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Found 443 results

  1. Guest

    Employer Sponsored Visa Help

    Hi,:wacko: Hoping someone can help! I keep getting conflicting info between the Australian Immigration office and Migration/visa agents about Employer Sponsored 457's. Can anyone help?! My employer is applying to be a sponsor and is going to nominate me to work in the Sydney office. My role (Recruitment Consultant) is on the ENSOL list. Whenever I speak to a migration consultant they say that you need either 5 years relevant experience or a Bachelors Degree. However, when I called the Immigration people for Australia in London they said this isnt true at all for this role. Can anyone help please!!! Feel like my heads going to explode. Also went on Vetassess web site and Recruitment Consultant isnt on the list off assessed roles so how would they check my skils? Thanks in advance Lofts
  2. the new SOL ( schedule 1 & 2) doesnt mentioned if its for family sponsored skilled applicant so what skill list will this applicant will refer to? thou in the priority page of the diac it was mentioned that for relative sponsored "that has the job code in schedule 1" they will be process like for instance in my case in the july 2010 SOL my skill is on schedule 4 list (relative sponsor) it is now on schedule 2 ( state nomination) :cry: sched 2 doesnt says if it is also applicable for relative sponsor for your comment guys please
  3. hi guyz! newbie here..my hubby granted a regional skilled sponsored of NSW-northern inland 30 may 2011.. we lodged the 475 visa application 29 june 2011..a day before new points test implemented...we sent email message on July 5 to Northern Inland council for our TRN. unfortunately, until this date we haven't heard/received any advice from them if they already forwarded form 1100 to DIAC. sent another message to them regarding the nomination status..but still, no news from the body...sigh...:arghh:...usually for how long will the nominating body forwarded the 1100 to DIAC? should i wait...and..wait...? or do call them up? or send the TRN thru post???? still no assigned CO...
  4. Hi All, I am planning to apply for a student visa for next Feb'11 session. Meanwhile i also want to apply for State sponsored 176 visa. I know 176 visa takes at least 6 months. I don't want to wait that long and would like to start my masters in Sydney shortly. Now, Is there any conflict between the student visa and the 176 visa? Also, suppose i study in Sydney and then apply for Western Australia state sponsored 176 application, is there any problem ? Grateful for any expert advises / information. Cheers Karder
  5. I am looking to relocate in Jan/feb 2012 to either Perth or Brisbane & wondered if anyone knew of any jobs going? I have 20 years experience in fitting all kinds of flooring, ie Carpet, Sheet Vinyl, Karndean/Amtico. I have recently gained my AQF111 qualication & am looking for a sponsor(457). If anybody knows of anybody, please let me know. Thanks
  6. Hi All We recently returned from activiting our visa subclass 475. We are sponsored regionally by the SAus gov, so its a 3 year temp visa: Visa granted 1 July 2009 (had to be activated before 10 Mar 2010) Activated 6 Mar 2010 - so the visa will run until 5 Mar 2013 My understanding is that I need to live in SAus for 2 years of which I have to work for 1 year in order to apply for PR Predicament - we need all the time we can get before we move to SAus, so what are our options? I have been told that you can apply for an extension which works out to 4 years from the date on which the visa was granted, which means the visa will expire not on 5 Mar 2013, but rather on 30 Jun 2013. Question 1) Is all of this this correct? Question 2) Can this be assumed as given, I.e. can we wait to enter SAus on 2 years prior to the extended date in order to still make the 2 year requirement? Or MUST we still enter prior to the non-extended date. Even though its just 3 months more, it will really help of we can assume the extension as given and therefore only move prior to 30 June 2011 (as opposed to 5 March 2011). :goofy:
  7. Hi All, I need some help/guidance/support regarding emigrating to Australia, so anything anyone can advise will go along way. I am hoping to be offered a position for a role in Australia (although highly unlikely that ill get it) but i need to understand more details around the Australlian 457 Visa and anything that i can do to assist myself and my family getting Permanent Residency. Obviously moving to Australia on a 457 Employer Sponsored Visa is probably the quickest way to get myself, my wife, 2 step kids and another on the way but i understand it carries huge risk which is where my concern lies, im sure all will understand that uprooting the kids from school/college is a big thing and i have read that if you lose your sponsorship you have 28 days to find another one or be expected to leave. Can anyone give any information on there own experiences using the 457 Visa, im sure there are plenty of posts similar to this but i am new here so figured it best to start another post. We would obviously like to get Permanent Residency ASAP but i dont know the rules around this or even where to start. Guys can anyone shed any light/assistance please....... :confused:
  8. ruthiep

