confused though! My hubby is an electrician and we were told we must go for State sponsored visa by the representative who ''sold'' us the agent package. He told us that we would have to apply for South Australia (only), but that hey, we could just move there (on paper) then get there and go wherever we pleased as no-one checks up anyway! Hmmmm.. He then said we could do whatever work we wanted. My hub is a sparks but we both work with dogs and run a business here. Our goal was to buy a boarding kennels and run our grooming/boarding business over there. I have just read that my husband has to remain in his nominated profession for minimum a year before we can apply for PR..???? Oh, by the way the rep never mentioned that it was only a temp visa!!! I have read loads, but seem to have got confused with all the visas along the way! Am I being a bit thick?? Lol! So must he remain a sparks?? Cheers!:confused:
  5. Hi We are going to be sponsored by a company in Australia in the next month or two but I have no idea what we do next? Who wil lfill out what forms and how long does it take? Do we resign our current jobs when the offer comes through or wait until visas are granted? HELP, having sleepless nights. :unsure::confused:
  6. Hi all..I went for my Meds the other day, and adivsed on urine check that it had high sugar levels! they redid the test and came higher (not helped im sure by the fact i was panicking as never suspected diabetes 2 or high sugar problems). now my worry is that i´m trying to get visa via state sponsor,i have priority group 2 ...could this be me stumbled at the final hurdle prehaps as i have read that diabetes may mean visa rejected!! I never expected this shock nor suspected potential diabetes as feel ok,and hence awaiting now results from my local GP I have already submitted police checks as requested by CO and advised done medicals... and understood this may be the final decision stage what do people reckon ... are my dreams of the Aus life shattered? ahhhhh! please advise thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I have just found out that you are required to have $20k AUD funds to apply for state sponsorship in SA. I don't at the moment, but will have by the time we get there, is this still possible. How do you proove your funds? Thanks!
  8. Hi Can anyone please tell me if my oh is sponsored by a plumbing company in Melbourne does he still have to sit the skills test before we would get sponsored visa? This would save a lot of time and money if we didnt have to. Finding a sponsor was nightmare but think we have found someone now. Thanks Julie
  9. hi guys in a bit of a muddle here! my hubby is a qualified electrician and is happy to sit the IELTS (although his english isn't great) and do the vetassess tests etc in order for us to aply for SS for WA. We obviously want to do it before July, however, I'e worked out with the new points that he would meet the new requirements due to his age, experience and apprenticeships (can anyone enlighten that side? I'm assuming its the C&G apprenticeship that will be recognised?) I will also have enough points with the new system, just not sure if my job will be recognised. However, I've been advised that I could more than likely get employer sponsorship quite quickly, I'm a specialised recruitment consultant (IT & Creative/Digital) and I've ran my own business for over 4 years etc etc. So, the question I want to know is will we be better off getting there on my creds and then apply for my hubby to get his licence and PR 176 over there, or just apply on his experience? I just wasn't sure if we apply and our visa is lodged before the new points system but then is put into a different category after July??? I really hope that makes sense to someone! :arghh: Help gratefully received!!!
  10. Firstly sorry for all the questions i keep posting! Just so much spinning round my head. How many people have visited an expo (we are thinking of going to the Working In one at London end of month) and have managed to get interviews for sponsored jobs out of it? We have a friend (engineer) who went to one end of last year and had 4 job offers and flies out on a 457 in May. Wondered how realistic / common this is? My hubby is a chartered building surveyor but his extensive experience lies more in project management side of things. He is on the SOL and has lots of qualifications and over 17 years experience. Any personal experiences of this sort of route would be appreciated. Thanks PIO
  11. Hi Guys, I have a little Query to get my mind wash out for. I already have applied for a 176 Family Sponsored Visa having my Bro as a sponsor and my Mom as a dependant on the same Visa. I have adequate evidences to support my Mom to be my dependant. Now, the Question is: 1. I am planning to apply for a Student Visa. I know I cannot add my Mom as dependant on a Student Visa but I can apply for a Visit Visa for her. Will this be having any affect on my 176 FS ? 2. Suppose if my Bro sponsors my Mom for a Visit Visa, will this affect the Dependancy of my mom on me ? 3. I definitely know that it will be hard for me to prove her dependancy after arriving in Australia, because i'll suppose to work for 20 hrs/week only. Any wayouts ? I am not sure how to step up for this ... Any idea would be appreciated. Cheers, Tony
  12. Hi there We are currently waiting to hear back from our state sponsorship application to Victoria. We applied 7 weeks ago (29th Dec 10). We are hoping to apply for a permanent skilled visa as my husband is a carpenter with his skills assessment due next week. We wanted to move to Perth, WA, however, due to the points system changing in July and my husband turning 40 in May of this year, the WA SS process would have taken too long and we'd have lost precious points. Our immigration consultant recommended that we apply for SS to Vic as they have a faster thurnaround time and then at least we would gain entry into the country, even if it isn't the state we wanted to live in. The risk we would take is not getting into Oz at all. My questions to you are: If we moved to Vic, do we have to stay there for two years or is this just a moral obligation as I've heard people say? If my husband were to be offered a job in Perth, WA, despite having looked for work in Vic, could we inform the relevant bodies that we were moving states without jeopordising our permanent visa? Could they force us to stay in Vic as this would effectively be making my husband unemployed?! Also, and the most important question, if we did move states early, would this affect the possibility of us sponsoring my parents and sister in the future? For example, would it mean we have a negative record with the immigration dept? We'd really appreciate any help or advice you can give us. Thanks!
  13. Hey all, I am currently studying medicine at JCU on a international student visa. As a international student, I pay 4x the fees and won't be guaranteed a spot in internship. My question is that I got close family down south in NSW and was wondering if they have the ability to sponsor me to become a Permenent Resident while I'm still on a student visa. Alternatively, I have heard that you could work two years on a professional degree and get the PR that way. I was thinking maybe doing a librarian degree on top of medicine and work for two years. Thanks for any help in advance.
  14. Dear All Though I had done quite well with the whole visa lark. Have got my hubby skills assessed by Engineers Australia as a Mechanical Engineer, whch is on the SOL. BUT he is in the Army and this posting has him working in bomb disposal as opposed to mech engr. He also qualifies as a Engineering Mnager (but we have not skills assessed a it was by CDR and we thought we would go for the easier acacdemic swap for mech engineer). As the jobs are 'closely related' we thought we would be fine for the employment criteria of 12 of the last 24 months. So we come to look at the criteria for Victoria and it seems to be saying that you cannot use another occupation on the SOL if you have nominated a 'trade'. your job has to be in the exact occupation. Is Engineering a profession or a trade??? We are now not sure how to proceed as Perth's criteria is 7/10 years and we could prove this as we would just ignore his bomb disposal job (he has been in army nearly 18 years and always in Royal Engineers). Also we do not want to tell his boss that we are planning to up and leave so are not sure how to get the offficial reference without upsetting the apple cart. Anyone had any experience of using 'closely related' occupations... Any kind comments welcome. (Not loud gruff ones as hubby already thinks I am making it all up by the light of the candle when he goes to bed as I spend hours on the forums and every time he comes down to breakfast I have got something else to tell him....):sad:
  15. Hi all I am appplying for a State Sponsored Visa for SA , sub-class 176. Does anyone know which documents I will need to support my application...have looked on various sites but can't find any info on this.... many thanks:biggrin:
  16. Proview220