    sponsored, PR visa

    Has anyone been offered a sponsored PR visa to come into australia with a job offer, how straightforward is this to obtain and any hints on the application please, thank-you.:confused:
  9. AaronS

    Employee sponsored 121 PR visa

    Will a 121 be processed as fast as a 457? Would seem not since it's a PR rather than temporary like the 457. Would be great if it were though. Anyone have any experience or insight on that?
  10. husbands a joiner and we have a baby. is this the best route.?? how does this visa work? would be nice to know your experiences on this visa please. adele
  11. Hi i am full of questions. need some help please. DO YOU KNOW ANY WEBSITES WERE YOU CAN APPLY FOR SPONSORED WORK. I AM A JOINER WITH A WIFE AND BABY. Also is my normal British CV ok to use or do i have to change it. (i read you have to change your CV to the same as the Australians CV. is this info correct)????? thankyou joe
  12. Hi, I'm from Singapore and would like to get some advice from you guys. Recently, I applied for a state sponsored teaching job in Australia. I would like to know if I will be given a choice by the State Education department on whether, I want to teach in the metropolitan areas or the regional areas? Or that I have no choice in this area? I did my degree in Australia and enjoyed my stay there. However, I have some reservations about being posted to unfamiliar regional areas there. It is really not easy to move to a new place, away from family and friends and the comfort of home. At this stage, my application is still being processed and I have no idea which state I will be posted to, if let say, my application is successful. I was told that the interviews, registration and clearance from the state teaching board will takes abt 2-4 mths. If any of you have applied for an Australian state sponsored teaching post. I would really appreciate if you could share your experiences with me.
  13. Hi there We are currently waiting to hear back from our state sponsorship application to Victoria. We applied 7 weeks ago (29th Dec 10). We are hoping to apply for a permanent skilled visa as my husband is a carpenter with his skills assessment due next week. We wanted to move to Perth, WA, however, due to the points system changing in July and my husband turning 40 in May of this year, the WA SS process would have taken too long and we'd have lost precious points. Our immigration consultant recommended that we apply for SS to Vic as they have a faster thurnaround time and then at least we would gain entry into the country, even if it isn't the state we wanted to live in. The risk we would take is not getting into Oz at all. My questions to you are: If we moved to Vic, do we have to stay there for two years or is this just a moral obligation as I've heard people say? If my husband were to be offered a job in Perth, WA, despite having looked for work in Vic, could we inform the relevant bodies that we were moving states without jeopordising our permanent visa? Could they force us to stay in Vic as this would effectively be making my husband unemployed?! Also, and the most important question, if we did move states early, would this affect the possibility of us sponsoring my parents and sister in the future? For example, would it mean we have a negative record with the immigration dept? We'd really appreciate any help or advice you can give us. Thanks!
  14. Guest

    Can we both get sponsored

    Hi Wife has been offered job and opportunity to be sponsored in her profession in WA, its not ideal as she will have to work 9-5 which is hard with 2 young kids. We were thinking we could maybe put up with this for a year or so until I built up enough experience in my profession for someone to sponsor me giving her the opportunity look for something more part time and more than likely give up her sponsorship. Does this sound legal / doable? Cheers in advance guys
  15. Guest

    wife gets sponsored but i dont

    My wife and I are planning on 12 month on a WHV in March next year, my wife has a degree in marketing and has been successfull in her working life so far. I have also been successfull in unskilled work and am currently a manager in a call centre. I think their is a high possibility that my wife will get sponsored within 6 months of getting a job out there, but am worried that i wont get sponsored due to the type of work i will be doing. My question is, would i be able to stay in the country on my wifes Temp Business Visa if she got sponsored? or would i be better doing 3 months farming to get get the second year?
  16. the obligation says you need to remain in the state for 2 years, can i go for travelling to other states or overseas? thanks
  17. Hi, Can anyone help please, just wondering how this 3 year visa works if you don't meet the required criteria. Had a look at the government website, but it doesn't state what criteria? Anyone in the same boat? http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/475/
  18. I am planning to apply for the Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 475) sponsored by my relative who is staying in a designated Area, please let me know if I have to refer to SOL - Schedule 3 or Schedule 4 for my Occupation. Is SOL – Schedule 4 the right list for Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 475) sponsored by my relative? Note – My occupation is not listed on SOL - Schedule 3 but is listed on SOL – Schedule 4 My Occupation is University Lecturer. I have no option other than applying under ENSOL if all else fails. None of the state sponsorship have this occupation listed. The only exception is ACT, however it requires you to currently be employed in ACT in the nominated occupation to qualify. Any advice is deeply appreciated, Many thanks
  19. Guest

    Employer sponsored mechanic

    Hi We got a friend that is looking at moving to Melbourne in a few months. He is a mechanic and he is looking to get sponsored by an employer. He has got a couple of companies interested already but I am wondering if he needs to get a skill assessment (vetasses) before they can sponsor him? Thanks for your help. Linda Vold
  20. Hi everyone We lodged our Independent Skilled on 7th June. The vast majority of applicants seem to be State Sponsored with their applications being dealt with very quickly, was just wondering if there many other Independent applicants around who we would be able to go through the process with and compare timelines etc?
  21. Hi everyone, Luckily i got my visa in on the deadline day 7th at 10am so far so good, no refund and my agent said they lodged it and it went through, so fingers crossed but can anyone please tell me how long they usually take from this moment onwards as i cant seem to get a straight answer from my agent :wacko: My skill is Welder/Fabricator (boilermaker) and my mrs has an aunte in oz who been there since 1961 £10 pom thingy. Rob
  22. Guest

    new to this!

    :confused::unsure:Hello fellow minded people! I joined the forum earlier this year but have been really slow in getting on with using it (I put my first post on yesterday!) My hubbie and I hope to move to Brisbane next year, but have found ouselves struggling with the process, which seems confusing at best! We were hoping to go on a relative sponsored 176 (I'm a qualified nurse working in health & social care management) but with the changes due to happen in a couple of weeks it looks like our options will be limited to work sponsored instead. I have my in principle letter from AHPRA, but have yet to have a skills assessment by ANMAC , because I haven't had an IELTS yet......................Also AHPRA won't share their file on me with the ANMAC even tho apparently it works ok the other way around! Any advice would be greatly appriciated. I gather there is no value in putting forward a visa application before 1st July without these other approvals in place, as they won't accept an incomplete application and we would lose the visa fee. Does anyone know if this is right? Any sound advice would be helpful. Thanks, Jan
  23. Lakaal

    Skilled sponsored Nsw????

    Sorry quick question, I am so confused. On NSW site it states there are 138 occupations on their State Migration Plan but I can't find them anywhere. Is it any occupations on the SOL plus 18 they do specify on their website? I am a social worker which is on the new sol just wondering is it on nsw smp. Any advice would be great thanks
  24. Hi There, I'm wondering for a subclass 176 visa via the New South Wales skilled sponsored migration, how rigid are they on occupations in IT? They have these occupations listed under IT: Software Engineer - 261313 Analyst Programmer - 261311 Developer Programmer - 261312 I am a Systems Architect/all round IT person except for anything to do with programming. Given the skills shortage in Australia, do you think it's worth applying for skilled sponsorship or not? Anyone tried it? Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers Rob
  25. 2 days ago I lodged an application for the Family Skilled Sponsored 176 migrant Visa. Due to some changes in my sponsored family's circumstances, they will not be able to offer the sponsorship as previously thought. My question is, is it possible to get my application changed to Skilled Independent 175 if I meet all the requirements? Thanks for your help.