    work sponsored visa/ 176ss visa

    should one be luck enough to travel to Australia on a work sponsored visa, can you still have a 176 ss visa run along side the work sponsored visa until the 176 is approved, or once you validate the works visa is the 176 ss visa void???? Regards Proview
  17. Hi, I have applied for GSM175 Visa but is it quicker to get a State Sponsorship Visa and how do you find out which States are sponsoring which trades? I hoped to go to Brisbane. Thanks, Mick
  18. Sherbetdip23

    176 Family Sponsored visa

    Hi Anyone else going on a 176 Family sponsored visa? Does anyone know what the timeline is please?
  19. Hi, we have been granted our 176 visas for the ACT ss, about 2 weeks ago. There is a strong possibility that my husband could get offered a position in Sydney though. Would he be able to accept it or do we HAVE to work and live in the ACT? Also, as its the 176 visa for ACT, does it say it on the visa in the passport? We havent received our passports back yet with the visas in, so we dont know what it looks like. I know we committed to 2 years obligation to living and working in the ACT, but what would happen if we moved and he worked in Sydney? Would this affect anything? Like when we applied for permanent residency? Not quite sure what to do?
  20. redditchcouple

    176 skilled sponsored

    Hi , Does anyone know how long these visas take to come through? Our application went in on 5th September 2010. Anybody got any ideas when we may expect a case officer to be assigned? Cheers
  21. Jambos

    Sponsored 176 Visa WA (Perth)

    Sponsored 176 Visa WA (Perth) We have just submitted application to our nominated agents. (Less the IELTS result) The main Visa application is in my Wife's name as she has the more in demand skills (Nursing) The IELTS result should follow in the next week or so assuming she attains the required 7 in each section. Assuming nothing changes from ourside. What is the appx time line for aquiring the full visa? Does nursing mean the visa could be expedited in a lesser time? Has anyone just completed this 176 visa application with nursing or equally in demand skills etc and can provide any insight?:v_SPIN: Many thanks
  22. I had undergone a thorough evaluation on the pass mark allocated to myself to apply for skills Migration visa 175 (Offshore). However, I found that I have 10 mark short and I'm keen to look for a sponsor. Any one who had experience before in applying for State/ Government Territory nomination or Regional Sponsored Migration 119/857...?:angel_happy_face_ha
  23. Completed the online application yesterday. Excited and nervous. Now we play the waiting game!!
  24. Hi, Few questions which i am sure will have been asked before, but here goes- 1. We have submitted in april 09, Skilled - Sponsored (VE 176) visa- was just wondering if there is requirements for partner to have IELTS score if they are not included in the points etc-(not holding UK passport) 2. Is there any available time line for people in the same visa class-Skilled - Sponsored (VE 176) visa- carpenter/joiner- online application april 09 Been a long wait so far and hopefully as last indicated, all cat 3 should be finalised by Dec 2011- if they dont move the goal posts again ;-) many thanks for any info on the above!
  25. Hi there! From time to time I search some of the job seeking websites, hoping to find some job advert with 457 visa option. I usually search UK most popular job search websites and seek.com.au. Only once I was lucky enough to find one suiting my profile, but I believe Luck needs a little help from time to time :cool: Any suggestions on websites? Is it worth trying to call or email agencies or potential employers? Tips? Thanks!